Unbelievable Greenhead Hunt in The Thicket - Cherokee Sports - Rusty Creasey

It's late in the year and the mallards are hole shy as a son of a gun. Rusty and some good friends move back into the thickest where the mallards feel safer and put an end to about 5 limits of em'. Now this is what duck hunting is all about.

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Автор Felix Diehm ( назад)

Автор Brandon Bender ( назад)
great dog!

Автор Keith Kelly ( назад)
What State was this hunt located?

Автор Trinity Dad ( назад)
What an awesome dog.... got to give him props... well trained... 

Автор Chris Zoubek ( назад)
Awesome video... Going to try hunting the woods this winter. Any tips?

Автор fishonfish1 ( назад)
What do you think of mojos?

Автор Jared Tyndall ( назад)
Which echo call is this?? sounds great! 

Автор Greenie Head ( назад)
You shot my cousins the Greenheads!

Автор Blake “Grizzly” McKain ( назад)
ya'll don't have to use plugs? here in Ne. we can only have 3 shells in the

Автор Freddy King ( назад)
Mostly blindside number 5's brotha

Автор SULLY OUTDOORS ( назад)
what shellsdo yall use? and also i just got into flooded timber duck
hunting, and its awesome! we usually do flooded corn fields!

Автор Theo Ardy ( назад)
bagus . . 

Автор johnathan cottrell ( назад)
The videos are amazing, I have see just about all of them. all the hard
work paying off I know I will be using some of the things you have been
talking about. THANK YOU. Jeffery Lake they would hunt circles around you.
If you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.

Автор alan bishop ( назад)
Videos like this make me mad!! Hunting in Massachusetts sucks.

Автор Jeff Coats ( назад)
NICE Freddy! 

Автор Clayton .Hiles ( назад)
Nice video its nice to see on youtube some people who actually know how to
hunt. You can hear somone in thte background highballing while yall are
smashing like crazy haha

Автор Nicholous Rogers ( назад)
just baught a new echo call friday of last week our season has been slow
this year.l.. the weather has held us up we are finally getting a lil frost
this week went yesterday morn and killed a few woodies but as far as big
ducks we hvnt gotten any here in south carolina this year just not cold
enough i suppose either way woodies are just fine with me and bieng
privaledged to hunt them is enough ...hope yalls season continues to roll
on have a great year 

Автор SteelTiiTan ( назад)
If the duck isn't completely dead you pick it up by the neck and snap your
wrist in a spinning motion, so you sever the spinal cord and they die
instantly with no pain. That works with all birds you shoot, I use it with
geese, ducks, grouse and woodcock.

Автор austin Hernandez ( назад)

Автор redroofretriever ( назад)
Wow great hunt. Do you guys guide? Can you refer me to a guide that does
flooded timber hunts? Great calling, shooting, and dog work too.

Автор TeamDuckMeat ( назад)
Doesnt get much better then that. 

Автор 3InSupremes ( назад)
I've only got to hunt in true timber a couple times but it is amazing how
they come throug those trees. I always thought there had to be a big
opening but that ain't true, if they want in they'll get in. 25 mallards
coming through a hole the size of the your truck is enough to get your
blood pumping. Fo sho

Автор WillieDellwo ( назад)

Автор TheXJthatCould ( назад)
ive always been a fisher but never hunted, just wondering, if you dont kill
a duck how do you finish it? cuz i been wanting to go duck hunting

Автор ned schneibly ( назад)
Hey guys check out my videos on my channel on how to call mallards woodies
teal whistling ducks and diving ducks thanks.

Автор cvanns ( назад)
that dog is worth his weight in gold. good dog buck. 

Автор rick ross ( назад)
that's the same call that I've got and it works wonders. great hunting
guys, keep it up!

Автор SithSereyPheap1 (245 лет назад)
It's raining mallards man !!

Автор tom hodge ( назад)
man i like that call very ducky like good job

Автор joaonoreiraism ( назад)

Автор Charles Johnson ( назад)
Love to watch the videos that feature Buck working,just got my first Lab a
month ago,13 weeks old now and she is already making 50 foot water
retrieves cant wait to get her on real birds.

