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Автор psalphon ( назад)
I'm asperger too, I can 't make friends, I just don't understand how it
works but I get used to it

Автор Omedchazak613 ( назад)
I was 9 when I first learned I have Aspergers. I'm 30 now and am doing very
good for myself but still have problems trying to relate to others.

Автор lucy Llewellyn ( назад)
I have aspergers syndrome.

Автор SBS “Aspergican” man ( назад)
Inviting an Aspergican to a social event is the same as inviting a blind
person to go bird watching.
The blind person could contribute to the outing by sensing sounds,
touching, winds, poetry of the moment, many sensory inputs, but not the
sight of the birds or same understanding as those watching the birds.
~~~~This aspergic lack of understanding by society is SOCIETY'S great

Автор caitlinjane92 ( назад)
I agree with her statement "Autism doesn't take away a person; it's just an
addition to a person." Look at what Temple Grandin has been able to
accomplish in her life, for example. 

Автор Dandrews ( назад)
She seems nice. Doesn't blink much though. 

Автор Shelley Magnussen ( назад)
This is a breath of fresh air. I've suspected for some time that I'm a
borderline case.After listening to this, I have no doubts. It's freedom to
know why I am the way I am.

Автор Pauline Booth ( назад)
Thank you for your post Robyn...♥

Автор shannonhutchin ( назад)
My son is in college and graduates in a few months. He has aspergers. It is
a challenge but worth it every day. He is my everything.

Автор MIA SOLA ( назад)
i have AS too . has anyone else noticed that there is a certain eye shape
and look to AS people. eyes lightly almond like and asian. 

Автор Matthew DeCurtis ( назад)
I have AS

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@Drewnation07 people on the spectrum can be proud to be who they are just
as anyone else can . Autism is a part of a person . some people also may be
proud they have overcome challenges they feel they would not have it they
were not on the spectrum, or that autism equates to skills and abilities
that have which they may of worked hard to use.

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@foxkrystal there are many people on the spectrum who are self employed.
There are also lots of books that can be helpful., such as business for
aspic's and asperger's on the job.

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
speech can be affected, and part of the diagnostic criteria for Asoerger's
was to have a speech delay, however many people on the spectrum can speak
fluently , but its not everyone.

Автор Barbara Smith ( назад)
I have a nephew with Asperger's. He's had a lot of help learning skills
from occupational therapists, doctors, and the like, and he's always
attended regular classes and made straight A's. The other kids know about
autism because they live in the U.S epicenter of autism and treatment -
Orange County - so they're familiar with it. He has friends and the girls
have liked him since grade school because he's cute. He doesn't see himself
as different - just someone with something extra.

Автор P Fletch ( назад)
I wonder if many people who have been diagnosed with adhd actually have

Автор Krista Lynn ( назад)
I'm a Proud Aspie! I'm lucky my best friends have the same disability too!

Автор RoyalCatTV™♛ ( назад)
So do I and I am 18 and proud of it. Like if you are proud to have
Asperger's or at LEAST have Asperger's.

Автор RoyalCatTV™♛ ( назад)
I have Asperger's and I am proud to have it. I can relate to Robyn with the
noises part and anxiety. I also have bipolar and I feel proud that I am
unique. Like this if you have Asperger's and are proud to be unique.

Автор cutieboy101568 ( назад)
i have ADHD aspergers OCD and PDD live strong and proud 

Автор AVKnight5588 ( назад)
I have the same problems as well. 

Автор TheAlanakane ( назад)
Do the best with what God gave you.

Автор LPUfantsr96pithaya ( назад)
I can actually relate to Robyn. But I have Asperger Syndrome, but I have
problems with Anxiety, and Anxiety Attack if I get too stressed. I also
have a lot of interests, and I have also problems with being social and
being at too crowded places. I'm not super-sensitive to certain colors or
sounds (depends if I just wake up and are sleepy). To help me deal with
anxiety, I go to Psychologist every week to every other week.

Автор Fjertil ( назад)
Well, it is more complicated. There are people who prefer the academic
stuff and are not Aspies and vice versa. The problem begins when it starts
to affect your life. I my case my brain simply shuts me down under certain
(normal) circumstances and it is never a pleasant time. It is similar to
having e.g. a strong claustrophobia. There is a bunch of people who do not
prefer small rooms, but from a certain degree it should be solved with the
help of others (e.g. when you must use the underground).

