Sexual Education

I hope this was helpful. I also hope my father doesn't watch this.

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Автор Kathleen Sanchez ( назад)
Wait so she said when men get exited it gets hard, so is that why in the first shrek when lord farquad was looking at Fiona on the mirror he just looked under the covers and then smiled?😂 just a random question.😂😁

Автор Rustie LeAnn ( назад)
Also I was a tab disappointed when she says if you have a question you can ask me you can ask a friend.. she doesn't talk about talking to parents. I say this because often friends and anyone under 20 usually don't have all the information... and they also don't often have a lot of experience...

Автор Rustie LeAnn ( назад)
Unfortunately yes Precum you can get pregnant with. That's often how woman get pregnant with the pull out method

Автор Makeup tips With me ( назад)
Where have these gone I love them

Автор an squad ( назад)
any body feel so horny

Автор girl woman ( назад)
has any girl ever thought that guys have it easy when it comes to mastrubation? no?just me? ok.........

Автор Tenita Isaacs ( назад)
I am 11 1/2 so I am not he age of 21

Автор Ally Foxy ( назад)
I have a question..... could you continue sex after one of the partners orgazem

Автор Jenna Momenna ( назад)
you taught me more than my mom did.

Автор Amber Saylor ( назад)
This is one video I'd love to see the bloopers of!

Автор Unoriginal Trash ( назад)
Is the ball really life because you were made in ur dads balls

Автор Singing Gymnast ( назад)
what if I told you I don't have a butt...

Автор Megan B ( назад)
This is hilarious 😂

Автор Doreen Blasko ( назад)
it is not blood it is tissue

Автор Lily Purcella ( назад)
Oh my goodness. I loved this but disclaimer to all folks using this knowledge. Pre-cum does have some sperm in it. Not a lot but it does. Pre-cum is to clean the urethra which is the where people pee, because cum and urine come out of the same whole in the penis and urine is to acidic for the sperm to survive and actually fertilize the egg. But sometimes theres quite a bit in the pre-cum so you can in fact get pregnant from it which is also why the pull out method doesnt work, because sometimes a guy doesnt know when its happening.

Автор Ella Sayer ( назад)

Автор crazzy sis ( назад)
pause on 4:21 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃

Автор Audrey Ruelas ( назад)

Автор Bella Rose ( назад)
.... and all the buttons 😂 ded

Автор Kelly Bergner ( назад)
am 9

Автор kitten ( назад)
i'm 12 years of age.

Автор Rachel Lowe ( назад)
"I mean if I had a penis I'd get erect if I got some cake" ~ Rachel 2k16 😂

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Is it possible to get a disease from kissing some ones foot?

Автор ShelbyRay422 ( назад)
Please do a part two

Автор Simply_Leah ( назад)

Автор John Khan ( назад)
when a women has a hoofferectomy ?? hysterectomy will she lose her sex drive sorry cant spell hoferectomy

Автор Bestic 24 ( назад)
Rachel Ik this is weird but have you had sex and if so did it hurt your first time?

Автор Becky Hernandez ( назад)
I really wish Rachel was my health teacher I mean who wants your teacher to teach u this

Автор Logy Shawky ( назад)
omg I am 9 year old that's not my issue I am out of here

Автор Logy Shawky ( назад)
what is a condom sorry I am 9 so I don't know anyone tell me pls

Автор Jesse Kelberg ( назад)
The spire is moving trust me I was told when I was 11

Автор Hannah Marie ( назад)
part 2 video pls

Автор Toatally Kawaii haters back OFF!! ( назад)
wow........ that's strong info....

Автор Court Jo2004 ( назад)
"Some men have big balls. Some men have small balls" 😂

Автор Madison Rose ( назад)

Автор Chloe Real ( назад)
This is like so cool! I've never been more comfortable when talking about sex 😂

Автор Ella Isaacs ( назад)
Now i dont feel weird that when i take my knickers off they are damp

Автор Nate Gordon ( назад)
i want to marry rachel and have sex daily

Автор Brookie Whitaker ( назад)
I already know all of this and more I just think it is funny how she said it

Автор BlakeLikesBears ( назад)
7:14 LMAO

Автор Sean Winant ( назад)
Umm... I'm 7 lol jk

Автор Sean Winant ( назад)

Автор Hose kid ( назад)
Hey Rachael do you masterbate

Автор Shawna Castano ( назад)
Sperm can be present is pre cum.

Автор Kinsey Simpson ( назад)
I'm 12 and I've already had "the talk" but I love you Rachel and u r so funny

Автор Sofia Lelli ( назад)
what am I doing here haha

Автор Marios SONY ( назад)
I thought I knew everything so I watched because it's Rachel duh but I learned so much

Автор La Troupe Ment ( назад)
Love you Rachel 😘 You are a really good teacher 😎

Автор Maria Berrios ( назад)
She explains this a lot more comfortably than my fifth grade teacher who taught me family life

Автор Alexandra D. ( назад)
This is honestly the best sex Ed class I had ever had😂

Автор Nowshin Jahan ( назад)
Wt is boner?

