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Автор AimhackG (2 месяца)
Thanks!!! I sped up my pc by 0.25%.

Автор Judith De La Torre (1 месяц)
Pause at 8:27

Автор corey drew bruce (20 дней)
How to speed up PC

Remove Winshit and replace it with Linux and be problem free and always

Автор TheBombBros1000 (21 день)
Why shouldn't you delete temp folder files????

Автор Kit Kat (27 дней)
Thanks so much for your help. I am a new subscriber. It really helped me
speed my computer up.

Автор DJ Fox (28 дней)
Ehem Sir, your forgot to clear your browser history at 7:02 and 8:27.

Автор HDTrickz PS3 (8 месяцев)
Put the speed of the video at 0.25 and pause at exactly 6:59, haha oh god
what have you been watching. Look in the address bar omg.

Автор marchlander1 (1 месяц)
I just unchecked startup and services services and removed those
unnecessary visual effects and my laptop runs significantly faster. I run
cleaning disc c now and when I'm back I'll run "check it"- That's how I
repaired my other computer. So thank you, this video is very usefull.
Usualy I don't like videos just because they say so, but yours deserves big
one :)

Автор Zaim de noisy (1 месяц)
extreme bukakes lol

Автор Sam Anderson (1 месяц)
Sped up my pc tenfold thanks

Автор Ashish Kumar Shakya (27 дней)
you are awesome man thanx :D

Автор RPGMakerNerd (4 месяца)
I admire you.. Your tips and tricks were terrible since everyone is saying
the same thing these days..
But I admire you because you are a real man... A real man that watches porn
on Spankwire! :D

Автор Ismael Gamer (1 месяц)
So Much Cum in 1 vid

Автор Dan WolfSkyWay (2 дня)
4:20 computer fan dying?

Автор ZombieSlayer103 (4 месяца)
what screen recorder do you use?

Автор lozzikane (24 дня)
Hi, Do you do remote access, so you could make my computer run faster, I
haven't a clue how to

Автор Basilis Mart (2 месяца)
can i disable Intel Rapid storage technology (or even unistall it?)(do i
need it?)
I have an ssd and a hhd and i dont use raid or anything neither will I

Автор The English gamer (1 месяц)
Put the speed at 0.25 and pause around 6:47 HE CHEATED!!! HE IS STEALING

Автор Edwin Romero (1 месяц)
2,000 comment 

Автор David F (4 месяца)
I keep down the visual effects, but I won't turn off "smooth edges of
screen of fonts". After running Disk Cleanup, I boot to Safe Mode and run
MyDefrag with the option "System Disk Monthly" to defrag - which does make
a difference, especially if the computer has never been defragmented.

Автор imu70 (1 месяц)
After 30 days free AVG program I uninstalled it and It blocked me from
using internet by Turedo tunneling code 10 and they blocked so i cannot
open and modify the numbers It also slow down my computer also So be
careful with AVG

Автор Kira S (1 месяц)
Super Awesome video!!!! It soo did the trick!!! I got a 10 yr old laptop
and now my videos play smooth! THANKS!!!!!

Автор AvailableBagel (1 месяц)
Well... If you put your speed to about 0.25 and pause at either 6:59 or 8:27
you can see what he's been searching... Spankwire... buckets of cum... Wow

Автор nathan smith (10 дней)
listen, thanks...really well put across...my screen's been freezing more
often than a brass monkey fae Anchorage

Автор PvP_Hacking_ Lord (3 месяца)
what do you use for recording and can u use it without admin acces?

Автор Weed But-t (6 дней)

Автор Jonah Deleseleuc (1 месяц)
Guys, I highly recommend cleaning up temporary files. My temp files were
4gb when I've been only using this for a year!

Автор CallMe Executioner (12 дней)
Can you give me that wallpaper link i rly wanna :P 

Автор Michael Scott (22 дня)
is it bad to have more that one virus cleaner on you Computer?

Автор I I Conor Thacksie I I (27 дней)
Hi, I did the error checking and now I can't connect to my internet? (
Meaning my internet doesn't show up! ) Help please?

