This is how to use a USB Advance.Just burn it onto cd and then load on ps2.Get ps2 game into dvd pc drive and read it with usb extreme and then paste it into usb flash.

Once again
1.Put your ps2 game cd/dvd into pc drive.
3.Select letter of the pc drive then type of media type and destination drive for example C, change game name and click start.
4.Wait until it finish and click OK.
5.Go to the destination drive (our C:)
6.You will see files similar like that:
7.There could be different numbers than mine.
8.Copy all these files to formatted flash memory.
9.Then load USB ADVANCE like in the video.
10.Select game and load...

NOT all games are compatible.Some games rune fine, some games don't work.If your game don't load you can try follow that tutorial:
Sometimes it helps.This tutorial help me to run burnout 3 for example.
Sometimes you can try to convert game from NTSC to PAL or vice versa.
Here's link

Hope it helps everyone.

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Автор dj TUBRO MADRIDOS ( назад)
hello i can't find 5 games on usb? because he said me: replace ul and i
look two ul (ul,ul 2 ) i can't run second game please help me

Автор Mitchell Scripter ( назад)
its a piece of shit guys. just stick with FreeMCBoot for now. he says some
games dont work. gives link to maybe help your chances of making the game
work if its doesnt load on your side. its not something to mess with in my
opinion. its a neat ideal and i thought you could just load a game onto the
usb drive and play. but nope. it more complicated than that. just stick
with what works. FreeMCBoot doesnt steer you wrong.

Автор Marius Jasas ( назад)
links !!!

Автор Priyanshu Naithani ( назад)
when you say modded, did you mean that it can run pirated dvd or like mc
boot mod? plz tell me! 

Автор Inês Abrunhosa dos Santos ( назад)
CD + dvd + usb flash drive??? all those? Isn't it supposed to be from a usb
flash drive? Anyway.. to read a game from a USB pen drive with USB advance
what format should the game be in?ISO or what? Thanks

Автор Blak Wolf ( назад)
pleas can you ulpoad it in mediafire or 4shared pleas

Автор game tv ( назад)
can the mod chip be mtrix

Автор PC-VX41 ( назад)
For USBAdvance check SKSApps,and get USBUtil instead of USBExtreme.I tried
it with Crazy Taxi and it works fine.Used a revived Alcor USB
pendrive(4GB,recognizes 3.78GB)

Автор BUUH MUUSE ( назад)

Автор Cj Pablo ( назад)
Dead link bro. Fix?

Автор Karan Thakur ( назад)
hey friend i got you but i still don"t know how to create the usb advace
disk with which we will boot the game just tell me that Thanks in advance

Автор Nolekev ( назад)
All you need is swapmagic or a memory card with FreeMCboot

Автор mikasrv ( назад)
that's a moded ps2 right?

Автор jan-jan ketong ( назад)
does it needs to mod ps2 slim?? i see some tutorials how to mod.. its hard,
and only technicians only could do that..

Автор Rohan Damani ( назад)
hey while writing on cd which file do i nurn iso or cue

Автор Βαγγέλης Ογανεσωφ ( назад)
man please show me how to make(convert) iso or ps2 files, for usb advance
(how to use the software,,) did he need to Format my usb stick or i just
copy converted files to usb sticker please help me..!!

Автор German Idarraga ( назад)
because when I load the game the screen stays black

Автор ikitekoso627 ( назад)
can i use external hard drive like 200g or something?plss respond..?!need
immediate answer ehehe

Автор Hannes Venetpohja ( назад)
does the ps2 have a Modded

Автор HunterzUnited ( назад)
can i burn it to a dvd instead of a cd please answer fast

Автор Phurpa Hyolmo ( назад)
WHat if i dont have my lens working???

Автор dabadguy4273 ( назад)
would this speed up load times?

Автор Vojin Games ( назад)
Is true that on some games ingame cinematic chops or stutter?

Автор td435 ( назад)
Thanks for the help

Автор mariomac7 ( назад)
OMG! I want have sex with you. :D

Автор Quran Answers ( назад)
dose it work on all systems PAL, NTSC ?

Автор Shinso Alucard ( назад)
@DwDlacyhun Compact Disc lol how the hell to don't know? XD

Автор MrSohai1000 ( назад)
the song like a shit

Автор Yoblah Productions ( назад)
@boomelek17 I did the 007 hack...... am I elegiable?

Автор DwDlacyhun ( назад)
What is a CD??????????

