Reincarnation, the amazing story of a scottish child, Part 1


For more information about reincarnation documented cases http://www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation01.html

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Автор Stephen Murray ( назад)
Confirmation bias at it's best. As he was growing they finished is
sentences for him or said something to get him to nod yes etc etc. he could
have heard the term barrow[Barra) boy on the telly and went from there a
quite common term in docklands and the east end. and all over the uk
nothing mystical here. Just a child's imaginings made important by the
adults around him and playing into his attention seeking.

Автор Jules Rensch ( назад)
looking for more on Dr. Dahesh, who many think is the latest incarnation of
The Christ?
perhaps this will be of interest:

Автор suporta tabang ( назад)
Ecclesiastes 9:5

For the living know that they will die,

but the dead know nothing,
and they have no more reward,


Автор suporta tabang ( назад)
Hebrews 9:27

And as it is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment:

Автор suporta tabang ( назад)
transmigration of demons

Автор Manoj Lavanya ( назад)
our body can be destroyed but not our soul,it can take many birth

Автор Jayson Lang ( назад)
Read the alien interview.

Автор Ken Anderson ( назад)
The Christian perspective on these situations is that the first person
becomes demon - infested which is with him for the rest of his life. Then
the demon leaves and infests another boy. Deliverance would prove or
disprove this.

Автор Nancy Graham ( назад)
oh shit

Автор Katey The Koala ( назад)
Wow me and my friend do have this theory that
After you die you get reborn but you don't remember your past

Автор ellie elward ( назад)
how did I get do this?!? I was watching pewdiepie XD

Автор snowy lion cornflake ( назад)


Автор Jay Trulock ( назад)

Автор Alfie Hartley ( назад)
This is so fake 

Автор Roman Erenshteyn ( назад)
so not true

Автор Kaitlin Simpson ( назад)
My baby sister was the reincarnation of my nan. They were both born on the
same day. 30th of April. My nan passed away in 2012. My sister died in
2013, at 6 month's old. They both died in late September, and also had
their funerals on the same day. Then, my mum's friend who is a medium came
to the house where my sister died and told my mum my sister was an earth
Angel, that she knew what her name would be, when she'd die, who her family
was. It's truly fascinating.

Автор combat jews ( назад)
say bullocs but I did have a dream of the abandon underground subway
before I ever went into it and it was creapy how close it was to the dream
so this kid might not be bullshit

Автор prince gerald (1308 лет назад)
No such thing as reincarnation, it's just memory genes.

Автор mercades watt ( назад)
thrue 6:50 to 6:52 you see two of him.this is crazy,how can this happen.

Автор Carla ( назад)
I know why he came back alive. God is alive and he made the boy come back

Автор susan Rank (1200 лет назад)
Well,I loved and still love my Mom greatest woman that ever lived.She
passed in march/2014 and if she came back as my daughter;s child i would be
so happy.These things to me are not scarey,weird or even one of those
taboo's.I am very opened minded and understand and except whatever happens
in the spirit world and here on earth.

Автор James Yogadhi Weldon ( назад)
I had nightmare and clear memories of Tibet and what happened there when
the Chinese invaded in the late 40's from the age of four. Wrote a book
about this and resolving my PTS syndrome in my book "The Secret Journey to
The Enlightened Mind" available on amazon.com - Dr Weldon

Автор Kiarie Leonard ( назад)
I feel like I always overthink things like about what life is supposed to
mean. You're born, live, then die... Like what are we here for! It confuses

Автор Useless2112 ( назад)


Автор giannisgtpomg3lol ( назад)
kill it before it lays eggs

Автор John Smith ( назад)
If reincarnation doesn't exist and we only get one life then what is the
point of doing good for other people and helping them?

Автор Harry White ( назад)
What do you think real or fake 

Автор Brian Delacruz ( назад)
It could be possible that these shows are scripted.

Автор nintendokings ( назад)
I hate my dad, I hope he doesn't come back as my son! 

