Kosteniuk beats Magnus Carlsen

Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk beats World Rated #1 Magnus Carlsen at the 2009 World Blitz Championship in Moscow. A classical example of the "touched move" rule in chess.

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Автор Narrowc ross ( назад)
"against World #1" no Kosteniuk did not beat Anand

Автор KARTIKEYA007 ( назад)
Thats the whole point, u are supposed to do all your calculations in the
mind, if that rule was not there then people would have just moved pieces
around various lines and variations and seen which one is the best for
them. U are supposed to calculate in the head. Oh and btw just fixing a
particular piece to the centre of the square is fine and a lot of GM;s do it

Автор Riad Tabiben ( назад)
this girl is too much sexy

Автор Matthieu Asnar ( назад)
you're insane, i'd like to get same brain

Автор Awkward Alan ( назад)
Yes I am a Carlsen fan, and yes, he is, as most genii are, a bit weired,
bordering on social awkwardness ;) No questions there. I don't even think I
like his personality. But then I don't like Bobby Fischer either, who says
the Holocaust never happend. No offense, but your gloating about your
victory would look less bad if you would have beaten him in either a normal
game, or if he hadn't blundered. Blundering means "they can do better",
which is why I would never get that excited over it...

Автор Awkward Alan ( назад)
I disagree. If you truly play the game with all your heart, there's no room
to keep your feelings in check (very clever I know..). The best players
have always been "bad losers" in the end, in some way or another. I
understand Carlsen and there is no need for her to gloating (yes it's
gloating) over it. Carlsen lost fait and square. Problem is: he blundered.
That means he can do much better. I could never get that excited over that.
I'm glad, sure, but it's something different from a regular win

Автор eggertstwart ( назад)
yeah nice win on a technicality.

Автор J London ( назад)
Yes he has. He maybe the finest middle game player the world has ever seen,
and the best is yet to come. He will beat Anand for sure. We haven't see
such a naturally gifted player since Morphy and Capablanca.

Автор J London ( назад)
He drank his Orange Juice too quickly, thus his poor play.

Автор vijay sharma ( назад)
AT 1:00 whats there in Magnus carlson's Ears

Автор Averagebum Bum ( назад)
You must be blinded by his beauty, gay boy.

Автор Averagebum Bum ( назад)
No, as a younger player, he should show more respect to a more senior
player, and more sportsmanship. I agree he was probably disappointed with
himself, but you must also accept this was ungentlemanly behavior,
especially playing against a lady. I am sure he doesn't do that anymore.

Автор Varun Maheshwari ( назад)
I agree

Автор SmallWave80 ( назад)
I like your commentary, your English is good and easy to understand.

Автор mautand ( назад)
Alexandra kosteniuk rules. she is young, talented, powerful and amazing
chess female player. I studied her games and came to conclusion that she
didnt won matches against strong men chess players by chance, but by her
own abilities. bravo Alexandra. a big hand for you. I wish I would take
some chess lessons from her.

Автор Waylon Windrow ( назад)
And while it is true that in the heat of competition anyone can lose
his/her cool, it is important to realize our mistakes. I do hope that he
later apologized for his behavior, provided he had the opportunity to do

Автор Waylon Windrow ( назад)
by watching other games/ disrespect (typos)

Автор Waylon Windrow ( назад)
I don't think that it is gloating to post a victory on youtube, nor do I
see where Kosteniuk makes any such statement that this is the way Carlsen
normally behaves. But it is a fact, in this instance, he was being
disrespectful by showing lack of interest in the game by watching and
moving quickly as if he were automatically going to blow Kosteniuk off the
board. In the end, I am sure this was a lesson to him about overconfidence
and desrespect as that is what lead to his defeat.

Автор 7mumfred7 ( назад)
She is not gloating, she said it was a blitz game, and that Carlsen
blundered. He tried to ignore the touch-move rules, and then walked away
without even bothering to resign, much less offer his hand. Use your eyes,
see 2:15 - Carlsen was disgracefully ungracious.

