My all time favorite Bush moment

Makes me laugh out loud every time I hear this

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Автор xCaptxCrunchx ( назад)
OMG he is so smart. 

Автор chris warren ( назад)

Автор Cico Ciciak (1771 год назад)
Skulls and bones idiot.

Автор Salvatore Vitorelli ( назад)
ahahahahah. Man he's a dumbass

Автор Hooptie Hamburger ( назад)
What is such a big deal about this?

Автор megloton ( назад)
Indian reservation sovereignty one is still the best by far

Автор Michael Jordan ( назад)
my all time favorite bush moment didnt involve george bush 

Автор jedihunter176 ( назад)
Jedihunter176 to Mission Command - I have successfully arrived in the year
2007. It truly is a remarkably different culture.

Автор Mike Valverde ( назад)
this one time at band pandemic.flu.gub

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Автор wwwddholsapple ( назад)
wtf he is the flu

Автор jared winkler ( назад)
you cant be serious and obama does any better?

Автор David Jones ( назад)
pandemicflu.gov sends you to flu.gov. This is obviously easier to remember

Автор KnivesOfTheRound ( назад)
What was it called again?

Автор Jeff2825 ( назад)
O'Dumbo provides even more fodder but Libtards like Stewart and David
Letterman demure.

Автор hans peter meine wurst steckt fest ( назад)
NINE! .............. ELEVEN!

Автор Matthew Balch ( назад)
my best guess is that pandemicflu.gov will redirect you to the shorter and
easier to remember flu.gov

Автор kid gloves ( назад)
they can make anyone puppet president of america..

Автор lewis cook ( назад)
why does bush jr and prince charles look like brothers?because they are?

Автор Maxundmoritz Hautala ( назад)
He promised to put food on an American family. On his first foreign trip he
returned early so he could sleep in the White House in spite of having a
bed on Air Force One. In All In The Family Archie Bunker had to return home
becouse he could not go in Atlantic City.

Автор blackelk7373 ( назад)
republicans r trash

Автор sirrodneythedire ( назад)
He kind of laughed to himself because he knew that he wouldn't remember
something like that himself, so of course the people who voted for him
won't remember it.

Автор kariwattsup ( назад)
my favorit line was in the second, maybe first election he spoke on womens
healthcare and stated that the doctors would be able to practice their love
for the women. notexact wording. reminded me of so park priest episode. lol

Автор pixelvath ( назад)
dammit what was that site's name again

Автор Angel Dunne ( назад)
I miss my silly Bush, He gave Jon stewart so much fodder for his late night

Автор Vet eran ( назад)
Ahmed - how many Muslims have killed other Muslims during Ramadan? Idiot!

Автор Vet eran ( назад)
The only imbecile here is you! Since I am a "Jew", an American, and an
American Military Veteran, I guess that I would be a prime target for you.
But yet, you have clearly demonstrated through your ignorance that is
purported through your opine that you have neither the ability nor the
inclination to form somewhat of a cerebral thought that is comprehendible
by anyone with a high intellect. Yours is a rambling load of white specks -
in other words, chicken crap!

Автор Rick Flannery ( назад)
He thinkified that one.

Автор ahmed3g ( назад)
My friend, I gave you one example only, I can speak till next year about
how bad this guy was, he killed people on national TV "university students"
in the holey month of Ramadan just before Muslims breakfast "Iftar" so all
the nation will watch and learn not to speak word against him, this guy
killed people by putting them in a hole an buried them alive with concrete
not even soil, concrete my friend.Stop supporting a murdered who killed the
people of his country for the "Glory of himself".

Автор Michael Fallon ( назад)

You dont need to call me good lord, Thomas will do. Bless you sister.

Автор Hazel ! ( назад)
Good lord, you dont have to answer my earlier question. I understand what
you mean now.

Автор Hazel ! ( назад)
What qualities make him so "american" I dont understand what you mean by it.

Автор Eric Peterson ( назад)
'Cause he's reading the teleprompter? This thing has almost 3 million views
and no one can explain wtf is so special about this clip? :)

Автор Jason Lyte-Armstrong ( назад)
Either you get it, or you don't. It really is that simple.

