TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies - Baby Sleep Music

Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano.
Music taken from 'Piano Lullabies for Babies' by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above.

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Автор Ashley Cruise ( назад)
Put my 5 month old, my fur baby, and me back to sleep in a matter of 30
minutes when I turned this on.

Автор Princess Sumlod ( назад)
it realy works

Автор Yadira Hernandez ( назад)
dont waste your time commenting the chanel does not look at your commets

Автор kayleigh and gracies weekends ( назад)
I like the colors and music played

Автор Diana Medina ( назад)
this helps me sleep really well😴

Автор Minerva Revilla ( назад)
with my grandmas phone

Автор Minerva Revilla ( назад)
and i'm a boy

Автор Minerva Revilla ( назад)
i can sleep with the music

Автор Kayla Brooks ( назад)

Автор The tricks maryos and Dave ( назад)
So god I love

Автор Chloe Mcdaniel ( назад)
I've got 3, 4, and 7 year old kids and I have used this over and over
because they're asleep in 5 minutes

Автор Youtube Rd ( назад)
This can also hypnotise u or anyone .- 1 hint tell ur sis sleep she does it

Автор Youtube Rd ( назад)
Am I a baby ?!

Автор Youtube Rd ( назад)
This made me sleep z?!!!'

Автор Cute Cat ( назад)
It's great 👍🏼 for a big nap 😴

Автор Dainius Neliupsis ( назад)
This doesn't help me go to sleep and I'm 8

Автор Dena Hanson ( назад)

Автор Stephie L ( назад)
this shit gets me past the fuck out and I'm only 2

Автор Sam V ( назад)
This worked with my 3 week old 👌🏻🤗

Автор Man Wai ( назад)
The effects are wearing on me more than my little sister whom I'm suppose
to put to bed

Автор Makayla Kelsey ( назад)
I played this for a baby and he slept forever before it took me ten minutes
to get him asleep now it takes me 2 thanks so much for helping my neise get
to sleep

Автор lady peace ( назад)
lol I'm 24 and I play this for my son while he falls asleep and I catch
myself dozing off at times..I read these coments to help keep me awake.
because if I open another app then the music stops, my baby wakes up....and
I gota start all over again 😑

Автор Faze Yellow ( назад)
I'm so happy

Автор BeccaBoo RN ( назад)
hey guys I just got a newborn today; )

Автор BeccaBoo RN ( назад)
hey guys Howe wants more

Автор Tangala Troublefield ( назад)
my son is 18 months... he always fall asleep on the first song and he looks
at the light..went to sleep within 2minutes me next lol

Автор Neia Haynez ( назад)
thanks for this

Автор Kevin McConville ( назад)
i love it

Автор Crystal Givans ( назад)
I love it

Автор Crystal Givans ( назад)
really good

Автор Madison Yeaman ( назад)
. . . . . ? . ? . . ? . ? . . . . . . . ? . ? . ? ? ? . . . Mummy

Автор kadoodle ( назад)
played this to put my niece and nephew to sleep works wonders

Автор Girl Power25 ( назад)
I love the music

Автор Julianna Tellez ( назад)
the songs make me sing when I put my baby nephew to sleep

Автор Adriana Medina ( назад)
My dog fell asleep when I put this on he's so tired

Автор jhen ( назад)
umm its so so long srry but good art and song:)

Автор Pokelord88 1 ( назад)
Sort your ads out. Your $$$$ revenue (ad for a phone company with some
bling rapper) undid 1 hour of work when I switched to your stuff. Grrrr

Автор Martha Parkin ( назад)

Автор Lupe Mendez ( назад)
the art is indeed beautiful love watching it as well listing to the

Автор Sanjuanita Sanchez ( назад)
every night I listen to this Lolo I'm 7

Автор Lollipops 754 ( назад)
This always helps me or my sister to bed. I always use it. Thanks a bunch
for making it!!!!!!

Автор Amanda & Amelia's adventure ( назад)
This is my daughter's favorite..thanks

Автор Sam D ( назад)
Anybody heard Travis Scott's new mixtape? Shits fire

Автор MORAMAY LOCKLIN ( назад)
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Alexa Silva ( назад)
It was 12:01. I couldn't get some sleep and I put the video. I was asleep.
I'm only the 9

Автор Dina Garcia ( назад)
My favorite for my son and I, we both fall asleep fast with this one! It's
so calming and relaxing! Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzz

Автор 유한결 ( назад)

Автор EC Yeoh ( назад)
hi guys this is great music and awsome and cool

Автор Andra Novak ( назад)
I work at a daycare and there is no internet. Is there a way to buy this on
DVD? We have music at nap time but nothing for them to look at. This would
be perfect.

