Personal Yarn Art Project (16x Speed)

Hi I made this video purely for my own memories.

There's a little message from me to you at @2:17
This video was made in memory of my other wall projects I did about a year and a half ago at my old home!


I really hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Длительность: 7:20
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Автор Geoff Speedie (840 лет назад)
what did u use todetermine the angles and space between lines?

Автор Teniente Frank Drebin ( назад)
ha de ser ponja

Автор kimberlymsngirlkt ( назад)
☺➡😀➡😐➡😮 cool art project out of string. I love it

Автор Rafael seven ( назад)

Автор Craig Holmes ( назад)
song is welcome home by radical face

Автор Jurgen Reitze ( назад)
7 decidedly 7. Chile.

Автор StevenDureck Art ( назад)
This is just insane! Check my page if you want

Автор Techno International ( назад)

Автор Jess Eva ( назад)
wow..... awesome...!

Автор olfursson kyllian ( назад)
You're hilarious !
I so loved the Alzheimer joke !

Автор DONG MIN Ko (1142 года назад)
Line material ??? What ??

Автор Helie XD ( назад)
not possible if you are cat owner..

Автор Mohamed Mahmuod ( назад)

Автор Oliver Hill ( назад)
your meme drawing skills are on point

Автор Tyson Bower ( назад)
how creative. Looks awesome!

Автор Маргарита Новикова ( назад)
Песня из рекламы камеры "Canon" :D

Автор Denique Igasia ( назад)
love it

Автор vlad topa ( назад)
We're is the name of the first song?

Автор Hatsune Miku ( назад)
I love how you made this....

P.s the cards were cute

Автор naveen samala kothagudem ( назад)

Автор guisela quimby ( назад)
Name of songs. Plz!!! 😆

Автор Minxy Perkins ( назад)
Dude. This is incredible! I have muuuuuuch smaller versions of this, but
deff a rad way to pass an evening.

Also, you know what would piss the new people who move into your house even
more? If you took the whole Damn wall.


Автор Tatchbond007 ( назад)
you are awesome the way you are ... ^_^

Автор yasmin kuper ( назад)
well done!
Pretty clever :D

Автор Camille Lane ( назад)
No I liked all of it. I constantly felt like I was jumping in and out of
the spaces he continues to create. I imagine what a fly would do as it
continues to move through the maze, only to find out there is a fly screen
circled along the diameter. Loved it!

Автор Tiffany Dodson ( назад)
his hats and his smile *-* and the last layer was a good contrast :) i like
it alot <3

Автор EZ Mode ( назад)
Everyone sees art. I see math ... I see the 4th dimension there ... There's
a bottom line like the ground, a top line like a ceiling, a back wall
behind and in between the 3 points there's another pillar right down the
middle cutting between all 3 points in space I.E. the 4th dimension

Автор Unsi Family ( назад)
Some day I'll make this.... you're totally awesome! Thanks for uploading

Автор Heroe whinar (838 лет назад)
Awasome dud.. can u tell me d' both of backsound :)

Автор Yuni Chan ( назад)
Are you Indonesian? I'm Indonesian and I love your wall art

Автор SumrakSaga Rock N Roll ( назад)
buraz mogo si i bolje ,ali sve jedno je super

Автор Chris ( назад)
porco dio.

Автор Shaan Khangura ( назад)
what did you use to make this?

Автор Eslund ( назад)
I like it at 4:20.... *cough* 4:20 Blaze It *cough* *cough*

Автор Catherine Pantua (2043 года назад)
I thinks the last layer is too strong for other other color yarn. I thinks
this would be more awesome if all yarns are black. Lol but regardless its
inspiring. ♡

Автор ahmad amer alsaady ( назад)
Leverage to other dimensions through the gate & of something that can't
exist in all dimensions once :) he is Creator and comic

Автор Duda war ( назад)
last layer cool but the back one (first) is doing nothing back there and
was awesome too :P

Автор Duda war ( назад)
imagine if one of the master nails comed off xD

Автор Aladdinxx Sindibad ( назад)
Leave it there forever!! :D

Автор Lejla Crnisanin ( назад)
2:54 hahhahahahaha

Автор Raquel Dias ( назад)
Você é um grande artista! Parabéns!

Автор nail art ( назад)
Name song ?

Автор horrormakeupgirl ( назад)
what's the first song he used? 

Автор AEU Art ( назад)
dem memes

Автор Raj Singh ( назад)
it was great until ~4:30 the thicker black string made it look like one of
those gyrosketch things, you should have stuck with the minimalist
juxtaposed architectural horizons/perspectives or at least took another
direction from there.

Автор Tailzor ( назад)
Those are some dank memes m8

Автор George Karathanasopoulos ( назад)
Can you please specify how many nails you used?
I soo want to do this in my apartment
Please please

Автор Shulg ( назад)
Did someone else do pictures like this with thin yarn, paper and a needle
as a child?

