40 Big PlayStation 4 Games of 2017

It's gonna be a fantastic year for PlayStation 4. Join us as we round-up some of the biggest games coming to the platform in 2017.

The Best Reviewed Games of 2016

IGN's Best Nintendo Games of 2016:

IGN's Best PC Games of 2016:

IGN's Best Playstation Games of 2016:

IGN's Xbox One Games of 2016:

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Автор Nut Chantieng ( назад)
Where's Sniper Elite 4

Автор Blaze Streak ( назад)
Days Gone, FF7 Remake, Days Gone, Friday the 13th: The Game, Ghost Recon
Wildlands, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Kngdom Hearts 3, Metal Gear
Survive, Nioh, Persona 5, Prey, Red Dead Redemption 2, Resident Evil 7:
Biohazard, Tales of Berseria and Vampyr are the ones I am looking forward

Автор Ya boi, Guzma ( назад)
Persona 5, you are all i need

Автор Migs V ( назад)
As long as there are no more delays, 2017 could turn out to be the best
year for gaming ever.

Автор Haris Devine ( назад)
Release dates (in Europe) of all the games featured in this video (as of
January 9th, 2017):

[18/01/2017] Gravity Rush 2
[24/01/2017] Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
[24/01/2017] Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
[24/01/2017] Yakuza 0
[27/01/2017] Tales of Berseria

[08/02/2017] Nioh
[14/02/2017] For Honor

[01/03/2017] Horizon Zero Dawn
[07/03/2017] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
[10/03/2017] Nier: Automata
[23/03/2017] Mass Effect: Andromeda

[04/04/2017] Persona 5
[11/04/2017] Yooka-Laylee
[28/04/2017] Dragon Quest Heroes II

[16/05/2017] Injustice 2

[Q1 2017] Friday the 13th: The Game
[Q1 2017] Outlast 2
[Q1 2017] South Park: The Fractured but Whole
[Q2 2017] New Hot Shots Golf
[Q2 2017] Prey
[Q2 2017] Rime
[Q2 2017] Tekken 7
[Q2 2017] Wipeout: Omega Collection
[Q4 2017] Red Dead Redemption 2
[Q4 2017] Shenmue III

[2017] Ace Combat 7
[2017] Agents of Mayhem
[2017] Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy
[2017] Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
[2017] Gran Turismo Sport
[2017] Metal Gear Survive
[2017] Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
[2017] The Surge
[2017] Vampyr

[TBA] Days Gone
[TBA] Detroit: Become Human
[TBA] Final Fantasy VII Remake
[TBA] God of War
[TBA] Kingdom Hearts III
[TBA] Spider-Man

Hope that helps.

Автор [ “Enfite1” ] ( назад)
xbox version?

Автор Kelvin ( назад)
Dont get me wrong playstation has alot of amazing games coming that excite
more than anything xbox has, but you got to admit most of these games arent
coming out in 2017 just a reality and nature of how game development is
nowadays. That and playstation games always get delayed on top of the
regular game delays. But I still cant wait to play most of these games.
2018 and 2019 hype!!!!!!.

Автор matthewg.89 ( назад)
Safe to say we have a pretty stellar year ahead in gaming! You can take
Shenmue 3 off the 2017 list though lmao!

Автор Revolt ( назад)
40% of games showed in the video doesn't have a release date at all, to say
the least. And the other 60% gonna get delayed.

Автор BlackAir09 ( назад)
Coming out in 2017:
Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy
For Honor
Friday the 13th: The Game
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Gran Turismo Sport
Gravity Rush 2
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Injustice 2
Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Metal Gear Survive
Nier Automata
Outlast 2
Persona 5
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole
Tekken 7
Yakuza 0

Delayed to 2018:
Days Gone
Detroit: Become Human
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
God of War
Kingdom Hearts 3
Red Dead Redemption 2
Shenmue III

Автор criminal238 ( назад)
Why do they keep adding that Friday the 13th game to the list when it is
total garbage.

Автор joyce held ( назад)
I just have a question ign what is metal gear survive doing on this

Автор Liso ( назад)

Автор digitalcamel7 ( назад)
You guys have to put the game title text anywhere but the upper right,
since there's a "suggested etc" popup that comes on throughout the video
which blocks the text there. Thanks

Автор Dillon Aguirre ( назад)
Hahahaha why is mgs survive on here

Автор TheAqualic ( назад)
OMG IGN YOU DID IT AGAIN! You are really unreliable and irresponsible since
some of the game you mentioned didn't even confirmed for 2017!

Автор Wolverine the animal ( назад)
Just give me horizon zero dawn, Spider-Man, god of war, the last of us part
2, days gone, kingdom hearts 3, & final fantasy 7 and we're good

Автор David Echeverri ( назад)
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3?

Автор GORDOD ( назад)
Glad to be a Playstation Gamer :)

Автор Dennerson Samarony ( назад)
Detroit: Become Human, Days gone, spider man, Vampyr, Outlast 2. The best
so far. But Detroit and Spider man are not coming out this year.

