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Techniques passed down from lots of computer expert engineers translated into a short easy to do process.
Please do comment and ask me questions I would love to find out more about what you think and if you have found other ways of doing it.
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Автор pixelgaming460 ( назад)
i have a sony vaio VGN-FS515E
i wonder if this laptop or notebook is very rare or something :l

Автор Xxshade000xX ( назад)
Thanks alot. for making malfunctions on my mouse... at the "system
configuration" window i disabled things taht i knew were useless, and my
mouse wheel was jumping when i was scrolling. When I undo-ed the things i
disabled there, it did nothing! So... can you give me advice, at least?

Автор mtdewramen ( назад)
If you are using a laptop, i would highly suggest "speedfan" or "speccy" to
see your systems operating temperature to add on top of this.

Автор ZombiePunk ( назад)
I'm on windows 10 and this no longer helps me I need help

Автор Mason Meyer ( назад)
can you do the disk cleanup on solidstates?

Автор Colin Poulter (994 года назад)
This title really is a lie isn't it?

Автор B29GAMING (1196 лет назад)
When i select properties of my c drive, it pulls me up to the personalize
screen. help?

Автор john magallanes (318 лет назад)
If you click "disk clean up" does it will not wipe out all your programs or
what so ever?

Автор ElliotFX - Motion Design ( назад)
200% that doesn't make sense

Автор BigOreoGaming ( назад)
Question: When I do MenuShowDelay when I set it to 50, will it like slow
down when something pops up?

Автор Marko Huskic ( назад)

Автор ike nitschke ( назад)
thank you so much

Автор Metal Chaos ( назад)
i unenabeled dell data safe

Автор mrdog652 _-CRAZYMUFFIN-_ ( назад)
what about deleting system 32?

Автор Bianca Szonya ( назад)
Under services I have 10 things from mcaffe can I u click them? Also hp
support, hp software?

Автор ItzTrae ( назад)

Автор Hormoz Zolfe ( назад)
you genus meat .

Автор GaNjAsmokerPL ( назад)
Just earned yourself a sub Mr. SpankWire

Автор Gogineni venkat ( назад)
nice vedio

Автор Paul Wheeler ( назад)
slow down you twat, your explaining it like were all computer boffins, its
ni help atall you buffoon

Автор Captain Everything ( назад)
etc etc

Автор Judith De La Torre ( назад)
lol 8:28 has another website

Автор Zebruh `_` ( назад)
7:01 I cant even XD

Автор vCF Lacazette (1981 год назад)
Thank you so much mate helped me a lot keep up the good work

Автор David Holland (1538 лет назад)
Helpful doesn't cover it, I've been using computers between 8-16 hours a
day since i was 12 and i still learned something new. Brilliant stuff :)

Автор Black Panda ( назад)
I would'nt say 200% but i would say my windows 8 laptop is a little faster
i5 overclocked (yes i know...stupid) a amd hd graphics 30-40 on most games
with graphics on medium!

Автор Anthony Pinto ( назад)
I know this video is getting a bit old but it may be a good idea to advise
people not to run diskcleanup and defrag on SSD's since you are seeing them
more and more in netbook's. Most custom builders use SSD's but they should
know their way around.

Автор Raymond Rosario ( назад)
hey bro you play League ! any advice to make league not lag

Автор Brand Garzars ( назад)
Guys can go https://plus.google.com/112049554162809582021/posts/Rv8VPpuMXsm
to got windows 7 product key. Key not only work but it is genuine.

Автор Apollon Gr ( назад)
I use panda cloud antivirus for my laptop (vista) Is it good ? (please

Автор Chaotixs Gaming ( назад)
Hahaha avg sucks why would u recommend it

Автор MultiCaptain ( назад)
i dont see it #TwistyFPS3

Автор Toastio Gaming ( назад)
thank you so much keep doing what you doing love you man

Автор wilymill ( назад)
Pause at 7:01 XD

Автор VoxedNinjaGTA ( назад)

Автор csgo VACation ( назад)

Автор Tom Stacey ( назад)
Got a problem pal. I did a disk clean up and a disk check which took bout 4
hours. and i removed the unwanted stuff from msconfig like on the video but
now i am unable to login to my admin account. i get a "The User Profile
Service failed the logon” error message. This may or may not be due to
something i removed but it happened straight after so am guessing it is.
Have you heard of this before? do u kno what could cause this?

