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We recently traveled to Los Angeles to film a couple videos with our good friend Sarah Hyland. She is an amazing actress and has a beautiful voice. We hope you all enjoy our collaboration of Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey.

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Boyce Avenue and Sarah Hyland performing an acoustic cover of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey. #Closer #TheChainsmokers #Halsey #BoyceAvenue #SarahHyland

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Gear We Use:
Taylor Guitars: http://goo.gl/V4caKC
Elixir Acoustic Strings: http://goo.gl/k0jpHe
PRS Electrics: http://goo.gl/3bZHOF
Meinl Cajon: http://goo.gl/fbv9rk
Yamaha Digital Piano: http://goo.gl/ZE66tl
Sony a6500 Camera: https://goo.gl/k6GvSt
Sony a7S II Camera: http://goo.gl/J1wzOq
Sony a7R II Camera: https://goo.gl/1w8W30
Sony 35mm Lens: http://goo.gl/8tPP5F
Sony 55mm Lens: http://goo.gl/TGn4GP
Sony 90mm Lens: http://goo.gl/eOElwD
Sony 24-70 Lens: https://goo.gl/qrbgAv
Audio Technica Mic: http://goo.gl/EwTN7d
Shure Mic: http://goo.gl/3mdod7
Fotodiox Flapjack Light: http://goo.gl/dZLiHi
Phantom 4 Drone: http://goo.gl/l3WbcH
Robin-M Gimbal: http://goo.gl/g5bKC5

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Audio & Video Produced by Boyce Avenue
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber
Directed & Arranged by Alejandro Manzano
Filmed by Adam Barber & Boyce Avenue
Edited & Colored by Adam Barber
Filmed at Ocean Studios

Просмотров: 32945130
Длительность: 4:5
Комментарии: 11932

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Автор Jenni MacGregor ( назад)

Автор Otto Altman ( назад)
10 times better than the original.

Автор Betül Ulutürk ( назад)
he is singing better than the guy in orjinal one

Автор Nevin Fritz ( назад)
Marvelous cover. You've definitely come a long way in your career to make
such beautiful music. I'm very pleased with what I hear!

Автор RICEH ( назад)
did he just punch his drums @ 3:52?

Автор Young Slam ( назад)

Sung by indian girl himani

Listen 👂🏻

Автор zineb tahir ( назад)
he is playing with that guitar like awesome I can't even find the word all
I know is that I wanna have one 😁😁😍😍

Автор YTips101 ( назад)
shes amazing at everything i wish i was her 😭😭❤❤😍🎶😂

Автор najwa leonita ( назад)
love you

Автор Quan Vu ( назад)

Автор MAHESH PRASAD ( назад)
It is a nice fantastic song.

Автор The Perfect Lain ( назад)

Автор Jess Lowe ( назад)
I prefer this to the original

Автор TheGamingApple Dk ( назад)
Every time i watch this i get satisfied i dont why maybe is BECOUSE OF
I dident know that she could do that and she is also on the Best show ever

Автор Christina Ovchinnikov ( назад)
It would mean so much if you checked out my YouTube cover

Автор Brendan O'Brien ( назад)
she sounds just like hailey dunphy

Автор Donna Thompson ( назад)
n o spells no way

Автор k męď ( назад)
sarah is not okak 😐💔

Автор chong jia hau ( назад)

Автор Robert Vertue ( назад)
Don t the make modern family anymore.

Автор itsmesanto ( назад)
OMG!! This is so fucking good.

Автор JoXeF aztig ( назад)

Автор Marssel Jampier Colorado Carranza ( назад)
They make a very good band I love this song

Автор nina rodriguez ( назад)
I like this version more than the original.

Автор Murat Gedikli ( назад)
The guy has a great voice. The girl just garbage.

Автор Adriana Neves Vale ( назад)

Автор Erin Kaur ( назад)

Автор Wonder Women ( назад)
Sarah I need an album of your own music now before I dieeeee

Автор Richie Blaze ( назад)
Nice Cover Love this Song I might just Cover it too!

Автор Pavel P ( назад)
checkout my cover of this!
thank you :)

Автор Kieran Whiteley ( назад)

Автор Emmy Em ( назад)
That kind of big eyes she have 😍

Автор Thamiris Ferreira ( назад)
BR 🇧🇷💚💛💙

Автор Wujood Al_ghufaili ( назад)

Автор Ella Bäcker ( назад)
Very good

Автор Alter ( назад)
It's just so bad comparing to original...

Автор Youssef Mohamed Saied ( назад)
i love you hana👠👠💚💙

Автор Bruno Alhe ( назад)
I never knew Sarah had this angelic voice!! This inspired me to upload an
acoustic cover as well <3

Автор John Leonard ( назад)
i really like this version ..better than the dj that sings it

Автор Maricar de Guzman ( назад)
i remember the good old days of 2016:(

Автор Guitar Ins. ( назад)
No, I, I, I, I, I can't stop :)

Автор Jason Fuentes ( назад)
Christ almighty. This song is horrendous.

Автор Damien487 ( назад)
sounds sick.

