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Techniques passed down from lots of computer expert engineers translated into a short easy to do process.
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Автор HDTrickz PS3 (5 месяцев)
Put the speed of the video at 0.25 and pause at exactly 6:59, haha oh god
what have you been watching. Look in the address bar omg.

Автор ZombieSlayer103 (2 месяца)
what screen recorder do you use?

Автор Therong (24 дня)
*Windows 7 Loader Activator*
Click Here: #plus.google.com/u/0/100268907984910411646/posts/XXzeH44wiRb
*Windows 7 Loader Activator*

Автор Viper (9 месяцев)
Heres the REAL way to speed up your computer... GET LINUX

Автор Wisam Iraqi (7 дней)
either they talk too much in unrelated topics in tutorial and waste people
time waiting for them to get into the point !!!!!
OR they get into the point so fast so quick, talking very fast,clicking in
speed of light ,no one can keep up with them and following the steps
because they are extremely fast ;just like our friend here in his video

Автор Interestedsomewhat (9 месяцев)
Just delete the system32 folder and watch how fast your pc will get!

Автор Basilis Mart (22 часа)
can i disable Intel Rapid storage technology (or even unistall it?)(do i
need it?)
I have an ssd and a hhd and i dont use raid or anything neither will I

Автор Vivian Astridge (3 дня)
I assume you are British. but where did you pick up that most disgusting
habit of interjecting every two or three words nonsense sounds like" er' '
err' 'eh', 'ah' etc etc. I shut you off because this type delilvery
irritated me greatly.

Автор Jouri Soujiro (26 дней)
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you doing this video and
explaining this process, it greatly helped me alot. I own a Dell Inspiron
Laptop 1545 with Win 7 and when I first used it and booted it up, it
started running very slow and the speed was extremely slow for no reason. I
didn't know what to do but thanks to this video I was able to solve the
problem. The issue was that I had to change some settings in the
Performance Options. And once I did exactly what you did in this video, It
GREATLY changed my speed on this laptop and runs now like it's brand new!
Thank you so much for this! 

Автор Soma Cruz (12 дней)
Watching this only because of common interest. It's some very good tips, I
run on a good system so I just run with full looks, and mine is still fine.
But slower PC's can really benefit from this.

Автор pukhtoon707 (19 часов)
Look at his screen, spankwire bucket of cum , cumshots at 6:59 !!! moral of
story, always delete your history before sharing your screen on YouTube. 

Автор PvP_Hacking_Lord / albertg558 (1 месяц)
what do you use for recording and can u use it without admin acces?

Автор Reynaldo Granados (13 часов)
When in systems configuration do you think it's safe to stop HP services
like HP support assistance? 

Автор Jonas Žnidaršič (2 дня)
Guys just tested out this little program which increases your CPU usage on
all cores, it really improves the performance, i'd say at least for 40%,
here is the link:


Автор Jayden Grammes (1 месяц)
does anybody know what "cozaghost" and "cozwghost" is. I can't find any
info on the internet about it, someone help ;_;

Автор Topp Catt (8 дней)
how do you find config in win 8

Автор Angello Product (1 месяц)
Which antivirus is better out of the whole choices you choose from? Does it
get viruses if you have a PC that in high performance or when you install
programs even in laptop such as a this system operator like windows,I use
it a lot and I get viruses people downloading stuff and needs to erase it
again to start fresh I hate to start over because you going to have to take
all the viruses and put a new system operator and start fresh.

Автор David F (1 месяц)
I keep down the visual effects, but I won't turn off "smooth edges of
screen of fonts". After running Disk Cleanup, I boot to Safe Mode and run
MyDefrag with the option "System Disk Monthly" to defrag - which does make
a difference, especially if the computer has never been defragmented.

Автор TheWolfinator (3 дня)

Автор Ronna Blankenship (8 дней)
so you have like 7 services going on, i have like 35 i have no idea how
this happened i dont know whats okay to stop or what. can i ask you for
every service haha. i checked the box so Microsoft systems arent showing. 

Автор JamesACEz GamingWarz (13 дней)
Thanks safe mode broke my laptop trying to fix it

Автор Shane Hearn (3 дня)
can u help plz i hav windows xp and its slow

Автор Genipher Lucas (18 дней)
I have a problem. My aunts computer is "set" to open in safe mode until we
can go back and unset it).
The problem is that when we turn the computer on the keyboard and mouse
stop working and we can't get past the "admin" and "new user" page what
should we do? Please help! 

Автор faisal chikte (13 дней)
I loved this video ...really helped me....especially msconfig
technique....many thanks.

Автор Alex Hannigan (19 дней)
have laptop with operating system windows vista when I turn on my laptop it
works for about 1 mins then freezes, the cursor works but the screen
freezes. have I disabled something I shouldn't have and internet wont

Автор Hatsune Miku-Chan (3 месяца)
Hai can i disable:
InstallDriver Table Manager
Mozilla Maintenance Service
Plz help 

Автор Nicholas Cabral (1 месяц)
Malwarebytes rocks! I've been using it for a couple of months now and it
really helps

Автор Conrad Y (1 месяц)
If you're going to get people to do a chkdisk then atleast tell them how to
turn it off so you don't get that annoying chkdisk everh time you turn on
your computer! If you need to turn chkdisk off then just google how, there
are many videos on how even if you aren't good with technology, you will
have to access your registry and change one block of it.

