kidnap the sandy claws - wow video

A video from warcraftmovies.com; I DIDN'T MAKE IT, but I just thought it was done really well and wanted to post it on my myspace.

Some gnomes acting out "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Автор MashedUpTaters ( назад)
+Breanna Bowman WOW. No pun intended.

Автор epicsakura101 ( назад)
This is AWESOME!!!!!! ^_^

Автор Logan Wolfe ( назад)
Right tyler

Автор Tyler Arnold ( назад)
All I can find is the crappy korn version not the original. Thanks

Автор Tainted Guild Zuluhed ( назад)
And this is why gnomes are so fucking creepy...lol...the voices only make
them more creepy. But seriously...awesome job!!!! LOVED it

Автор ASPYN Moore ( назад)
Why did i click on this?

Автор xqueen1234 ( назад)
Not bad

Автор AceTheDarkEngineer88 ( назад)
it was the old facebook...

Автор OtakuTwist ( назад)
What is a myspace

Автор Le Flynt ( назад)

not bad is this world at warcraft

Автор yomayn123 ( назад)
Ok cool thanks!

Автор MiscreationX ( назад)
Very nice, but the only thing is you should've used a dwarf as sandy claws.

Автор 0269433472 ( назад)

Автор Laura Measher ( назад)
Someone obviously has WAY too much time on their hands...just sayin'

Автор TheDarksaber12 ( назад)
I always liked the chop him into bits part.

Автор Gasmiina ( назад)
@Idasbo Awesome X3

Автор ida Sandholt Bø ( назад)
@Gasmiina Me too :)

Автор Mtlmn88 ( назад)
Winner winner

Автор yomayn123 ( назад)
how hang u peoples?

Автор LyulfLykaiosTV ( назад)
Very cool vid.

Автор supajasiu ( назад)
This needs to be remade with the KoRn Cover :D

Автор Gasmiina ( назад)
@pokesimsgirl Well duh. [I'm not trying to sound mean..] Being a girl
doesn't mean you can't play games xp I play WoW too, and I'm a girl. No

Автор LoreHappy69 ( назад)
EPIC And Oogie Boogie is a Tauren? lol I think he's better like a troll,
but it's just awesome <3 (Sorry if you don't understand very well, my
enlish isn't good D:<)

Автор Jareen2 ( назад)
@JohnTheKiller11 I agree they should use the KOЯN that one is better

Автор LadyValkyrieChan ( назад)
i play wow, and this mustve took HOURS because all the places take a very
long time to get to.

Автор SixthExtinctionTV ( назад)
xD.... gnomes...

Автор holymountains818 ( назад)
one quesrtion why is oogy man a tauren?

Автор Elementxxpurity ( назад)
lol!!! LOL?!!?!El oh El. roflmao.. Lol. X_X Nice

Автор Black_Lotus ( назад)
this is just sad

Автор mii284 ( назад)
i cant stop watching this

Автор deidara173 ( назад)
Amazing video but i find sandy clawz a dwarf xD

Автор DanRage47 ( назад)
No, they caaallll himmm.... SAAANNNDYY CLAAAAWWWWWSSZZZZZ!! (heh heh

Автор Sara Mencke ( назад)
i feel bad for santy claws

Автор Sara Mencke ( назад)
i feel bad for santy claws :)

Автор Sameer Kumar ( назад)
stab him with a knife

Автор KhayotiK ( назад)
this vid is awesome!

Автор Shiredwolf ( назад)

Автор CupcakeMage ( назад)
Lol Oogie boogie is a tauren in underwear XD Good job!

Автор Ray Martinez ( назад)
This my favorite song of the movie!

Автор Shiredwolf ( назад)
i love it!!!!!!!

Автор gravehart2002 ( назад)
This is conclusive PROOF Gnomes are EVIL and should be poked repeatedly
with sticks lol AWESOME vid :D!

Автор MMMNUMNUMS ( назад)
Should have used the korn version, but great video

Автор SeglaBortMedDjur ( назад)
@seafratrue He said he did not do the video in the description

Автор Dillon Corley ( назад)
I am now creep-ed out by gnomes even more

Автор Crystal Nibarger ( назад)
@seafratrue he said he didnt make it...in the description

Автор Nvdgaarden ( назад)
Briljant video! Great fan of both The Nightmare Before Christmas and WoW.
Very impressed by all the work you clearly put into the making of this vid.

Автор SayuriNoCosplay ( назад)
Yeah! I love Lock, Shock and Barrel... And " Kidnap the sandy claws " is my
favorite Nightmare's song. This video is really awesome! Nice job,
seriously ;)

Автор ladydiskette ( назад)
Oh my god, this was my favorite the song next to the one Sally sings in
The Nightmare Before Christmas. :D

Автор Heavenly Fira ( назад)

Автор Mads Robison ( назад)
Wow, they even run like Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Автор MaDdIe518012 ( назад)
the boogy man should be an orc!