Автор Abdul Shaikh ( назад)

Автор Drama ( назад)
Learn this videos

Автор Tania Thompson ( назад)
its actually considered nicer/proper to call a "hempaphrodite" intersex. herpaphrodite is a very outdated term and really rude.sorry just thought ya'll should know

Автор Miss Elise ( назад)
do periods hert for all girls or just some

Автор Marleigh T ( назад)
I felt too uncomfortable watching this so I stopped 2 minutes in lol

Автор taylorgladue ( назад)
everybody poops

Автор Madi Jackson ( назад)
I would much rather you be my sex ed teacher you are amazing. She said "It comes out of the cacoon"

Автор tommygirl De Leon ( назад)
have you done any of this you don't have to answer if you don't want to

Автор tommygirl De Leon ( назад)
can men orgasm

Автор Alaina Blevins ( назад)
i am 14

Автор Hannah Louise ( назад)
I bet so many ppl are probably laughing there asses off and I'm like, this is actually really educational especially for kids who have a rough idea of what it is but don't fully know and ur teacher just makes everything akward and you have no idea what they're on about and I'm pretty sure we all feel better with Rachel saying it tho😂

Автор Taylor Coolstar ( назад)
we don't need school we just need Rachel she has tught me more in 1 year than my schools have in 8

Автор SkittleCat AJ ( назад)
0:06 Dose anybody else see the cow in The Conor

Автор Miranda Trash ( назад)
I am Shook! You went in, all the way in. As usual I feel so learned AND will have these words stuck in my head for a while: Juices
Holes, Lips, Chunky, Balls, Sack thing, Lumps, Splurges, Jiz, Bush, Soft, Cacoon, Tip, Stick & Taint. Thank you Rachel.🖒😉🏂💙💛💚

Автор Natalee Voss ( назад)
I'm 13

Автор Blossom That ( назад)
I'm 20 and i have sex every 3 years because me and my boyfriend are very normal

Автор Sanaa White ( назад)
Thank for the info

Автор Rosie Posie ( назад)
you should do another channel for this because some people don't want to here this stuff and like me they feel much more comfortable with you talking about this kinda stuff

Автор Sorcha Snow-Shiva ( назад)
ahh! the commercial for this video tricked me by using Leslie Odom, curse you nation wide his voice is too good.

Автор spange bab ( назад)
Who needs school when we have Rachel Ballinger? 👊🏼👊🏼

Автор Corvin Che ruggles ( назад)

Автор Madi Baylee ( назад)
"only one shape.. it's a stick" 😂😂😂😂

Автор funtimefoxyrocks 123 ( назад)
i never had to go through the awkwardness of "the talk" because my step mom knew i already knew it.

Автор Andrea Tipton ( назад)
You did an amazing job Rachel! I have 2 daughters and a son, ages 19, 18, and 17. If I were uncomfortable talking to them I would absolutely have them watch this video!! Maybe if this video was around when I was 17 I wouldn't have children ages 19, 18, and 17 lol jk Bravo!

Автор It's Sandely ( назад)
Who here has never had a yeast infection

Автор Moisturize Me ( назад)
i like this person she's funny

Автор ChickenNugget Gamer456 ( назад)
During the video I was cringing tho whole time lol..!

Автор Ava Lol 7 ( назад)

Автор Delfino Garcia ( назад)
do yeast infections hurt

Автор Laura Gadille ( назад)
It's called precum and yes you can get pregnant

Автор jesus christ ( назад)
Please kill me

Автор Shananigans Shananigans ( назад)
How to do the pull out method?

Автор AmandaC ( назад)
Pt 2!

Автор SavagelyMaddy ( назад)
Uhh I just LOVE when Rachel educates us kiddies and tone else agree?

Автор Here_comes _The_Fish ( назад)
Oi 😣😐

Автор Sister Daniel ( назад)
as a woman I don't understand what's appealing about boobs. like, nipples are gross and they're just squishly lumps.

Автор My Life As Liv ( назад)
Ummmmm a little tmi

Автор danny and the frog kenny youtube ( назад)
i want to learn about if women have pirod

Автор Amber Myatt ( назад)
can you do another video including what exactly an orgasm is and what it feels like?

Автор Rosemary Hormoz ( назад)
I wish she was my sex Ed teacher 😂😂😂

Автор Destiney! ( назад)
Do a puberty video

Автор Faith Wheeler ( назад)
why am i here I'm 11

Автор marla estes ( назад)
to add to your info the reason they can get us pregnant due to the stuff just being on the out side because our discharge carries it up the canal.

Автор Emily Buchanan ( назад)
I was eating yogurt when she was leaking about cum😂😂😬😬😬😩

Автор GamingWithTheEngrassiaSibs !!!!!! ( назад)

Автор Galaxy girl 10 ( назад)
I don't get anything in this

Автор Keegan Gidley ( назад)
wow rachel ur scandalous

Автор Meerlia ( назад)
I was unsubscribe to you randomly ;( I subbed back though!

Автор Sarah Rutter ( назад)
"I don't understand it they're just bumps but okay" ugh yesss 👏🏻

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