OnePlus 3T: Unboxing Surprise Bag & Phone!

Here is an fun unboxing of the OnePlus 3T and some goodies too!
Thank you to graphicstock.com for sponsoring me! $50 off! http://graphicstock.com/TheTechnologyNerd_1116
Graphic I used in the video: http://bit.ly/2haIA4I
OnePlus 3 review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKrfwJv1M-A

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Автор Manuel Montiel ( назад)
I love you Erica!!!!!

Автор Sidharth Sharma ( назад)
Which colour is better option to go for?

Автор Ig Il ( назад)
Came for unboxing.. looking at graphics something

Автор Gaby Kendama ( назад)
What kind of is charger ?

Автор Dragon Cyborg ( назад)
Erica you know that is a screen protector not a protective layer for the

Автор Alaa Riadh ( назад)
thanks for the video

Автор Rckrrr ( назад)

Автор Akshaan Chaudhary ( назад)
do u get to keep the phones after reviewing them?

Автор Prantik Majumder ( назад)
i am a simple person, i see dog i press like.

Автор BigBadroid ( назад)
The Dog made me sub!

Автор Chidiogo Onoh ( назад)
"let's go ahead and peel all the stickers off"
*rips off screen protector*

Автор KISHOR WAGHANNA ( назад)
dear sister Erica, both you and your dog are cute!!
Thank you.

Автор Brittney Alcala ( назад)
Can you do a front and back camera comparison? And how does snapchat run,
does it lag?
Please and thank you 😀

Автор Krenar me Islam ( назад)
OnePlus is becoming one of the coolest smartphone companies. Cool phone,
affordable price, great specs.

Автор Shivanand Khanapure ( назад)
Hello Madma...
plz one plus 3t tricks and tips one more Videos Upload....

Автор And Mk ( назад)
What type of camera recorded this video? Was it a phone or dslr?

Автор Banana Raven ( назад)
erica. can you do a Huawei P9 review

Автор princeD1100 ( назад)
Hi Erica Griffin - Great video. Slight change of subject. Can you do a
review of the Huawei Honor Note 8 and the Huawei Mate 9? Both flagship
phones are receiving alot of very positive reviews especially the Honor
Note 8.

Автор UnboxRitual ( назад)

Автор AllesOverApparaten ( назад)
R.I.P screenprotector....

Автор raj singh ( назад)
The Phone is Not Much Beautiful than Erica. 😁

Автор Linkon Manwani ( назад)
forgot to open bullet black headphones :P

Автор Prabhu Das ( назад)
OnePlus 3T will be sold with this bundle kit or these are reviews kit?

Автор john blaghet ( назад)
9:27 4000 mah increase xdd

Автор Buperman ( назад)
You think your so smart huh?

Автор Buperman ( назад)
Damn it, you smudged the screen!

Автор Frank Mazzeo ( назад)
I noticed that all tech reviewers immediately take off the pre installed
screen protector. Why? I know it's not tempered glass but it's already on
the phone. I personally don't use screen protectors but if one came on my
Pixel XL or iPhone 7 plus I think I would leave it on.

Автор Saurabh Moitra ( назад)
Erica - Is it only the folks like thyself who get the free merchandise or
does everybody gets it? If it is not everybody that did they somehow know
that you'd be reviewing the products and hence put the 'goodies' in for a
kinder review? I ask because the goodies themselves are worth over £80 at

Автор Joyannanthan Navanathan ( назад)
why did you take the screen protector

Автор James Goodwin ( назад)
Watching this on my 3T

Автор Mohammed Hassan El Mahdi ( назад)
+Erica Griffin you said at 09:30 4000 mA battery

Автор Muhd. Sajidur Rahman ( назад)
waiting for ur full review...:)

Автор SD1ONE ( назад)
Is the gunmetal color exclusive to 128 or its also available on 64gb
model........i am interested in 64gb model but i dont like soft
gold.........so want to know if i have gunmetal choice for 64gb

Автор Christopher Theofilaktos ( назад)
I went back and watched the bit with the dog more times than I'll admit

Автор Valicious ( назад)
I want it so bad but I'm stuck on a cdma network. So sad :(

Автор Angelo Belleza ( назад)
Hey Erica, how bout a shootout between OnePlus 3T and LG V20? I'm kinda
curious especially in terms of their performance in capturing video...
Looking forward to your next video though. Keep it up!