Автор Genipher Lucas (3 месяца)
I have a problem. My aunts computer is "set" to open in safe mode until we
can go back and unset it).
The problem is that when we turn the computer on the keyboard and mouse
stop working and we can't get past the "admin" and "new user" page what
should we do? Please help! 

Автор Trevor Malphrus (23 дня)
Thanks for the help

Автор Nauris Baulia (11 дней)

Автор deanzus salvador (1 месяц)
Wahahahahaha yup!

Автор CaptainSk8r Road to 100subs (1 месяц)
Can I disable Advanced Micro devices, inc?

Автор Morten Thunbo Nielsen (23 дня)
Hello, first of all great video :) it helped a lot, but I was wondering if
you could help me, my Antimalware Service Executable is taking a lot of my
CPU how do I lower it?

Автор Vladyslav Syedoy (1 месяц)
6:47 Lol he just made a summary of what he just watched on youtube.

Автор TheDailyMineraft & MCPE (19 дней)
I got a Question
I DISK Clean up my laptop window 7
Lloyd the remove or no comment below if you can help me

Автор Kurtis McLeod (3 месяца)

For one, defragmenting is not "stupid" and shouldn't be something you don't
"bother with". There is a REASON windows does is it AUTOMATICALLY. It is
especially important to do after a disk cleanup so all system files are in
optimal placement on the hard drive. If you don't defragment, files will
continue to fragment until your hard drive is overworking itself just
trying to open one file after another. If they are located in optimal areas
and near one another, your hard drive will open these files far more
efficiently and the read write heads won't be over stressed. Proper
defragmentation of your hard drive will dramatically decrease boot times,
as well.

Two, checking disk for errors, or chkdsk, does not "Speed up" your
computer. It checks the partition tables for bad sectors, and upon
discovery attempts recovery of data and writes it back. If it isn't
successful the sector is allocated to SMART and the data, if retreivable is
moved to a SMART Sector. All this tool does is check for partition and file
table problems. The only time you'll notice an improvement in performance
is if bad sectors are being inhabited by system files, and the data is
retrieved and reallocated.

Temporary files are not something that should not be cleaned regularly.
These are remnants of old installers before files are unpacked to Appdata
and Programdata. They have absolutely no use to the system if they are
still in these areas. All they are doing is clogging up space. I've come
across systems with over 10GB of temporary files, after removing them and
defragmenting the drive a DRAMATIC improvement alone from that was seen.

Do NOT download anything from CNET!!!!!! Half of the downloads they provide
are bundled with their installer which itself installs PUPs on your
computer (Possibly Unwanted Programs) which most normal users mistake for

Malwarebytes and Spybot search and destroy DO NOT DISINFECT VIRUSES. They
disinfect Malware, Adware, Spyware, Fraudware, PUPs, Rootkits, etc.

You say you've been working on computers and "know what you're talking
about", I suggest you go back and read your CompTIA TextBook, because
you're terribly misinforming people who need to learn to do things right.

Автор IT IS (1 месяц)
Speed up ANY Computer/Laptop by 200% - Windows 7/8/Vista/XP (HD):

Автор NelphieWarrior (8 дней)
what is that recording program you are using mate? :)

Автор Blogwire (22 дня)
no improvement...keep trying

Автор Nici Geelhoed (21 день)
200% lol OKEY whatever u say!!

Автор Karen Iveson (1 месяц)
great video thank you

Автор Patrik M (5 месяцев)
8GB RAM and u need to speed up....

Автор William Richardson (20 дней)
Thanks you,ve been the most helpful guide to increasing my pc,s speed.

Автор iLeakzzPLAYZ (19 дней)
wait a good pc has an i3 *facepalm*

Автор Blake Honig (9 дней)
Go ironside
I Want To Win A Gaming PC
Go ironside
I Want To Win A Gaming PC

Автор Jacob Steadman (14 дней)
Where did you get your wallpaper. Great video BTW!

Автор abdelilah ouchan (17 дней)
What programs are inportent for your laptop

: wath is the programs that a laptop need like a systeam program not things
like iTunes

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