Автор xSupra ( назад)
Amazing, excellent performance! Some day visit my country pls. How is ur

Автор Malaika X Jesse ( назад)
chess propaganda

Автор serega evro ( назад)
snimaju shljapu ...uvazhenie ...namnogo boljshe budet , esli na russkom
budete vewatj ... molodec nakazala karlsona )))zhestoko ...estj zhenwiny v
russkix selenjax )))nu i v gorodax vodjatsa )))

Автор El Dorado ( назад)
I would brag about beating that guy too.

Автор aeo719 ( назад)
Great video. Chess drama at its best. Thanks for sharing.

Автор grant molecul ( назад)
Well it was possible to let Magnus move another rook by getting additional
2 minutes

Автор fatsomamacheese ( назад)
High level chess players are oddly arrogant compared to other high level
practitioners of things. Sometimes athletes are arrogant, but high level
chess players are on another level with it.

Автор Abdelkader bensebgag ( назад)
Carlsen is the best no doubt , You were lucky Miss "Don't be happy a lot "
and his rating is an obvious prove.

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
So funny to read your comment "as a matter of fact I played with you on
Kasparov chess", for your information I've never played on Kasparov chess,
must have been a fake :-)

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
I would hardly say that Carlsen sucks at blitz, he was the 2009 world blitz
chess champion and plays extremely strong chess blitz.

Автор Saudi Camel ( назад)
you reacted like a typical Taurus ^_^

Автор Carmine911 ( назад)
beauty encompassed embers

Автор david roque ( назад)
Good game

Автор fess04 ( назад)
i love the results pressure brings......you placed it on him and it forced
the blunder. I think people sometimes forget that what comes before an
opponent blunders is pressure they face....because you used the clock more
efficiently, because you kept up the intensity....it set the stage for
Magnus' blunder.....this is a credit to you and your fighting spirit to
comeback from a passive even slightly compromised position to convert and
win. I for one see this relationship clearly. Great Job!!!

Автор Mosnfet ik ( назад)
При всем уважении, блитц не показывает реальную силу игрока.

Автор TearsForMyPeople ( назад)
Lol at you complicating the position

Автор Mary Jane Cardano ( назад)
how I wish I can play chess with you too. ChessQueen

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
Chess is easy to play but hard to master. If you've reached 1750 in only 5
months that's great! Just play, read chess books, analyze your games, enjoy
chess endgames, try to solve as many chess puzzles as you can, and you will
certainly improve! Good luck!

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
It's true Ivanchuk is amazingly talented. I played him twice and lots both
times, at the 2009 world blitz championship, the same tournament where I
beat Anand, Carlsen, Polgar, Aronian, Morozevich, Gashimov, Naiditsch,
Grischuk, and drew great players like Leko, Jakovenko, and Karpov.

Автор dragondrakar ( назад)
Thats his character, he doesnt like losing and will be pissed off if he
does, that doesnt mean it was a good game or makes him a sore loser but he
failed himself thats why he was mad and left. he would have shaken her hand
if he didnt failed himself like that.

Автор Rico Suave ( назад)
Marry me.

Автор Zoe TheCat ( назад)
Carlsen is pretty gracious in his losses (Compare to Fischer/Kasparov).
Beyond that, he is even more humble in his wins. This is a very rare
exception. I think it's unfair to highlight a blitz game like this as a
generalization of his behavior. I realize you are proud of your win against
World #1 (Congratulations), but your gloating matches Carlsens' poor

Автор Sothsayer90 ( назад)
Carlsen was trolled xD Nice Match!

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
Yes i see that my typing is not good. I meant if he do a comeback do you
think will he be number one again :)

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
If you check Kasparov's Wikipedia page, you can see that he announced his
retirement in 2005, and since then has played very rarely. He was rated
Number 1 according to Elo rating almost continuously from 1986 until his
retirement in 2005, which is a fantastic achievement.

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
If you check Kasparov's Wikipedia page, you can see that he announced his
retirement in 2005, and since then has played very rarely. He was rated #1
according to Elo rating almost continuously from 1986 until his retirement
in 2005, which is a fantastic achievement.

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
Do you think Kasparov will make a comback? And if he do, do you think he
will be no one again?

Автор rinrts ( назад)
If you now realize Magnus is immature and uneducated you haven't seen him
play very much.

