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NOTE: I forgote to mention and was reminded while watching one of jimmyrcoms videos, that you want to make sure you uncheck "install yahoo toolbar"...


Автор Sakura Miku Chan (1 месяц)
Hai can i disable:
InstallDriver Table Manager
Mozilla Maintenance Service
Plz help 

Автор static compulsions (4 дня)
MY GUIDE TO SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER: (windows 7 or 8 if you have changed the
start menu)
Right click the windows start icon, click run and enter this in the prompt:
%temp%. Empty all there. Skip anything that is being used. Then, do the
same thing and type in "prefetch" (without "s), and empty all that there. *May
require administrative commands* .Go to Program Files. there is a lot of
unwanted stuff there, and I removed literally 65 gigabytes off my computer.
Not joking. Remove all the crap you don't need, it really does lag your
computer. *Especially the downloads folder, this step is usually for people
who dual-booted their computer for a windows 8 loader/other*. Go to Disk
Cleanup, and also remove System Files, and keep searching on youtube for
more tutorials. Just don't trust anything involving system32, it's a scam
and WILL ruin your system, wasting thousands of dollars and such. *Oh and
one last thing, go to the system performance area, you can change the
graphics and what you want to see. Click adjust for best performance, and
go to battery options, too. click adjust for high/best performance there
and your done. Like if it helped.

Автор Fahim Snipez (3 месяца)
Put the speed of the video at 0.25 and pause at exactly 6:59, haha oh god
what have you been watching. Look in the address bar omg.

Автор eric brown (1 месяц)
how do you tell what to dissable?

Автор Brookie Fulton (3 месяца)
Stop at exactly 6.59 he be watching porn haha

Автор PewDiePie SucksDick (4 месяца)
Dude, i have 1.2 terabytes on my C:disk

Автор Tommy King (2 месяца)
Havent watched the video yet so dont kno wif it was included but i had 72
gb worth of temp files

Автор AnjuConcept (2 месяца)
Heya, I did just as you instructed and my font got changed for Chrome. :( I
don't really know how to revert it back. It's an eye sore looking at the
messed up font on Chrome! Any help or tips would be nice. :P Thanks!
http://imgur.com/vGF6Cqy is what my font looks right now. 

Автор Lurifaxey PvPz (2 месяца)
U got a crappy compuet... i got a decent, and my windows score is 7.7 from
1 to 7.9 my lowest is 7.7

Автор Andre Häggblom (18 дней)
6:59 ?

Автор Shayan shiny (6 дней)

Автор clapperthebrain (3 месяца)
i cant run minecraft when i change it to any lower than the theme i have
now, like
i cant do windows basic or my minecraft window is clear it works, i hear
noises but its clear

Автор Matt Todd (2 месяца)
what about 3rd party programs like defraggler and cc cleaner, but not
registry cleaners.

Автор JJ Flip (11 дней)
your intro is creepy as hell dude

Автор Patrik M (12 дней)
8GB RAM and u need to speed up....

Автор FKProds (6 месяцев)
I have an i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, 250GB Samsung EVO SSD and GTX 660- Why did
this not speed up my computer? Misleading title, disliked.

Автор Viper (6 месяцев)
Heres the REAL way to speed up your computer... GET LINUX

Автор Walkthrough Wizardry (25 дней)
remember guys, when you browse the internet, your computer collects dust in
a temp folder clear it. daily.

Автор MegaEpicMedia (4 месяца)
Does anybody know if it is possible to add more memory to the dedicated
video RAM on a laptop?... I have:
Hp G6 2139sa
Windows 8.1 64 bit
AMD A8-4500M Quad core cpu 1.9-2.8ghz (with turbo boost)
Radeon HD 7640g Graphics card
900GB Hard Drive
512mb dedicated video RAM - This is what lets it down as a lot of newer
games require 1GB Dedicated video memory. Is it possible to increase this?
Would really appreciate help.

Автор Interestedsomewhat (6 месяцев)
Just delete the system32 folder and watch how fast your pc will get!

