hairy armpits

it had to be done.

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Автор Aronotto ( назад)
you gay f*ck

Автор Vasco R. ( назад)
@classyandsassy First investigate, them conclude. So, a quick answer to you
is, i dont mind women don´t shave neither, hair is natural, meant to keep
in its natural state, everything else is pure marketing. Your statement
about hygiene vs shaving is wrong, actually its really the oposite, when
there´s no hair in the armpits smell can be more intense, not me saying it
but people who study the issue, go search on wikipedia for instance.

Автор Z.Getty ( назад)
@vascoramaPT Well hello little troll !! When did I say it's okay to go 3
days without a shower? Grooming and hygiene is vital. Everyone is entitled
to his opinion. Go on little child and bother someone else. I bet you
wouldn't be saying the same if it were a woman parading her armpit hair.
Men and women should take care of themselves. When you hit puberty and
start growing hair make sure you leave it grow.. grow mini afros all over
your body. See if I give a rat's a**. ne me dérange plus

Автор Vasco R. ( назад)
@classyandsassy asshole, so in your opinion its ok to be shaved and dont
take a shower 3 days in a row, but having underarm hair(A NATURAL THING)
and showering everyday is nasty? grow up.

Автор best32kid ( назад)

Автор kazammo ( назад)
ew corrado that's disgusting

Автор Joshua Phua ( назад)
that girl that ran away, is hot stuff

Автор zuefhdd (1606 лет назад)
pfui bäh

Автор fluffino ( назад)
definitely supposed to have hair under ur arms. and the cameraman making me
dizzy, learn how to film.

Автор Octantehuit ( назад)
This man looks like a jew.

Автор Z.Getty ( назад)
Eeeww that's disgusting ! I don't care what anyone would say, growing
armpit hair is very unhygienic. Cutting it won't suffice , u need to wax
the hell out of it :S

Автор AliKathem ( назад)
this thing happens to me alot... and usually i end up watching naked
chicks... this is Youtube!!

Автор radpick ( назад)
You're a guy you faggot. You're supposed to have that shit.

Автор JCtheunknown ( назад)
dont lick it! fucking nasty

Автор maddylemons ( назад)
omg i don't even know how to respond to this. firstly, WHY DID YOU

Автор Rishi abhyankar ( назад)
sexy girl at .13 very nice

Автор Se7en5674 ( назад)
somehow i got to this page haha. i started by looking at how to make hot
ice and it came to this.

Автор dudeinoakland ( назад)
Is it the one that helps you with suicide?

Автор twinsmm1 ( назад)
Hey, I know a GREAT therapist.

Автор omygoolash ( назад)
y r u seaching hairy armpits I TIHNK YOU ARE THE FREAK

Автор maddylemons ( назад)

Автор youbondra ( назад)
lecca finocchio!

Автор eviljokar ( назад)
i hope u die

Автор eviljokar ( назад)
i hope that guy gets aids like all queers

Автор MonsterCody ( назад)

Автор jacksonfender ( назад)

Автор licks2watch ( назад)
Getting the hair off a guys pits. Priceless!

Автор maddylemons ( назад)
you spelt gay wrong

Автор fisharefriendsnotfoo ( назад)
you fags!

Автор fisharefriendsnotfoo ( назад)
Why were you searching hairy armpits anyways?

Автор borys66 ( назад)
Ghey Ghey Ghey - please title your videos as Ghey so we won't have to waste
our time.

Автор 35berfttol ( назад)
fuck you

Автор Pauljos79 ( назад)
Oh no this queer again. Somebody give a gun I am going to kill myself

Автор Megan Chown ( назад)
best birthday present....ever! LMAO <33 u guys
hahahahahahhahhh....ps...7741 VIEWS! HOLY SHIIITT!

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