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Автор ramachandran tg (6 месяцев)
They are playing Jazz if I am correct-a smart show.

Автор Köneke Ralf (6 месяцев)
The 76th U.S. Army Band. is a good band, the Broadwayshow is perfect and
the Sound
too. Regards R.K.

Автор Joe Hollingsworth (1 год)
I was in the 76th Army Band 1973-1974 in Worms,Germany.......anyone out
there remember.....Joe Hollingsworth .....trumpet player

Автор Tyler Durden (6 лет)
The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines... Far superior to anything the
blasted yanks have to offer... And officially 'THE best military band in
the world'

Автор AmersfoortTristan (6 лет)
Great music- keep it coming. Will these guys ever play in the Netherlands?
- they are in Germany so not too far off.

Автор bandpost (5 лет)
I feel like I'm watching the Looney Tunes marching band or something.

Автор threephase69 (7 лет)
I couldn't agree more, waterloo3!! With a great band like this, playing
garbage, its like plowing a field with a Mercedes-Benz!!

Автор mangoman61 (4 года)
Good song but it sounds so modern...

Автор PatIke100 (5 лет)
thats right the army band still kicks ass

Автор Johnathan Bowman (5 лет)
YES. thats what im talking about. I hope to be there some day.

Автор Draconis Rex (5 лет)
@ericartwo1 must brits and americans always argue over which country is
better? can't we just say both armies and countries are good? what a bunch
of morons you are!

Автор jan bonne (2 года)
You are the idiot.

Автор Hemmelmark (4 года)
*** 76th uaaah ! Hmmmmh good... or what ever... GOOD MUSIC

Автор SykoAzn26 (7 лет)
Although i understand how hard it would be to memorize 9 minutes of music,
it would look better if they did memorize their parts.

Автор dudejustponts (4 года)
the 14 people who disliked this are nazis

Автор MemphisMoll (4 года)
That song that they're playing was written by Maj. Glenn Miller in WW2

Автор ericartwo1 (5 лет)
Music is not military music but dance music! No wonder the US Army do not
march smartly!

Автор maddmann234 (4 года)
We were actually stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany at this time...and @
tresckow...if you knew anything about performing...you play to the
audience...you (thank goodness) were not the audience for this

Автор horngod21 (7 лет)
The fact of the matter is that the Army bands in Germany (USAREUR and 76th)
play all types of music it just so happens that during many tattoos the
audience wants to hear American Jazz. I know this because when we have
played more traditional American music (marches and concert staples) we are
often asked why we didn't play Jazz. Sometimes it's actually good to give
the audience what they want. It won't kill you and hey you might even like

Автор dixe flatline (3 года)
@375rangerrea Yep your an idiot. To actually play with ANY army band you
need a music background and have to try out. If you dont know how to play
you dont get it. People who wash out of basic are the worst kind of people.

Автор Dardanelle7742 (7 лет)
I loved the music and the directors mace. i am so getting one for myself
for my band

Автор ericartwo1 (5 лет)
@vaultdude269 U R quite right! Just having a bit of fun in my old age! BTW,
I was not insulting the American military or their bands! Just this one
performance and it is only an opinion!

Автор AmersfoortTristan (6 лет)
I am. I like their style.

Автор H. Felton (6 лет)
It's a shame some geniuses in the Pentagon have decided to save a few bucks
in recent years by reducing the complement of musicians in all Army bands,
even including the U.S. Army Band and the West Point Band.

Автор Kop Pernikus (5 лет)
surprisingly cool! :D

Автор curly1958 (4 года)
The british goverment are on the same track! Long live army music all over
the world

Автор rmegtrst (7 лет)
US Army Bands carry on all sorts of traditions to include the arrangements
of music and marches made famous by one of our past Army Band Commanders,
Glenn Miller. These arrangements are staples in the US Army Band libraries,
along with countless march books, Sousa, Fillmore, King etc.

