Personal Yarn Art Project (16x Speed)

Hi I made this video purely for my own memories.

There's a little message from me to you at @2:17
This video was made in memory of my other wall projects I did about a year and a half ago at my old home!


I really hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Автор Nicolas Palacios ( назад)
CUal es la Cancion de el viedeoo !! Porfaaaaa

Автор Steven Mendez ( назад)
cuales son las medidas del cuadro?

Автор Cristian Tapia ( назад)
no inventes y de eso presumes !! son puras lineas que mejor las hubieras

Автор Joel Dominguez ( назад)
que lindo te quedo gracias por compartir:)

Автор Angry Rednecks ( назад)
looked the best 3/4 way through

Автор Joshcrone Willi ( назад)
anybody peep that creepy. face in da corner

Автор Alex Jhon Quispe C. ( назад)
jajaja no le salió su obra

Автор Valtteri Pennanen ( назад)
illuminati lol he gonna do illuminati lol I was wan bay

Автор Tash Steph ( назад)
knowing u were bored, makes it art and u have talent.

Автор Michael Santillan ( назад)
white yarn would be cool. with a black light

Автор Evelyne brenker ( назад)
Your smile is fucking amazing

Автор Danky420bc Bee ( назад)
so cool. what's the song called?

Автор iamsuperman777 ( назад)
I usually really hate 'card messages' but this was great dude. Loved the
humor, the memes and the music. Awesome art work!

Автор KIM GAMERGAME ( назад)
What song ?

Автор Erin EarthAngel ( назад)
that is so dope!!

Автор Nicky ( назад)
Did you ever move out? xD

Автор Telma Vitoria ( назад)
Que legal! gostei muito, que linha é essa que você usa? beijos!

Автор Saundra Audrina ( назад)
i would have miscalculated smh

Автор Saundra Audrina ( назад)
real 9gager over ere

Автор Tim Mann ( назад)
i realy loved it!!! made me want to do the same thing, many thanks!!!

Автор Gabby Augustine ( назад)
Aw man klaypex throwback <3

Автор Diana Westrup ( назад)
I love it, Eddy! Wonderful project! One big hug from Cancun, Mexico.

Автор Booffalo ( назад)
this is amazing

Автор Linda S ( назад)
Hi, you made me smile today. I love your yarn wall art. Thumbs Up :)

Автор Aan Syifa ( назад)

Автор Sushi cat9205 ( назад)
Amazing! you have talent!!

Автор Sunny Seas Art ( назад)
Hi! Beautiful work, you really nailed it!
I featured your video on my website:

Автор Laila Sanchez ( назад)
Does your back hurt

Автор Meowz! AJ ( назад)
WHAT ARE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE... songs? srsly what are they called

Автор Xiomara Lozano ( назад)
Como se llama la cancion? soy la unica que habla español .-.

Автор TheRemixDub ( назад)
Name of second music is : Klaypex - Lights

Автор Trinfinity Official ( назад)
yur a great artist and you could go really far with that skill

Автор Lynn Looly ( назад)
this is so frickn cool Cx how old were you when you made this?

Автор Ruby Tuesday ( назад)
Holy crap that is cool

Автор Galaxies Away ( назад)
I lve this a lot

Автор Sosuke Aizen ( назад)
I hate how people make everything looks way easier than it actually is

Автор Andra Ahs ( назад)
what is the name of the second music plz?

Автор Margarida Maria Antunes ( назад)
When you've lost all the things (and memories), all you have left is
yourself :) - Looks like sacred geometry.

Автор Sona Moilwa ( назад)
its a nice memory you are creating but i thing you are selling yourself

Автор Tomboys rule ( назад)
HAHAHAHA XD dat face doe XD

Автор Marwa Sarwari ( назад)
This is a really cool project to do.

Автор nakamura aoi ( назад)
kinda wish you put the song list in this video

Автор Delia De Jesus ( назад)
funny and nice at the same time ... made me laugh.

Автор poofy pants ( назад)
That's cool I think that before he bought more string the middle looked
like a diamond so it would be cool if he used blue for that it would make
it a lot better

Автор Danielle Reid ( назад)
nicely done very creative would luve for u to do my wall this is art at its
best u rock

Автор Karumen Toki ( назад)
am i the only one who sees jonghyun

Автор Madeline Villegas ( назад)
THAT SMILE/SMIRK at (around) 5:10 😱😱

Автор Silver Mor ( назад)
what is the name of the second music plz

Автор Jenn Gehring ( назад)
hahaha love the index card messages and the art! make memories whenever you

Автор Syahriah Sofian ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор dupinder kaur ( назад)
dued u r vry creative n intelligent too........................one more
idea........u can hang pics of ur memories.................may god bless u

Автор Pam Bergeron ( назад)
That was awesome I would just leave it there when you move the next family
might like it

Автор kat & kell ( назад)
he's cute XD

Автор Tina Lynn ( назад)
very pretty!

