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Hoverbikes, 360 swings, Star Wars and loads of fireworks means an extra 2million subscribers and a lot of fun.
Thanks to all that watch and share my videos and lets hope 2017 is as good.

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Автор PhixIT ( назад)
Has ColinFurze ever Pinned a Comment?

Автор The Animation's Creator ( назад)
6:46 how rich is this guy?
His neighbors must love him

Автор The Animation's Creator ( назад)
5:50 that's a badass lawnmower

Автор madeinskeda ( назад)
go construct jet pack ^^

Автор David Dillard ( назад)
I remember the rocket launcher fire work that was cool

Автор Peacock 15 ( назад)
November 15 is my birthday

Автор fasst2847 ( назад)
Where did u go fruze

Автор Belgar BR ( назад)
4:43 - That looked like a Fat Man from the Fallout games.

Автор Βασίλης Ανανιάδης ( назад)
Dude, I just discovered this channel, and Furze, YOU'R CRAZY.AND GUESS

Автор Hartur Gamer ( назад)

Hello colinfurze, you can teach to make a mini homemade motorcycle from the
beginning how to make frame at the end please.te rendera many likes.

Автор Paul Duchesne ( назад)
Need More FURZE! I hate the wait!!!!!

Автор Thijs Timmermans ( назад)
I mean ' i love making stuff.

Автор Thijs Timmermans ( назад)
make A hidden door/ bookshelve. look at the video from ' I love making

Автор YOLONINJA77 ( назад)
if he sells some of his vehicles and weapons that he's made to the military
you can make a fortune

Автор Scott “MrScooter” Walters ( назад)
#colonferse #colinfurze just to help if someone misspelled while searching.

Автор freenarative ( назад)
I have an idea for you ya mad badger. How about a net gun/launcher. You
could use it to catch... things. Maybe go small and make a wrist mounted
one to catch... bees and things. Or... OR maybe a big one to catch a person
or a car.

Автор Tfbro Wtf ( назад)
colin you should try to make spider-man's webshooters. I think you could do

Автор nya neslin ( назад)
I wonder what his neighbors would think if they saw the huge 360 swing..

Автор Videogames and Movies Tributes ( назад)
First great video!
I need some support...i started this channel yesterday and uploaded few
videos,but i dont have much views
so it will be amazeing if you visit and give me some feedback! Thank you!
OH...and Colin,where's that 4 mil special? I've been waiting for it like 5
weeks...usually you was makeing special few thousend subs before the

Автор Giel Indenkleef ( назад)
new project idea? making an at?

Автор Oskari Kemilä ( назад)
Make a flamefountain speaker.

Автор ghghssdghhdfshfd şıvgın ( назад)

Автор 昊吴 ( назад)

Автор Hamdan Gaming ( назад)
You are smart but... Crazy..

Автор Ben Amias ( назад)
Colin, I watch a video in YouTube about a man who has a beautiful house in
the river like a mansion

Автор Joseph Wesker ( назад)
you sir, are truly a gifted & innovative inventor/ creator

Автор Alex Bunn ( назад)
So what are you doing for 4million then or are you waiting till 5million

Автор Briseis Bruxaria ( назад)
You know what would be fun? Da Vinci's human-powered ornithopter

Автор Derp Cobblestone_Ssundee ( назад)
I think he should do Scorpion's ropedart buy make it automatic

Автор Carman Eben ( назад)
It's been 2 weeks since this video came out and no new ones yet. Are u
still alive?

Автор Stephen Smith Jr. ( назад)
make a toaster-wave a microwave that makes toast and that cooks bacon

Автор Keegan Werth ( назад)
Is Colin dead? Or did he get arrested?

Автор Joe Legg ( назад)
make a machine that involves 20 deodorant cans made into flamethrowers to
heat a sheet of metal to cook a burger

Автор Ross Photograph ( назад)
Hi Colin my name is Logan and your videos are so funny

Автор Peter Lagah ( назад)

Автор clown music ( назад)
I saw Colin on tv , the show outrageous acts of science

Автор Lars Halvor Hansen ( назад)
where is the Thursday video?!?

Автор Brentt Gelderss ( назад)
when does your next video come?

Автор lukas rivera ( назад)
you should make a flamable gauntlet that set on fire when you punch

Автор Mike Sogan ( назад)
the at-at

Автор CREEPCRAFT18 ( назад)
I bet u could not make a gyroscope

Автор Jordan Wardle ( назад)
7:37 make a lawnmower that cuts grass like that

Автор Jordan CONWAY ( назад)
Hi Colin

Автор Nikos Pistolas ( назад)
omg he hasnt uploaded a vid for 2 weeks... I hope he isn't dead or sth

Автор Верблюд ДЦП ( назад)
Дратути, высокоинтеллектуалы из России есть?

Автор Матвей Хадарович ( назад)
жалко на английском

Автор Темирлан Халыков ( назад)

Автор Uprist ( назад)
Good job this year! Really enjoyed the projects! You should try and make
the Daft Punk helmets :)

Автор wolfie gaming-tutorial-vlog-trick ( назад)
can you make a war robot?

