oblivion, secret weapon and armor! locations

these are the only unique iteams in the game, the first iteam is a glass helm that is enchanted, but the enchantment is kind of useless,kind of disapointing but it's better then nothing, the second stop is for the STRONGEST sword in the entire game excluding dlc, UMBRA and the umbra armor set, these are accessable at the very begining of the game no matter what, so have fun, and if you have any request for mission walkthroughs or iteam guides just send me a pm and i'll see what i can do.

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Автор crown caps ( назад)
so bad it was funny 

Автор Aidan Moskaluk ( назад)
umbras also has a frost weakness use those I used my frost bow and 3 shoted

Автор Lisa Grenert ( назад)
you seriously had trouble killing her psh she is easy I'm level 3 and
killed her but good job!!!!

Автор Jasonbjamin ( назад)
Thanks for the help bro. The sword was a lvl 30 for me. Very happy.

Автор Dustin Tinsley ( назад)

Автор Shadow Serpent ( назад)
I defeated her on level 1 took me 50 times though... using heal potion,
magika potion, shield and sword.she is volnrubal to cold touch.

Автор frankanator5000 ( назад)
I'm a aragonian so I can breath under water lol

Автор E_ Inkredible_Z ( назад)
dude u r funny as hell lol

Автор Luke ( назад)
I apologize if you asked me a question regarding the video, but thanks to
this bullshits called Google+ i can't reply to any comments until i figure
out what the fuck is going on. 

Автор matidoesroblox sekretarski ( назад)
i 3 shot umbra with greater staff of sickness on lowest difficulty

Автор Draven Brown ( назад)
Good job

Автор FalloutNV Blockmaster ( назад)
screw being brave im doin da bitch way

Автор Freddyiscrazy ( назад)
I have 100 conjuration and I use my Frost Astronach on her and my pet
wooped her ass it was epic

Автор Jake Linking ( назад)
Lore same just now

Автор Sarah Hunnicutt ( назад)
You can enchant a weapon better than that.

Автор austin johnsom ( назад)
i love how u are showing us this i really do i wish ppl would do videos of
older games in the prsent day if u guys know what im saying

Автор Jack Gibbons ( назад)
You're hilarious, datareaper1

Автор ballzbroz ( назад)

Автор Zem ( назад)
I beat here at level one you must be really sad if you cant listen it just
takes time if i can beat her at level one and still have that account i
think you can do it if you dont act like its WOW or fucking runscape k guys

Автор Furry Wolf ( назад)
Hehe I have a spell to breathe under water. ;3

Автор zimzinzorf ( назад)
How to kill umbra at lvl 1: step 1 get naked. Step 2: agro her then run
like hell. Step 3: summon minion at the door the minute you get outside(
it'll slow her down). Step 4: swim like mad, zigzagging as you go to the
waterfront, hitting her occasionally to maintain agro. May take a few
tries. Step 6: find guards, let them do dirty work while you aid where you
can. Lengthly, but I've done it.

Автор dominic scadlock ( назад)
Can't beat her. That was my 20th try

Автор Pixel Production ( назад)
Lvl and I have umbra :D

Автор kris3199 ( назад)
u should do commentarys

Автор Trevor Abdon ( назад)
Walk in like a boss, pull out my bow like a boss, kill Umbra the bitch way
like a boss.

Автор stefan reger ( назад)
HELL YEA and i just got it :3

Автор Noah .Bannon ( назад)
i beat that bitch at the end on level 9 with the full power blade of woe
and a shit tn of potions 

Автор ToTheFaceNoob ( назад)
never really cared to kill her.... gona try it with the difficulty bar all
the way up on my level 88... god i dont have a life 

Автор PREMIUMWOLF ( назад)
thx alot dude this armor really helps 

Автор Cloud Dasher ( назад)
that sounds like my friend on xbox jake369 although now he is known as col

Автор emopunkadelica ( назад)
The best sword is Duskfang/Dawnfang SADLY you can only get it in the
shivering Isles, It thirsts for blood and only gets stronger everytime you
use it, and once you've killed 12 enemies, it says "Dawnfangs/Duskfangs
bloodthirst had been quenched" And when that happens, duskfang at night
dawnfang during day, it will actually say dawnfang superior or duskfang
superior the next day. And will have an extra ability. Dawnfang I believe
drains health on strike and duskfang drains magika on strike

Автор 0oJacobxDuelo0 ( назад)
You must have gotten a sneak attack on her then.