Автор Kim Max ( назад)
I'm in windows 8, and this is 7 it's really hazzy after following this
Say something like as windows8?

Автор Adrian Pri ( назад)
just wanted to ask you why after doing the first thing u mentioned my
minimize, expand and close buttons are smaller. they seemed to get shorter.
any thoughts?

Автор Gewoon een super kanaal ( назад)
my old setting are better than this stupid shit that don't works

Автор The Foxy ( назад)
im not gonna listen to u >:(

Автор Justin Thomas ( назад)
Want to speedup your PC ? .Please watch the course. explained everything
.Just 29$ (30 days payback guarantee) .

Автор russel boja ( назад)
it speed up 50%

Автор Nerdyideas ( назад)
Is is to okay if I disable NBService and NBIndexing service 

Автор Angelo Sykoudis ( назад)
7:23 put on subtitles when he says anti-virus it thinks he says

Автор Pooping Moons x ( назад)
omg thanks

Автор James Mathew ( назад)
To speed up the computer, I tried one of the best computer clean up utility
i.e. Ninja TuneUp software which clean away all the junk files and defrag
the drive as well.

Автор Knzxwh Iipjrpuik ( назад)
I want to share a link about windows 7 product key to you:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Windows-7-product-key/1558478384431000. Hope
can help you.

Автор Hoota Reboota ( назад)
Meditational State???... you've got to be fucking joking, you're rattling
on at a million miles an hour like some crazed loon, get off the drugs.
You're drug induced rambling suggests to me that you're persona is
the total opposite of 'Meditational State'

Автор Nicholas Staines ( назад)
Spelt Malwarebytes dude. That company is kind of picky with people who
mispell their company name

Автор Nicolas Perez ( назад)
I did the error checking but then I had fell asleep for the whole thing
because it was really late then around 5 am I woke up and looked at the
laptop and it was just on the log in screen. Does that mean I'm done? I
haven't touched it please help!!

Автор Joe Schmoe (1128 лет назад)
Can you get rid of Debug Dump Files??

Автор Trendy Flunky ( назад)
oh man i cant wait to look up buckets of cum 83 girls 96 cumshots ;)

Автор Edina Suljovic (1229 лет назад)
O my, you dirty boi.

Автор MedinaGames ( назад)
Well Hi Warning! Do Not Delete (SYSTEM32)
System32 is a directory that contains the core drivers and files of
Windows. You can locate it by clicking "Start," "Computer," "C:," Windows,"
and then "System32." System32 contains several dynamic link library files,
or DLLs. These DLLs drive functions such as mouse pointer control,
interpreting keyboard key strokes, managing USB ports and managing the
Windows interface. System32 also contains important files required for a
successful boot into Windows. When you start your computer, the program
responsible for the boot process, BIOS, looks for and launches these files.
So id you delete it it will kill your pc!

Автор dalton troxell ( назад)
thanks this really boosted my computer :)

Автор luka thingies ( назад)
i have 8.1

Автор BanshiGaming ( назад)
I have webroot internet security paid for version, do i still need to get
malwarebyte and spybot?