Автор ABadRash ( назад)
And you don't know how to use the English language. What the hell is a
Moslem? Because I've never heard of a Moslem. I've heard of Muslims, but
some of those are awesome. The ones I've met anyways. Also, punctuation is
important. You should use capital letters.

Автор Eghlieght ( назад)
pindemic flu dot goff

Автор Eric Peterson ( назад)
someone splain me what is funny on this one

Автор Eric Peterson ( назад)

Автор jacob man ( назад)
Bush was such a terrible president then again Obama just kept all of his
policies so he's much better.

Автор Your Pops 69714 ( назад)
bush was a good president then the idoit we have in office

Автор Jeremy Powers ( назад)
Hey look George got a computer!!

Автор Faisal Khesrawi ( назад)
Prisidint of mirica

...continued> When islam becomes "fundamental/extreme" depends on the eyes
that sees. And its a fact, that it is not western media or "evil zionists"
who invented a thing like "sharia" - islam itself invented this! In my
eyes, that is extreme, and "non-compatible" with a modern society.

@Orkhan> Thanks for giving me the first sensible reply - i'd almost give
you a thumbs up for that alone. Thats interesting, what kind of
similarities? - I can think of "appreciation" of old culture/ways of doing
certain things, im not just talking about religion, but simple daily day
things, such as the woman staying home taking care of the children and home
(which in my opinon is a good thing, as long as it can be done,

Автор Agulani ( назад)
I actually like Japan and i believe Japan and Islamic world share a lot of
similarities and should learn from each other i believe that your ideas
about islamism are based on medias interpretation which to be honest can be
said about japans war crimes during WW2? Islamism or Fundemntal Islam is
complete nonsense created by western media and jewish state to brainwash
the world and create new enemy after Soviet Union broke up.

Communist? Me? That is the worst I have ever been called. I cant stand
communists, islamists or Obama. That's all and thats it. Im gonna go buy an
ice cream.

Автор hbk711x ( назад)
lolz mossad waiting to film 9-11 wasnt proof of prior knowledge considering
they also did 67 liberty ann, you are just a communsit dog do you communist
prejudice scums always can truth conspiracy, goodness you really are a
jackass, teh genocides in america are in our text books you idiot, inside
jobs like 67 liberty ann are recorded adn surviving military from that
inside job have spoken out, but of course a communist like you are too much
of a brain dead zombie to understand...

Ah, so you're also a conspiracy-freak? Please tell me more, it all sounds
so interesting..... LOL.

You are wrong all the way through my boy. :-)

Автор hbk711x ( назад)
Yes saying ISlam is teh voice of equlaity humans rights and PEace and the
Lord is correct west did genocide indians, not Islam west did terrorism of
blacks, Islam gave eqaulity, freedom isralis are nazi immigrants,
Palistinians are natives vs racist israli nazis zionists did 9-11 inside
job with mossad waiting to film it for teh satanic NWO You prefer
terrorist, genocide, nazi, satan worship and are a hypocrite jelous in
denial you mule! You are satan calling other your name. I am RIGHT!

Автор hbk711x ( назад)
but too bad thats a description of the west you scum lying trash.....lolz I
see you are putting the evils of the zionsit neo nazi satan worshipping
judeo- x-tian western actions on Others like you didt with the 9-11 inside
job and JFK northwoods and operation Gladio The west are ppl of genocide,
certain races dont exist because of western genocide not ISlam you son of a

Ok, I admit I was too fast. Im not too familiar with EVERY single american
president in history - but for sure the worst the past 20 years i've been
interested in politics.

Автор Tim Colla ( назад)
if you think Obama is the worst president in the history of the U.S. you
really need to brush up on your American history...

Автор MEDI0DARK ( назад)
pan damn it flu dot gov

Автор Matias ( назад)
the US government is a pandemic?

Автор Larry Atta ( назад)

Автор Crash Bandicoot ( назад)
america may be very bad, but there is no alternative in sight. only russia
or china or an islamic sharia state could replace america as a superpower,
and you know as good as i do how much worse the world would be then. feedom
like these comments on youtube, facebook, etc. would cease to exist. we
would all ilve in concentration camps or be dead already. american
dominance is the lesser evil. unfortunately we have only the choice between
usa or china as superpower. well, i prefer usa.

