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Автор Airsick Coot (22 часа)
Cool thx

Автор andrew999 (3 дня)
avast is better

Автор Flubbed Bunion (3 дня)
My mind is actually blown how well this works 

Автор LordExperiment (6 дней)
He play league

Автор musicaman68 (11 дней)
It works, but at first there was no sound, very sloe and no internet
access. Thank you.

Автор euheide (14 дней)
Awesome! Thanks! I do however have one thing to say. Both malware bytes and
spybot search and destroy are not anti-virus and do not replace an
anti-virus. They are anti-malware/spy-ware. You should use these
applications along with an anti-virus. I also have a very good suggestion
to speed up your computer (this is something I only found out about
yesterday so I'm still in shock with how much it affects Window's speed) -
Install Tune Up Utilities - This is not a free software but you can use the
trial version for 14 days and then decide whether you think it's worth it
(you'll most likely decide it is). It made a huge difference in mine I
don't even have to restart it periodically now due to RAM slowness. 

Автор TGdraws [GFX, Minecraft Artist] (15 дней)
2,000th like

Автор ChadPark05 (22 дня)
If u want a good AntiVirus, pay for one. Bottom line. Dont download
anything from cnet. Malware bytes is good to have on top of an AV. You
can get it directly from their site.

Автор polas anderson (26 дней)
If you have the shit cpu so it will not speed up pc

Автор Kenneth Rogers (25 дней)
Bro this helped massively, thank you! 

Автор blennerville2 (1 месяц)
i have the full norton internet security - its good but it seems to slow
the computer down a lot, is it wort keeping it ??

Автор zenmonk Genryu (1 месяц)
Not bad but there are a few mistakes. For example you have Pando Media
Booster on your system. It's malware at best and totally unnecessary. Get
rid of it, and the advice about not defragging is incorrect and no, a lot
of items on the desktop make little difference to the speed of a system.

Автор xMrxcraigx (29 дней)
can you turn safe mode off ?

Автор Adam K. (1 месяц)
Does it work boys?

Автор James Smitty (1 месяц)
Some of this stuff was probably already mentioned in the video but do you
guys want to know what's going to make your PC and/or laptop run better?
Don't download illegal pirated content material from over the internet,
stop going to porn sites and/or just avoid porn sites altogether, don't let
your computer hardware memory and graphics card get to full or run out of
space, delete files that you don't use anymore or need, don't give out your
personal information over the internet without knowing that it's a secure
website, make sure your computer is up to date on software checks and
anti-virus updates, Sophos is one of the best anti-viruses out there that's
free, etc. All of this will keep your computer running faster and

Автор Jopsix (8 часов)
Thx a lot

Автор abdulbari abdulla (1 день)
what the fuck this actually works!!!!!!!

Автор shah aowal (6 часов)
Should i run these?
Nerofiltercheck -nerocheck.exe

Автор Bat Swa (1 день)
My computer was slow at booting up.

Автор TheMixedupstuff (17 часов)
I am not sure if winlogon.exe is recognized as a service, but it wouldn't
be fun dealing with your pc if it was off

Автор Frank Moncayo (2 дня)
Hi, thanks for these great tips,
Great job.
Can you tell me what kind of program you are using to capture and record
your screen, that is this video.

Автор Istiakh Al- Mamun (2 дня)

Автор Nick Thornton (4 дня)
When ever I right click on local disk the program dosnt respond

Автор James Carter (5 дней)
ty ty ty ty my pc is soooo much better new sub

Автор brian tubera (3 дня)
i used camtasia to record a video and upload it at youtube but camtasia is
so complicated to use so i cancelled it

Автор latios venom (4 дня)
Ha! my cpu is better!
Basically, my processor and video card are better than any intel core
Computer: Cyberpower Dream X4. Beast of a computer!

Автор Nick Warren (4 дня)

Автор Dalton gravert (6 дней)

Автор Cevin Gauthier (5 дней)
Malwarebytes and superantispyware is what I use, it is not good to use two
malware or spyware programs.

Автор Denlloyd Bautista (9 дней)
i am level 30 in lol

Автор TOOL BOX (9 дней)
all you have to do to speed up your computer is to delete system32 after
that your computer runs like new 

Автор Bat Swa (1 день)
What is bad about paid antivirus programs? 

Автор LilB pursley (7 дней)
if u go to start hit run then u put in it netstat dump

Автор youngsatchmo (12 дней)
Defrag is a good idea--unless you have an SSD.

Автор John Jones (14 дней)
YeaH i think will scan my computer in safe mode its better because it will
the system files which are Un-scanable i think

Автор Teacher Raya (14 дней)
amen.... thanks chomp.....

Автор Von Adam Martinez (17 дней)
The best way to delete unnecessary files is by using CCleaner and the best
way to defragment your hard drive is by using Diskeeper(for the paid one)
or by UltraDefrag(for the free one). 

Автор Jared Feithen (13 дней)
People pay you for your services? But your an idiot!

Автор LuneSrb Srbija (13 дней)
Hey, i like your video but i have some other problems its abaut my graphic
if you have time to help me you can add me in skype Lune118. (Italy)

Автор Greg Hilditch (12 дней)
Having done the clean and rebooted my laptop gets stuck 'replacing bad
clusters in file' at 11%. Have rebooted but get to the same stage with no
option to Esc etc. Can you advise?

Автор Aseki Bekovy (27 дней)
1. If you want a pc with speed, don't go for a laptop.
2. Install your OS on an SSD
3. Buy a great cooler for your CPU
4. Overclock your CPU
5. Be happy
6. Have to pay your power bill
7. Cry
8. Get happy again
9. Goto 5

Автор Thành Trần (15 дней)

Автор Carolyn Smith (13 дней)
thank you thank you thank you and can you help me whenever i start my
computer it says this file could not be found it comes up every time help

Автор Jon Doe (1 месяц)
Is that Tali vas Normandy as wallpaper?

Автор Joe Wall (1 месяц)
Thanks that really, really helped!

Автор Joetheminer (27 дней)
It works!

Автор Jonathon Daniels (20 дней)
Nope... Wrong dude! No msconfig crap ever! You got a lot to learn brother!

Автор west workin (1 месяц)
virus programs are for pussys who don't know how to use a computer. lol

Автор Ethan Gil (1 месяц)
On my computer

Автор WeAreTheBL4D3RZ (1 месяц)
speeding my computer up so much, i got rid of all viruses and then did this
and wow its much much faster, thanks

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