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Автор Enyah Partridge (2 месяца)
ROFL I got hacked and I did the stolen acc report got my acc bk and my
email was verified to but it was glitchin

Автор parys boadi (1 месяц)
I got hacked 3 times and I put in a fake email.I don't think I will be able
to get them back!!@vamp123chick @_curly_fries @miss-parys I WILL MISS MY
ACCS 😱😱😲😲😨😨😵😵😵😙😙😭😭😿😿🙀🙀🙈🙈🙉🙉🙊🙊👎👎✌✌Kik Me Plz To Help
Me Get @vamp123chick and @_curly_fries Bck.My Kik Is ParisIsMe12 

Автор O/C/M DreMan (22 дня)
LMfaooo if yall got Hacked yall so fuckin dumb lol yall shouldve kept ya
mouth closed lol i might hacked some of yall before

Автор Jordyn Simone (28 дней)
Freakin hackers. I want my freain acc back :(

Автор cupquake2sweet xoxo (2 месяца)
someone help me plz someone hacked me and my acc is im_number_1 THEY EVEN

Автор Jane Spears (10 месяцев)
i have been hacked and they changed my password i only got 1 day of vip in

Автор Stella Turtle (9 месяцев)
I got hacked and they didnt do anything no paswrod or email change and now
i cant enter rooms and i have vip 😭😭

Автор Trenton Tompkins (10 месяцев)
I was hacked yoyobeast863

Автор Kameryn Tucker (10 месяцев)
I got hacked and someone did change the email so what do I do now I really
need help cuz I was VIP and I spent over 10000 coins and meez cash on it I
know who hacked me tho

Автор Beautiful Gurl (1 год)
wel this is really stupid

Автор Olivia Rowe (7 месяцев)
Ugg I just want my acc back but the person changed my password

Автор Mona Woods (1 год)

Автор xXAdrianTheGamerXx (1 год)
You are stupid the first time you it would only work ir the hacker didnt
change your email then the next time you put hasnt changed your password

Автор Kayla Galloway (1 год)
WTF my meez was deactivated I gave nobody my pw but i'm like wow I need my
account back because i spent 75 dollars on it! if anybody can help me it
would be great!

Автор AshlyVEVO o_o (1 год)
Need help pm me @ fadget thts my username hehe =^.^=

Автор AshlyVEVO o_o (1 год)
Kayla galloway I know how to

Автор uniqdymand (4 года)
i was hacked by a dumbass who went into my public page and gotten my
password and he deleted the account i tryed filling the hack form but the
form asks u a question saying "I would be breaking the rules (and risking
getting banned!) if I" and the answers they give u doesnt help @ all I
TRYED THEM ALL and roscoe doesnt care at all

Автор Shai Evans (2 года)
OMG ME TOO myne was latina_dariix3

Автор fruitrollupqueen26 (4 года)
omg thnk yu thnk yu thnk yu thnk yu thnk yu thnk thnk yu i gotz ma meez
backl that fucking hacker thx omg i could say i love yu a million times
thnx fer the helpppp yayayayayayayaya i wanna add yu as a friend um whats
yur meez user so i can add yu yayayayayay i got my meez back XDXDXDXDXDXXD

Автор Candice Gaming (4 года)
what if you dont no the pass and you forgot ?

Автор Vanessa Vodopia (4 года)
my hacker changed my email :( Do u kno how to get it backkkk?!

Автор xhayxrawrx1 (2 года)
If you get hacked. THEY'RE GOING TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD. Thats the whole
point of hacking.

Автор DJ Hawkes (4 года)
Can you get my acount bakc pleasee.......its mr-waynecarter

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
Omq , people if it doesn't work for you then don't put neqative comments !
I blatantly said if your hacker chanqed the email its not qoinq to work !!

Автор xupper (4 года)
i use cam studio to may i ask u how u make the wholle screen apper like
make the the thing bigger cuz i can only get it to record one little spot
plz help

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (3 года)
Guys I reply to all questions so ask away even if it doesn't relate to the
topic of this video!! - Thanks :p

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@MsNessa4398 Same thing happened to me ! What you can do is file a stolen
account report . But there is no guarantee that'll work because Roscoe is
realy dumb . He doesn't listen to ppl's hack reports and he bans ppl for no

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (3 года)
@christian91092 No problem I appreciate the feedback :)

Автор crodd29 (4 года)
My account was deleted by a hacker and i still have vip on the account and
i have no way to get it back because roscoe doesnt care ~_~

Автор fruitrollupqueen26 (4 года)
mhkay what if like yu were on your meez and the hacker was on at the same
time and when you logged out it wuldnt let yu log back in????????? wtf do i
do i rlly want ma meez back if yu can plz help just reply back..

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@zoelynn69 It only helps if your hacker didn't change the email , if they
did change the email, then the only thing left to do is file a hack report.

Автор scourgestwin (3 года)
@blankpageblank omg they hate us!!

Автор Aisha Holmes (3 года)
wow ur sooo helpfull.it work.and i got that motherfhucker band.FOR LIFE!!

Автор Angelle Frank (2 года)
someone proly didnt change the pw yet-___- DUHHHH!

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@lovebella100 i don't really understand your question but.....all i can
tell you is if you don't remember your email , you can't get your account
back unless you file a hack report to Roscoe. But if you choose to file a
hack report, its likely that you won't get it back because I tried and I
didn't get mine back but you never know.

Автор 이 승민 (3 года)
LOL, they changed my email too. LUCYMEEZ HACKED ME -.-

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@fruitrollupqueen26 Your soooo freakin welcome , I'm glad I could help !
And my meez is juice_my_lime

Thank You !!!!! ;P

Автор juliana bahena (2 года)
Me too its sucks the second day of vip i got hack! what a waste of money i
just want my meez back!!

Автор chassity Collins (3 года)
Dumb fucks read the fucking title

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (3 года)
@AidansGituar Lol, I don't know man idk.

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@SexyPrincessBella21 then your basically out of luck hon , sorry :( .

Автор Aisha Holmes (3 года)
and add me.kittycat225

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@uniqdymand Yeah , Ik , the same happened to me , I filed the hack report
and I didn't get my meez back . And the meez staff act like they have soo
much stuff to do when all they do is go in meez nation just like us when
they could be spending their time trying to help their users before they
lose users.

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@MiShA2FLY I feel youu on that , but man , when you fill out a hack report
they never reply so basically if this method I showed you doesn't work ,
you have to start over again like me .

Автор luke Michael (1 год)
Lmaoo all des usernames are fake A'F ... HAHAAA

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (3 года)
@xhayxrawrx1 It has nothing to do with loging in though? if that's what
your saying.

Автор nkjhfhcghfgj gjhmm (2 года)
Me too.!

Автор Annissa Diaz-Barraza (4 года)
The girl who hacked meez said she would glitch my meez. I had alot of cool
stuff to! She probably saw it and was like omg I gotta keep dis meez. And I
didnt think she would steal it causee her meez was awesome and had all da
v.i.p moves! Her username is xxbroke_ncydexx My account thht gt hacked is
_anniie_33 :(( Im so sad and pissed off. I trusted tht gurl and I was like
U can keep it (and I thought about it and is gonna let her keep it) But i
really wanna use my meez one more time!!

Автор xXMiikk3yXx (4 года)
@xXPlasticxSmilesXx only way to qet on banned meezes is throuqh myspace or
facebook , i'm not sure if doinq that still works thoo. as far as qettinq
hacked this is all i know (whats in the video).

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