Rounda Rousey shows off rock hard body at UFC 207 Weigh-In, Nunes say she's confident she'll win"

Ronda Rousey makes her first public apperance ahead at the UFC 207 weigh-in's looking in shape and better than ever to win her belt back. Her opponent Amanda Nunes says she going to win and remain champion come Dec. 30.

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Автор digdeep0169 ( назад)
LionKing comes in and steals the show. Amanda runs offstage scared shitless

Автор CSM1470 ( назад)
The ones booing Nunes are the same idiots who thought Ronda was the baddest
chick on the planet..

Автор jpjanonceseis9 ( назад)
Seems like Ronda ran to the restrooms afterwards...

Автор Proudmule1 ( назад)
Lion girl going out trick-or-treating later???? REDNECKS.

Автор duane dilling ( назад)
ronduh is a joke

Автор fungoorstitch ( назад)
Does Amanda Nunes tuck his balls all the way back in when he fights or does
he just go with the old tried-and-true cock sock?

Автор JOSEPH JAKUBEC ( назад)
To bad that she didn't have a rock hard face. Should have shown Nunes clock
hard fist.

Автор Peter Grimshaw ( назад)
Ronda has no boxing skills and probably got in shape for the weigh-in not
the fight.........You can tell Ronda was scarred of Nunes as Ronda left the
stage pretty fast with her usually try to look tough look on her mug. Nunes
striking is excellent and will turn potato face into mashed
potatoes.....you can only last a year in this sport before someone new
knocks down your door, Ronda has no heart left like Meisha Tate for the
sport anymore and they both can proud to say I did it. Nunes vs Holly Holm
is next i hope......2 great strikers with Holms with the longer reach, so
who is the better grappler?

Автор buddychrist5 ( назад)
0:59 LOL jack hole caught taking pic of Ronda's ass.

Автор The Trendsetta, Inc. ( назад)
Hey Nunes, you idolize Ronda Rousey! #1 Fan remember? Fuckin' groupie

Автор d obianuli ( назад)
Who's the retard in charge of this channel?

Автор marko tikvic ( назад)
that crowd is retarded

Автор Edward Broski ( назад)
I hope ronda.knocks out or makes her tap outtttt.1.min.fight...tops

Автор Tony RG (Tony) ( назад)
the sad part is that ronda still has that shitty weak ass trainer who told
her to stop doing what works (arm bar) and start boxing and you know what
happened after that.

Автор Matador Hernandez ( назад)
Fuck UFC

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