Автор TexasSizzle ( назад)
Granted these Blitz matches ca not be taken quite as seriously as long
games, still Magnus showed a good deal of immaturity, or ADD (attention
deficit disorder) not to mention no class at end, trying to cheat by trying
to replay a different rook and not even shaking hands. He is very, very
talented but Vishy has all the class. I like Magnus and I hope he becomes
more professional and courteous in the future whether he wins or loses.
Alexandra, you are beautiful, intelligent and Champion Woman!!!

Автор Mainswitch55 ( назад)
Exactly! For example Mikhail Tal would have never act like this, always be
gentleman even if you´re losing... Good luck for your games!!

Автор Вася Пупкин ( назад)
Саша молодец! А по-русски есть ролики?

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
i think its a wery good video. The player that dont show respect is Magnus,
dont even a handshake when he leaves the table....

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
i think if you dressed a little sexy you had won almoust evere game against
male players :)....

Автор trovid1 ( назад)

Автор njmhk ( назад)
GG Alexandra! Fun to watch ...thx

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
Those who think Carlsen will beat Anand and take the World Champion Title
type Carlsen. Those who think Anand will beat Carlsen type Anand.

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
Time will tell. But he certainly has a good start. However, it's very tough
to compare players of different eras, for example Carlsen, Kasparov, and

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
Do you think that Magnus will become the Greatest Chess player ever?

Автор Emi Ariel ( назад)
I've never understood the point of the touched move rule. Why is so
important to not touch a piece that you don't want to move? What if you
want to visualise a move for example and move a piece and get it back to
it's original place and move another one instead? or what if a piece is bad
place in the square and you want to put it well? What is the point of the
touched rule??

Автор AboutEverything1 ( назад)
you are really chessqueen :)

Автор Jozeph Hurt ( назад)
after watching this video i lost alot of respect for carlsen. he shows no
respect and he is very unprofessional. good job Kosteniuk, i admire your

Автор metho1234 ( назад)
i´m sure he still remembers this loss clearly :D

Автор 4c00h ( назад)
There's no such thing as "luck" in chess, Magnus showed little respect in
this game looking at other people's games thinking he had an easy win and
just like with any other sport you don't win until you win. I still think
this video doesn't show much humbleness from Alexandra but then again I
think any of us would be content to be able to beat the world's number 1

Автор A Ki ( назад)
I love it. God bless you Chess Queen. Magnus tried to do a Gary but you did
not let him slide.

Автор Stileyer 00 ( назад)
A llorar a la iglesia, esto es ajedrez profesional. Felicidades Kosteniuk
has estado fantástica.

Автор albertosamaniego ( назад)
Yes, keep rocking Alexandra! =)

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
I think that most great results are the result of lots of work and a little
talent. Of course a lot of talent helps, but still lots of work is needed
to make the talent result in great success!

Автор albertosamaniego ( назад)
I dont know a lot about chess, but I believe you have to born to play this
game. You may love the game and have discipline, but at the end you need a
natural talent to play at this level.

Автор Trying to make sense ( назад)
That had to have been so painful for Carlsen, especially since his
aloofness, blunder, immaturity and loss were all captured on video for the
world to see . But it was his fault, he wasn't taking you seriously and you
beat him fair and square.

Автор tarchalin ( назад)
Carlsen is not an will never be no. 1 chess player. Kasparov and Anand
would handle him easily...

Автор tarchalin ( назад)
Carlsen the greatest of all times? My ass.

Автор Jacob Battye ( назад)
Whoa, hold on a second...did Magnus rage-quit after getting called out on
that take back move? Not cool Magnus, not cool.

Автор Mohamed Samir ( назад)
magnus has alot to learn specially in the openings? are you for real ?

Автор Completely1337 ( назад)
Not really beating him, but close enough.

Автор Tony Bravo ( назад)

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
Maybe you can learn him some smart openings that Kasparov didnt, acratense?

Автор trovid1 ( назад)
Congratulation beating the player that will become the greatest of all
times. And it was a shame how he left the table without even a handshake :(
I guess he was distacted by your butiful look.