Автор Adam Salisbury ( назад)
+kinwee007 kinwee007 No, its Scottish I can understand it perfectly well
but I live very near to Glasgow

Автор Booze129 ( назад)
He was William Wallace

Автор Kelsey's Life! ( назад)
Whys it always us scottish kids that are the weirdos haha

Автор Ratan Chakraborty ( назад)
Bg 15.8 — The living entity in the material world carries his different
conceptions of life from one body to another, as the air carries aromas.
Thus he takes one kind of body and again quits it to take another. 

Автор geo linkin ( назад)
the truth for me is that there can be no good without whatever the opposite
of that is. I think this is true for us in this realm as well as in the
next. there cannot be progression of any kind without the tension of
duality. think about it. are there negative energy places, things, beings?
yes, of course. and in every second, moment we choose to the best of our
knowledge, ability, and ethical awareness based on the situation at hand.
then we must deal/face the consequences of them (good & bad) 

Автор waldik souza ( назад)
Why your God allows Satan to deceive people ? If your God is greater than
Satan, why He does not destroy Satan ? God and Satan are creations of our
minds, due to fear. Who created hell ? If Satan created, than your God
allowed. So your God is cruel. 

Автор kinwee007 kinwee007 ( назад)
Very hard to understand what their talking , is that english ? 

Автор milkman1 ( назад)
hes 6 dude he could of made it all up I think kids are alot smarter then
you think im sure he saw that house and that family. or his parents are
just telling him to do it for attention and money

Автор Mark Holman ( назад)
My Guru Shivabalayogi was reincarnated from 9 previous lives, he came here
to lead people to meditate and for peace. No one can promise anything in
this life, however if you do not wish to keep returning you must contact
the source and ask for release.

Автор The3rk4u ( назад)
to most hindus and buddhist,s,re incarnation is very real,only in the west
where we are conditioned into thinking this is ,t theres nothing after
death,are we so narrow minded,your actions in this life can actually
determine the body you enter in your next one.

Автор kazR87 ( назад)
watch?v=hnYmrBPDKUw Part 2 :)

Автор Na Pl ( назад)
U MUST SEE mysteriestobesolved.info

Автор Harry hole ( назад)
But that assumes that emotion and consciousness has a geometry.

Автор Harry hole ( назад)
If thats so, do tell, on what scale do your so called equations measure
love, sorry, remorse? It's not just biology because if it were, we'd be
able to install those same emotions into a crocodile could we not? Also,
all of science is based on basic truths, axioms for example, that cannot be
proven. The existence of love, sorry and remorse cannot be proven to exist,
just like a dream, but we know they are there. So no, it's not just

Автор MerseyRed11 ( назад)
You just mean Scientology, my good friend. 

Автор noneofyour goingtogive ( назад)
why is there no part 2 ? I hate when you tube does that 

Автор amaxamon ( назад)
" There is no equation for love, sorrow or remorse." Sure there is; these
states can be induced chemically, at will. No mystery, just biology. 

Автор kamal ahmed ( назад)
Lol I was looking for snoop dogg

Автор GSXR 600 ( назад)

Автор GSXR 600 ( назад)
You`re right, science calls the existence of God "Dark Matter". Mainly
because they have to admit that there is a singular force in the Universe
that has an incredible amount of power and of course thy don`t believe in

Автор mashgreatonlive ( назад)
Our brain is very unique, whatever we see throughout time and when we sleep
sometimes some people have very vivid dream and it makes them believe it
was true. Your superstitious belief is astounding.. 

Автор LoverofASS ( назад)
LOL, very strong dreams of the human brain? Quite possibly the dumbest
reply in the history of youtube. Your ignorance is astounding.

Автор Koakoa45 ( назад)
Humanity would be so much better if people stopped playing my god is better
than your God. So sick of religion, all it does is promote division and
hate. Something history proves over an over again, sadly. 

Автор tickycup ( назад)
He has a good mother. Many parents would say, "Shut up, you're imagining
it!" but at least she was open enough to investigate. 

Автор Jojo Heavenlee ( назад)
its so hard to understand certain words they say 

Автор Harry hole ( назад)
"Science has proven more than religion" You sir need to stop making such
blanket statements because science has not proven the nature of existence.
There is no equation for love, sorrow or remorse. As far as science is
concerned, everything was created from a singularity with infinite mass and
energy....a point in space with no dimension. So science would have us
believe that everything came from nothing...thats a far cry from reason.

