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Techniques passed down from lots of computer expert engineers translated into a short easy to do process.
Please do comment and ask me questions I would love to find out more about what you think and if you have found other ways of doing it.
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Автор Sasuke Vu ( назад)
noob video

Автор kadag meira ( назад)
thanks bro :)

Автор Francis Wertheimer ( назад)
What do you think of microsoft security essentials? I'm pretty satisfied.

Автор Slick Shot ( назад)
thanks man helped a lot

Автор Jules du Mont ( назад)
Oh come on... that's the basic stuff. Advanced tuning lies within registry
tweaks, using a ramdrive and disabling a lot of useless windows services.

Автор BigGG231 Gaming ( назад)
xD 7:02 pause dis guy savage

Автор Tony Russel ( назад)
Thank you, my blacklight retribution is a little faster, and my Halo combat
evolved is perfect now. blacklight would been faster if I would followed
all ur steps but I got anxious to play it and I am not very knowledgeable
about computers and couldn't understand what else to do. You did make it
easy, but it's just me.. thanx again

Автор MrPlayer894 ( назад)
My computer shut off randomlly! Whenever it boots it turns off! PLEASE HELP

Автор Rayhan Khoka ( назад)
Not bad. but have some mistakes.

Автор such doge ( назад)
7:02 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Viral Gaming ( назад)
Mmm buckets of cum 7:00

Автор alfreda overton ( назад)
I have reset my computer and it has uninstalled some of my very important
programs, like microsoft and others. I am not tech savy. How do i reinstall

Автор Mario T. ( назад)
Can I disable google chrome on start, but leave google update or something
will go wrong ?

Автор MonStaa_Fish ( назад)
Is Spybot 100% safe and will it harm my system

Автор Bimo Wiyono ( назад)
Hi there mr, can you please help with my laptop just got infected by this
very annoying Chinese sh!t... I've tried to remove it, watch the tutorial
here on youtube, at the end i kind of mess'up my laptop... I have back'up
but it wont recover now its just ruin! Hate that "Tencent!!" please do
reply.. give a quick, simple, and effective tutorial how to remove it
totally... thx in advance :)

PS: it the latest TENCENT sh!t its all different than all in youtube

Автор Thier Petersen ( назад)
Tried all of this and litteraly nothing worked. Its a bit faster. But a
tiny bit. Its still slow as hell

Автор Ng Ming Chiat ( назад)
work and thank you

Автор govt. higher secondary school badgaon, udaipur ( назад)
the best way is to increase that 1000000% works is right click on
computer>properties>advance system
settings>advance>performance>advanced>virtual memory>change>your drive in
which windows is installed>custom>put 1540 in both blanks>set

Автор BigTechTv ( назад)
which scrn recorder

Автор AlphaWolf 12012 ( назад)
Pause at EXACTLY 7:02 and look at the third search bar.


Автор Hades Roblox ( назад)
Guys download "Advanced SystemCare9"

Deep scan
Full Speed
No Virus

Автор King Sean ( назад)
its that jarvis ?

Автор Bamaboompa ( назад)
you mention getting unnecessary items & "clutter" off your desktop
Does same apply to items pinned to your taskbar?

Автор Pewking ( назад)
Yes baby Very good video my pc is very

Автор Diggles_NL ( назад)
tnks man my lapot is way faster now ;)

Автор WowWee Roboexpert ( назад)
i almost broke my pc doing this thanks >:(

Автор BooM Squad ( назад)
Are I need to change in custom like you or need adjust for best performance

Автор Francis Cassidy ( назад)
great vid thanks for the help and your a good sport when it came to you
getting busted HAHA. alright take care!

Автор BrianGriffin1999 ( назад)
oh my goodness clear your history before you make a video where you type in
your search bar, because now i find you disgusting

Автор Josh Hayes ( назад)

Автор Lucas Sayles ( назад)
video request - How to make windows 7 transparent not silver

Автор alyraver ( назад)
buckets of cum hahaha

Автор Brian Gillies ( назад)
Hi just checked this video out and it appears to have worked. So thank you

Автор Peter Wilson ( назад)
Very helpful! Thanks tons!!!

Автор Typloshi ( назад)
Spankwire ;]

Автор ocularnervosa ( назад)
I followed your advice, not only did my computer not speed up but now the
Ctrl key isn't working even after I undid all your "helpful hints".

Автор D4r1o ( назад)
fuck you xp

Автор 008 bari ( назад)
The porn slowed down your computer hahaha jack sadler if u see like this

Автор D3V3LoPeR 15 ( назад)
its speed your computer by 2% :)

Автор Joseph Castle ( назад)
meditational thing

Автор Charlie Jenkins ( назад)
6:15 I go on it and click scan drive and it says windows has found errors
that need to be repaired

Автор cittybulder ( назад)
Thanks for the vid it realy helped me out with my old dell laptop.

Автор Nicholas Gill ( назад)
If I don't own any apple products, and I don't use iTunes (Spotify FTW) do
I still need those 3:17 Apple stuff?

Автор John Davidson ( назад)
Thx mate a wee bit quick and screen blurry but got there , thanks again

Автор Recycle Bin ( назад)
that's 20% for ordinary people (out of 100)

I would like to know where you got this statistic from.

Автор YOUTUBE vids ( назад)
Hey it works

Автор Leon Bennett ( назад)
them anti virus softwares are connecting you to viruses like a magnet don't
use them it's all code do you understand.

Автор ViTrUvIaN YrRoTh ( назад)
thanks for you m8 my laptop is so goddamn fast!!

