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This is what it would look like if some of the most expensive movies had a low youtuber budget and if I directed them..
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Просмотров: 5415437
Длительность: 7:57
Комментарии: 18079

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Автор Nightcore LA ( назад)
But Luke, What are thoooooooooooooooooooooose?

Автор Blaxx MAO ( назад)
I almost forgot how awesome Ryan's video was :D

Автор Edgeworth's Neck Scarf ( назад)
Okay but Ryan reminds me of Hanzo from overwatch

Автор Core Korozo ( назад)
wait how are you still here

Автор Angler Fish ( назад)
He did the hanzo thing

Автор CharmenCat Chloe_Choi ( назад)
3:39 Overwatch Hanzo reference 😂

Автор Cherry Miiverse ( назад)
The sad thing is I would rather have all these on-a-budget movies than the
real ones lol.

Автор PurpleDragon :D ( назад)
I just realised Ryan was wearing crocs XD !

Автор Linda Olweng ( назад)
I love that move. You're too funny.

Автор Vanilas !!! ( назад)
Where do he's comes from?

Автор catherinescatladys ( назад)
liza colla

Автор Gerard Sykes ( назад)
Ryan did the hanzo ult in the avatar scene

Автор Emily Bridges ( назад)
You where in the movie Agents of secret stuff

Автор Ben Evans ( назад)
At 5:26 he said he told me u killed him .he was dead how could he say
anything 🤔

Автор COLTON POTTER ( назад)
lol turn on captions its great

Автор Julia Caster ( назад)
Is it just me or does anyone else love Sean's eyebrows?

Автор Romaisa Fatima ( назад)
but i mean ryan what if u make actual movies even if they r on low budget
just make em comedy n just post em on here ..n like maybe the movie could b
of hzalf an hour
plzzzz can u do that cz ur humour is amazzzingggg

Автор Nerdy NT ( назад)
They should have made a cardboard lamp

Автор StevenGaming 2008 ( назад)
0:08 "I'M GAY!!!!!!!!" LMAO

Автор Filip Draws ( назад)
i laughed so hard at star wars part xD

Автор Wrenn Peters ( назад)
You stole a joke from marlin Webb!!!!!!

Автор PicanteLight ( назад)
ryan's subtitles are always legendary

Автор Elle warburton ( назад)
0:08 is so funny "im gaaayyy" lol

Автор Rashida Juzer Maimoon ( назад)
Like of ur watching in 2017

Автор joe S ( назад)
my birthday is on sep .16 new present

Автор Sub Breaker ( назад)
3:38 Overwatch reference 😂

Автор Donny130377 ( назад)
Can you meet me at mcdonalds girl

Автор Feather June ( назад)
# steelers

Автор iTz ToxiiC ( назад)
Did AnyOne Get The OverWatch Reference In Avatar ?

Автор Elenem Gamez ( назад)

Автор Kathy Elnajar ( назад)
Lol simba nala pumba musafa I can't take it

Автор loslf 12212 ( назад)
i watched your movie it had a weird twist , but it looked very professional
and it was really fun to watch

Автор Random Tube ( назад)
*shows cd coming out* RYAN NO!! YOU GONNA GET ATACT BY HATAS

Автор Kenneth Otgonbayar ( назад)

Автор Poozch ( назад)
I died at the star wars part 😂😂

Автор Triana Trower ( назад)
Kind of upset there wasn't at least one 'TEEHEE' in the movie xD

Автор Avi K. ( назад)
Who noticed at 1:48 that the dog was (in fact,) Ryan's other dog? And
please tell me Ryan's other dog's name.

Автор Zelivise ( назад)
subscribe pls

Автор hey hay ( назад)
255,000th like

Lol the transformers

Автор Kapil R ( назад)
The way Greg slowly clapped the action thing was priceless. Comedy gold.

Автор david guttenbeil ( назад)
troy palumalu!

Автор Logan Palmer ( назад)
Thats really good darth maul make up

Автор Chi Chi G ( назад)
I watched the movie it was ok

Автор Monster Gaming ( назад)
his Agent of secret stuff was actually like a professional movie

Автор DKI 11 ( назад)

Автор Tiffany Feng ( назад)
Fast and furious
Sean: Ö a parking lot

Автор Karla Orellana ( назад)
fast and furious nigahiga version was much better than the real thing.

