Sexual Education

I hope this was helpful. I also hope my father doesn't watch this.

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Автор Drama ( назад)
Learn this videos

Автор Tania Thompson ( назад)
its actually considered nicer/proper to call a "hempaphrodite" intersex. herpaphrodite is a very outdated term and really rude.sorry just thought ya'll should know

Автор Miss Elise ( назад)
do periods hert for all girls or just some

Автор tu si ( назад)
is it really so common to talk about sex outside INDIA????

Автор Marleigh T ( назад)
I felt too uncomfortable watching this so I stopped 2 minutes in lol

Автор taylorgladue ( назад)
everybody poops

Автор Madi Jackson ( назад)
I would much rather you be my sex ed teacher you are amazing. She said "It comes out of the cacoon"

Автор tommygirl De Leon ( назад)
have you done any of this you don't have to answer if you don't want to

Автор tommygirl De Leon ( назад)
can men orgasm

Автор Alaina Blevins ( назад)
i am 14

Автор The Tea Sipping Simmer ( назад)
I bet so many ppl are probably laughing there asses off and I'm like, this is actually really educational especially for kids who have a rough idea of what it is but don't fully know and ur teacher just makes everything akward and you have no idea what they're on about and I'm pretty sure we all feel better with Rachel saying it tho😂

Автор Taylor Coolstar ( назад)
we don't need school we just need Rachel she has tught me more in 1 year than my schools have in 8

Автор Skittle Cat1234 ( назад)
0:06 Dose anybody else see the cow in The Conor

Автор TlcGirl3 ( назад)
I am Shook! You went in, all the way in. As usual I feel so learned AND will have these words stuck in my head for a while: Juices
Holes, Lips, Chunky, Balls, Sack thing, Lumps, Splurges, Jiz, Bush, Soft, Cacoon, Tip, Stick & Taint. Thank you Rachel.🖒😉🏂💙💛💚

Автор Natalee Voss ( назад)
I'm 13

Автор Blossom That ( назад)
I'm 20 and i have sex every 3 years because me and my boyfriend are very normal

Автор Sanaa White ( назад)
Thank for the info

Автор Rosie Posie ( назад)
you should do another channel for this because some people don't want to here this stuff and like me they feel much more comfortable with you talking about this kinda stuff

Автор Sorcha Snow-Shiva ( назад)
ahh! the commercial for this video tricked me by using Leslie Odom, curse you nation wide his voice is too good.

Автор Billy BooBoo ( назад)
Who needs school when we have Rachel Ballinger? 👊🏼👊🏼

Автор Corvin Che ruggles ( назад)

Автор Madi Baylee ( назад)
"only one shape.. it's a stick" 😂😂😂😂

Автор funtimefoxyrocks 123 ( назад)
i never had to go through the awkwardness of "the talk" because my step mom knew i already knew it.

Автор Andrea Tipton ( назад)
You did an amazing job Rachel! I have 2 daughters and a son, ages 19, 18, and 17. If I were uncomfortable talking to them I would absolutely have them watch this video!! Maybe if this video was around when I was 17 I wouldn't have children ages 19, 18, and 17 lol jk Bravo!

Автор It's Sandely ( назад)
Who here has never had a yeast infection

Автор Moisturize Me ( назад)
i like this person she's funny

Автор Makayla Currington ( назад)
During the video I was cringing tho whole time lol..!

Автор Ava Lol 7 ( назад)

Автор Delfino Garcia ( назад)
do yeast infections hurt

Автор Laura Gadille ( назад)
It's called precum and yes you can get pregnant

Автор jesus christ ( назад)
Please kill me

Автор Shananigans Shananigans ( назад)
How to do the pull out method?

Автор PrimetimeTricks ( назад)
Pt 2!

Автор SavagelyMaddy ( назад)
Uhh I just LOVE when Rachel educates us kiddies and tone else agree?

Автор Here_comes _The_Fish ( назад)
Oi 😣😐

Автор Sister Daniel ( назад)
as a woman I don't understand what's appealing about boobs. like, nipples are gross and they're just squishly lumps.

Автор My Life As Liv ( назад)
Ummmmm a little tmi

Автор danny and the frog kenny ( назад)
i want to learn about if women have pirod

Автор Amber Myatt ( назад)
can you do another video including what exactly an orgasm is and what it feels like?

Автор Rosemary Hormoz ( назад)
I wish she was my sex Ed teacher 😂😂😂

Автор Destiney! ( назад)
Do a puberty video

Автор Faith Wheeler ( назад)
why am i here I'm 11

Автор marla estes ( назад)
to add to your info the reason they can get us pregnant due to the stuff just being on the out side because our discharge carries it up the canal.

Автор Emily Buchanan ( назад)
I was eating yogurt when she was leaking about cum😂😂😬😬😬😩

Автор GamingWithTheEngrassiaSibs !!!!!! ( назад)

Автор Galaxy girl 10 ( назад)
I don't get anything in this

Автор Keegan Gidley ( назад)
wow rachel ur scandalous

Автор Meerlia ( назад)
I was unsubscribe to you randomly ;( I subbed back though!