Автор ryan ingerson ( назад)
does this requrie a shivering isles or knigts of the nine 

Автор Felix Granlund ( назад)
what if you beat her in hard? Will the armour be better?

Автор hamsterlord757 ( назад)
for the fighters could there is a quest 'amelions debt' and you have to go
to a cave, and there is an unique armor set :|

Автор adam gilinsky ( назад)
Can you make the depth with out crystal or no ? The first item

Автор adam gilinsky ( назад)
Where do I get stuff that allows me breath underwater longer ?

Автор mrmamaluigi9000 ( назад)
I killed that woman with a single strike in the back

Автор Niks Picukans ( назад)
isnt deadric stronger then umbra 

Автор Peter Lowrie ( назад)
everyone pay attention !! try getting the black marsh helm that let's you
breathe underwater, i think you get it from an argonian after doing a
quest, just google it

Автор Peter Lowrie ( назад)
i think you get the dark shirt off of argamir's back after you kill him in
the trentius mausoleum for jensine's merchant quest

Автор Luc Pitout ( назад)
turn down the music lol 

Автор David Bernard ( назад)
how do u get the honorable chorrol blade 

Автор Franklin Rivera ( назад)
this is one of the funniest vid. iv'e seen so far thanks

Автор XxKeyboardWarriorXx420 ( назад)
wuts wit tha dark shirt in your inventory

Автор Dson ( назад)
can u get this at a low lvl? 

Автор Cha0ticGaming HD ( назад)
8:30 see you in court dick.

Автор ShadowEl3ment ( назад)
I like oblivion only for pc because it freezes way to much, like you kill
sombody, go into a inn and you freeze

Автор Delta ( назад)
ahh just fuck me LOL.

Автор Kyle Wilkins ( назад)
bro this guy, this guy is amazin :D .-.

Автор Kyle Wilkins ( назад)
hsi voice in the vid sounds gay but im not saying he is but i does sry if
this offend's you D:

Автор Kyle Wilkins ( назад)
if you had the shivering isles add on you could go to the museum and go
upstairs and get that ring thth has water walking and water breathing :D

Автор Urbanrangerguy ( назад)
I Killed Umbra the Cheat/Bitch way. I Duplicated Potions of healing Then
Conjured A Golden saint and started hitting her with all i had. whenever my
health was low i would just use a potion.

Автор I Am Nobody ( назад)
That Umbra kicked my ass. Eventually I had to leave the Vindasel and head
to the Imperial City.... after a trail of bodies the knights killed her.

Автор BOTDFxFAN (896 лет назад)
i had her chase me to the imperial city and had all the guards kill she did
kill a shit ton of guards but they still killed her

Автор Dark Inner Child ( назад)
I got umbra's armor the easy way, i use an argonian which has immunity to
poison i attacked her with a bow and she chased me to the room with the
poison gas...i just ran around in circles trying to dodge her attacks while
the poison killed her ^_^ took a minute and i used like almost all my
health potions cuz my acrobatics skill sucked and i couldnt jump away fast
enough but i did it :)

Автор Praise Gaben ( назад)
GUYS, it is easier to get items at low levels. Pretty much all enemies
level up with you. So yah, it's actually easier to get the weapon at lower
levels because of the confusing leveling system. You can even beat the game
at level 1 easier than at higher levels. But, honestly, you would be an
idiot getting it at lower levels, 'cause most weapon level also with you
and it would be pretty much stuck at that damage for the rest of the

Автор potatoman134 ( назад)
Dude thx for this, i got umbra + ebony armor at Lv. 2 

Автор Ali Khechane ( назад)
Thnx for the tuto man. You're the best btw i subscribed to you

Автор xxuzernamexx ( назад)
thx another way to get these iteams easier on pc is to use the ~ button and
typeing in coc testinghall 

Автор par0l ( назад)

Автор Hugh ( назад)
dont be a whiney bitch man not sure if i spelled whiney right but who give
a fuck

Автор Retard Hub ( назад)
you should really think about doing a playthourgh of Oblivion thumbs up if
you agree. PS3-Demonster1.

