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Автор HDTrickz PS3 (9 месяцев)
Put the speed of the video at 0.25 and pause at exactly 6:59, haha oh god
what have you been watching. Look in the address bar omg.

Автор AimhackG (3 месяца)
Thanks!!! I sped up my pc by 0.25%.

Автор Sean McLaughlin (27 дней)
You do know of this thing call Incognito/Private browsing which leaves no
browser history right?
let alone Clear Browsing history

Автор Judith De La Torre (3 месяца)
Pause at 8:27

Автор Ryan Scheffert (5 дней)
Thanks! I finally learned how to stop Spotify from starting on startup.
Thank you!

Автор Jamie Ambrose (2 дня)
Hello can you help me out? I did all of this and my computer sped up a bit.
But once I did the error-checking option, a lot of things stopped working
when my laptop finally came back on. My HP Connection Manager and a few
other HP programs stopped working. Windows Installer Service stopped
working as well as restore. My sound isnt even working. I dont know what to
do now :/ I dont even know what else isnt working.

Автор corey drew bruce (2 месяца)
How to speed up PC

Remove Winshit and replace it with Linux and be problem free and always

Автор Ash Hanna (9 дней)
+HDTrickz PS3 SAID to put speed LOW for REASON come on people who say they
dont sese it

be a little quicker with the pause button and u find this

Автор Michael Vigo (1 день)
Pause it on 7:02 and 8:27 .. when he type "s" .. hahahah He's watching! lol
.. hope this trends whahahahaha XD

Автор TheBombBros1000 (2 месяца)
Why shouldn't you delete temp folder files????

Автор Scott Engstrom (1 месяц)
I do not recomend spybot, try AVG it's free, been using for over 10 years
and my computer runs great.

Автор DaRe macoo (13 дней)
its good ..keep geting .Unspecified error Explorer.exe Windows 7 .help

Автор Jason Henrie (1 месяц)
can i disable Adobe Flash Player Update service? Oh and when i do the
error-checking, its asking me if i want to force dismount?

Автор Kimma Doan Booth (1 месяц)
Wow this is amazing ! Thank you so much, my computers been running really
slow lately ! But now its like new again Thanks! :) Hope you have a video
of how to speed up the internet on the computer too :D

Автор Shiny koffing (7 дней)
My computer has 3 gb of ram :(

Автор Budder Cafe (1 месяц)
So...You like cum buckets....I do not know how to respond to that...

Автор Thurston Morris (1 месяц)
If you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 your computer comes with Windows Defender
you DO NOT need any anti-virus programs that eventually cost money after
your trial runs out. For Windows 7 and XP you can download and install
Microsoft Security Essentials which is a free anti-virus program that's
probably a lot better than the paid services you'll get.

Автор Basilis Mart (3 месяца)
can i disable Intel Rapid storage technology (or even unistall it?)(do i
need it?)
I have an ssd and a hhd and i dont use raid or anything neither will I

Автор Fu q (3 дня)
Also, this video made me shoot buckets of cum.

Автор The Glowing Obsidian (1 месяц)
For services i have around 100 and i dont know why , plus there all
Microsoft Corporation but it says some are running and some are stopped?
+Meditational State

Автор ZombieSlayer103 (6 месяцев)
what screen recorder do you use?

Автор Stineo (5 дней)
I tried everything and my computer is still slow... I paid $200 to get it
fixed and nothing. Everything is deleted off of it from the 2 years and
it's still super super slow.. If u think u could help please let me know!
+meditation state

Автор TheDailyMineraft & MCPE (1 месяц)
I got a Question
I DISK Clean up my laptop window 7
Lloyd the remove or no comment below if you can help me

Автор Chris walters (25 дней)
Helped with windows 10 too so thank you 

Автор Dan WolfSkyWay (1 месяц)
4:20 computer fan dying?

Автор Kathie Oswald (15 дней)
Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Автор lozzikane (2 месяца)
Hi, Do you do remote access, so you could make my computer run faster, I
haven't a clue how to

Автор Nici Geelhoed (2 месяца)
200% lol OKEY whatever u say!!

Автор Tom Phillips (15 дней)
You cunt it has not worked in faked it made my computer worse and I made
the changes back to normal and what do you know nothing happens it doesn't
change, it tuck me 1 hour to load the INTERNET up so fuck you and fuck your

Автор shagy-GT (11 дней)
Thanks bro it help me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!, to fast to furious my pc now

Автор William Richardson (2 месяца)
Thanks you,ve been the most helpful guide to increasing my pc,s speed.

Автор GamersTVPS4 (1 месяц)
Biggest fail of the year RIGHT there

Автор abdelilah ouchan (1 месяц)
What programs are inportent for your laptop

: wath is the programs that a laptop need like a systeam program not things
like iTunes

Автор Jacob Steadman (1 месяц)
Where did you get your wallpaper. Great video BTW!

Автор p. burke (1 месяц)
HI my mate narrator some splendid tips on there but my god slow down
please I am Irish you know HA! so funny kilgore below ; but the guy knows
what he is doing and we don't , so I will try but I doubt i will be
successful though .

Автор Conceptboss (9 дней)

Автор Eastman's Adventures (1 месяц)
I always clear my TEMP folder. I get about 35% increase off that. Also use
paging files and readyboost

Автор ComputerProblemsGuru (18 дней)
why this vid is on first google page. insane.

Автор PvP_Hacking _Lord (5 месяцев)
what do you use for recording and can u use it without admin acces?

Автор Patrik M (6 месяцев)
8GB RAM and u need to speed up....

Автор Ari Tufteland (18 дней)
Omg this shit works great

Автор AdnanSkillz1234 (21 день)
Hey man, I'm having mad fps problems with leauge of legends. I play on a
old hp windows vista laptop. Any advice ?

Автор mclarence (15 дней)
Delete system32 in C:\Windows folder. Reboot your welcome

Автор Paul D (1 месяц)

Автор Captain Beko (15 дней)

Автор TECH WORLD (18 дней)
nice video

Автор RagingPanda (1 месяц)
You sound so much like gonth 

Автор Natalie Negrin (1 месяц)
screw it get the spear

Автор Alec Tough (2 месяца)
Hi - thanks for the tips - I had just done a major cleanup but my CPU was
still running at well over 70% and some programs were taking forever to
load - I've followed your tips and saw a vast improvement immediately.
I am however getting a start up error now but I can't find where it is.
Hopefully you can help.
It's a pop up that says cannot load file or assembly MOM.implementation
then a load of other jargon. Do you know which file that is?
Thx very much 

Автор Nicholas Hill (1 месяц)
Pause at 7:02 and check the address bar hehe... 

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