Автор lafenus stancell jr (11 дней)
Thanks for the video,computer running 100% better,thanks again.

Автор deejaylx95 (1 месяц)
So i searched this video because I'm a music producer and my music
production software keeps crashing on me when I mess with a certain sub
program on the software. I did like the first three tips you recommended
but my software still crashes. What would you recommend? My computers
processor is good, I think? It's an Intel Core i3 CPU 2.40GHz. I'm not too
knowledgeable of computers but I'm assuming that's decent? What would you
recommend? Also I have 6GB of RAM and I've only used 0.20GB of RAM. Once
again I'm not too knowledgeable of what exactly that means but I'm assuming
it's really good? Any advice from anyone is gladly appreciated! Thank you
in advance! 

Автор bmth 4life (14 дней)
can I disable authentic fingerprint services

Автор Douglas Santos (1 месяц)
Hey thanks for the video man. I had a bit of a problem with one thing. I
went to the performance under advanced system settings and click all the
options that you had but I noticed that after I did that my computer power
button wouldnt wake my computer up from when I put it to sleep which it
always did before. Any idea why this is happening/how I can fix it? Thanks

Автор WolfPack Gamers (1 месяц)
Oh really dude? Download Spybot - Search and Destroy? It stole everything
from my computer thanks to u. Spy bots steal everything.
I would advise everyone to not download this because Spybot-Search and
Destroy will steal bank/credit information and could lead you to

Автор Kurtis McLeod (1 месяц)

For one, defragmenting is not "stupid" and shouldn't be something you don't
"bother with". There is a REASON windows does is it AUTOMATICALLY. It is
especially important to do after a disk cleanup so all system files are in
optimal placement on the hard drive. If you don't defragment, files will
continue to fragment until your hard drive is overworking itself just
trying to open one file after another. If they are located in optimal areas
and near one another, your hard drive will open these files far more
efficiently and the read write heads won't be over stressed. Proper
defragmentation of your hard drive will dramatically decrease boot times,
as well.

Two, checking disk for errors, or chkdsk, does not "Speed up" your
computer. It checks the partition tables for bad sectors, and upon
discovery attempts recovery of data and writes it back. If it isn't
successful the sector is allocated to SMART and the data, if retreivable is
moved to a SMART Sector. All this tool does is check for partition and file
table problems. The only time you'll notice an improvement in performance
is if bad sectors are being inhabited by system files, and the data is
retrieved and reallocated.

Temporary files are not something that should not be cleaned regularly.
These are remnants of old installers before files are unpacked to Appdata
and Programdata. They have absolutely no use to the system if they are
still in these areas. All they are doing is clogging up space. I've come
across systems with over 10GB of temporary files, after removing them and
defragmenting the drive a DRAMATIC improvement alone from that was seen.

Do NOT download anything from CNET!!!!!! Half of the downloads they provide
are bundled with their installer which itself installs PUPs on your
computer (Possibly Unwanted Programs) which most normal users mistake for

Malwarebytes and Spybot search and destroy DO NOT DISINFECT VIRUSES. They
disinfect Malware, Adware, Spyware, Fraudware, PUPs, Rootkits, etc.

You say you've been working on computers and "know what you're talking
about", I suggest you go back and read your CompTIA TextBook, because
you're terribly misinforming people who need to learn to do things right.

Автор Patrik M (2 месяца)
8GB RAM and u need to speed up....

Автор Kaylyn Filer (18 дней)
can i remove realnetworks from services?

Автор simon berus (27 дней)
what screen record do you use or what is the best one that dosen't slow
down your laptop too much?

Автор LuxorVan (1 месяц)
I have a G41m-p33 combo with E8400 3.0 ghz dual core 6 meg cache cpu, 8 gb
ddr3, 7200 rpm hd and evga power supply, evga geforce gt730 with 2 gb
gddr5! I have no speed issues! I suggest microsoft security essentials!

Автор TheGeconPro (21 день)
My error checking took 10 sec. I have ssd hard drive.

Автор Nyuu San (1 месяц)
Can I get wallplayer ? :p

Автор The Rezint (19 дней)
I am windows 8 I have a million things that are booting

Автор Trevis Branch (12 дней)
Great, easy to follow vid. Thanks!

Автор Guillaume Cormier-Lang (7 дней)
very helpful thanks alot

Автор Aidan Flack (16 дней)
My computers so slow I can't load that up

Автор Nghiem Nguyen thi (1 месяц)
Thank you so much for sharing this, now my computer is running much faster.
This is very helpful and wish you all the best ^_^

Автор XI COMBAT PRO (20 дней)
Thanks to u u broke my computer well done 

Автор GFisher111 (1 месяц)
Thought all of this was too elementary for me, but its amazing how much you
can forget thanks for the reminders.

Автор Jonathan Nguyen (1 месяц)
hey man, if u also dont mind or have free time, then it'd be kool if you
could msg me back on yt because i need help on what i should take off and
leave on for system configuration services. 

Автор nathan crews (1 месяц)
hello there im running a old dell dimension 1100 and its running extremely
slow even after a new install. any new advice would be appreciated, im
happy to pc share if it helps 

Автор Lol Moleop (1 месяц)
Maybe ur pc would be faster if u closed all those tabs at the bottom...

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