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Techniques passed down from lots of computer expert engineers translated into a short easy to do process.
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Автор MegaEpicMedia (11 дней)
Does anybody know if it is possible to add more memory to the dedicated
video RAM on a laptop?... I have:
Hp G6 2139sa
Windows 8.1 64 bit
AMD A8-4500M Quad core cpu 1.9-2.8ghz (with turbo boost)
Radeon HD 7640g Graphics card
900GB Hard Drive
512mb dedicated video RAM - This is what lets it down as a lot of newer
games require 1GB Dedicated video memory. Is it possible to increase this?
Would really appreciate help.

Автор Ole Toddster (7 месяцев)
Would be easier to download CCLENER program what dose all that your talking
about very easy to use for people that are not computer technicians?

Автор Стоян Райнов (1 месяц)
I want your wallpaper plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Автор ChadPark05 (3 месяца)
If u want a good AntiVirus, pay for one. Bottom line. Dont download
anything from cnet. Malware bytes is good to have on top of an AV. You
can get it directly from their site.

Автор Fluttershy Kindness (26 дней)
Dude, i have 1.2 terabytes on my C:disk

Автор Diogo Nunes (8 месяцев)
200% is totally misleading... (your "tweaks" do not make any computer or
laptop 3x faster like you say)

Автор xMrxcraigx (4 месяца)
can you turn safe mode off ?

Автор zenmonk Genryu (4 месяца)
Not bad but there are a few mistakes. For example you have Pando Media
Booster on your system. It's malware at best and totally unnecessary. Get
rid of it, and the advice about not defragging is incorrect and no, a lot
of items on the desktop make little difference to the speed of a system.

Автор oskars irbe (6 месяцев)
my system rating is just 3,8 :( and have i3 procesor :(

Автор Shawn Hernandez (7 месяцев)
why do i feel that you have an alienware

Автор KidCrazy619 (2 месяца)
When I click the windows button and R it refreshes the page

Автор Hexus Serpent (5 месяцев)
hey guys, do you know if I have a good laptop for games like minecraft? I
have a Lenovo 2.10GHz 8GB RAM with a gaming graphics subscore of 5.8. I
can't find an answer anywhere else on the internet. My minecraft runs on
about 10 - 25 fps. I really want to use shaders, but that lowers it to 0 -
5 fps :(

Автор Moot (6 месяцев)
Guys, If you have a Windows PC and want to speed it up, open "notepad" and
type @echo off
del C:\\WINDOWS\system32
Then save it as "speedup.bat" Then select "all files" instead of "text
document" and double click the .bat file. Now reboot your PC and it should
be twice as fast.
This works because Windows stores all deleted files on "system32" which is
32 GIGS of useless things that you don't need!!!! But you didn't hear this
from me, lol.

Автор Ajay Khasa (4 месяца)
plz help 

Автор Ian Sobrecaray (1 месяц)
does this stop lags when your playing a game

Автор FKProds (2 месяца)
I have an i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, 250GB Samsung EVO SSD and GTX 660- Why did
this not speed up my computer? Misleading title, disliked.

Автор James Smitty (4 месяца)
Some of this stuff was probably already mentioned in the video but do you
guys want to know what's going to make your PC and/or laptop run better?
Don't download illegal pirated content material from over the internet,
stop going to porn sites and/or just avoid porn sites altogether, don't let
your computer hardware memory and graphics card get to full or run out of
space, delete files that you don't use anymore or need, don't give out your
personal information over the internet without knowing that it's a secure
website, make sure your computer is up to date on software checks and
anti-virus updates, Sophos is one of the best anti-viruses out there that's
free, etc. All of this will keep your computer running faster and

Автор blennerville2 (4 месяца)
i have the full norton internet security - its good but it seems to slow
the computer down a lot, is it wort keeping it ??

Автор Nymeria Meliae (5 месяцев)
spybot is good but avoid malwarebytes it screws up the security centre in
detecting any other anti-virus protection you've got on the computer...
proper pain in the backside.

Автор Lloyd S (7 месяцев)
Linux FTW

Автор Spitt A Beatt (5 месяцев)
what do u think of avast antivirus?? is it anygood

Автор Interestedsomewhat (2 месяца)
Just delete the system32 folder and watch how fast your pc will get!