Автор Blazing Eagle ( назад)
Long live the PlayStation gods, and death to the infidel Xbox

But seriously now is it just me or is Microsoft kinda giving up on the Xbox
and banking more on the pc side of their gaming market

Автор David Thomas ( назад)
look at all this game that i wanna buy but i don't have enough money !

Автор Roll Brand ( назад)
OMG IGN square enix hasn't even confirmed the release date for kingdom
hearts 3 and final fantasy VII remake

Автор Joe ( назад)
what about Dragon quest XI?

Автор Aj Jingco ( назад)
Injustice 2 will come to PC so there's that!

PlayStation 4 (Because Of It's Exclusives.)
Xbox One (Because Of It's Interactivity.)
Personal Computer (Have To Wait A Whole Year Before GREAT Games Come To The

Автор J. H. ( назад)
That's a smooth montage.

Автор Jonathan Morgan ( назад)
I thought that PlayStation said that Days Gone, GOW and Spiderman wouldn't
be coming out this year

Автор bamafan28 ( назад)
There are 10 triple a exclusives on this list and 2 or 3 might not be this
year but those others look absolutely amazing.

Автор Abigail Weller ( назад)
Shuehei Yoshida actually said that Detorit Become Human might not be coming
out in 2017.

Автор Collin Yates ( назад)
You know my system doesn't have a good line up when there's a David Cage
game on the front of the video.

Автор PsyGnosiS ( назад)
Ps4 games > Xboner games > PC games so far...

Автор Vie Loi ( назад)
Metal Gear survive... Now I know that's a joke

Автор JDillander91 ( назад)
Pretty sure half of these games will not be released in 2017, IGN needs to

Автор Nathan Freeman ( назад)
PS4 is the best console

Автор CableSam ( назад)
aaaaand once again, spiderman ps4 is on the list 😊😊😊

Автор Mazin X ( назад)
Kingdom Hearts 3 and Spider Man in 2017?

Автор anab0lic ( назад)
2017 is all about PS4 and Nintendo switch

Автор Eric ( назад)
Gran turismo sport hype!

Автор Des Gutierrez ( назад)
days gone 2017?

Автор Master Knife ( назад)
I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3, Shenume 3 and Red dead redemption.
Not to mention Horizon Zero Dawn

Автор Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man ( назад)
Days Gone, Detroit, GoW, Gravity Rush, HZD, Nioh, Nier and RDR 2 are the
only ones i want.

Автор Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man ( назад)
lol MGS S, Friday the 13th, Outlast 2 and the golf game are not "big".

Автор Firangi Man ( назад)
red dead
god of war

Автор Jigsaw ( назад)
Days gone looks so cool.

Автор Unazaki ( назад)
Whats the BG music for this??? I MUST HAVE IT!!!

Автор NEXSNRG? ( назад)
I didn't see Dragon Quest XI but that might be a 2018 release. Overall,
this is a pretty impressive line up; there's something for everyone's

Автор Yte Bread ( назад)
If all IGN vids are going to have forced commercials then I'm going to

Автор mohamad javanbakht ( назад)
outlast 2 vs r.e 7 👊

Автор Anmol Hunji ( назад)
I'm huge fan of God of War and Spider-Man but pretty sure that they'r not
coming this year.

Автор Robert Padua ( назад)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Shenmue 3

Автор Johnny Quach ( назад)
Most excited for ni no kuni 2

Автор Ariel Gonzalez ( назад)
jaja patetico

Автор Jin Furukawa ( назад)
Really kh3? 3 kh titles this year??

Автор Bearlo ( назад)
Best PC games 2017

Автор Rz Rock ( назад)
Days Gone and God Of War confirm release this year?

Автор Kudan ( назад)
good list, but some are coming in 2018

Автор ZtheGamer CPI ( назад)
am i the only one who is hyped for Ni No Kuni 2??

Автор Booyah WenRene ( назад)
40 for PS4 and 32 for XBONE? And those 32 have multi-platform. Just goes to
show why ps4 is the best place to play

Автор vmkblaster1 ( назад)
No kingdom hearts 3! At least they got the correct footage and game that is
actually coming out!!!

Автор Frostbite ( назад)
rdr 2 coming out?!

Автор trevchanz mum ( назад)
ign lots of your list and ratings are so crap these days. eg. how can you
rate crappy 2d games which are graphically, story, and gameplay way worse
then uncharted 4 but rate it more it doesent make any sense

Автор mavinwiz ( назад)
Who does the music to your trailers?!? They do an amazing job and I would
love to hear more!!!

Автор polasboek ( назад)
I want yo see the 40 games for Nintendo Switch!

Автор vanthursday ( назад)
Hurry up and release Tekken 7 already!!
Actually put more characters in it... I need Lei Wulong..

Автор Azoz Manaf ( назад)
❤️Red Dead Redemption 2❤️

Автор jinsushi sashimi ( назад)

Автор ArchLight/Death ( назад)
KH 3 is unlikely will come out to 2017.

