Bullwhip Cracking: more about the Volley

I made a video about doing the volley a while ago, and many people have learned it. This video gives those of you who have learned the volley more ideas of what can be done with it.

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Автор Jacob Cawthorn ( назад)
The first time I did that I got whipped in a place that shall not be named ;_;

Автор Glivity ( назад)
u wudda made an awesome bodyguard in college, hehe

Автор Pdawk1 ( назад)
i go to south austin karate

Автор lecount petrova ( назад)
Why is tina fey and 30 rocks tagged in this? Also, what kind of whip are you using in this?

Автор AdamCWM ( назад)
@harleynita I think the effortless part comes if someone started with whips as a kid. I started when I was 9.

Автор tooflyklu ( назад)
@AdamCWM where is a good place to get a quality nylon whip??? dm has that $150 one, and there are some floating on ebay...

Автор tooflyklu ( назад)
@AdamCWM where's a good place to look for the nylon whips, i was looking into some nice leather roo ones from embrand...but i never looked into nylon!

Автор Kevin Bryant ( назад)
Why do I keep thinking about Napoleon Dynamite when I see this? Sorry. I was looking for something "tennis" related. :-)

Автор Airton Almeida ( назад)
Tradução do português para inglês
hello adam, congratulations on your performance, I really liked ....
could you point me to buy one of these fairly crackles and more easily?
which the value of a number?


hopefully not be writing any thing wrong because I am using a translator.

I'm from sao paulo Brazil

Автор Reaper's Reviews ( назад)
Hey Adam, I saw you at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Have to say your show was the best one there. Good job man.

Автор AdamCWM ( назад)
@coyniteSFOR depending on your price range, you could probably get a 10 ft nylon bullwhip that cracks better a 10 ft leather bullwhip. To get a good 10 ft kangaroo leather bullwhip you'd expect to pay around $600 or more.

Автор Xolette ( назад)
You never fail to impress me! Thank you for this vid. I never had a good ending to a volley-- now I have something to work on!

Автор Tarzan! ( назад)
nice cracking! nice to see some more vids

Автор MrCelloman21 ( назад)
yay you made a vid! :D
btw nice vid

Автор AdamCWM ( назад)
@SuperWario094 sometimes

Автор AdamCWM ( назад)
@Physhi in this video I'm using a 6 ft nylon bullwhip with a 13" handle.

Автор MotoMaikai ( назад)
Haha. Love your tags.

Автор hitman454 ( назад)
always amusing watching adam cracking the whip in so many different ways : )

Автор Phy ( назад)
Excellent vidya. Just out of curiosity how much does that stockwhip in this video weigh?

Автор Daniel Enrique Cely Cardenas ( назад)
sounds beautiful

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