Автор Makhoe van der Vlugt ( назад)
America isn't a terrorist nation because America doesn't strive to cause
terror. Rather, Americans want their bullets 'n bombs to cause sock and
awe. Of course, those few Americans still sitting around a thanksgiving
table would warn a neighbor, "thats a difference without a difference."

Автор Crash Bandicoot ( назад)
they do not kill muslims. they kill taliban or people who aim to establish
an islamic dictatorship. what you are saying is that america is a terrorsit
nation. well it is not.

Terrorism, genocide, lack of human rights and satan worship - Yes, your
description of islam sounds near perfect.

Автор hamid ashrafi ( назад)
this bible follower lier like other of their brother has never told the
truth or any american pd or people any people of america.

Автор hbk711x ( назад)
so western values of racism genocide slavery inside job terrorism and NWO
anti-christ satan worship is what you want, the zionist kkk occupation is
an evil terrorist one that is no different then teh nazis Making Islam the
voice of freedom qurality and human rights just like it was during the
vietnam terrorist inside job war of racism!

Автор hbk711x ( назад)
America has never had more drones you idiot....

Автор Bringda Ruckus ( назад)
Pretty good. Thanks for the laugh :)

Автор scholion ( назад)
Why doesn't America, as a nation, start focusing on the real challenges
ahead of her instead of quarelling over used up presidents and other
politicians? They don't matter anymore. Once, America played a major role
in international affairs and gave people all over the planet hope. Why are
you so unwilling to do so by today? Instead, the US appears to be down and
out. As a patriotic, hard working Swede, I still believe in Western
Civilization. Don't you? Is there no Viking blood in you?

Автор daniel medeiros ( назад)
George and bill oreilly two biggest jokes in America they makr our country
look very bad

Автор DarPower1 ( назад)
Obama will be known as the guy who sparked Economic growth from Bush's
recession of -6% to +4% or higher by 2016. Also be known as the guy who
reformed our medical system. Obama won't be seen by anyone besides
Southerners as the president that made the country worse. Because only the
South sucks, and thats the result of piss poor governors.

Автор 46jeanpierre ( назад)
shouldn't he be death? #911

Автор LordGwynn ( назад)
Oh and of course African Americans

Автор LordGwynn ( назад)
Obama will be known as the guy who made our debt even worse. He hasn't done
anything good for America. The demographic for the people who voted for him
was 18-25yr olds and single woman. What does that tell you??

Автор Taylor Peay ( назад)
whats wrong with having someone of a different religious belief as
president. its wrong because u were raised in a over critical fuck
americans views im right household grow up kid

Автор AquaticBoardwalkEngineer ( назад)
Let me guess, you are a Fox [it ain't] News sheep? I thought so.

Автор Jay Panda ( назад)
I agree, he has done things to create equality, which anyone should
respect, but the president is powerless over congress who are enslaved by
corporations. The only thing Jesus ever hated was the Nicolatians.

Автор Jay Panda ( назад)
Ok clown. Fool? You can't even type properly it's hilarious, you don't have
too sell your intelligence along with your soul clown. So you're
homosexual? Good to know anything else you'd like to get off your chest? I
assuming you tried to spell "Drown" but you did type that during your
retard siezure if I understand correctly. Also no one needs to know how
much you masturbate, and the fact you collect it. I'm not involved in
politics only reality. You should reinvest time into school. Clown.

Автор ClownUnderground SyndicateMafia ( назад)
u r faggot fool ur family sucks mycock i will drow ur family in my sperm,
idiot republcunt

Автор Nils Franco ( назад)
Read the docs, then come back.

Автор Guido Jacobs ( назад)
Facebook? Microsoft? I wouldn't trust those sources.

Автор lol169 ( назад)
I dont know about anyone else but i had a little chortle at Dubya saying

Автор Nils Franco ( назад)
"Suffice to say, this is going to be different in both scope and scale in
terms of what we are providing to the SMC than what we have provided
before." -US Deputy Nat'l Security Advisor Ben Rhodes Look, I don't agree
with everything the President does, especially about Israel, drones
(although I support the limits he announced at the NDU), and the
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.. But what he has done in all other fields is
astounding. The revived Citizens Conservation Service Corps (21 CSC) is an

Автор Jay Panda ( назад)
We are arming the syrian rebels what you think we are making these weapons
for free? your a fool.

