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Автор Ebenezer Scrooge (1 год)
We had a few come to lecture. They weren't ex members, but a confirmed 1st
degree entrant and a full fledged 32nd degree agent from Vatican City.

They claimed to be "charitable" for the most part, but it's HOW they go
about being charitable that is questionable. They drive most of our land
and property development. A single lodge in NY was responsible for the
demolition of conventional housing (regular houses and apartments) and
rebuilding them into towers which accommodate 1 individual, 2 at the most.
They're cramped 250 square foot quarters, around 150 of them in a single

They explained that various lodges are responsible for being financial
advisors, brokers, market monitors etc... in short, they drive the market.

It's deceptive. They claim to be providing cheap housing to those who can't
afford much, but at the same time, their driving of the market is what's
making people poor in the first place. It's almost as if they've
coordinated this... Make folks poor, provide them with housing that they
see fit for society... you can TRY to raise a family in such cramped
quarters, but it's probably done on purpose to discourage having a family.

Автор aidanproductoins4 (1 год)
My grandad was a Freemason. He also believed in god. He died last week. And
it's real f*cking reassuring that you assholes are saying all masons will
burn in hell. My grandad was a kind gentle man that was always doing his
best. I would never think of him to be a satan worshiper. In fact, when we
were planning his funeral one of my family members said to a Christian
priest he was a Freemason. The priest was fine with that. Honestly,
whenever a secret society is created, people always say they're evil satan

Автор Baxter Thomas (1 год)
We bear to difference on the subject matter, and I respect your right to
express your view, however, I write and speak from my experiences with the
children of Satan. Freemasonry is a criminal organization, not a religious
order, and they worship the Phallic (Penis), actual fact!!, in addition,
they was exposed before the House of Representative, by a beautiful
European Queen. In addition, I had another beautiful European Queen in the
Bronx New York,. confirm what I knew, with regards to there involvement in
"9/11", the truth cannot hide, or survive against truth. I will not define
cult for you, that is your job, but if you step out to challenge me, come
right. This truth is the result of the Governor of New York State, Senator
Kirsten E. Gillibrand, et.al,

Автор Dillon Young (1 год)
Are there any other traveling men who find this video absolutely

Автор Sanon Notez (1 год)
Lucifer is NOT GOD...he will never be GOD...he was created by GOD, like all
the other angels...he became prideful and wanted to be better than GOD his
CREATOR, GOD ALMIGHTY cast Lucifer out of His KINGDOM, now he is nothing
but a fallen angel. Yes that old serpent, Lucifer, satan, the devil, is not
more then a fallen angel trying to deceive people to believe that he is
something special....and trying to hinder GOD's Goodness to us all..and
trying to deceive,discredit and remove anything that is good and that Has
to do with GOD..DON'T BE DECEIVED. 

Автор Ebenezer Scrooge (1 год)
@Tim Daley It's MaHaBone btw

Автор Zane Riddle (1 год)
I'm a Master Mason and this is completely ridiculous. I as well as my
father and grandfather are in fact Christians and Masons. Jesus Christ is
our Lord and Savior. He died on the cross and paid the price for all our
sins. Just because we belong to a club that as far as I know and have seen
only does good works and helps the community. We hold fund raisers to
assist our local volunteer fire department and support homes for orphans. 

Автор UrbanRunner225 (1 год)
I never believed this freemason stuff until today..i was on a train on my
way back from the city and there was 2 men dressed in suits i though "thats
odd why would these people be taking a train" then i looked closely at
there clothes and saw a freemason badge and a freemason ring.
I was so surprised and i still cant believe it. after todays experience i
have no doubt that freemasons excise among us..

Автор Patricia Harte (1 год)
My father was a Freemason and after he died the house lights came on and
off. Curtains closed by themselves, footsteps could be heard upstairs.
Slugs appeared everywhere, there were horrible smells and cold spots. This
continued until a priest did a house blessing. Freemasonry is pure evil and
half the members don't have a clue what they have joined.

Автор Lucifer Yahweh (1 год)
Full video please.

Автор LadyDanielle Zana (1 год)
They know they murdered extraterrestrials at area 51 ...

Автор LMarcC (1 год)
They are all around you, unidentified and unknowable. The emphasis is on
the un. Masons are merely pawns in a the cosmic game. Masons are too well
known and understood to be the true Illuminati. The cross and square are
sewn into the holy garments of the Mormons. Mitt Romney wears those
garments. Why was he not elected president? Masons have no power. The
Illuminati do. You have read this far. It doesn't matter. The Illuminati
have infinite power. Masons make us laugh. Pleasant dreams. The goal of
the Illuminiti is not evil. It is merely to rule all minds, all people for
the betterment of all. Work with us to this end and you can be assured
you will have eternal life. Defy us and . . . Pleasant dreams . . .

Автор Baxter Thomas (1 год)
I bear to difference with you, and you must be talking about yourself,
Ignorance very far from that on the subject matter, as It relate to this
Satanic homosexual terror cult. I have a case file on them, that is before
all law enforcement, government and the courts, state and federal. Don't
step out on this matter, if you not correct with me, for I will tell it
all, and what there plans is, and what they did to the whole world. I only
fear is of Allah, not man, "G-D" or death. I'm clear!!