Автор Fjertil ( назад)
...and a train behind it. ^_^ But you are right: the spoken exams were a
real torture for me - including my graduation. But I have managed it

Автор denaya lindsey ( назад)
wow you're smarter than me

Автор Kman ( назад)
I hate how people with aspergers are put out as different, just because
some one is more interested in acedemic activities more then social

Автор AndyPandy91 ( назад)
It's more complicated than that, trust me I'm doing research into this
topic. It's also heightened anxiety and taking things very literally. I
have it and not many people notice mine until they get to know me. If
somebody says they are meeting me at a certain time I expect them to be on
the dot not a minute exception. Unless they tell me I get confused as to
why they did not abide by what they said. I also will drive home if I can't
find a parking space. There's no one same person with it. 

Автор 1100HondaCB ( назад)
A close family friend of ours suspect I may be on the autistic spectrum.
The reason she suspect this, I seem to be obsessed with dates and figures
in particular. For many years I've suspected it too as from a infant age I
never mixed with other kids, took things literally (eg someone asked if I
was looking forward to school and I thought literally looking forward to
the school). I'm blunt and certain sounds I find so distressing whereas
others may not even be bothered. I have OCD with things.

Автор yu244720 ( назад)
The most recent statistics suggest that 1 in 88 individuals and 1 in 55
males have AS. Given these numbers, is it really a mental disorder? I would
call a person with AS to have a distinct personality type, with specific
environmental adaptations, cognitive and socialization differences, with
specific aptitudes for certain tasks. My thesis will shed light on AS
through a specific occupational group. 

Автор foxkrystal ( назад)
Not only is aspergers a strength and weakness, the communication, social,
and thought process affects your job interviews and your career. A grave
percent of people with aspergers are under unemployment because their
interviews and working with other is not up to par with modern
expectations. I was warned if I don't improve the weakness of the aspergers
I have, I won't be able to have success in reality. It's a sad thing, and
it's not an easy process, but there is always a light in the tunnel. 

Автор RyanSellman1 ( назад)
Is there any way to keep in touch with Robyn? I have Asperger's as well.

Автор Alex R. (ATG) ( назад)
I happen to have Asperger's as well, so I'd might as well share this. There
is a rumor I've heard about World War II. It was about some code that gave
valuble info needed to end the war, and no one could decrypt it until
someone that had Asperger's tried it. He managed to figure out the code,
and supposedly, if he weren't there to do that, the war would have dragged
on for another 4 years. Now, granted, this might not be true, but it was
quite an interesting story, for me anyways.

Автор heiko dark ( назад)
i have this...i am a high functioning patient as my doctors and councelors
say. but the girl that sits next to me in math is low functionality and she
scares me...

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
Asperger;s became a diagnosis in 1994 and it takes time for clinicians to
learn how to diagnosis a condition 

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@gramattmom I recommend you refer to the DSM ( diagnostic statical Manual )
and ICD ( International Classification of diseases) these are the two books
diagnostics use to diagnoses autism you will find ADHD is not a form of
autism, your son may have a form of autism as well

Автор thecakes41 thecakes41 ( назад)
I have Asperger's too, and I often feel different. Not saying it's a bad

Автор Tek Smart ( назад)
I have the same thing guys, this doesn't mean you can't funtion. It just
mean you are different, in a good way. I have the same thing with
hyper-sensitivity. I'm proud to have Asperger's Syndrome! and knowing that
you're good at some thing never stop never give up my name is Hunter and i
have aspergers but i'm not really fullblooded Aspergers

Автор Alexis Meadows ( назад)
Nice left eye.

Автор Silver Johnes ( назад)

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
... not just people being interested in something in tech speak this is
called a circumscribed interest. OCD is a mental illness,people with mental
illnesses often get a lot of prejudice and are stigmatised so it important
to be as accurate as possible when using those terms.

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
Its not a form of OCD as you point out because it doesn't have compulsions,
also within the context of OCD Obsession means something different to just
an interest or a ritual.in OCD as yu probably know the obsession is the
focus of the persons anxiety i.,e contamination and the compulsion is what
he or she does to try and prevent the obsession 

Автор DOHProductions1996 (1696 лет назад)

Автор Hieifireshadow ( назад)
Having been diagnosed with HFA/mild Asperger's when I was really young, I
always knew that there was something a little odd about me, but I function
almost completely normally from an academic level. The problem for a lot of
us Aspies is social interaction. Some of us have problems with both. It's a
really wide spectrum, actually, but I can say that I am almost perfectly
fine with my condition. Apparently it's easy for Aspies to make friends
with other Aspies! xD

Автор Trusty Peace ( назад)
An Autism syndrome in human is a certain organ has developed in the wrong
direction of nature. there are two forms of Autism (positive and negative).
the cause is from chemical substance. 

