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Techniques passed down from lots of computer expert engineers translated into a short easy to do process.
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Автор Interestedsomewhat (7 месяцев)
Just delete the system32 folder and watch how fast your pc will get!

Автор Viper (7 месяцев)
Heres the REAL way to speed up your computer... GET LINUX

Автор ZombieSlayer103 (19 дней)
what screen recorder do you use?

Автор angello martinez (9 дней)
Which antivirus is better out of the whole choices you choose from? Does it
get viruses if you have a PC that in high performance or when you install
programs even in laptop such as a this system operator like windows,I use
it a lot and I get viruses people downloading stuff and needs to erase it
again to start fresh I hate to start over because you going to have to take
all the viruses and put a new system operator and start fresh.

Автор David F (15 дней)
I keep down the visual effects, but I won't turn off "smooth edges of
screen of fonts". After running Disk Cleanup, I boot to Safe Mode and run
MyDefrag with the option "System Disk Monthly" to defrag - which does make
a difference, especially if the computer has never been defragmented.

Автор deejaylx95 (7 дней)
So i searched this video because I'm a music producer and my music
production software keeps crashing on me when I mess with a certain sub
program on the software. I did like the first three tips you recommended
but my software still crashes. What would you recommend? My computers
processor is good, I think? It's an Intel Core i3 CPU 2.40GHz. I'm not too
knowledgeable of computers but I'm assuming that's decent? What would you
recommend? Also I have 6GB of RAM and I've only used 0.20GB of RAM. Once
again I'm not too knowledgeable of what exactly that means but I'm assuming
it's really good? Any advice from anyone is gladly appreciated! Thank you
in advance! 

Автор Sakura Miku Chan (2 месяца)
Hai can i disable:
InstallDriver Table Manager
Mozilla Maintenance Service
Plz help 

Автор Douglas Santos (5 дней)
Hey thanks for the video man. I had a bit of a problem with one thing. I
went to the performance under advanced system settings and click all the
options that you had but I noticed that after I did that my computer power
button wouldnt wake my computer up from when I put it to sleep which it
always did before. Any idea why this is happening/how I can fix it? Thanks

Автор Nicholas Cabral (10 дней)
Malwarebytes rocks! I've been using it for a couple of months now and it
really helps

Автор LuxorVan (2 дня)
I have a G41m-p33 combo with E8400 3.0 ghz dual core 6 meg cache cpu, 8 gb
ddr3, 7200 rpm hd and evga power supply, evga geforce gt730 with 2 gb
gddr5! I have no speed issues! I suggest microsoft security essentials!

Автор Nyuu San (5 дней)
Can I get wallplayer ? :p

Автор Jonathan Nguyen (2 дня)
hey man, if u also dont mind or have free time, then it'd be kool if you
could msg me back on yt because i need help on what i should take off and
leave on for system configuration services. 

Автор Victor Cristy (19 дней)
Thank You very informative and easy tutorial :)

Автор Norm Soucy (29 дней)
Thanks for your video... I have been doing these things exactly as did for
the past 15 years (win98)... have you been looking over my shoulder? As I
was watching you video I knew exactly what you were going to do ahead of
time... everything you did does help speed up the computer and I have been
doing it for my customers like I said for 10-15 years now...
One thing can you tell me why the hell Microsoft will not let you expand
the window in msconfig.. been that way since win95... I hate having to
scroll across that tiny window all the time... thanks again for the great

Автор Fahim Snipez (4 месяца)
Put the speed of the video at 0.25 and pause at exactly 6:59, haha oh god
what have you been watching. Look in the address bar omg.

Автор Jeff Heck (2 дня)
Is there anyway I can get in contact with you about this? I have a lot of
questions because I have a lot of stuff that is running and my laptop and I
don't know if I can just turn it off

Автор Patrik M (1 месяц)
8GB RAM and u need to speed up....

Автор ADDTEC (2 дня)
Excelent video.
This fime make same thing like this, but inside the memory chanel.