Автор Jacques du plessis (1 год)
all that worldly riches for what - their soul . Bad deal to me

Автор Baxter Thomas (1 год)
It is not good to assume, and that is what your comment indicated in
stating that "i am a religious man. First, yes I am a man, first and
foremost an spiritual man and being not religious, far from that state and
above the statement or the world's view of faith or belief in an supreme
deity. Freemasonry is a criminal organization, not a religious body, secret
society, but today there are no secrets, for everything that goes on in
darkness "G-D" (Allah), said He will bring into the light, as small as an
atom, something to think about, or consider on this subject matter called
Freemasonry or Masonry, respectfully writing, but truthfully.

Автор Bernard Joseph (1 год)
There is nothing free about the freemasons. enter them and risk your soul.
Only Jesus Christ has true power and authority. the masons are worshipers
of the devil/lucifer// may God open your eyes

Автор Otto Zambrana (1 год)
The Vatican involved in a political killing? What a surprise!!!

Автор Daisy Hensley (1 год)
I'd like to share this video.

Freemasons the most evil cult in the world*banned on TV*

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Автор Dekoda Arrington (1 год)
God himself will deal with all who practice this and his wrath is a
trillion times worst that any mason or illuminati crap this is a episode of
Adam n eve rewritten tryna to obtain more knowledge then God himself 

Автор Muhammad Jameel (1 год)
Hip hop hooray masons 

Автор Muhammad Jameel (1 год)
Hip hop hooray masons 

Автор Baxter Thomas (1 год)
Evil is what they are, and more will be said about the Children's of the
devil. I am a victim of this evil.

Автор Baxter Thomas (1 год)
Evil is not the word for this cult!!

Автор Eugene Henning (1 год)

Автор stuart skinner (1 год)
why are the masonised masses being encouraged to wear tattoos instead of
rings through earholes, noses and eyebrows, these days?
maybe it's because rfid can now be tattooed onto your skin. couple that
with cool and trendy rfid-ready creepo-crypto currencies and you've got
yourself yet another crime against humanity, hidden in plain view: a
cashless control society.

your rings are a con to silence you


it is a thing: not a 'they'
there's everything you can do
nothing is inevitable
and no-one is expendable

Автор Moneylover mundy (1 год)
wear...wear am I?

Freemasons is just a name to hide the truth, this beast is the KKK.

Автор Baxter Thomas (1 год)
They are lairs

Автор Erin Kuntz (1 год)

Автор Seveen Blackflame (1 год)
"What i find really weird is that they'd give me a false password just to
have me killed and yet they would come to me to have me killed so 10 masons
can drop dead over there and for every one of my men that die 10 of theirs
can die."

Автор Eva Weertman (1 год)
Watch Zauberflote off Mozart.

Автор deviousangle333 (2 года)
arque88 how u know that

Автор David Vogel (2 года)
Actually there is no evidence that Washington converted and lots of
evidence he remained an active freemason all his life.

Автор Phil H (2 года)
What absolute drivel.

Автор mommyis9 (1 год)
when one has decision makers in positions of power also being members of
secret societies to which they owe a greater loyalty due to an oath they
took, they have lost their ability to maintain impartiality and should not
be in positions of power over others.

Автор armando cruz (2 года)
police are in it too all the rich hahahahaha

Автор AmalekTV (2 года)
Home of the brave (new world) it all makes sense now

Автор DarksomeKnight13 (2 года)
And you know this HOW?

Автор Kyle B (2 года)
Freemasons are found in Europe/UK most not so much america, the British
Rothschilds took over the Us central Banking The Uk and Royal Family have
power over the America you'd never imagine.

Автор The Fine Art Of Falling Apart (2 года)
the Network

Автор eliteknowledge (2 года)
Whos are the mothers of darkness?

Автор Apiz Din (1 год)
So they make pact with demons? Who's the big bad of the organisation?

Автор palermo131 (2 года)
John 3:20 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world,
and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the
light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to
the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in

Автор laserstormtrooper32 (2 года)
The Freemasons had NOTHING to do with your uncle dying an old lonely man.
His wife left him and daughter disowned him. The freemasons did NOT chase
them away from him. If your uncle was anything like you, they left him
because he was a complete moron.

Автор erik van niekerk (2 года)
interesting Themakeshifthero, could i possibly ask you more about the
comments you made, i know about masons in my way but would like to hear
what your grandpa told you, you made me curious, haha. via skype or email?
i'd be more than thankful...

Автор Tim Daley (2 года)
if u ever think u are around a mason....say this "mah mah ...?" I cant say
the last word!... infact......i've said too much already?........watch
their face? this is not bullshit...trust me

Автор Purfect (2 года)
Isn't the police force infiltrated with masons?

Автор Kazu_the_Folfsky_Furry (2 года)
First, of all your worshipping the devil Second, your friends have rise up
and Caused Many wars Third, Your in Control of Every Evil Organization
Fourth, Your Symbology is so Evil, that I Just don't want see them

Автор jeremy powell (1 год)
like what or who?

Автор YHWHISCOMING (2 года)
It matters not what secret society,religion,colour,race sex or creed you
are, Everyone that does not believe in the lord Jesus christs death and
resurrection will fail. Simple as that!

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