How to get your hacked meez back !

If you already know how to do this don't put stupid comment and don't watch. P.s i mean this : THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOUR HACKER DID NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ! p.s , i answer ALLL MESSAGES , IF YOUR HACKER CHANGED YOUR EMAIL THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO IS FILE A HACK REPORT , BUT THERE'S A 50% CHANCE THAT THAT WILL GET YOUR MEEZ BACK . Otherwise, it's pretty fun to start over and play around with meez because its qettinq kind of lame ..

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Автор Fresh B. ( назад)
can anybody help me please? i can't sign in to my meez .."forgot your
password" ....i send the password at my g-mail account and it was the same
password i type in ..wtf is happening ? i signed up with my other acc and
when i clicked my account that i cant sign in it says "profile not
available" PLEASE HELP ME!

Автор sooo Done ( назад)
wtf I Jus Got Hacked It Was Hooked Up To My Gmail N Ever thing n I don't
understand how they got into my gmail account n. I didn't give them my
password to my gmail account n ugggh it's Jus fucked up that's y I'm sooooo
done with meez

Автор Darius Smith ( назад)
I got hack 8times wtf

Автор Keithan Richards ( назад)
can sum one help me I just got hacked again

Автор Pretty Mariee ( назад)
"This Video Is stupid it didn't even work:

Автор Pretty Mariee ( назад)
If They Didn't change the password YO account wouldn't be hacked

Автор Pretty Mariee ( назад)
That's how yo account get hacked

Автор Pretty Mariee ( назад)
And of course the hacker gone change the password

Автор Pretty Mariee ( назад)
I got hacked 3 times why are ppl so irri

Автор MY NAME IS SPRINGTRAP!!! ( назад)
Kayla what was ur username I might can help if u haven't got it back

Автор Kevin Hubbard ( назад)
omg i had spent over 100$ on my acc i got hacked i pray i get it bck

Автор lyliah ortega ( назад)
did a hack report then i got hacked again and they changed my email ispent
litteraly 200 dollars on tht acc im drowning in my tears rn

Автор deshawn cuffee ( назад)
I got hacked 3 times to and this dumb shit not working this dumb ass
YouTube video

Автор DreManTv ( назад)
LMfaooo if yall got Hacked yall so fuckin dumb lol yall shouldve kept ya
mouth closed lol i might hacked some of yall before

Автор Jordyn Nxxdles (1500 лет назад)
Freakin hackers. I want my freain acc back :(

Автор Geous Gena ( назад)
I got hacked 3 times and I put in a fake email.I don't think I will be able
to get them back!!@vamp123chick @_curly_fries @miss-parys I WILL MISS MY
ACCS 😱😱😲😲😨😨😵😵😵😙😙😭😭😿😿🙀🙀🙈🙈🙉🙉🙊🙊👎👎✌✌Kik Me Plz To Help
Me Get @vamp123chick and @_curly_fries Bck.My Kik Is ParisIsMe12 

Автор cupquake2sweet xoxo ( назад)
someone help me plz someone hacked me and my acc is im_number_1 THEY EVEN

Автор Olivia Rowe ( назад)
Ugg I just want my acc back but the person changed my password

Автор Stella Turtle ( назад)
I got hacked and they didnt do anything no paswrod or email change and now
i cant enter rooms and i have vip 😭😭

Автор Trenton Tompkins ( назад)
I was hacked yoyobeast863

Автор Kameryn Tucker ( назад)
I got hacked and someone did change the email so what do I do now I really
need help cuz I was VIP and I spent over 10000 coins and meez cash on it I
know who hacked me tho

Автор Jane Spears ( назад)
i have been hacked and they changed my password i only got 1 day of vip in

Автор Beautiful Gurl ( назад)
wel this is really stupid

Автор CobrasGaming ( назад)
You are stupid the first time you it would only work ir the hacker didnt
change your email then the next time you put hasnt changed your password

Автор AshlyVEVO o_o ( назад)
Need help pm me @ fadget thts my username hehe =^.^=

Автор AshlyVEVO o_o ( назад)
Kayla galloway I know how to

Автор Kayla Galloway ( назад)
WTF my meez was deactivated I gave nobody my pw but i'm like wow I need my
account back because i spent 75 dollars on it! if anybody can help me it
would be great!