Автор Gaz Ashworth ( назад)
Cool man

Автор IETCHX69 ( назад)
...meh... at best.

Автор _amazing _origami ( назад)
wow :) what is the song at 4:48? i like it :)

Автор char rosa ( назад)
i make earrings in this would be a good earring holder

Автор LAURA FREIRE ( назад)
congrats!!!! I'm from Argentina, and I remember my father doing beautiful
pictures like this, but in a white sheet of paper and the lines with
crayons!!!! I have many of his work and I love them!! seeing your art you
made me cry!!!

Автор sabrina ( назад)
"thats where the nail holes in my wall came from..." 

Автор Frederick Stanley ( назад)
whrere can i buy this if u have done more of those :D

Автор jamie1224 ( назад)
This is so beautiful it made my sister cry.

Автор Melissa Z. ( назад)
That was soo cool!!! * eyes sparkles *

Автор BurpFreeFodder ( назад)
no worries, if you got alzheimer, you get new friends every day ;-)

Автор Catnip Overlord ( назад)
Oh my gosh, I can't believe I found this again. This is what inspired me to
do a similar project at a house I used to live at :) Oh, the memories.

Автор Quexyrra Roos Bahala ( назад)

Автор ecobuck ( назад)
baler art............faltu

Автор Ҡαgoмε Tatsuмเ ( назад)
You inspired me =w=
**gives you all her fangirling-power for that day**

Автор buivi ha ( назад)
Hi Eddy, cool, good job and it is beautiful

Автор Nanami Nyaa (Dreameow) ( назад)
holy sh*t it's awsum >,<

Автор Cristina Enache ( назад)
just amazing !! :)

Автор baileyboy125 ( назад)
1:27 Is that just me or do the 2 points where the yarn connects look like
very long corridors?

Автор Anna Julia Fortunato ( назад)
What is the second song? 

Автор annika halvorson (1130 лет назад)
What is this song. I love it

Автор billy13579 ( назад)
anyone else agree that the last layer ruined it

Автор Eddy Polanco ( назад)

Автор Daniel Powers ( назад)
If he drew those her's a good artist.

Автор Irfan Benuday ( назад)

Автор leo castrillo ( назад)
querido Eddy, desde Uruguay te mando un fuerte abrazo, realmente me
emociono tu trabajo, te deseo de todo corazón buena vida!!!! 

Автор BrainSeepsOut ( назад)
Fuck you and your memes.

Автор RegisideGaming ( назад)
Holy shit wat is the song????

Автор UrBoss Yumakacare ( назад)
So unique and amazing. Great job ^^

Автор Mitch Wotton ( назад)
i came here for art, not for feels

Автор piotr piotrczuczu ( назад)
co za szajs jakas skosna siec na ryby?

Автор Emilie Hoggarth ( назад)
Welcome Home, AND lights - Kayplex, wow dude, some good music taste ;D Love
string art! I've been inspired to do more :)

Автор archery-nat ( назад)
did you start with a square of nails or a rectangle?

Автор VTMagics ( назад)
in moldova this is a metod in house construction

Автор DragonLadysCurios ( назад)
Hi Great work, I have a few walls that you can come and work on I wont mind
the nails lol Happy Crafting

Автор Laura Laurinha ( назад)
Lindo demais,parabéns,show... vou fazer na parede de minha sala.Bjão.
Laura'Lurinha. Pelotas/RS/Brasil.

Автор PintabianAustria ( назад)
in your next life you'll be a spider! :D nice web and nice wobbles (I liked
the 2nd song in this vid)

Автор Saraa Ramone ( назад)
I really hope you don't have a cat to ruin that .-. Great job!

Автор Marilena ( назад)

Автор XIX JAGOXIX ( назад)
That was totally Kewl without the Black...... But still pretty Great.. Good
stuff man.

Автор chelilandia ( назад)
"psstt somebody off" oh man... so unnecessary to depend on somebody else's
anger "to remember" a beautiful thing... you could just write: but I'll
show respect & leave it the same way it was given to me.... ufff

Автор Autumn Pace ( назад)
This has given me inspiration. :3 Amazing!!!

Автор victor carrasco ( назад)
thats a portal to a lost dimension, dont cross.

Автор face to reality ( назад)
what for use. but nice

Автор kellyvj01 ( назад)
White is not useless, for without it you would have no contrast for you
work. I have osteoarthritis, and this kind of art. I cannot do. Awe
inspiring!!! Thanks you so much for sharing. And I wish you success in your
future endeavors. Victoria

Автор caitlin stone ( назад)
I would paint the Sims logo different shades of a colour and then paint the
outside with the opposite colour and afterwards I would take off the string
to reveal my masterpiece!!!

Автор Caroline Winterdaughter ( назад)
Sims logo! watch?v=WRjLemGJxtw&feature=player_detailpage#t=267

Автор FoleySiedlce ( назад)
Music from Ad NIKON :D

Автор shams Lovato ( назад)
I did that

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