Автор Arpi ( назад)

Автор Craig Johnson ( назад)
Really good, but i think santa shoulda been a dwarf xD

Автор BlastWTF ( назад)
lol im on windrunner

Автор crazysniperkid ( назад)

Автор Jay Pierce ( назад)
this is a lot of hard work I understand...but man I gotta say...
THOSE...are 3 of the UGLIEST versions of lock shock and barrel ever...and
I'm LMAO... .Still good work though.

Автор Team Kingdom Key ( назад)
@millstanuki Your not the only one.

Автор Mills XI ( назад)
I have a new respect for gnomes from this!

Автор Mathias Nielsen ( назад)

Автор jonjonjofosho ( назад)
holy crap that was SO EPIC!

Автор Frayla ( назад)
lol :DD richtig geil

Автор Yzarro ( назад)
@alla1alla it HAS to be a joke? My god.

Автор TaurenWarchief ( назад)
That was VERY well made!

Автор XxAngeliniaxX ( назад)

Автор Alla_saleh ( назад)
i dnt get it

Автор theburnett6pack ( назад)
Best Video ever!!!!

Автор cleoni99 ( назад)
cool video its a little mean

Автор Mikkel Bjerre ( назад)
This is so nice 5

Автор Joel Frans Victor Norlin ( назад)
awesom amazing love it!

Автор HanNah Glanville ( назад)
lol, i love nightmare before christmas and its songs, and i LOVE WORLD OF
WARCRAFT this is awesome !!!! lol very clever! xD

Автор Amades Grimm ( назад)
i see that those gnomes are up to their no-good tricks again.

Автор Kate Silhan ( назад)
Ahaha I loved this. This was absolutely brilliant. Love the song, love the
game =]

Автор taylor james ( назад)
i agree with 4992sarah you shouldve done an abomination for oogy boogey man

Автор Sarah Ashley ( назад)
Cool but u shouldve used an Abomination as the oogy boogey man :P

Автор lolmajor100 ( назад)
they actually look like shock lock and barrell!

Автор Nirvanafen4e ( назад)
haha NICE GJ :)

Автор mini chen ( назад)
great idea! =)

Автор acordecletico ( назад)
Nice job, bro! Kidnap Sandy Claws 5.1????

Автор Geoffrey McElhattan ( назад)
nice work man, i can imagine how many hours it took to produce this

Автор Pork and Beans ( назад)
I'd prefer to see KoRn's version... :P they improved it. like marilyn
manson improves 80's music.

Автор TheHunterTroll ( назад)
gnomes? really? lol

Автор Simon Tóth ( назад)
loool its very good and funny :D:D

Автор Timothy Hanchir ( назад)
lol, nice

Автор Altafickde ( назад)
viel besser als das original =) 5 Sterne!

Автор TheEdith555 ( назад)
this is so cool

Автор ceruleansunn ( назад)
@1happyboo the stash and beard are just facial hair options, the christmas
outfit is just tailored in-game

Автор Vanoc93 ( назад)

Автор Amby Kin ( назад)
omfgggggg nightmare before christmas Tim burton is the best my fav
director!!!! and this was really good i loled

Автор ARCcommanderTalVerd ( назад)
@61442 it was just a questing

Автор EnviousGreen ( назад)
@ARCcommanderTalVerd well yes but do you expect them to take control of
that dwarf? ther don't exactly give players the capability, unless this is
on a private server...

Автор EnviousGreen ( назад)
@aweshiznilistic i agree with you in saying that tim burton's movies are
awesome and that this can't compare to the actual film, but remember the
film was on a high budget and that this was made using a simple computer
game, i'm sure if the game had better environments to provide maybe it
would be better but this was the best they could do and considering that
i'd give it a 4.5/5 but since we cant do .5 on youtube ill go strait to 5.
also how do you expect him to coordinate the mouths perfectly?

Автор ARCcommanderTalVerd ( назад)
@Yzarro isn't the actual santa a dwarf in IF though?

Автор Yzarro ( назад)
@ ARCcommanderTalVerd: who ever made this couldn't have, it's a special
thing where any character gets turned into a gnome that looks like santa.
but blizzard should have made it a dwarf, yeah. =\

Автор aweshiznilistic ( назад)
tim burton movies are awesome. so you better shut up. btw, you could have
done better with the mouths, and maybe using a little less blood. i saw the
movie and this is nothing compared to it

Автор brokensteellord ( назад)
tim burton movies are wierd

Автор Path2Insanity ( назад)
omg nice

Автор kitka9 ( назад)
perfect :DD

Автор Kiba1001400695281 ( назад)
pretty good, but i think you should have used an Orc for the Boogie man,
with the green skin and all, and i agree with ARCcommanderTalVerd, a dwarf
would have been better, but that's just my opinion

Автор ARCcommanderTalVerd ( назад)
should have so used a dwarf as sandy claws

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