Автор Mona Woods ( назад)

Автор luke Michael ( назад)
Lmaoo all des usernames are fake A'F ... HAHAAA

Автор official. diaxx ( назад)
bitch it did it work

Автор Christina Fitzgerald ( назад)
i can search your person see how it looks like ok and i will try to ask
there password to try to get it back ok i will try soo.. u can email the
people who own it anything else isk wat to do so i will search your person
ok my person name is emmakittypink i think i forgot

Автор Christina Fitzgerald ( назад)
well i say do NOT waste your money because u might get banned or get hacked
i learn do not use money on games u get hacked or banned like is u agree

Автор TrippyHipsterWeirdo. ( назад)
uhm, this isnt a cheat to get ur hacked account back, this is what you
would have to actually do if you juss forgot ur password... -__-"

Автор Aozey ( назад)
what the fuck u said it was a short vid when its like 6:56 smh

Автор Isabella Jimenez ( назад)
Me too.!

Автор Shai Evans ( назад)
OMG ME TOO myne was latina_dariix3

Автор juliana bahena ( назад)
Me too its sucks the second day of vip i got hack! what a waste of money i
just want my meez back!!

Автор Isabella Jimenez ( назад)
😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 I got hacked and I had v.i.p!

Автор Sharon Johnson ( назад)
I got hacked today im mad i just bought a card

Автор Angelle Frank ( назад)
someone proly didnt change the pw yet-___- DUHHHH!

Автор taylor long ( назад)
lol i got hacked today shiddddd i was pissed 

Автор AidansGituar ( назад)
@xXMiikk3yXx Ok. dude how do you get famous youtube stars to anwer your

Автор Aisha Holmes ( назад)
wow ur sooo helpfull.it work.and i got that motherfhucker band.FOR LIFE!!

Автор Aisha Holmes ( назад)
and add me.kittycat225

Автор Aisha Holmes ( назад)
im sad cuz my meez vip got hack.that bitch made me cried.but ima get that

Автор chassity Collins ( назад)
Dumb fucks read the fucking title

Автор 伊藤奏真 ( назад)
@scourgestwin Haha yea!!!

Автор 伊藤奏真 ( назад)
LOL, they changed my email too. LUCYMEEZ HACKED ME -.-

Автор Bella Woods ( назад)
@xXMiikk3yXx exuse me what if i forgot my email? :(

Автор Tayvon Stutts ( назад)
omg thats funny lol0lol0lool0llol0l0olo crazy 

Автор xupper ( назад)
i use cam studio to may i ask u how u make the wholle screen apper like
make the the thing bigger cuz i can only get it to record one little spot
plz help

Автор Candice Gaming ( назад)
what if you dont no the pass and you forgot ?

Автор zoelynn69 ( назад)
Um, Can i get my meez back i am on my mothers youtube account but can i
have my meez back does this really help..? 

Автор chloé ( назад)
My account was deleted by a hacker and i still have vip on the account and
i have no way to get it back because roscoe doesnt care ~_~ 

Автор DJ Hawkes ( назад)
Can you get my acount bakc pleasee.......its mr-waynecarter

Автор Annissa Diaz-Barraza ( назад)
The girl who hacked meez said she would glitch my meez. I had alot of cool
stuff to! She probably saw it and was like omg I gotta keep dis meez. And I
didnt think she would steal it causee her meez was awesome and had all da
v.i.p moves! Her username is xxbroke_ncydexx My account thht gt hacked is
_anniie_33 :(( Im so sad and pissed off. I trusted tht gurl and I was like
U can keep it (and I thought about it and is gonna let her keep it) But i
really wanna use my meez one more time!!

Автор Vanessa Vodopia ( назад)
my hacker changed my email :( Do u kno how to get it backkkk?!

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