Автор KiermaszPL (8 дней)
This is only a standard conservation of PC... Nothing special, but peoples
dont know about this basic procedures ;]

Автор mike garden (1 день)
how can i delete pc speedboost from my laptop

Автор Dragonboy445 (7 дней)
it heplt dude mij windows 7 profesnoil speed 100000000 times good

Автор #SavorDog# GAMING (9 дней)
Hay I see you have utarrent does it give you problems on your PC and do you
have software to make utarrent safe

Автор halo is fun bro (12 дней)
Thank u soooo fuckin much man. Im not a comp wiz at all. But the first 2.5
mins of ur video saved my ass. I was about to buy a new comp out of stress.
I will eventually next yr but im too busy this time of yr. Thanks a mill!!!

Автор Jorge Martinez (16 дней)
This guy should change that AVG resources lousy hog for Avast and watch how
ram and speed increases.

Автор Rein Lont (1 день)
Man! You're FAST! :)

Автор RPGMakerNerd (24 дня)
I admire you.. Your tips and tricks were terrible since everyone is saying
the same thing these days..
But I admire you because you are a real man... A real man that watches porn
on Spankwire! :D

Автор Walkthrough Wizardry (1 месяц)
remember guys, when you browse the internet, your computer collects dust in
a temp folder clear it. daily.

Автор Benji Stanelle (2 дня)
my computer is running slower...

Автор Abdul Samad (15 дней)
Really good explaination and thanks for solving my problems about my laggy

Автор Joyce Conner (2 месяца)
I need to know if you can tell me how to change the password, or bypass it!
My lovely granddaughter changed my password on my windows vista business, &
she can't remember how she put it in, or what for sure! I can't use my
computer! I don't have the restart disc! Any help will be appreciated!
Also, is there a way to download Window 7 without buying program?😴

Автор Kelvin Chan (19 дней)
Thank you so much. You helping me out a lot and i used to had a crappy
computer now is fell like my computer is a professional com

Автор JJ Flip (1 месяц)
your intro is creepy as hell dude

Автор Freddy Fazbear (17 дней)
the title says"You can speed up ANY computer EVER as long as its mac or
windows or vista" WTF

Автор Troy Ellis (26 дней)
good idea on speeding up computer? Don't watch Spank wire, porn really
slows down your computer.

Автор rattlesnake jake (16 дней)
That sped up my laptop so much

Автор Kyron Williams (3 дня)
Thanxxxx! alot............ :)

Автор Bill mc fry (22 часа)

Автор TheSaneRider (1 месяц)
Thank you for posting this!

I did all the steps including the long hour or two booting fix and man my
laptop is so much faster now. It helped a lot disabling running programs
and programs that opened on start up.

I owe you man!

Автор yutaro azuma (27 дней)
do i really need to see that picture just to know that im doing the right
thing?pls help

Автор Legit Judd (16 дней)
I coulent load the spybot page please help

Автор Beast Mara (1 месяц)
+Meditational State What's that program you use to record?

Автор ReD (11 дней)
thanks works 100%

Автор Matt Anderson (1 месяц)
Windows 8 defragments the HDD automatically, yes? In the background.

Автор Dusan Belic (29 дней)
Can you explain something more about error-checking? Thanks

Автор clapperthebrain (4 месяца)
i cant run minecraft when i change it to any lower than the theme i have
now, like
i cant do windows basic or my minecraft window is clear it works, i hear
noises but its clear

Автор DarkStar147HD Minecraft (27 дней)
Can i disable apple rush, ilivid , spotify web helper?

Автор C0D3CTH3K1LL4 F0R3V3R (2 месяца)
My computer has an AMD 130 sempron (oc) from 2.6GHz to 3.4GHz and thats
alot for a single core and I have 500GB HDD space and An ASUS Radeon R9
270x Direct CUII so yeah gaming beast

Автор Zachary Phelps (26 дней)
Does cheat engine slow your computer

Автор eric brown (2 месяца)
how do you tell what to dissable?

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