Автор russ781227 ( назад)
@Mrpiery26 If your using ISO, download PowerIso to mount it on a seperate
Disk Drive. Then, use USB Extreme to install it on your HDD/Flash Drive.

Автор russ781227 ( назад)
@aluhick Try leaving the Disc in the PS2, then restart it. That works for
my cousins PS2 and also mine.

Автор aluhick ( назад)
Hi my ps2 (slim) is chipped but when I put the DVD tells me insert a disc
format compatible with ps2 or psx what can i do???

Автор Ricardo Almeida ( назад)
do i have to format the cd

Автор johanhendriks ( назад)
@boomelek17 Use a boot disk like swapmagic

Автор FALLENANGEL1R ( назад)
@WTFvictor FUCK U

Автор Thurston ( назад)
@FALLENANGEL1R Shut up faggot

Автор FALLENANGEL1R ( назад)
dude i dnt get it how u do it??i want to play video games tht come from
internet games i downloaded how i play them on my ps2?

Автор Vidur Sethi ( назад)
when i insert my usb advance disc while entering browser ..it was written -
dics cannt be read...can u help me?

Автор Vidur Sethi ( назад)
can games can be played via simple pendrive

Автор hijinxpizza ( назад)
What Is A Chipped Ps2? Lol xD

Автор sonypsp05 ( назад)
i see why i can't do hacks on ps2, evry video i watch is simple. every
person has a mod chip.

Автор kyleain ( назад)
"This is how to use a USB Advance.Just burn it onto cd and then load on
ps2.Get ps2 game into dvd pc drive and read it with usb extreme and then
paste it into usb flash." Could you use proper grammar so people can
understand what the helll youaer saying instead of having to interpret your
super lazy self?

Автор bustanutinyogut ( назад)
wow this song is a peice of shit

Автор -*AnimeXGamer*- ( назад)
my ps2 is not chipped... so does this mean it will now work?

Автор Fatmouse25 ( назад)
All that for Juiced 2.. nice lol

Автор jeroen207 ( назад)
500gb HD formart ntfs work this?

Автор mark u ( назад)
where i have USB Advance?

Автор IchigoMait ( назад)
I used Nero 7 Image Burner to burn usb advance on a cd-r 700mb, and it
works for me. Can somebody direct me where could I get ULE v4.40 to get to
work on modbo, I only get this that it says it's a ps2 disc but doesn't
load it.

Автор dragonwars2 ( назад)
will this mess up my windows 7 because i dont want this to mess it up

Автор phudoan1996 ( назад)
Can you show me how to burn please when i burn done that ps2 format help me

Автор Bloodlyfang ( назад)
cool video but can u burn the files onto any CD

Автор VICIUS2 ( назад)
Thanx alot!!!! It coulnd find usbadvance anyware,thx very much for posting

Автор semmamun ( назад)
my chip settings cant be saved when i changed them what should i do? i use
matrix infinity

Автор Mohsin Yasin ( назад)
Woooh Great SW

Автор Aw Lon ( назад)
babe use openps2loader

Автор NorbiZsemi ( назад)
Can I write usb advance to dvd?

Автор kunoichi325 ( назад)
@CodisOmodis just use a CD-R. Do not use a CD-RW or it will not work!

Автор qbikrubik ( назад)
how to put a second game on usb without overwriting ul.cfg file

Автор Fians Moorrees ( назад)
must i need a modded ps2 or can it just run ?

Автор goku540 ( назад)
can use this to play mugen

Автор DeejayFrenkie ( назад)

Автор DragONheart27X ( назад)
no need, just search here on youtube how to install a mcboot ar a memcard

Автор DragONheart27X ( назад)
OR, you can run USB advance through uLaunch

Автор flimflabber ( назад)
so i have to like swap magic or codebreaker to run the usb advanced disc
dont I? I guess these isnt a way to do this totally free

Автор fable1029384756 ( назад)
omg noobs burn the usb advance on the cd then use the extreme to make ur
game on usb to flash so u can play

Автор loayfakhreldin (1696 лет назад)
where can i download usb advanc?

Автор DragONheart27X ( назад)
if you have swap magic

Автор turtlemaster211 ( назад)
what is this used for anyway

Автор jeroen207 ( назад)
The Iso on the Root????