Автор 29th DIV ARMY BAND (7 лет)
Looking good in your Blues!!!!!Sound awesome too!

Автор TheDragonmaster18 (4 года)
@salaisalbert02 remember they are soldiers first so they are to busy
potecting us to memorize music. just be glad it sounded great.

Автор waterloo3 (7 лет)
Hi, well my views tend to be the minority because our bands like to play
toward the low end in their concert selections. We have some great bands,
but they are affraid of apppearing too military! Strange when you consider
we have one of the largest army's around! I doubt the trend toward a more
traidtional fare will happen, but I thought someone should comment on it

Автор Maverz290 (6 лет)
Meh too jazzy i think

Автор rmegtrst (7 лет)
Right on the money waterloo3, that is how I approach tattoos and the like.
Good to see someone who knows his stuff when it comes to our nations bands.

Автор NordReportage (4 года)
Die Amys kriegen das am besten hin auf der Show!

Автор salaisalbert02 (4 года)
come on they still use the music sheets, high school marching bands have
longer songs memorized, if this is the us army band i would expect more

Автор Tom Thomas (4 года)
I was in the 76th Army band from 1975-1977 when it was in Kaiserslautern.
Good Times!

Автор ILoveToScrub (4 года)
I was in the 319th Army reserve band :)

Автор SpeedyNeutrino43 (5 лет)
I'll bet the tenor sax player with the darker horn is using a Selmer. I
have a Selmer Mk 6 and it's the same color.

Автор dunno103 (6 лет)
the NZ Army Band is definitley the best in the world

Автор PatIke100 (5 лет)
Now that what Im talking bout the Band

Автор Stephen Edgerton (6 лет)
And on top of that, alot of commanders are allowing bandsmen to study with
outside pros and nearby college professors. They also allow you to attend
instrument clinics. Alot has changed since the 60's ;).

Автор jazzloversinc (6 лет)
<---stands and applauds! Great job..reminds me of my army band days at Fort
Ord and the Presidio of SF. way to go!

Автор hippie197 (6 лет)
yea a new show would be good, but the 76 isn't refering to a unit mumber

Автор Ethan Wieland (3 года)
To the people that do not know about any band in the Army music background
is a must also they guard the divison comander is their 1st job so they are
inf 1st music 2ndthis is comming from a former solider that served 14 yrs
and had friends also a son who tried to get into a divison band after
playing 6 yrs with a highschool band my son could not sight read thats what
kept him out of the 4th div band

Автор Draconis Rex (5 лет)
@ericartwo1 oh ok. just a small misinterpritation (if i even spelled that
right) lol

Автор undergradstudent (6 лет)
US Army Bands aren't really marching bands... only when they are forced to
in events such as these. We are more symphonic then marching. The USMC is
the only one left with a marching band. We don't march! It's our trademark!

Автор fabian King (7 лет)
that is in Germany ^^

Автор ericartwo1 (5 лет)
@ericharoldburger There is another country besides America who sends troops
all over the world! The military of the United Kingdom of Great Britain!
There is only once that our political leaders would not send the Army and
that was Vietnam! You lost that one! Look here on YouTube under British
Military bands or Coldstream Guards or Grenedier Guards. Watch how they
march & parade and they serve also on active duty in Iraq & Afghanistan!

Автор John Eddy (4 года)
A great tribute to Glenn Miller, who not only had one of the greatest Big
Bands of that era, but also served America in uniform during World War II.

Автор raginroadrunner (4 года)
US ARMY..the big green machine..massive..powerful...once a soldier always a
soldier...no matter what or where...

Автор waterloo3 (7 лет)
Nice video with a lesser known US Service band. The female drum major is
certainly interesting! Also the Black guy dancing with the blonde must go
over big in Germany! The problem with most US bands I find is that they
can't decide whether they are a Big Band, or a Military band. You would
think in Germany they would play a German march or two. We have great
bands, but too often I find they play toward the low pop end in terms of
music. It would be nice to see a martial display sometimes.

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