Автор Vani Gunturu ( назад)
Make a video to not watch you because nigahiga channel is a disease, but
then say the only way to counteract the disease is to watchyou other
channel, higatv

Автор thisHumorTho ( назад)
damn i have seen it its so fucking good and reyan dies lol but not relly
its just a nightmare

Автор Vicki ( назад)
can you do one about Frozen?

Автор TEAM TNT ( назад)
have u ever held down the spacebar?

Автор leohirtsabit ( назад)
in the avatar one is part of that a zoolander reference?

Автор RisePanda ( назад)
0:49 look at derrick

Автор Steady Pitana. ( назад)

Автор Jashan Kaur ( назад)
Guys put subtitles. On😂

Автор Wang it Productions ( назад)
i dont mind being in any of ryans moive lol

Автор Ono Manapua ( назад)
Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono o Hawaii yeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор Dancerslife ( назад)
I think there better that way

Автор BossGameing101 /BOSSgamer ( назад)
1:13 :)

Автор Alejandro Eilberg ( назад)
loved the video dude... can you do another one with more movies?

Автор STEVEgohan24 [] World of The Best ( назад)
i love the trailer of the movie he said, k freaked out (the good kind) when
i saw him in the trailer

Автор Vinh Nguyen ( назад)
Star Wars is my favorite movie

Автор Derwyn Pereira ( назад)
This Niga has 19 mil do something find the pun

Автор UltraBrick studios ( назад)
19 million wohoo!!!!!!!!!!

Автор DOT OTI ( назад)
dude you are too damn funny....

Автор JumpGuy360 ( назад)
He's mimicking Hanzo's ult XD

Автор Jamie Leigh (LeighRoy00) ( назад)
Sean is so cute!

Автор Pyro Jam Fox ( назад)
Make a part two XD

Автор Personator ( назад)

Автор Allen Guevarra ( назад)
3:38 Is that hanzo's ultimate in overwatch?

Автор Chris Rolle ( назад)
You ruined Star Wars

Trevor man think about Trevor

Автор PanDa007 ( назад)
Coming back to your channel after one year break!! A lot of awesome

Автор Haya Barakat ( назад)
Do a second one with Harry Potter please!

Автор your mamma gaming 123 2nd channel ( назад)
why are you in love with lamps

Автор RuNe 07 ( назад)
I know it's a bit late, but does Ryan actually watch Doctor Who as
mentioned in the movie?

Автор nicolas abanto enns ( назад)
movies in minutes anyone?

Автор Conreezie Gaming ( назад)
3:18 says Simon
3:19 says Wtf Ryan xD

Автор Ava Pfluger ( назад)
turn on the closed captioning for the star wars part (especially the

Автор Piemaster927 ( назад)
1:53 it's still better than the Michael Bay version.

Автор Muhammad Rana ( назад)
Wow is that true

Автор Ravishankar Oddambettu ( назад)
good ,I subbed to you will be following your channel

Автор StrangaDanga ( назад)
In that scene happened like had a blue light saber

Автор Amandine Fontaine ( назад)
Lesson treaty entirely none lucky fantasy duty block Jewish nature.

Автор That pile a Bricks ( назад)
Hey you know the helicopter in avtar was a Mail man thing

Автор Black Ralph ( назад)

Автор Hunnybun Jen ( назад)
make a comedy movie! that FAILS on purpose for fun...as long as you have
fun doing it

Автор Vijval Nandigala ( назад)
3:38 OMG he's Hanzo and he is using his dragon strike ultimate... At least
it sounds and looks like it

Автор Franki3 Gaming ( назад)
Dear Ryan, In the election who did you vote for?

Автор Isabella Brown ( назад)
I love how pure nigahiga s humor is.

Автор Monica Dominguez ( назад)
i loved ur movies

Автор Monica Dominguez ( назад)
thats sad^u^

Автор Sanith Balreddygari ( назад)
3:31 he says Troy Polamalu 😂😂🤣

Автор bobsagetsaled04 ( назад)
power rangers by itself

Автор Yanny Subranadi ( назад)

Автор nariah cole ( назад)
i saw a movie trailer with you in it it was called Tell me how i die

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