Автор Lawrence Spencer (3 месяца)
I am still trying to use my XP until it croaks. Is there anyway that you
can still use XP. What about if I install Firefox?

Автор Стоян Райнов (4 месяца)
I want your wallpaper plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Автор TheGamerGirl (1 месяц)
6:59 O.O xD 

Автор matthew dunn (2 месяца)
EVERYONE FYI !!!!! If you follow his steps you are adding spyware and
un-installing your system restore point so in this case if you DO follow
these steps you will have to restore your computer with a disk to the day
it was bought

Автор tillyiswhite (1 месяц)
do you need to have McAfee enable on start-up? it makes alot of impact on
my start-up

Автор Ian Sobrecaray (5 месяцев)
does this stop lags when your playing a game

Автор LewLewHD (3 месяца)
Can anybody help, i did most of the things this guys has done apart from
the stuff involving the internet and cnet, when i try to open steam it
justs makes me enter my password which is odd as i had it set to always
automatically log in, then it says i have no connection to the internet and
i could start steam in offline mode or retry the connection, however when i
load firefox and search for something it works fine, does anybody
understand what i have done, that would be great, thanks!

Автор eric brown (1 месяц)
hey what seeting make's the tool bar blue?

Автор TheDragonk2000 (2 месяца)
What recording software are you using lol :D

Автор TheGolden Shack (2 месяца)
It took me 30 mins and it really helped my computer used to take 5 mins to
open my web browser and now it's instant

Автор Joshua Luther (2 месяца)
Thanks. This was very helpful. 

Автор zenmonk Genryu (8 месяцев)
Not bad but there are a few mistakes. For example you have Pando Media
Booster on your system. It's malware at best and totally unnecessary. Get
rid of it, and the advice about not defragging is incorrect and no, a lot
of items on the desktop make little difference to the speed of a system.

Автор Thejollygamer3 (4 месяца)
Hi. I have a 1GB ram computer. Is that okay or is it shit?

Автор JetSmackedHD (2 месяца)
This might or might not work, upgrading RAM will not really make your
laptop fast. But you will notice the speed when you switch tabs or tasks.
But if you really want to speed up your laptop, get an SSD

Автор yutaro azuma (9 часов)
do i really need to see that picture just to know that im doing the right
thing?pls help

Автор Norm Soucy (2 дня)
Thanks for your video... I have been doing these things exactly as did for
the past 15 years (win98)... have you been looking over my shoulder? As I
was watching you video I knew exactly what you were going to do ahead of
time... everything you did does help speed up the computer and I have been
doing it for my customers like I said for 10-15 years now...
One thing can you tell me why the hell Microsoft will not let you expand
the window in msconfig.. been that way since win95... I hate having to
scroll across that tiny window all the time... thanks again for the great

Автор Dusan Belic (2 дня)
Can you explain something more about error-checking? Thanks

Автор Beast Mara (6 дней)
+Meditational State What's that program you use to record?

Автор Bobcat Wilson (2 дня)
I eat dogcrap

Автор Matt Anderson (6 дней)
Windows 8 defragments the HDD automatically, yes? In the background.

Автор Anthony Tretter (51 минуту)
thank you, you helped me out

Автор Katrina Marie (4 месяца)
I need your help asap I did something wrong following your video and now
alll my programs on the start menu are gone!! Please help

Автор Jordan Uchiha (3 месяца)
My Microsoft services stopped running, should I disable those leave them

Автор DarkStar147HD Minecraft (12 часов)
Can i disable apple rush, ilivid , spotify web helper?

Автор Kanaga Gnana (9 дней)

Автор TheSaneRider (13 дней)
Thank you for posting this!

I did all the steps including the long hour or two booting fix and man my
laptop is so much faster now. It helped a lot disabling running programs
and programs that opened on start up.

I owe you man!

Автор ShaneCarwin (6 дней)
Buckets of cum LOL you get a like just for that LAD

Автор jaycap120 (16 дней)
Can you do a video on how to fix the com surrogate dllhost.exe host memory

Автор Mia Hunter (9 дней)

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