Автор Yuri Koster ( назад)

Автор AllNew Guru ( назад)
if you added white on the right layers you could just shine a black light
on it for a 3d effect.

Автор kathberry8 ( назад)
...but what is the name of the first song and artist??...I love your work..

Автор sdelama ( назад)
cute :) This my favorite class in high school-geometry-I went to Catholic
School and we did this for art projects-loved it-you did an awesome
job-love the large scale of it. I am now 66 and have been thinking about
doing this with my grandchildren-good memories :)

Автор Michelle Allman ( назад)
wow love it....hope I never get alzheimers...I love making memories 😜

Автор Chris Douglas (1351 год назад)
Very cool man ! ! I really liked the beginning when it as like looking down
long corridors kinda like multidimensional 👍

Автор Brenna Arianna ( назад)
I love the first song :)))))

Автор 이순의 ( назад)

Автор 이순의 ( назад)

Автор Lilli Range ( назад)
we did this is art... but it was on paper

Автор hunter turk ( назад)
yes just yes this shit is cool

Автор Rachel Yeung ( назад)
i like your message in the video :D it made me smile

Автор Erion Tahiri ( назад)

Автор a. al-jaber (1242 года назад)
it was wonderful

Автор CatspitProductions ( назад)
Interesting idea. I bet this could be planned by computer to layout some
complicated designs. But don't get tangled up in the details ;) Come get
some Catspit~!

Автор hajar windoslive ( назад)
رائع 👍

Автор Mariana Salas ( назад)
your flash cards tripped me out but your project looks amazing ♥

Автор LadyDMcollector ( назад)
It's bold and beautiful. Thanks for the film Eddy.

Автор Geoff Speedie (841 год назад)
what did u use todetermine the angles and space between lines?

Автор Teniente Frank Drebin ( назад)
ha de ser ponja

Автор kimberlymsngirlkt ( назад)
☺➡😀➡😐➡😮 cool art project out of string. I love it

Автор Mr.Seven ( назад)

Автор Craig Holmes ( назад)
song is welcome home by radical face

Автор Alfredo Juillet ( назад)
7 decidedly 7. Chile.

Автор Steven Dureck ( назад)
This is just insane! Check my page if you want

Автор Techno International ( назад)

Автор olafursson kyllian ( назад)
You're hilarious !
I so loved the Alzheimer joke !

Автор DONG MIN Ko (1143 года назад)
Line material ??? What ??

Автор Helie XD ( назад)
not possible if you are cat owner..

Автор Mohamed Mahmuod ( назад)

Автор Oliver Hill ( назад)
your meme drawing skills are on point

Автор Mrmusikman 82 ( назад)
how creative. Looks awesome!

Автор Маргарита Новикова ( назад)
Песня из рекламы камеры "Canon" :D

Автор Denique Igasia ( назад)
love it

Автор vlad topa ( назад)
We're is the name of the first song?

Автор Hatsune Miku ( назад)
I love how you made this....

P.s the cards were cute

Автор naveen samala kothagudem ( назад)

Автор guisela quimby ( назад)
Name of songs. Plz!!! 😆

Автор Minxy Perkins ( назад)
Dude. This is incredible! I have muuuuuuch smaller versions of this, but
deff a rad way to pass an evening.

Also, you know what would piss the new people who move into your house even
more? If you took the whole Damn wall.


Автор TATCHA ( назад)
you are awesome the way you are ... ^_^

Автор yasmin kuper ( назад)
well done!
Pretty clever :D

Автор Camille Lane ( назад)
No I liked all of it. I constantly felt like I was jumping in and out of
the spaces he continues to create. I imagine what a fly would do as it
continues to move through the maze, only to find out there is a fly screen
circled along the diameter. Loved it!

Автор Tiffany Dodson ( назад)
his hats and his smile *-* and the last layer was a good contrast :) i like
it alot <3

Автор EZ Mode ( назад)
Everyone sees art. I see math ... I see the 4th dimension there ... There's
a bottom line like the ground, a top line like a ceiling, a back wall
behind and in between the 3 points there's another pillar right down the
middle cutting between all 3 points in space I.E. the 4th dimension

Автор Unsi Family ( назад)
Some day I'll make this.... you're totally awesome! Thanks for uploading

Автор onlyheru dot kom (839 лет назад)
Awasome dud.. can u tell me d' both of backsound :)

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