Автор MinecraftJer07 ( назад)
2:21 touched my heart

Автор MeloDaAsylum ( назад)
thanks yo you just save my life

Автор Chrisina Odom ( назад)
Carmen is still awake.She should be asleep by now😴😴😴 not awake
😮😝😞😟😒😯😪😓 😤😢😔😫😕😭😲😌 😧😷😛😨😖😜😩😬😰😱😳😵😡😠 be asleep

Автор Chrisina Odom ( назад)
Who made this type of musical bedtime music

Автор Xavier Anes-Rodriguez ( назад)
I like this!!

Автор Sayrid Bejarano ( назад)
I have three kids . and this works like a charm . Never fails. I love the
colors too. God bless the person who created this .

Автор Andrew Durham ( назад)
I love this

Автор Lito argueta ( назад)

Автор Lito argueta ( назад)
what ya doin'

Автор Lito argueta ( назад)

Автор Mirrin Mcarthur ( назад)
thank you for helping me and my little sister sleep 😄😌😴

Автор Serenity Smith ( назад)
I love this song it is so epic it helps me to get to sleep.

Автор Chantel Hendricks ( назад)
My youngest daughter went out at about 10 minutes for a nap. Just woke back
up at 48 minutes :/

Автор aim diya ( назад)
thanxxx to given new amazing things for babies

Автор Tasheka Heard ( назад)
q2c TX

Автор Supermarveladventures Sma ( назад)
This is truly amazing

Автор Supermarveladventures Sma ( назад)
It took my kid twelve minutes to sleep and sleep is basically impossible
for him

Автор rachis Rachid ( назад)
i just love it. reading the comments below. waiting my son to sleep.. it
helps alot. thanks

Автор mitchell hobbs ( назад)
c-w-i-t-a-s h-o-n-e-y

Автор Kayla Simpson ( назад)
14 years old and still NOT asleep 😴! It's almost 3:00 in the morning!!!!!

Автор Taylor Vang ( назад)
Ok makes my sister go to sleep so awesome

Автор Mark Garland ( назад)
This is the best!!!!!😆😆😆😆 thanks to this I can go to sleep in like 15

Автор Rica Selva ( назад)
Been listening to this 3yrs ago now. My daughter is 3 (turning 4) and she
requests this song every single night. "Mommy put on the "spinning one"."
Works every time. I'm just wondering why are there thumbs down on this
video. This is the best lullaby you'll ever hear in the whole world

Автор Stephanie Arizmendi ( назад)
really love this!! my 4 month girl just fell asleep love to see her so calm
with this music on she looks so beautifulll like a little Angel 😍❤👼

Автор Milton Mendoza ( назад)
making me feel like bedtime

Автор Nikki Will ( назад)
my baby girl just turned a year... I read a story with her, give her a
bottle to fill her tummy, and turn this on. she's out in about 5 mins or
less. if I forget to turn this on, she fights me like no other.. love this.

Автор john riggs ( назад)
put my little sister to bed

Автор Marlenys Taveras ( назад)
Very nice music for sleeping

Автор Carla Jean Hannigan ( назад)
could never find anything to help my little man fall asleep until I found

Автор Kelly Vanslyke ( назад)
thank you guys

Автор Brenda Macias ( назад)
My baby sister went to sleep when I left this music on for like 20 seconds

Автор Jolie Brett ( назад)
this put a 11 yr old to sleep thx

Автор gyanu timalsina ( назад)
Sweet baby song

Автор joan ivy miller ( назад)
tried to put my son to sleep while watching the video.

Автор slay jasmin ( назад)
I put this for my 2 year old brother and I a 11 yr old girl falls asleep
before him by listening to this. Magical! I listen to this every night so I
recommend this. I have sleepin anxiety so this helps😊💕

Автор Star the bear Animatronic ( назад)

Автор peyton Atchley ( назад)
is very

Автор Daphne Penning ( назад)
my mind is smoother than a babys butt

Автор Frank Dugglas ( назад)
why is this recommended for me im 15 i dont need help to sleep

Автор Mia Fernandez ( назад)

Автор Kacey Bailey ( назад)
I put this on for my niece at nap time everyday and it works like a charm!
Out in 5 minutes

Автор Reesee Cup ( назад)
go to sleep baby brother😴😴😴

Автор Reesee Cup ( назад)
my baby brother in my mom's belly whent to sleep😪😪

Автор SquidLover SquidSquid ( назад)
I love the iPad. Kitten

Автор Lylah Aybar ( назад)
I love the song I listen to it every night

Автор Kristi Riesmeyer ( назад)
😎I'm 10 I love it 😍

Автор R Ari ( назад)
terrible songs they are like two seals trying to look for a rock

Автор Julia Payne ( назад)
also the colors look like fore works

Автор Joshua Rubin ( назад)
My little sister is listening to the song she is not tired 😴 she says in 9
minutes she is going to fall asleep

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