Автор No9Rugby ( назад)
you shouldnt speak like you know everything e.g. saying god done this etc.
science has been proven more than religion and you need to listen to this
story more carefully, you said he might have had a lucid dream, well i dont
know about you but i dont dream about people who actually exist and i have
never met

Автор milkman1 ( назад)
ok whatever helps you sleep at night

Автор Anninos Ch ( назад)

Автор mashgreatonlive ( назад)
This are just very strong dreams of human brain. Wake up..!

Автор jayarathne Abeydeera ( назад)
Not once in a billion. I know 5 stories of rebirth revelations of my
relatives including my own son, persionaly. Those are only my personal
experiences Edgar Cayce has recorded 14000 rebirth cases of individuals
till his death in 1945. Ian Stevenson a Canadian psychiatrist worked for
the University of Virginia School of Medicine for 50 & researched almost
3000 actuel rebirth incidences. If you're interested about this phenomena
try yourself & find at least 1 fascinating story 

Автор Scientologist209 ( назад)
Such a strong Scottish accent for a Barra boy.

Автор Anninos Ch ( назад)

Автор awesome1ru ( назад)
i go to place that i never been to but i remember seeing it before. how? my
explanation is u see your hole life inside you mother.maybe

Автор usernamemaybe ( назад)
lmao :D loved this story thanks for sharing A+

Автор usernamemaybe ( назад)
I think it might be because we are surrounded by videos and images since we
are children, think about all those places you never visited but you still
KNOW the typical landscape or the land marks...it's the tourist industry.
Same goes with movies/tv and flashes of cities you've never been to stuck
in a remote place inside your brain 

Автор mashgreatonlive ( назад)
The Caste System is the worst barbaric thing in the world. And things like
this happens once in a billion. This boy is telling truth yes. But like I
said this happens once in a billion. 

Автор SHABISKY ( назад)
that's because the "soul" is not locatable...probably because they don't

Автор BraziliAna ( назад)
Doctors study the body and the mind, not the soul. But I'm sure there may
be some that believe in reincarnation.

Автор SHABISKY ( назад)
Nice, too bad my doctors not educated enough to know about this.

Автор BraziliAna ( назад)
no to the first question. yes to the second question

Автор SHABISKY ( назад)
and this "soul" you speak of... It has a brain? is the soul some sort of
invisible brain ghost thingy that lives inside of us all and carries
memories magically??

Автор BraziliAna ( назад)
it is the same soul that reincarnates, not the same body ie brain

Автор Doneschilligan ( назад)
In one lifetime a boy now living was a rhino. He had got his horn stuck on
a tree trunk and died of starvation. He told his father to go search the
location and the bones were still there. His dad cut the horn of the rhino
and made a necklace for him. This boy still lives in a village in Laos
somewhere to this day and still wearing his rhino necklace.

Автор Ben Dimitri ( назад)
Not condoning drugs... but watching this high was trippy shit

Автор Poulami Sarkar ( назад)
Lilyprincess I wan to speak to u.. I m not joking. Wat u told in comment is
jus my story n so I do know how disturbing the whole phrnomenon is. If u
are reading my comment here... pls try n contact me...
sarkarpoulami01@gmail.com is my email id.. n I have come to know something
bout why this happens..probably I ll share it with u.. Jus remember v, such
ppl , are blessed with extra level of consciousness. .

Автор HELLBROS. SkylarAndAndy ( назад)
I luv how this video ended LOLOLOL

Автор Prinz Szar ( назад)
I can dream sth that'll happen in future..but i don't know when it'll
happen..it's like when it happens, i suddenly remember about it n at that
time, everything is going on just the exact ways as i had on my dream..n i
would remain there watching everything which is just like replaying a
video..n i could remember the day i was born..and some few incidents where
people think it's impossible to be rememberred as i was way too young to
remember things..i'm not kidding though..