Автор WhiteWolfWorks ( назад)
disable aero that will speed up computer too

Автор Kmaster ( назад)
Thanks bro spankwire sped up my computer by 0.25

Автор RocketWayTV (563 года назад)

Автор RocketWayTV (1644 года назад)
can someone please tell me how to fix my screen so i can see everything and
so that it's not so zoomed in 

Автор sue rowe (231 год назад)
Good vid! ...I hear a slight Midlands accent...(;o)

Автор TatsumiNight ( назад)
What the fuck is spankwire?!?!?!!? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Автор jherwin baula (884 года назад)
thanks man.,'! :D

Автор Vuyo Jantjies ( назад)
We caught You!!!! Pause at 8:27

Автор jherwin baula ( назад)
thanks man.,'. ;)

Автор Marmot Man ( назад)
Can I disable Intel(R) Management and Security Application User
Notification Service?

Автор anthem11212 ( назад)
I have a question? When I'm trying to become a member or want to sign up
for example get a new credit card. You have to enter your e-mail address
and I get. {Enter a valid e-mail address or e-mail address not valid} How
or what can I do to correct this?

Автор Carrie Knight ( назад)
I went through all the steps you showed and now my camera won't upload
photos to my pc. What have I done?

Автор Jack Wood ( назад)
I can't thank you enough for the improvement in the games I play

Автор Savion De Young ( назад)
How good is comodo antivirus

Автор Lumpy Mango ( назад)
Get Spanked!

Автор Bostanica Nelly ( назад)
Will Teach You To Make Your Dead Slow Desktop/Laptop Into Super-Fast One
With Zero Cost And No Previous Knowledge.


Автор HighImpactFlix ( назад)
Thanks for your help! Congrats for almost 75K subscribers! I've subbed
ya, if you wanna check out my content and return the sub...come on over.
Peace my youtube friend.

Автор Lordsknight ( назад)
Why does every single person who does videos about speeding up your PC have

Автор j sledge lizada ( назад)
boo, your tutorial sucks.

Автор Paulamcnally11 ( назад)
Thank you my laptop run a lot better x

Автор #NFS_king_The_third# Turbodemon ( назад)
lol brooooooooooo u got caught lmao 6:59

Автор Mpdgaming 1 ( назад)
When I play league of legends my PC keeps resting 

Автор TheDarkLord ( назад)
If you get rid of SYSTEM32 it will make it 100x better. Trust me, I've done
it and my PC is blazing fast. >:)

Автор 00realitycheck ( назад)
On the Misconfig thing when you go on startup, can I untick Intel(R)
common user interface? There's three of them in a row and I don't know if
they are important. +Meditational State

Автор DRAGAN “RUBEN” V I P ( назад)

Автор Zak Usa ( назад)
why look up how to speed up any computer you people need to stop being too
cheap and spending a little amount of speeding up computer all you need to
do is defrag and clean up daily you dont need anything else its also good
to be organized with your files

Автор Nevi Blue ( назад)
Excellent! Many thanks mate

Автор murrax 2 ( назад)
Thanks man, massively sped up my laptop!:)

Автор fpoop crap ( назад)
it is very good

Автор jens panis (deaddrunkman) ( назад)
Whats is ur lol player name :D

Автор CdnCwby09 ( назад)
there is nothing wrong with Defragmentation of your computer, it is there
so that you can speed up your Load times with programs cause what it does
is put all the Same Programs files in one area for that program and is
saves hard drives in the long run where hard drives don't have to search to
run a certain Program

Автор Beatmania.co.nz ( назад)
Doing this for three years, and you don't know that you can get to Windows
system information by pressing "windows key" + pause|break lmao

Автор Juan Carlos Acosta ( назад)
Thanks it really speed up my laptop

Автор myfreetime123 ( назад)
Also, don't forget to clear your browsing history kids

Автор Sam Nyholm ( назад)
little advise: make sure you don't have porn sites in your history when you
make a video lol....

Автор Uchenna D-switch Topstunna ( назад)
u r a legend

Автор AliceAttentionWhore ( назад)
CNET? Fuck no.

Автор mineghost ( назад)
Did anyone else see that he looked up a video on how to increase speed on
your computer in 5min?

Автор Malmö FF ( назад)
He is Swedish. Piratpartiet is Swedish.

Автор Arslan Butt ( назад)
this is very helpful video..

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