Автор xMANGTIGBASx ( назад)
what is the porpuse of this USB Advanced ? can you till me cause im
confusing about this

Автор jeroen207 ( назад)
Burn it on a Cd and load iso on a usb Stck Cool Thanks

Автор titiagadir (1889 лет назад)
mon ps2 On Mod ship . Tnx Man Nice .Gary experimentation

Автор v3faiz01 ( назад)
can i play without mod chip

Автор mayronoi ( назад)
tienes que descargar un programa que se utiliza en el pc que se llama
(usbextreme) o tambien (usb util) en estos metes el juego en dvd a tu
lector en el pc porsupuesto y en el programa lo pasas ya al disco duro y
luego estaria listo para jugarlo en usb advance

Автор Валера Чернявский ( назад)
Did USB ADVANCE play PSX games or PS2 only?

Автор Dren Imeraj ( назад)
USB Advance doesnt work with some clone chips (sometimes you get blank
screen or it will freeze at "loading title...please wait..."), I recommend
using Free MCBoot (a memory card exploit) without a modchip, it will work

Автор lucirz ( назад)
thanks :D

Автор socom123456789101112 ( назад)
I did every thing by it said it couldnt read it

Автор getale ( назад)
can i do that with ps3?

Автор David Duran (500 лет назад)
Hola vi tus post de leer juegos por el usb. MUY BUENO!! PERO EN QUE FORMATO
O ARCHIVO O CARPETAS TENGO QUE PONER para que la ps2 me reconosco el juego?
en iso? o ya descompimido o en una carpeta espesifica? grax

Автор David Duran ( назад)
good video... for ..........the game is slow?

Автор boomelek17 ( назад)
your ps2 must be chipped.There is possible to run usb advance from memory
card and maybe chip is not required but don't know how to do it.

Автор guos89 ( назад)
Do I need a chipped ps2 to do this ? or can I use my NONE cjipped ps2 and
do this ?

Автор spilvuks ( назад)
why gta liberty city stories and gta vice city stories freezes after
movies? please help me! i use usb advance on modded ps2

Автор SLIKKIDZSK8TEAM ( назад)
can i get non ps2 game slike skate 2 plz reply

Автор dlwhdrlf ( назад)
hmmm I understand the tutorial but I only have IOPR not DNAS

Автор dlwhdrlf ( назад)
I got it working!!!! but the game wont load. I'm trying to do the other
tutorial in your description box but its too confusing

Автор dlwhdrlf ( назад)
Which of the things should I format to? FAT32 FAT16 FAT pls help

Автор spilvuks ( назад)
i have the same problem. the games just dont show up. plz help

Автор Nelly Ephra ( назад)
well i use swap magic 3.6 works perfect. and so does my Ipod 8gb. but when
i insert it in the ps2 the games wont show up. i seriously have like used
usbextreme and then i have cut and pasted them in the usb flash, but my ps2
wont show me the games. but first time i tried this i did not use cd i put
the swap magic in PS2 and i had the ipod connected and the screen just
poped up. Please help me in advancing

Автор Nelly Ephra ( назад)
my ipod worked, but each time i put a game on it, the ps2 says no game
inserted. but i usally delete it from the Hard disk i think thats about the
problem. thanks for pointing that out man

Автор Minh SaiGon ( назад)
For now, all the game i installed cannot be loaded, always freeze at the
loading step. I tried Dance dance revolution 2, WWE2009, FFX. What's the
problem :(

Автор Minh SaiGon ( назад)
When select game to play, after press X, a note appear say: please wait...
loading title, my ps2 slim freeze, what could be wrong? Was it my HDD, it's
an old one :(

Автор tekkenhugo ( назад)
thanks yo, now i put USB Advance on FREE MC BOOT Memory Card so i don't
have to use that disk anymore and it works great. ; )

Автор boomelek17 ( назад)
make sure that your usb is compatible with USB 1.1 BUS. I know that most of
pendrives work only at USB 2.0 bus.Ps2 can only read with 1.1 usb
support.BTW I use (white) Kingston 512 MB and 8GB (black) Sony Microvault.

Автор boomelek17 ( назад)
chip is required...

Автор boomelek17 ( назад)
make sure that your usb is compatible with USB 1.1 BUS. I know that most of
pendrives work only at USB 2.0 bus.Ps2 can only read with 1.1 usb
support.BTW I use (white) Kingston 512 MB and 8GB (black) Sony Microvault.

Автор boomelek17 ( назад)
Yes.Every game for ps2 may possibly work on it.

Автор boomelek17 ( назад)
if your ps2 will recognize ipod - you can use.Try it yourself.

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