Tube Flaring Techniques

This clip provides an in-depth look at the flaring process and addresses proper technique, tools and what to look for in a good flare. To view the full chapter on the Tubing Tools DVD, go to www.yellowjacket.com/videos.

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Автор Nathan Davis ( назад)
This Yellow Jacket flaring tool is the best I have used. Check it out on

Автор plomberi hamid ( назад)

Автор A. Diaz ( назад)
Flaring copper? Why ? What is the w.p for 3/8 copper tubing? Why not use
pushlok? Way cheaper and easier flexibility. If p is a factor, use carbon
steel, or SS. Flaring is preferred but you could also use swagelok or a
Compression fittting. Just my 2 cents.

Автор Yossi Allen ( назад)
Excellent video.....good work.

Автор Victor Caquias ( назад)

Автор TheSkunkedFisherman ( назад)
your not tightening it enough

Автор tool maker ( назад)
snap on....thats all you need to say and im with you at the front line 

Автор mrsillywalk ( назад)
The principle is there but this item lacks design.

Автор Walter's Playground ( назад)
Yellow Jacket, awesome as always...

Автор therockkkkher ( назад)
is the yellow jacket made in the usa ??? i only buy made in usa tools, its
a quality issue and america has always made the finest tools =)

Автор Norman mah ( назад)
Wow thanks, this helped me understand my booklet i needed to read for auto

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