Автор DotCraftStudios ( назад)
And I also had these memories of things but they never really happened in
my current life and one was me with some people driving super fast on a
freeway during a thunderstorm, than there were cops blocking the road and
there was like a huge truck flipped over in front of us and that's all I
remember. I believe these are from a past life, because if I was
remembering things when I was just 3 I wouldn't even know what New York was
since I was very young... Very strange plz reply with an opinion

Автор DotCraftStudios ( назад)
I don't want to sound crazy, but I have some visions deep in my memory that
I remember when I was about 3, but it never happened. One of the "visions"
was of me and some people (cousins maybe?) and we were in a big city
(looked ALOT like New York but in the memory I was 6 when I was in the
vision memory, so we were walking by a busy intersection with many taxis
and I remember some kind of thing in the sky falling and then the sun was
getting super bright...

Автор Amie D ( назад)
How can u not beliece in reincarnation with this many witnesses?

Автор marzio32501 ( назад)
usually children at a very early age remember one or more previous lives,
then this fade growing up, just like we remember a vivid dream once awake
and forget it after a little time

Автор Jamie “Jjs297” Smith ( назад)
A) The population Is always changing. It has increased in dramatic numbers
over the years. B) A species can become extinct. So this disproves the law
that due to how you were in one life you can become another animal. This is
because if you became worthy of being a rat then you wouldn't be able to
become one if that species were extinct. C) If every animal/human on earth
were male then when someone dies they wouldn't be able to get born again.
The point I'm trying to make is you can't choose

Автор Matt Cline ( назад)
If it is true, the only conclusion is that memory is not solely or uniquely
contained in the brain. I think of it like a radio. It receives signals,
but it is not the source of the transmission. A part in the receiver can
break and it won't work. But the broadcast still goes on, even though you
can't hear it with the broken radio. Maybe its something like that. 

Автор bigkarl24 ( назад)
Only reason I don't believe this is because how is the memory passed from 1
brain to another

Автор Tracy McCallum ( назад)
This is the first thing that I ever knew. 

Автор LaurenL09x ( назад)
This has happened in my family 2ce as far as I know- my mum says she
remembers being in a big Victorian house, she thinks she was the maid in
the house and my little nephew was talking about when he 'Remembers when he
was in the war' when he was 3!,Creepy.

Автор jessijade1 ( назад)
I think it's true

Автор Morven Kane ( назад)
The Scottish one is a load of BULL.I know Barra and I know the likes of
this mother and trust me she has fuelled all of this. 

Автор Morven Kane ( назад)
This makes me SICK..the mother is prompting him to begin with to speak of
his Barra dads name.This woman is a FREAK. She has caused all of this in
this little boys life.The mother is a waste of space who I think is
suffering from a sickness.She is feeding her son to the lions for her own
gain. Has anyone evr been KNOCKED down on Barra

Автор Derek Leslie ( назад)
these beings you are speaking to are liars. and come from hell believe it
or not.

Автор Derek Leslie ( назад)
these little rascalls are liars.

Автор MrSLaKoNe1 ( назад)
one of the arguments for reincarnation is that consciousness has always
existed and is basically a fundimental part of the universe, so our
conscious has always existed.

Автор Ronnie Arruda ( назад)
am i the only one who is creeped out about this

Автор ST3ALER63 ( назад)
when i was little i was conviced that i reincarnated from a bunny because i
had a long two front teeth XD and when i got older i realized alot of
babies are like that

Автор Christopher Schiffermiller ( назад)
You say you have memories of all this then you question it and say "
bullshit "? Why? I have the same images, visions and memories of pyramids,
Sumer, Egypt and some crystal cities, space ships, I could go on all day
long. I also leave my body, saw ET face to face, shadow beings and I have
this amazing bald blue ET lady that guides me and come to me in meditation
and sleep. I also see this 7ft tall "Jesus" dude dressed in like a white
robe like ancient greece. I was told things I cant accept yet

Автор milkman1 ( назад)
o what are you

Автор TheLastXeno ( назад)
How awkward it must be to discipline your son and father (father in-law)
simultaneously. Lol

Автор Kyng Mania ( назад)
I remember having powers, and being gilgamesh, I remember IN DETAIL all the
wars... I have these fighting skills that I never knew... SO you're telling
me this was my past life? Bullshit...

Автор Infinite Sky ( назад)
How long have you had these dreams?

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