Автор Wasted Time ( назад)
no offence intended but I find Norton is better than AVG Security

Автор xopticdefuse xopticninga ( назад)

Автор playfullmean xbox 360 ( назад)
I don't know what I did but when on YouTube me sound is deeper or slower

Автор gamerplayz - minecraft ( назад)

Автор Jessica Soto ( назад)
Thank you so much this video was great help my computer is finally back to

Автор thelittlenub noober ( назад)
You want a fast laptop? Get a black one

Автор Fred Estave ( назад)
that did help me thanks fredi

Автор ShsoWithFilip ( назад)
Which Screen Recorder Do You Used ? Please Anwser Me!

Автор Gene Shields ( назад)
Dude you talk to fast and your screen is too small to even read what ones
are checked off, good job thumbs down

Автор Dylan Mercado ( назад)
thx bro it helps me alot :)

Автор PeyPey (730 лет назад)
anyone else see spankwire,com in his search
mainly girls swallowing a bucket of cum o.o

Автор Diederik Verheul ( назад)
Hey there, I was hoping to have a word with you with regards to the
settings for windows startup programms. Let me know when you got time.

Автор Michael Petersen ( назад)
i tried all that - i did not work :(

Автор Nature Sounds ( назад)
What about hibernation file cleaner do I clean it up?

Автор zero hero ( назад)
hey so u playing lol two i been watching ur videos and found them helpfull
but now that i see that u play lol can u give me please advice about
getting better ping in lol iam in the eune server

Автор Djurdjina Bakic ( назад)
Thank you!! :)

Автор AT or T & Friedns play CS:GO & More! ( назад)
Dude my in gmae fps wen from 20 to 200 :D

Автор Chad Pagee (174 года назад)
does everything in the video still work?

Автор Kenya Meshca Dablo ( назад)
This worked out for me although.. it switched to classic windows but it's
now faster so .. i don't mind.

Автор Kasma Kate ( назад)
Oh my God people!
There is this great thing called the pause button.
Pause and play as you need. I actually appreciate that he gets right to it
and doesn't drag on. THANK YOU!

Автор suleiman bille ( назад)
i need ur profile pictuer help me or where u get it from

Автор Miguel Milian ( назад)
Don't ever use malware bytes.cnet

Автор -MerandYT- ( назад)
whats you screen recorder name ??

good video

Автор Doris S. Jaramillo ( назад)
*Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working*

Автор Amanda King ( назад)
Iv done a fresh reinstall of windows 8.1 on my computer it gave me some
trouble at first due to a bad ram stick.. but now that its gone through its
VERY slow.. Iv never experienced my computer like this at all before.. Iv
scanned and tweaked every part of this machine... other than taking
components out (Except for the bad ram stick) Everything is up to date ..
but even as i type this chrome and even thing from the start menu do the
"Not responding" for at least 10 seconds.. then loads super fast.. Any
idea?! All iv found online is that my hard drive might be bad.. but.. its
not making noises of any kind.. and iv never had issues with it before..
I'm literally at a loss.. and going to be pulling my hair out shortly.. Any
advice would be appreciated.

Автор Music ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( назад)
Thanks !

Автор Music ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( назад)
Thanks !

Автор Cookie Gamer TV ( назад)
Hey Dude Whats Your Wallpaper I Want It, Ok Ty! Please Send Link

Автор JayLine ( назад)
Cnet is filled with malware, never download from cnet NEVER, always try to
find the official site and het it from there.

Автор RBZ Chaos ( назад)

Автор RBZ Chaos ( назад)
@twistyF PS3 what is it?

Автор Jordan Westfield ( назад)
I make that in a day my goodness black people think their rich lol

Автор computersolutions164 ( назад)
Spybot is not free at all !!!!

Автор Sipan742 ( назад)
My temporary files folder 68.9GB big what will happen if I just clean it
all up?

Автор rick ward ( назад)
it is talking to fast moving mouse around to fast you need typ it out so we
can keep going in they right programs to make this happen i must be dum or
slow but i could never under stand its to fast for me to learn

Автор Nathan Wickham ( назад)
If the program stops or is not running is it OK to uncheck it?

Автор harry turnbull ( назад)
I need help u broke my computer

Автор Manajust4fun ( назад)
I just came here right after a frustrating game of League of Legends. My
screen was literally lagging like PowerPoint slides, I ended up with the
worst victory ever. Then I noticed the LoL icon on your desktop and was
like hey I play that game to!

Автор nowayminer ( назад)
My safe mode isn't working

Автор Gloria Davies ( назад)

Автор MegaBojan1993 ( назад)
Easiest way to speed up your PC - Buy an SSD drive :)

Автор ‫נדב כרמון‬‎ ( назад)
cheez man my computer runs soooo slow now.. and everything looks blurry ...
you should post a video of how to undo all of this things...

Автор thomas flowers (escholar) ( назад)

Автор cerı cany ( назад)
*Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working*

Автор bacon Bliss ( назад)
i know its already bean spoted but at 7:02 in the address bar suggestions

Автор Conceptboss ( назад)
Another over exaggerated video You can't speed windows up by 200%.200% to
me means that if a process takes 10sec to complete after his tweaks it
should take 2.5 seconds.If you could speed up any computer by 200% it would
mean an overclocking of its maximum speed by over 100% it would melt the
chip and fry your motherboard.His demonstrates a lack of understanding
about the architecture and processes within the windows environment,Does
not' understand the benefits of defragging .Install then uninstall virus
software? that was a ridiculous one. Another way to speed up your machine
is to not have buckets of cum all over it and not to invite 96 men and only
83 women it means 13 men will have to beat their bishops which is obviously
what this fool likes doing in front of his computer.

Автор Belovedad ( назад)
buckets of cum

Автор FunDa Craft ( назад)
Did it work for you guys?

Автор Anjel ( назад)
Basically I would like the opposite of what I just got.

Автор Anjel ( назад)
Hi, Im not liking the way my font looks. I know it wont be as fast but how
do I get i back?

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