Автор Sasha Perrini ( назад)
that makes you sound so ignorant

Автор Jasmine Anastasiadis ( назад)
this was so touching !!!!! 

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
its called Specialisterne Denmark theres also one in glasgow now

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@mandashowlol no not just social awarkness, diffculity can be experianced
understanding what is being said, being able to articulate your
thoughts,putting yourself in other peoples shoes, coping with
change,sharing and taking turns,semsory differences such as hyper and hypo
senstivity to hearing,sight,taste,touch etc problems with attention,sleep
and a need for gliuten and casien free diet are also common.

Автор MrCrunkJoose ( назад)
I scored 26/50 on the Autism Spectrum test.. I think I'm just awkward tbh.

Автор Amanda Hudson ( назад)
Soo all this syndrome does is make u socially awkward? Then everyone has
this!!! I know tons of people who are awkward to talk to sometimes. But
they are still fine. And almost all guys don't catch hints like sighs or
stares to know u want to date them or kiss them or something. So I guess
everyone has this?

Автор CodyOfTheWarzone ( назад)
I really cant tell that she has anything wrong with her. That's probably a
good thing then.....

Автор Neirending (738 лет назад)

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
Im not a shy person, autism and shyness do not always go together but some
people on the Autistic spectrum are shy.

Автор Espirius ( назад)
Soo it just makes her a very shy person.

Автор ViirinSoftworks ( назад)
Me too! I even found (and forgot) a computer company that only hires us.

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
not everyone has the same difficulties, some people on the spectrum have
difficulties with facial expression others dont

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
Its difficult to say as Aspergers effects so many different things, and
diagnosis is somewhat dependent on your early development, the best thing
to do would be to goggle DSM criteria for Asperger's if you think it
applies to you get a referral to a clinician who can diagnosis autism/

Автор Fag Enabler ( назад)
So, "Hello everyone" = Social impediment? That doesn't make any sense. None
at all.

Автор INvalidSYNapse ( назад)
"The tube". That's what I'm going to call the subway from now on. It can't
be helped. Do those with Asperger's also have problems with displaying body
language and facial expression? 

Автор k3wlk1d ( назад)
You obviously do. You start your message with ' Hello everyone'.

Автор Drewnation07 ( назад)
Why are you proud? I'm not saying that you should be shunned, but it wasn't
your choice. It's like saying "I'm proud that a man mugged me and broke my
arm." Or "I'm proud to be breathing air." Also, saying that you are
"different in a good way" shows that you have a social norm for people.
Basically saying, people without disorders are different in a bad way, in a
sense, you are being a hypocrite even if you didn't know it.

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
MrKay9114 thanks for your comment, temple grandins work may be usful, you
could help your twin enormnously by finding at intrest he can share with
others if he wants to, also remember many non Autstic teens isolate

Автор Kaylie Foxy ( назад)
My twin brother has this, he's 14 and my family is just beginning to learn
how difficult the teen years can be for him. I've done some research to
find out more about it and learned that during his teen years he can go
through social isolation which he's already started doing. But to help him
out my mom took him out of public school and put him into a school that can
deal with him better like more one on one. But I hope to see him succeed in

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@greenpilgram50 I have also had some very negative experiances. Thanks for

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@topicrainbow you cant get rid of Aspergers if you have it but you can
learn skills

Автор Joelle Seiden ( назад)
My best friend has a hint of Aspergers, and her brother has it bad. She
used to have it bad, but having someone to talk to often (me) really got
rid of it for her for the most part. I love you Lydia! 

Автор paintedraider ( назад)
I have this, this doesn't mean you can't funtion. It just mean you are
different, in a good way. I have the same thing with hyper-sensitivity. I'm
proud to have Asperger's Syndrome!

Автор mansharker8 ( назад)
I have the same disorder , but I can speak well too numbnuts! :P Its a mild
form of autism that largely affects social skills, but it doesnt cause too
much intellectual disability compared to full fledged autism which can
cause upto severe mental disability/retardation in alot of cases. 

Автор hotello2009 ( назад)
The real problem is society with its illusions - Everybody has his own
intelligence and attitude-Everybody excel in some discipline, more than in
another- not everybody could play chess like Kasparov-they create labels
and invent sickness- We are all different ...but some elite do not like
that- We are not machines, we are humans- Love is the only truth, only love
will save us, not technology, not banks and not politicians but Love that
we have inside

Автор Lycana3 ( назад)
In a way don't we all have a little asperger's (the social aspect of it)?