Автор bruno rafaél ( назад)
voçes ai da america do norte como caçadores são muito ingratos, aki na
américa do sul(brazil),estamos acostumado a agradescer o dog quando ele
traz a caça até a gente.adoramos caçar, o dog também fica muito feliz
quando levamos ele para o mato para se divertir com a gente.pensem nisso da
proxima vez, levem algumas bolachas ou balas,o cãozinho gosta muito, e cada
vez que ele trazer a caça, de um agrado para o dog. a caçada foi

Автор Nicholas ( назад)
what are the dekes 

Автор Reese Nichols ( назад)
@Outdoorvideomaster what kind of shotgun are you using

Автор Trent Dorris ( назад)
Beautiful dog and great work by him 

Автор Ben Boerjan ( назад)
hey man! how is your jerk string rigged up? and i just got some fusion
series decoys for christmas and gonna hunt with em in the rain tomorrow!

Автор CamoedupProductions ( назад)
You do one heck of a job calling..... Another great video..... Check mine
out when you can...

Автор goose slayer ( назад)
amazing mallard hunt i just got back in and limited out on wood ducks and

Автор Fainfero1 ( назад)
Million dollar Buck!

Автор Jake W ( назад)
buck is impressive man

Автор Andrea Ganora ( назад)
Nice hunt, great dog : ) 

Автор jumpthenoob ( назад)
arent battery powered mojos illegal in Arkansas?

Автор Peyton Garner ( назад)
do you have to put alot of air into that call to get a good sound??

Автор Dre Breezy ( назад)
Dog is just plain awesome.

Автор dalton beals ( назад)
@Outdoorvideomaster do you have a echo meat hanger?

Автор Freddy King ( назад)
@ducksforlife123 Echo Call my brotha! Sounds awesome don't they!!!!

Автор dalton beals ( назад)
great calling,what call is that. 

Автор Jacob Smith ( назад)
awesome shooting boys. been hunting woodies and teal already this season.

Автор andreszapata01 ( назад)
Five stars for the dog!!!!!!!

Автор Freddy King ( назад)
two years ago Arkansas legalized em' again. I'd wish they'd make em'
illegal again though

Автор kaser975 ( назад)
very very nice

Автор phoenix1916 ( назад)
Great shooting and even better retrieving, love to see a good dog at work!

Автор Mrduckman97fly ( назад)
i got some of the origanals and im gona mix up the fusiions with them they
look great thanks for postin vid. 

Автор Freddy King ( назад)
That there call would be the Echo XLT acrylic. It's one mean son of a gun
ain't it!

Автор Kyle Sheridan ( назад)
hey brotha what kinda call is rusty using it sounds great and im lookin for
a new call for this up and coming season

Автор destin hahn ( назад)
wow. this looks lik so much fun. we only do that good maybe 3 or 4 times a

Автор dropemlikerain ( назад)
screw rnt n rntv echos are the best there is...hands down

Автор dropemlikerain ( назад)
looks like a pretty freakin great mornin in the timber....aint nuthn better

Автор Hellcat040369 ( назад)
Another great video. It's good for getting in the mood as it's duck season
here in New Zealand. Whats the limit bag there?

Автор justin chipman ( назад)
Awesome vid. I duck hunt in The Texas marsh. I would love to hunt in
flooded timber for some greenheads we dont get them were i hunt. GREAT VID

Автор Freddy King ( назад)
Brotha that's his phone going off! LOL!!!! It's a ringtone!!!!

Автор Freddy King (554 года назад)
The originals are still being made and sold. But the fusions are still way
lighter by more than half than any other decoy out there. They still move 3
times better than any solid body decoy. Thanks for the comments though. It
is a sick hunt!!!!

Автор Matt Gutacker ( назад)

Автор agduckhunter ( назад)
Absolutely awesome, once again!

Автор HawgNSonsTV2 ( назад)
Awesome work...you put together a nice show!

Автор Merryman Outdoors ( назад)
Awesome video guys! Well done.

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