Автор Roman Maleque ( назад)
Your just simply so beautiful and so smart :) Just the way I like em hehe
Thanks for uploading your videos... It is a pleasure to see your games with
the analysis.

Автор nika dzigo ( назад)
you are beautiful

Автор 1723mat ( назад)
i don't understand.Magnus did not release the piece

Автор peca1914 ( назад)
Will you marry me?

Автор The Toy ( назад)
Wow, lovely position to put him in at the end. It's a pity he didn't take
defeat more graciously, but nevertheless, well done on beating one of the
greatest ever players!

Автор Armando Moyano ( назад)
Magnus is a great player, no doubt about it, but Kosteniuk won the game
regardless of time presure. Time is a factor which is presented in the
whole game, not only in the last seconds. Kosteniuk had black and was
better in the end. Magnus had a defending position with white and she
surprised him in the opening. He has a lot to learn yet, specially in the

Автор jeremy lin ( назад)
Yes, men and women should have equal mind power. But somehow in chess, men
are so much stronger. There are barely any women in the top 100. Although,
Grandmaster Judit Polgar (by far the strongest women player) frequently
matches up against the top players and world champions.She rarely plays in
women's event...

Автор lake mason ( назад)
How did your comment possibly get approved? It was an honest question...
Women obviously are not equal in sport due to their body structure; and I
also have no idea who you're calling a sexist. No-shit women are equal
mentally. And they should have their own championships; however something
like that should be explained calmly to those who genuinely don't
understand.. Mangus was just mad because he lost on a technicality. Mind
you he still lost. Get a grip and think for yourself, tool.

Автор lake mason ( назад)
I agreed with you throughout your post; however your listed psychological
reasons are also applicable to men. I also want a family and also find it
safer to go to college. How can you make this assertion: "Don't forget
physiological reasons: men can much easier afford to focus only on one
thing in life." as a woman? That seems a little too generalizing. I'm on
your side but when you say that it makes me skeptical. Reply if you can

Автор Yamir Zúñiga ( назад)
hehehe was pretty disrespectful by Magnus here he looks pretty upset.

Автор rucceij ( назад)
Then many others are mistaken aswell

Автор hicetnunc1972 ( назад)
No offense meant, but I think Carlsen couldn't cope with your chess and
your beauty at the same time :-)

Автор Ben Hodson ( назад)
haha he walks off like a little baby :)

Автор Ben Hodson ( назад)
With a comment like that, you make all men sound vastly inferior to women
in terms of mental capacity. Men and women are equal-get over it. I don't
see why they allow sexists in a chess championship either :>

Автор leonardo vielmas ( назад)
hi alexa i buy a excalibur chess machine i learn more i get i little better
on chess the voice on the machine i like u very much im from mexico

Автор tdell1275 ( назад)
A fine win for Alexandra. I doubt that many people here could hold the
position against him in order to be able to take advantage of a blunder.
Also, rules are rules, the touch move would apply to Alexandra also!

Автор prussianblue14 ( назад)
U must be a Woman dreaming about equal Mind Power,. Who develop all in the
Worlds economy and who has all the high positions.Kosteniuk won not
really,just blunder . Loosing a rock even a bad player like me win vs

Автор uliosummer ( назад)
only in this way she can beat magnus

Автор Ashwin Kumar ( назад)
Well done. Congratulations on beating World #1. Your blitz strategy was
excellent. Against a higher skill player, hold on till the end and induce
the error when the pressure is highest. He had only 4 seconds at the end
against your 12... so clearly you had him on the run and that's why he

Автор Luis Silva ( назад)
"A good player is always lucky" - Jose Capablanca

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
Thanks for the "gg" comment. I'd like to see you be "lucky" and win against
Magnus one day :-) In fact that's the fun about blitz, the time pressure.
But now that FIDE has made official the addition of 2 seconds to each move
(games now are 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move instead of 5 minutes), there
is considerably less time pressure, and the games are much higher quality,
that's good.

Автор arkantosan ( назад)
No ofense but lucky win under time presion, gg!

Автор ChessQueen ( назад)
If you play chess and like my videos you can get lots of smileys!))))))

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