Автор Aryan Gera ( назад)
where are you man

Автор Arun Pegler ( назад)
How about you build something with a Stirling engine

Автор Top 10 ( назад)
Plz plz plz plz do cyclops goggles from xmen!!!! (glasses that can burn
stuff with lasers!)

Автор Jkk Killer ( назад)
Hey colinfurze can you make from 4-wheeled "bike", very fast gocard which
can ride 80 km/h in 2017?

Автор Andy W ( назад)
What a legend

Автор ADM ( назад)
I know it's kinda wierd, but how about you make a blender, Colin Furze

Автор Ravil Shakhmuratov ( назад)
Рин-рин, всё классно!

Автор Connor Dee ( назад)
I want to be an inventor

Автор maxgamer X5 ( назад)
COLIN! Make a jetpack!

Автор bobo wheeler ( назад)
No more videos i guess. He made alot of cool stuff hopehe comes back.

Автор DRAX DUDE ( назад)
colin i love your videos! i had a suggestion: rig your house with traps
that can be remote activated from a controlpanel and then build a secret
room with that controlpanel inside and put some cool gadgets and wepaons in
the saferoom (quite like home alone). Like so Colin can see this.

Автор чики брики ( назад)
ты классный чувак, спасибо за видео !)

Автор J Vlogs and Reviews ( назад)
Guys check out #Mysticmaker he is the young Colinfurze tell him I

Автор deathbeam320 ( назад)
who needs TV shows, watch this guy, and TV will become garbage in compare

Автор Joe Harris ( назад)
Bin Stomper - the best by miles. More dumbass projects please Mr Furze.

Автор Jiří Zápotocký ( назад)
pls try to make motlorized skies

Автор Fabian Sandau ( назад)
can you build a hoverboard please

Автор ZootMiBalot ( назад)
4mil subs bro

Автор DJH 14 ( назад)
I know this might be a bit late but if you need a band get in contact with

Автор The lone man ( назад)
I have something you could try and remake, try and make the gunblade in
final fantasy 13 the weapon lighting uses make it able to be able to fire
when in gunform and be a sword in sword form and able to change like in the
game, and if you do happen to do that then I say try and make as a last
challenge try and make the shotgun called the duster from bulletstorm make
them and I say you need to be put into a book

Автор #Uncute ( назад)
4 million

Автор Cilantron ( назад)
Have you even thought once in nature, pollution issues and sustentability?

Автор Füzē ( назад)
BR i'm From Brazil

Автор MadderBradder HD ( назад)
he should make an iron man suit

Автор Eeveekid11 ( назад)
He should work at NASA

Автор _ jibfuu _ ( назад)
ha Nov 15 is my b-day

Автор 1866 Yellowboy ( назад)
Colin you should make a neon fire flaming bmx so when you ride the bike you
have flames come out the back and neon lights round the back with a engine
to make it faster with a controllable speed on it but remember to where
your safety tie

Автор Kane Tiernan ( назад)
When u bring a new vid out ?

Автор Short E ( назад)
You should make a Thrust pack for 2017...
Thrust pack, basically a jet pack made to move you forward on anything with
wheels and not threw the air

Автор charlie4166 ( назад)
Can you build a burner/combustor like you did for your jet engine to help
spool a existing turbo on a car that cant spool from a standing start??

Автор SPACE LO-FI ( назад)

Автор GuyMundo ( назад)
lol youtube unsubbed me twice now

Автор Ricco H ( назад)
Make an assassins Creed unity phantom blade it will be cool

Автор Nikki Tuson ( назад)
What do you do with your old inventions?

Автор William K ( назад)

Автор Josh Schultz ( назад)
you know, I like this guy but I don;t think the idea has ever gone into his
head about bringing a fire extinguisher

Автор Nasuper 100 ( назад)
happy new Year, my Friend...

Автор Haydn Martin ( назад)

Автор Michael Pearce ( назад)
Love your red nose as you lead us into your World of Insanity. I'm now a

Автор Austin Zuspan ( назад)
Colin! Make a jet-powered snowboard!

Автор Darren White ( назад)
Eeeeeeeeeh Mr Furze you have made it to my local news !! For that I need
your unwelded (bolted) go cart please 👍North Easr News!! I hope you will
deliver soon. Cheers Mr White Tester of roadworthy crap. 😜

Автор The official Channel ( назад)

Автор Hooplaaa15 ( назад)
Make the bushwhacker from cod

Автор jace czhristian santos ( назад)
can you make qrow's scythe from rwby

Автор Devilsir ( назад)
You are awesome keep it up Colin

Автор Daman preet ( назад)
you are really a risky man ,but you are awesomest and crazienier

Автор Jason DeFord ( назад)
Hey: make a double sided throwing axe

Автор Cerbyrus 7 ( назад)
Colin furze the type of guy to tie his tie to something and call it a
safety harness

Автор João Pedro ( назад)

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