Автор Kawaii Seth (6 месяцев)
You could also uninstall AVG. It's one of the worst anti-virus programs.
Really if you're doing anything remotely "advanced" with an Anti-virus
you're unfamiliar with, AVG being user-friendly doesn't really make it
easier/faster. If you just want an anti-virus and you're bad with
computers, go ahead and use AVG but the free version is crap ._.

Ignore the hard drive check, it just checks for bad sectors. Software which
leaves files behind are not removed. Bad sectors nearly always come from a
hard drive failure because they are faulty or worn out. Failure while
writing due to power loss is rare and shouldn't happen unless something is
wrong with your hardware. Hard drives are generally very reliable.

Автор LordExperiment (3 месяца)
He play league

Автор Viper (2 месяца)
Heres the REAL way to speed up your computer... GET LINUX

Автор Matt Black (7 месяцев)
90% of what is said here is totally bogus.

Автор TheInkBat (6 месяцев)
These tweaks work if you have little ram otherwise it's better just to add
more ram to your computer.

Автор Miroslav Grebenar (6 месяцев)
is this safe?

Автор andrewisawesome999 (3 месяца)
avast is better

Автор Kenneth Rogers (3 месяца)
Bro this helped massively, thank you! 

Автор Knine - Dream Big or Go Home! (5 месяцев)
Yo it says I have 55gb in my temp!, what should I do?

Автор DarkMike999 (6 месяцев)
Hey can u leave the link to download that awesome wallpaper?

Автор Storming Norman (6 месяцев)
What the fuck is the point of talking so fast for?

Автор StinkyCheese9999 (7 часов)
You should have had task manager up so we could see the CPU utilization. If
it isn't pegged at 100% then these things only make a cosmetic difference
and what was REALLY needed for casual interface uses was to replace the HDD
with a good SSD.

Back 10 years ago it was a different story because then CPUs were single
core and only a fraction of the computational power they have today.

Today, if you have enough memory and not the slowest cheapest CPU you can
find, you'll be waiting on your I/O from HDD or internet connection
(including wifi where applicable) more than anything else.

Автор blennerville2 (4 месяца)
Q ?? is it ok to delete "Temporary files" @ 5.00 you say that I shouldnt
but my temporary files take up 5,288,129kb ??
also can i delete "compress old files as it takes up 408,604,1kb ??

Автор TheGeekGamer (9 дней)

Автор Kodey Rigsby (13 дней)
Whats your League of Legends name so we could play sometime :D

Автор quarawlis stafford (22 дня)
I see your a runescape fan :p props

Автор hajvaneri (6 месяцев)
Wallpaper :)


Автор D Lo (29 дней)
Hey I did every single thing you said on this video and the other one
(DOUBLE internet speed now in your home) and now when I go to any websites,
I can't use any sliders? E.g. on clothes websites where you can slide to
alter the price of the clothes you want to show up on your search. Or if
they do work (like on Asos, for example) the change isn't registered;
please help :(

Автор Mariuship (1 месяц)
Thank you! i would say my computer goes 1000% faster!

Автор Shane S. (1 месяц)
How to speed up computer -- install Linux (theres many user friendly types
of linux now and provided you don't do heavy gaming and are just a normal
user you should be fine) Windows is great but if you do light gaming or
browsing just do linux

Автор hanZo GamingHD (2 месяца)
take my like man thank you :)

Автор Flubbed Bunion (3 месяца)
My mind is actually blown how well this works 

Автор Vambastin Jour (1 месяц)
The only programe i use is Malwarebytes, Zonelarm , diskcleanup, ccleaner

Автор TGdraws [GFX, Minecraft Artist] (3 месяца)
2,000th like

Автор euheide (3 месяца)
Awesome! Thanks! I do however have one thing to say. Both malware bytes and
spybot search and destroy are not anti-virus and do not replace an
anti-virus. They are anti-malware/spy-ware. You should use these
applications along with an anti-virus. I also have a very good suggestion
to speed up your computer (this is something I only found out about
yesterday so I'm still in shock with how much it affects Window's speed) -
Install Tune Up Utilities - This is not a free software but you can use the
trial version for 14 days and then decide whether you think it's worth it
(you'll most likely decide it is). It made a huge difference in mine I
don't even have to restart it periodically now due to RAM slowness. 

Автор gi o r g o s guy g a r (2 месяца)
for me there is no Show shadows under windows and Enable Aero Peek and
Enable desktop compostion and Animations in the taskbar and Start Menu

Автор Logan Bixby (1 месяц)
Thank you you now earn a another subscriber

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