Автор nilliks6 ( назад)
I fought umbra at level 4... needless to say i died after 5 seconds. worst
part about umbra is she heals!!!

Автор MinhazMurks ( назад)
THATS why you gotta be argonian :D

Автор LeCaptainCranky ( назад)
Heu... Noob...!!

Автор discord whooves ( назад)
i fought umbra with the crude grummite cleaver. a sword that did about 12
dmg at the time

Автор MegaTmister ( назад)
if you dont like the video then dont bitch and dont watch it you retard

Автор baldy hardnut ( назад)
this guys a dick!

Автор poisenarrow5 ( назад)
well first thing i would do is try to pick pocket that thing XD

Автор Gack ( назад)
Goldbrand is actually better. Its a little weaker, but since its a
shortsword you can use it faster.

Автор Matthew Tobin ( назад)
your a lod of ballockts 

Автор Márk Varga ( назад)
u are an epic naab

Автор Chi-raqXxDeviant ( назад)
i dont need rite grammar i spell however i want when i address some squeaky
bitch but obviously i have a life im to busy to waste my time on shit like
that especially fucking up in one video like you do im str8 id rather study
for college 

Автор LikaPyramid ( назад)

Автор Chi-raqXxDeviant ( назад)
u need sum1 else to do your commentary and everything else 

Автор Chase Miner ( назад)
Me too xD

Автор spyjan1 ( назад)
Fuck Umbra. And it's apotheosis

Автор Sky Ward ( назад)
@Jako7756 load a save that was before you went into vindasel

Автор J ( назад)
@ImaHugeBoss never mind i started over again

Автор Kelly Booth ( назад)
mm, and its not secret its a quest.

Автор Taivaallinen Masokisti ( назад)
@tacolover99100 I won umbra at lvl 3 without any weapons or armor so suck
that, bitch!

Автор J ( назад)
@StinkyWINKYpoopoo with a codebreaker for ps3 it is possible i think, u can
get one on amazon

Автор Joey Jones ( назад)
It's impossible to kill Umbra at level 1. Her health doesnt even go down.
And i didn't know you have to get that sword for a quest.

Автор Joey Jones ( назад)
I completed every mission in the Dark Brotherhood, i hate it at the end you
get money for seeing some statue. It's kind of short. But atleast you get
gold for visiting the statue.

Автор J ( назад)
and she*

Автор J ( назад)
um i tried to fool umbra into the city and did but then my game got fucked
and were standing like lagging around in a corner then she just ran away
into some watch tower full of guards and i thought they killed her but she
ran outside and when i came out there was only two dead guards outside the
door and i couldnt find umbra again, not in the city, not in vindasel, im
in lvl 6 and alomost completed all the dark brotherhood missions and dont
want to start all over again, pls help :(

Автор Slim Memphis Finest (1481 год назад)
the mace of doom is the best sword in the game :)

Автор ToTheFaceNoob ( назад)
ty, im started a new guy and i did what u did in the video and at level 1 i
killed umbra and the sword does 10, thats better than the honor blade of
chorrol (supposedly the best weapon in the game) and my other guy had it at
level 8 (long time ago) and it only did like 7 or 8 

Автор Jon Schmitt ( назад)
yo this realy helped thx i subscribed 

Автор 101 MINI STORAGE ( назад)
btw umbra isnt the best sword 

Автор Heinz Beans (1042 года назад)
@DemonicEYE365 It may not have to be on her, it is probably around her:)

Автор Josh Kelson ( назад)
240p...we meet again D:<

Автор Max Thomas ( назад)
When i first saw it I thought his name was date raper 1

Автор xNoobRanger ( назад)
@577Nicholas Cos your playing on the easiest difficulty? Try on medium and
get owned

Автор nicholas ruoti ( назад)
tacolover you are the idiot im level one and i just barely got umbras sword
with no challenge. 

Автор yolor7 ( назад)
When I say daedric I mean the daedra's (oblivion demon guys) weapons, that
r daedric, not dremora or bound

Автор yolor7 ( назад)
The bound stuff disappear, not the daedric. U summon the bound stuff, not
the daedric.

Автор yolor7 ( назад)
I've enchanted daedric weapons before, but nevermind that.

Автор yolor7 ( назад)
Umbra might be the best sword in the game, but the daedric sword does more

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