Автор Jay Panda ( назад)
law which states seperation of State Law Enforcement and Military. Which at
the G20 summit it violated this law, and since we're not in martial law
(where their is no COPS only soldiers walking the streets.) It's obvious
american rights where violated and other laws are being violated but you.
Hah you have the nerve to say your idiotic crap. Also when America is now
making a few Hundred Thousand Missles (Quite a bit is being done by
raytheon.) You can expect an economy boom.

Автор Jay Panda ( назад)
Pandemic Flu . Com. I mean you're stupid stop reading what you see on
facebook, our right where violated when police used force and other
"Eardrum" sound blasting methods to disperse a peaceful protest. You are
under-educated and need to research in more fields, from more sources than
you currently are, Corporations have more power than our government which
is why Obama is using Contractors in america (Mercenaries.). Half those
cops during the G20 summit may have not been police. also violated a

Автор Nils Franco ( назад)
Please read the Facebook/Microsoft released data requests. Obama has not
violated the constitution nor our rights. Also, please note that Obama has
put in so many amazing programs he puts most other presidents to shame.
Measured by NASDAQ returns, he's a stellar leader in a five-president group
who've doubled returns. Measured by economic turn-around, well, just read
what the IMF report had to say about the American economy yesterday.

Автор ZibWosh ( назад)
What was the name of the website again?

Автор Guido Jacobs ( назад)
First world problems. Other countries were delighted because we no longer
had Bush, but stopped when Obama promptly picked up Bush's to-do list.
Can't trust any politician.

Автор kisamehoshigaki09 ( назад)
Your assumption that he doesn't know the answers to these questions is in
itself an unfounded statement.

@ gr8guitar69 & talksolot> 1. No I can absolutely NOT name all presidents,
and what does that have to do with it? Can you name all primeministers of
european countries? I think not! 2. So only a president is entitled to
criticize another president or why do you ask about my job? And if so, what
entitles you to criticize the former president? 3. Ofcourse its a bad thing
he's a muslim. - Try going to Saudi Arabia and ask them if they want Mitt
Romeny to become their president - you know the answer

Автор gr8guitar69 ( назад)
Can you name all of the Presidents...? I thought not...!! and how many were
Impeached...? I thought so. Tell me who ran against LBJ in his first bid
for President...? I thought so... You can look up the answers to my q's but
you will have to admit to yourself that you're a fool for making unfounded
statements. Tell me about the Great Howard Taft and his legacy...? I
thought so...

Автор dandylion ( назад)
if he was 'soft' on Israel or iran the jews who own your ass would have him
killed. you're just an American sicko who's pissed your govt is droning and
killing more people than it is. your paranoia and deluded ness is such that
you believe a drone launching mass murder who slaughters Moslems daily is
somehow a Moslem. in effect you are just a simple backwoods American

Автор gr8guitar69 ( назад)
Let's compare... Obama is President Of The United States Of America and
according to you he's Retarded... and your job is what..?

Автор gr8guitar69 ( назад)
Yeah he's so Muslim... yeah Muslim, that's a bad thing... right...? I mean
look at all the bad things Muslims do. I'll start and you go next... they
worship a God... OK your Turn... GO...!!

Whos an american? - Not me. I just prefer America to have a president who
protects western values over islamic idealogy. Look at how soft (weak) he
is on the israel/palestine-issue, Iran and so on...

Автор dandylion ( назад)
paranoid american sicko. you must think everyone is as deranged and
obsessed with your dumb ass as you are with them. get over yourself.

Автор MrKiller66613 ( назад)
actually american has been getting back on track since obamas election.
america was worse off post 9/11 because of bush's unconstitutional patriot

Автор gsxrsixer ( назад)
So that's where it came from. Flu.gov.

Obama is without a doubt the worst president America ever had. America has
never been weaker, so I understand why many middle eastern countries was
delighted he was elected.

Автор LordGwynn ( назад)
Ah.. Back when we didn't have a Muslim for president. Good times ;)

Автор KingArtiIart ( назад)
When a guy like hitchens agrees with him and justifies him, you know he's
innocent. DEAL

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