Автор Sarah Rutter ( назад)
"I don't understand it they're just bumps but okay" ugh yesss 👏🏻

Автор Tatyana Odobasic ( назад)
Your right most of your viewers are girl and under 20 and ya I'm 10 :/

Автор The Real MoutacheBunny ( назад)
How long do breasts take to "fully" grow?

Автор NatTheCat ( назад)
Omg, learning sunday has been founded :DDD

Автор Compartilhando Ideias & Conhecimentos ( назад)
Very good, if you can meet my channel

Автор Mubble ( назад)
Plz more parts

Автор Nayelly Garcia ( назад)
Omg I had to get off this vid omg lol

Автор Emma 13 cake ( назад)
what do you do when you get your period at school and dont have anything or when you are any where

Автор Asuna Yui ( назад)
Rachel can u please be my health teacher

Автор Eloise Mills ( назад)
What and where is ur g spot ?

Автор demon wolf ( назад)

Автор LyssAwesomeSwag ( назад)
what about boobs

Автор Lilyana Hauck ( назад)
how long does it take to birth a baby

Автор Rye-Tye Shea ( назад)
I've been watching your videos for a couple months now and I just wanted to tell you how awesome you were and the fact that you're such a good role model for young girls

Автор Max Knight ( назад)
Actually fun fact men are attracted to larger breasts because it makes them think the woman would be a good mother and be able to nurture the baby better.

Автор Kids Worley ( назад)
Is the discharge supposed to be yellow?

Автор Kids Worley ( назад)

Автор Ivona Milosevic ( назад)
what is orgasam?

Автор AmeenAdi ( назад)
Girl nah, us guys know when we r gonna cum...its just that sometimes we cum against our will :3

Автор Mikayla Missel ( назад)
i never laughed so hard, love it lmao

Автор emmybh15 ( назад)
Can u get pregnant before you've had ur period ever?

Автор emmybh15 ( назад)
Rachel, I have questions that I'm too scared to ask my mom bc she thinks I know all of it but what is a blowjob?

Автор Chris Petela ( назад)
Love ya Rach but the discharge blahhh

Автор liveing life ( назад)
my cousin asked me how babies are born and I decided to just show her this😂I laughed so hard while she panicked 😂she's only 8 and yes I felt bad after and just told her that your video was a lie and that people order the kids online

Автор Braxi_Layy _Slayys ( назад)

Автор Anjoelina's Vlogs ( назад)
She is better than teachers.

Автор Lizardlady PVP ( назад)
But everyone has a butt how ironic

Автор Kotania Bear ( назад)
I'm only ten but I watch all Rachel's videos because I think she is a good YouTuber

Автор McKall Denney ( назад)
I got a pad commercial before this

Автор Alisha Marie ( назад)
i think its so funny how calm she is talking about this stuff

Автор Stephen esler ( назад)
what the hell is the matter with you

Автор Wiktoria11 Skoczen12 ( назад)
What is an orgasm?

Автор Avery Bullock ( назад)
This just came on after my other video 😆😅 Idk

Автор Emma Rebelle ( назад)
The way that she teaches us is amazing... I can laugh like an idiot since I'm not a mature person without all the class staring at me... XDPs: there is my sister watching her serie and she only got the word 'sex' of it. She said: honey do you have some things u want to talk about?

Автор Oblivion HD ( назад)
this was suprisingnly extremely entertaining

Автор EnigmaOfTheEchidna ( назад)
Video was great, very informative! Is it possible to make a part 2 on positions

Автор LivSingz Techy ( назад)
I'm in 6th grade and I already know this crap

Автор Faye-Louann Jacka ( назад)
Who here has had sex? (I havent im 12)

Автор Brianna Myers ( назад)
" or a baby... jumping on your face" 😂

Автор SwimmerInDisguise ( назад)
Rachel is more effective than my teacher is within the entire family life unit. Jfc they're awkward when explaining it or answering questions. In my health class in 7th grade one of my friends asked "does fisting hurt" my teacher was disgusted. Especially with my speech on oral sex🙂

Автор Andrea figueroa ( назад)
This is my favorite video of yours

Автор Caitlyn Thompson ( назад)
So are we all showing our kids this for the sex talk? Lol jk jk

Автор Shania Brown ( назад)
Eh I know everything 😂

Автор Nandie-Rae Ferguson ( назад)
I really appreciate you being so very open about everything you discussed. I wasn't expecting you to be so detailed but it's EXACTLY what teenagers want and need to know. I had all of these questions over 10 years ago before stuff like this was available easily and it's embarrassing to ask!! It makes me happy knowing my daughter will be able to watch informative videos like this when she is older if she is embarrassed to talk to me 💕

Автор Nandie-Rae Ferguson ( назад)
Apparently sperm can come out before men ejaculate which can cause the pull out method to not work.

Автор Sleepy Sheepy ( назад)
"penises come in all shapes and sizes- well, sticks"

Автор Sutherland Isabelle ( назад)
My parents would pull me out of sex ed class so thanks

Автор Lindsay Hartnett ( назад)
ha ha the description 😂👌

Автор sadie walls ( назад)
geeze I'm only 10 but I'm learning about all about dis in school                                        p.s. I'm in fifth grade

Автор Baby zoe ( назад)
Yah I'm going to start watching your videos with my kids

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