Автор Danny L ( назад)
how can i get oneplus to send me stuff

Автор Balmeet Singh ( назад)
you are the best in giving reviews of the phone . I am a huge fan of yours

Автор Infamous Blader ( назад)
Hey Erica, will you be reviewing the new digimon 20th anniversary v-pet
when it is released in 2017?

Автор KYB77 ( назад)
your videos have a goofy charm to them and i love it

Автор Akash Agarwal ( назад)
u r really vry hot

Автор dream wala ( назад)
did u already peel off the screen protector ?

Автор Leo Mukesh ( назад)
i like it. i am gonna purchase this smartphone soon. its cheaper then pixel
xl, galaxy s7 edge and iPhone 7 plus. and hardware is also fantastic. still
out-of-stock in amazon India. i wish 🎅 will gift me this phone on 🎄. but
i know there is no 🎅 for me.

Автор ashok kumar ( назад)
Hello ma'am i am a student.I have never got enough money to buy an iphone
.i want it for a good cause .can you give me an iphone 7 if you have
Hope you reply 😀

Автор Christy ( назад)
Erica all the phones being released are still boring no revolutionary
changes they need to up the gain and a phone battery that lasts a few days.
I'm still using my #Note4 👌

Автор HAMZA MIRZA H.M ( назад)
hello..Erica. you have many phones..can you send any old phone please...my
father is poor man he has no money please please

Автор HAMZA MIRZA H.M ( назад)
please reply

Автор HAMZA MIRZA H.M ( назад)
hello erica

Автор HAMZA MIRZA H.M ( назад)

Автор Carlos Miguel ( назад)
Haha finally i see a reviewer opening the box properly! All the other
reviews, they force it open with the 2 hands...no. You have to pull it up
and let it slide slowly, it's like the iPhones lol

Автор Ryan Doe ( назад)
Wish OnePlus wouldn't use leather products - So many other alternative
routes that they could've went down.

Автор OUCHIExDAxEL1TE ( назад)
such a cute dog :)

Автор Harsh Bhatt ( назад)
did you just said 4000 MaH increase at 9:31 ??

Автор Teh Chee Hong ( назад)
How did you manage to get these items from Oneplus?

Автор Rocky S ( назад)
Hey!! Htc 10 user here i m planning to buy S7 edge or may be LG v20. I just
can't go back to 1080P display.. Amazing review as always. Please ignore
the trolls..

Автор ky53 ( назад)
Great job Erica, I love your channel. At minute 9:30 I think you meant to
say 400 maH battery increase and not 4,000 maH. No biggie though.

Автор Asif Jeelani ( назад)

Автор Daniel Meerwijk ( назад)
Yeeuh Thank you for another great Review Erica

Автор seng Low ( назад)
pls do a camera comparison video

your parents dog is so adorable and small

Автор Mateo Real ( назад)
Hey i have a question about those earphones that come with the bag, are
they good? or what do you recommend for low budget/good sound ?

Автор Santiago HD ( назад)
can you suscribe to my channel?

Автор Steve G (Linux) ( назад)
No idea why you peeled off the pre-applied screen protector.

Автор biocybernaut ( назад)
OnePlus are still NOT shipping to Switzerland :-(

Автор alexander ekin ( назад)
very nice Christmas present from oneplus

Автор André ( назад)
You took off the screen protetor. :-p

Автор Haris Saleem ( назад)
This makes me really jealous of you lol you're so lucky!

Автор Akira st.clair ( назад)
never settle for a Android

Автор Akira st.clair ( назад)
go well with beats

Автор Vinu Shankar ( назад)
u both look similar

Автор zeezeebo ( назад)
I like the phone but not the case

Автор Charlie Fitzimire ( назад)
Hey Erica will this phone work with Verizon & At&t?