Автор Robert Krick ( назад)
Modern Family overrated!!!!!

Автор PastExpiryDotCom ( назад)
This is better than the original.

Автор RosyEu Oficial ( назад)
Aplausos 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Автор Moxx l Agario ( назад)
Bad !


Автор FamousPikachuGirl 1 ( назад)
They can be use the next Chainsmokers!!!!

Автор Mishapisha Deanbean ( назад)
(Shadow Hunters) doms girlfriend is sooo cute

Автор yo hi ( назад)

Автор Dominik Vilmányi ( назад)

Автор Makayla Humphries ( назад)
Sarah Hyland from Starstruck😊 didn't know she could sing too ❤️

Автор songsdontcare ( назад)
she sings... oh Hailey! ❤

Автор Cruz DiMarzo ( назад)
Can anyone tell me what type of microphone there using, trying to buy a
good mic to do Youtube covers 🤔

Автор Mihh Mihail ( назад)
big shit

Автор catcyc ( назад)

Автор Loli martinez lamela ( назад)
buenas tardes hermosa canción y ella tiene una voz muy bonita...... Me
encanta esta chica

Автор Giovanni Gutierrez ( назад)
Wow, Sarah can sing. I never expected this from someone from Modern Family.

Автор psychorabbitt ( назад)
Better than the original, which (other than Halsey's part) I didn't really

Автор Betzabet Stalhuth ( назад)
Que bellos

Автор Kevin Sortones ( назад)
hi guys.anyone can help ,e how to make a video?and earn money from

Автор Kevin Sortones ( назад)

Автор Sirlei Moura ( назад)
o may Good perfect

Автор Maria Eduarda Rodrigues do Nascimento ( назад)
Eu amo a sarah desde que ela fez aquele filme um geek encantador e sou
muito fã de moder family é e incrível ver ela em um cover também cantando
uma música que eu adoro! !!!!!

Автор Bharat jung Pandey ( назад)
Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор God of destruction ( назад)
the guy with the box, look useless

Автор Pankaj Korvi ( назад)

Автор Dave Lenhart ( назад)
Simply the best cover of this song....period. Better than the original.
Sarah Hyland knocks it out of the park!!

Автор Megan Blair ( назад)
I genuinely love y'alls cover. I love it better than the original. Great

Автор Vanesa napanga ( назад)
estan usando un CAJON PERUANO!

Автор Nycolli Maya ( назад)
Ai como eu amooo seus vídeos

Автор ShealinPlayz ( назад)
me and my mom love you guys and this song

Автор Baby Wipes ( назад)
favorite cover song of Boyce Avenue now.. speciality the voice of the lady
from 1:30 to 2:10 so epic... and so on... love it

Автор Oscar davila ( назад)
She is Haley Dufy of modern family 😱😱😱😱

Автор Censoredsmile ( назад)
Would've been good if I wasn't so bothered by the girls upper lip. idk what
it is. could be lipstick going too high? idk but I couldn't stop focusing
on it

Автор Bekka Zuidema ( назад)
I like this version more than the original one. Sarah you have a beautiful
voice and it sounds really good with the Boyce Avenue. I hope that you guys
do more covers in the near future!

Автор Serena Oliveti ( назад)
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Автор jamiiis2325 ( назад)
I was recommended this after watching some Megan Davies covers. I do not
regret clicking. Holy shit you guys are good.

Автор James Dickerson ( назад)
wtf!! dylan from geek charming can sing?

Автор Jared Hettler ( назад)
the blonde girl is amazing

Автор Rachel S ( назад)
I have no idea why but whenever I watch Boyce Avenue I always think of
pizza express

Автор Mari e Gu Música ( назад)
Brasileiros, nós também gostamos de fazer versões de músicas que gostamos,
venham dar uma olhada em nosso canal!! ;)
Ainda é novo e não tem tanta produção, mas é de coração!! :))

Автор Murilo Vieira ( назад)
Just perfect...

Автор Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo ( назад)

Автор Pink tiger girl ( назад)
love this song

Автор Natasa Peneva ( назад)
love this cover 😆😆😆

Автор MrPoldekrosmol ( назад)
ah man, imagine having a gf as hot as Sarah Hyland

Автор Annwesha Chakrabarty ( назад)
Can you also do a cover of Mercy (by Shawn Mendes) and/or Faded (by Alan
Walker) with Sarah Hyland?
Btw, this version of closer is baeeeeee 😍😍😍❤❤❤

Автор Päm Ribeiro ( назад)
Ameii ta lindo demais😍❤

Автор Merari Sanchez ( назад)
Omg, i didnt know she could sing.

Автор Tim Henley ( назад)
Lovely, thank´s

Автор V Shah ( назад)
Amazing singing guys I guess it's the best song currently on youtube

Автор Músicas S2 ( назад)
Brasileiros que viciaram nessa música cadê vcs??😊🎵🎶

Автор kuristofa c ( назад)
Sarah 😍

Автор Ellen Irawady ( назад)
hi i am new

Автор Pimple Popper 2017 ( назад)
OMG. My idol

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