4x4 Extreme Off-Road in the mud Southern Oregon

River Town Auto www.rivertownauto.com 4X4 in Southern Oregon
River Town 4X4 sells a full line of 4X4 parts. 4x4 Extreme Off-Road
The guys at river town are 4 wheeling all the time

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Автор Humman Off Road Adventures ( назад)
very C001

Автор . ( назад)
and that my friends is how you access the bottom of your rig for

Автор xFOURTWENTYx xKINGx ( назад)
Grants Pass Oregon

Автор Blury Face ( назад)
I love that bumper, did you make it? for the Toyota, I have a little 86 and
shes in desperate need for a new bumper, do you guys recommend buying or
building? if I build it any recommendations on blueprints?

Автор Archie Gale ( назад)
nice pick up

Автор nick freeman ( назад)
over here my dad is crazy the boy shouts lol

Автор ZombieBrowncoat ( назад)
That kids dad is going crazy

Автор Nic Harlow ( назад)
where's this at? I'm in Medford. Where's this at in grants pass?

Автор Danielle LaVassaur ( назад)
Where is this at in grants pass?

Автор Jeff .Geist ( назад)
showing Medford district BLM their tank traps are off road park
challenges..... Lovin it.

Автор nathan patrick ( назад)
real axial honcho !!

Автор captain waggy ( назад)
My dads a little crazy ! lol

Автор Kaegis ( назад)
Awesome trucks

Автор dede greer ( назад)
Are you selling it

Автор Jeff .Geist ( назад)
So you can drive into the Kalmioposo wilderness to the coast. All the
do-gooders took the roads off the map. Now, just need a Toyota. 

Автор spazotis ( назад)
Has the 4link in the back for better articulation

Автор Philip Dassel ( назад)
How much did that toyota cost you to build?

Автор Henry Morris ( назад)
Looks like the axial trail honcho

Автор KNIGHT TRAIN ( назад)

Автор ThatFiendinGreen ( назад)
The Toyota was amazing

Автор sp king ( назад)

Автор jims14rb25 ( назад)
That Toyota is amazing!

Автор Trail Leader Productions ( назад)
Yeah the highly modified toyota going after a Jeep with a set of tires

Автор Reese Jones ( назад)
That's one way to get it truck on the side.

Автор Jusrin21 ( назад)
ok so just wondering but why did the toyota have leaf springs in the front
but 4 link out back?

Автор Connor Mitchell ( назад)
what kind of suspension does the toyota have in the front? 

Автор Wade McGowan ( назад)
0:36 "Turn right, now" haha

Автор Julia Rogers ( назад)
that's the best thing about wheelin' with the kids are the comments they

Автор bobbin “fn” mudd ( назад)
yea they do. they having fun.DA!

Автор kbj42016 ( назад)
Amazing rugged trails. Thanks for making this video for all us to come
along for no gas money. Sweet Jeep, but that Toy is BUILT!

Автор Liz Larson ( назад)
Grants Pass

Автор Jordan Newport ( назад)
what city are you guys in 

Автор james bob ( назад)
that is some sick 4x4ing!!!

Автор Dylan Beck ( назад)
lol the cut the chick off when the dude gets it like bitch u dont know shit
go make me a sandwitch

Автор phattacorider ( назад)
LOL, touche!

Автор lukensnicket ( назад)

Автор timber wolf ( назад)
thats a bad ass little machine ya got there 

Автор jordan jacobson ( назад)
these guys have no clue what they are doing 

Автор BoneHeadOffroading ( назад)
Sweet trail. What part of Oregon is this? I plan to move to Brookings soon
and would like to find some nearby trails 

Автор MyFilms ( назад)
Your a tool who clearly doesnt know Jack. Hilux will go anywhere leafs or
no leafs big deal.

Автор MyFilms ( назад)
yeah odd how even a 4x4 needs to have the wheels on the ground to do

Автор JAS ( назад)
Jeeps suck toyotas rule 

Автор 85toyotaSR5 ( назад)
cool but seriously how did you flip it over right away. was that on purpose
or are you retarded 

Автор phattacorider ( назад)
You're a fucking fruit cake. Maybe he's got the leafs up front to dampen
the front end a lot. Maybe it's just the way he likes his ride, and to go
offroading. Why the hell do you even care? It's not your ride, and I highly
doubt you have any sort of skills to put something like this together.

Автор funit22 ( назад)
Fucking heaps of shit, why would you put all that shit on a car that still
has leaf springs on the front... good old yanks its all for looks and
doesnt do a fucking thing

Автор Mr5point56 ( назад)
You like the Tmax?

Автор Gavin Holliday ( назад)
@Tehsnook Actually I started driving with a jeep, 88yj on a 6inch lift and
it mobbed, I rolled it on pavement in february and now i have an 89 toyota
on a 4 inch, theres ups and downs for both rigs and its not all about the
rig its mostly driver. Jeeps are built to be offroad and if I bought a jeep
and you bought a toyota and we built them the exact same I would put money
on the jeep. Toyotas will last longer with the 2.2s but jeeps are made for
offroad and do better most of the time.

Автор bertik gill ( назад)

Автор ShopVids ( назад)
@ToyotaObsession in a yota like that, you hit the trails however you damn

Автор RMakane ( назад)
love it when they open a video with a 4WD rolling on its side!

Автор bearcoldheart ( назад)
so thats how " YOU " work on your undercariage 

Автор pnut1one ( назад)
Nice video!!

Автор Spunky Flash ( назад)
What brand front bumper is that? Looks great!

Автор cashmab ( назад)
That yota is so sick :@

Автор Tehsnook ( назад)
its always fulfilling when a toyota owner can laugh at a jeeps inability 

Автор x250f23x ( назад)
What's the width on the toyotas front axle?

Автор PewDiePie ( назад)
jeeps are fun littile rigs but that toyota kicks ass 

Автор 1TonTaco ( назад)
Perfectly done guys

Автор Toyota Guru ( назад)
Nice rig, but damn man you don't have to hit the trails at 30 MPH.

Автор coopachew ( назад)
what are those toyo mud terrain on the jeep? thats why its having problems

Автор callen283 ( назад)
what web do you use to pimp out your video 

Автор jon “tweakit” spon ( назад)
yea, my long wheel base won't be going there lol 

Автор Iron Clad Media ( назад)
i think you rolled it on purpose to show off your badass 4 link

Автор 85Yoter1 ( назад)
Toyota all the way baby!

Автор Ryan S ( назад)
who ever said its gonna be a bitch to get in and out of doesn't sound to

Автор ADAM HARKEY ( назад)
Love the Yota, where did the front bumper come from?

Автор Ricardo ramirez ( назад)
Fuckin awesome toyota 4ever.

Автор jeepersport ( назад)
Awesome flexness

Автор ANGELICW4R ( назад)
@haydenHD Thx u i wish people were more like you

Автор Carl Jacobson ( назад)
It's a manual 

Автор johnnyh117 ( назад)
GO TOYOTA! i drive an 85 toyota and i love this video. Especially when the
jeep was having troubles

Автор johnnyh117 ( назад)
@ANGELICW4R Well duh they use a manual only wusses use autos

Автор ANGELICW4R ( назад)
u use an automatic or manual 

Автор Żyleta ( назад)
@jacobson68 :)

Автор Liz Larson ( назад)
@ssiicario Thanks! Look like you are having fun in Poland to.

Автор Żyleta ( назад)
nice vid , good work !

Автор Kevin Berg ( назад)
lol "my dads a little crazy"

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