Автор kun lv (banlangen0429) ( назад)
Thanks for share unboxing of oneplus 3T,I bought oneplus 3T last
week.That's very great smartphone in 2016.

Автор Rigel Pesit ( назад)
you took off the screen protector :(

Автор Lexx Bright ( назад)
Color reproduction of the screen is horrible. Is that because of defective
unit or optic amoled "feature"?

Автор iPhone Box ( назад)
Android devices will forever be shit.

Автор Chris Papadopoulos ( назад)
Can you check whether the pictures coming out of the rear camera are
identical or not compared to the 3 please?

Автор imdad ullah ( назад)
gaway date

Автор Shashank Tony ( назад)
how to get free stuff from OnePlus
for YouTube review and can you please saw OnePlus email for Sponcer ship
for my YouTube channel

Автор Heinzkitz Velvet ( назад)
I've been looking for a replacement for my LG G4 for the past couple of
months. I wanted a really good performance phone, but I was just NOT ready
to pay Apple or Samsung or LG flagship prices. I just can't bring myself to
do it. There's so much more productive things I can do with $800. My
ceiling was $500 absolute maximum. Now, I never really gave the Chi-com
phones a look. Idk why. Just never did so I didn't get how great of a phone
the 3 is. That Xiaomi Mi Mix caught my eye because of the lack of bezels,
but I cant get it in the States. But for some reason, the OP3T has totally
captivated me. Same size as my G4, which is perfect for the size of my
hands. MUCH better specs obviously, my phone is getting on 2 years old and
showing it, and what's amazing to me is the 128GB model is the same price I
paid for my G4! So I'm very very happy with it. 4x the storage, 2x the RAM,
1/2 GHZ faster processor. My G4 has more comprehensive manual controls on
the camera, f1.8 instead of 2.0 and a quad hd screen, albeit LCD. Other
than that it's leaps and bounds better.

Автор dmitry p ( назад)
I've got 163250 in Antutu on my Oneplus 3t :)

Автор Martin Eugeniev ( назад)

Автор Heinzkitz Velvet ( назад)
"so it's a...thing" LOL!! I say that all the time! "It's the
uuhhhh....thing" LOL!! Awsome.

Автор MaverickIQ ( назад)
Would be nice if you could use the phone as a 360 camera since both camera
are same resolution. But looking at the position of the cameras it will not
work. Missed chance to have extra feature.

Автор Santhosh Raji ( назад)
does anybody noticed the dog at 0.35-0.40...he is disabled...Erica you are
such good cozzzz u r taking care of him...go on...good reviews about
mobiles...like ur channel very mch🤗🤗🤗

Автор रोनिश श्रेठ्ठ ( назад)
I think it 400 mah increase but you said 4000 😂😂

Автор Palash Shah ( назад)
It's awesome that you listen to viewers. I asked for this in last video and
you did! I'm loving it! 😆

Автор Arnab Sengupta ( назад)
the dog is so cutee

Автор Giorgos efkairiakos ( назад)
hello Erica! very nice video👏
in the end you say 4 thousand for the battery when it's 3.400 from what I
heard...And you can bet i am disappointed from OP releasing a new model
only 4months later.They should give us the opportunity to upgrade if we
want...but after speaking with them they say they are not obliged to inform
you about their new products... Crappie behavior for me...

Автор jenish maharjan ( назад)
the phones sucks if it takes that whole advetisement time long to boot up

Автор Jedd Macasero ( назад)
Let me guess your top 5 phone list:
•GS7 edge
•pixel phones
•oneplus 3/3T
•iPhone 7/ 7plus
•LG V20 (maybe)

Автор vineeth kalepu ( назад)

Автор Sean Hastings ( назад)
Bruiser is quite the cute fellow.

Автор Nick Guzeli ( назад)
Looked like it came with a screen protector? seemed thicker than ordinary

Автор Mr2pint ( назад)
Adorable dog and that phone interests me although I hear the screen isn't
much whack - still...

Автор Pushyanth Damarapati ( назад)
9:29 4 thousand mAh battery capacity increase...OMG Lol!!

Автор Aziz AL.H ( назад)
Huawei Mate 9 is the greatest android phone of this year

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