Автор ryann45 ( назад)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I only counted four PlayStation exclusives. So
maybe this should have been called 40 big games of 2017, instead of 40 big
PlayStation games of 2017.

Автор Jcreeper323 Jr ( назад)
Is gang beasts going to be released for playstation?

Автор Gabriel Anselmo ( назад)
why is there a kingdom hearts 2.8 and 3?

Автор Delta Nine ( назад)
shenmue??? 😂 I doubt it will be released this year....

Автор John Blake ( назад)
All i want is Tekken 7

Автор Mr Ouija ( назад)
smh dissatisfied with the lineup Sony has I'm still waiting for greatness
I'm still playing old games cause nothing is of interest

Автор Mike Farnam ( назад)
Song name?

Автор Sgt James Doakes ( назад)
Metak Gear Survive? LOLOLOL No. That is not a big game of 2017.

Автор love4remind ( назад)
Would've appreciated release dates indicated at the bottom of this video.

Автор Leeron Cheney ( назад)

Автор Mike Celiberti ( назад)
I love how the Xbox list was only 32 games. Couldn't think of enough games
to fill up a top 40 list huh? XD

Автор Alec Stamey ( назад)
you guys kinda forgot marvel vs capcom infinite

Автор ADrew ( назад)
crash, days gone, FF7 remake, god of war, horizon, south park, spiderman,
yooka laylee LETS GO

Автор Tsukihi Araragi ( назад)
Nice April fools IGN Because you know I'm sure KH3, FFVII Remake parts 1-3,
Spider-Man, hell lets throw FFXVI in there as well...

I just watch these vids for the lols, that's all IGN is good for since Greg
& Colin left

Автор Stormer248 ( назад)
2017 is definitely gonna be a lot better than 2016. An entire year for
gaming, and the only 3 games of interest were Doom 2016, Dark Souls 3, and
Titanfall 2. Didn't care for anything else.

Least this time, I'll have at least half a dozen to look forward to:
-Days Gone
-Friday the 13th
-Gran Turismo Sport
-Red Dead Redemption 2
-Wipeout Omega Collection

Including these two, which were not mentioned:
-Elite Dangerous
-Wreckfest (Next Car game)

Автор Chris Sepe ( назад)
i can't see the titles of the games bc of that damn i that keeps popping up

Автор Kulascus ( назад)
Again no DREAMS????

Автор Sample Username ( назад)
um a good number of these are also on Xbox and PC so I wouldn't put those
on this list. But it's IGN. what can we do.

Автор Ayush Pandey ( назад)
Half of them are Japanese games. I am glad I didn't get PS4.

Автор starkiller pumpkin ( назад)
ha ha ha ha I can't believe they forgot about Star wars battlefront 2 on
PlayStation 4 coming in fall 2017

Автор Nouhous Pro Productions ( назад)
i forgot metal gear survive was a thing

Автор Gareth Roberts ( назад)
danganronpa v3. Didn't even know it existed. Underrated series.

Автор HappyBlueDot ( назад)
What about FIFA 18?

Автор TheTraumaticD ( назад)
Stop adding the i icon cause it always opens up on the top and I don't get
to see the fuckng games

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
Horizon Zero Dawn is the only one I'm buying.
I guess I'll stick to the 10 AAA games I already have unless God of War
(probably, devs finished start to finish playthrough), Red Dead or days
gone release.

Автор Daniel Gamboa ( назад)
everyone be sure to check out *Yakuza 0* coming 24th of this month. it's an
open-world action/adventure brawler with RPG elements set in 80s Japan. its
got an amazing story and soundtrack as well as tons of sidecontent and
minigames all in two very interactive cities entirely in 60FPS

Автор Fred Huggins ( назад)
01. Ace Combat 7
02. Agents of Mayhem
03. Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
04. Danganronpa V3
05. Days Gone
06. Detroit: Become Human
07. Dragon Quest Heroes 2
08. Final Fantasy VII Remake
09. For Honor
10. Friday the 13th: The Game
11. Ghost Recon Wildlands
12. God of War
13. Gran Turismo Sport
14. Gravity Rush 2
15. Horizon Zero Dawn
16. Injustice 2
17. Kingdom Hearts 2.8
18. Kingdom Hearts 3
19. Mass Effect Andromeda
20. Metal Gear Survive
21. New Hot Shots Golf
22. Ni No Kuni II
23. Nier Automata
24. Nioh
25. Outlast 2
26. Persona 5
27. Prey
28. Red Dead Redemption 2
29. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
30. Rime
31. Shenmue III
32. South Park: The Fractured But Whole
33. Spider-Man
34. The Surge
35. Tales of Berseria
36. Tekken 7
37. Vampyr
38. Wipeout Omega Collection
39. Yakuza 0
40. Yooka-Laylee

Автор Booster seat Jim ( назад)
Nice another golf game

Автор d3ug ( назад)
I'm predicting RDR 2 will get 2017 GOTY

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