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
good for you, I am also proud to have Asperger's

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
One good place to start would be too look up the diagnostic criteria also
going through the autism quotient test developed by simon baron Cohen may
be helpful if you can explain to your family doctor/GP how you meet the
diagnostic criteria and/or your score on the Autism quotient this would
give him or her good reason to refer you to a diagnostician. 

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
This is a common problem for people on the spectrum, however there are many
people who do have romantic relationships, jessica Kingsley publish some
books on the topic

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
People with Asperger's can have problems speaking in all kinds of ways, for
example some people find it hard to know when to speak in a conversation 

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
Some people on the Autstic Spectrum do find speaking difficult, this can be
for a range of reasons. Speech has nothing to do with intelligence
though,many people cannot speak but are still intelligent 

Автор Aryxinii ( назад)
Speaking well, as far as I know, has nothing to do with Asperger's.
Actually, many of the people I have met who were diagnosed with Asperger's
I met through gifted programs, so they were extremely intelligent.

Автор SirPlainview ( назад)
As far as I know, speaking isn't exactly an Asperger problem.

Автор Gabriela (Gaby) ( назад)
Trust me, there are signs. I myself have it, and I felt alone for a long
time up til my Freshman year in high school and some of the things I do is
to others odd.

Автор CATcatstudios ( назад)
i have aspergurs syndrom and proud

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@rebirthWoWguild glad yoy found it usful, but just to point out people
sensory differnces are unique to them, also ear plugs,headphones,hoodie or
ear defenders might help your brother

Автор RebirthWoWGuild ( назад)
Wowww, that is amazing, I never knew people with aspergers had hightened
senses to color and/or hearing sometimes, my brother who has a severe case
of aspergers was always scared of the noise in IMAX when he was well in his
teens, now I know why.

Автор robynsteward (786 лет назад)
@comci73 thank you, I would also like to suggest a book calles Different
like me uts a book about a boy on the spectrum who learns about famous
people who had Autism

Автор sirtinycreep ( назад)
I think her problem is she thinks too much. She should learn to chill a bit

Автор Cm Cisowski ( назад)
I thank you Robyn, for posting. I'll be sharing this video with my 9 year
old daughter who had been recently diagnosed and is struggling with feeling

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@monkey1300channel autism is neurologic so you cant see it, its more
noticsble in a persons cognition patterns rather then their speech

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
Drzonlyjones233 no i am still Autstic, but I find speaking to the camera

Автор Jonas Alvarez ( назад)
she's surprisingly well-spoken. i believe she's overcome her disorder. Good
for you! 

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
yes thats right, and your very observant with the number thing. I have a
lot of anxiety around numbers as I also have Dyscuallia.

Автор Tyrantax ( назад)
Just checking, she has difficulties in social situations, but is very
precise in what she says? She says numbers in a slightly higher "pitch" or
"volume". For example when she says "I take everything ONE step at a time."
Correct me if I'm wrong in any way.

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@darknija0200 actually ADHD is not a form of Autism ( see the DSM for proof
) it does however share problems with attention and there is a high rate of
co morbidty ( i.e have autism and ADHD) with autism

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@dusteddom everyone is differnt but a lot of people with Autism find
sarcasm hard to understand, as it is non litral, theres is a book called
the aspergers dictionary of everyday phases which explains non litral
phases and how rude they are or arent

Автор darkninja0200 ( назад)
hmmm I was diagnosed with ADHD (for those of you who don't know is also a
for of autism) at a young age and was tested on. I remember alot of the
tests. Mostly cognitive, memory, and recognition tests. I share alot of the
same symptoms with this kid. But I have the added hyperactivity, near
inability to stay still, and short attention span. Makes school life hard
it does. Especially when people perceive you as being outside of the norm.

Автор Charles L ( назад)
so if someone has aspergers, do they misunderstand when people use sarcasm
or are assertive? 

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@celbogurl08 hands over the ears could be hypersentivity to sound, have you
try'd ear plugs, headphones or ear defenders?

Автор Herosmurf ( назад)
@nkelly1432 it depends which end of the specturm you're on really

Автор Gary Stevens ( назад)
i would love to talk to this person as i would like to learn a more in
depth detail report on the human brain 

Автор Music4AII ( назад)
I have aspergers syndrome as well. I have trouble reading the mood

Автор robynsteward ( назад)
@nkelly1432 communicatiom being articulate can mask other communication
challanges such as not underztanding non verbal infomation, everyone is
different and some people with Autism are unable to speak

Автор Tyrone Biggums ( назад)
This person speaks perfectly. Aren't autistic kids supposed to not be able
to speak well?

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