Cool Science Trick

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Автор king shaman ( назад)
It isn't a fake trick - it's called Reversible Fluid Mixing which is
elementary particle physics. A very, very old experiment.
This special crank container removes hydro turbulence that would normally
mix the inks and corn syrup together.

Автор Dan Haschets ( назад)

Автор drevni kocur ( назад)

Автор Thomas Fieger ( назад)
Not a science trick, but a video fake trick. Easy to make it with a program
like camtasia.

Автор Sean Mathias ( назад)

Автор Zion Robison ( назад)
Move counting

Автор banido ( назад)
what sorcery is this

Автор Danish Ali ( назад)
amazing science trick..........

Автор TeiKh3n xD ( назад)
damn... I need that device to get younger... even if a bit distorted :>

Автор Thebman772 ( назад)
dude i dont even think YOU UNDERSTAND THIS

Автор frantisek Kroupa ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Lim ( назад)
You should never ask people to kill themselves you noob

Автор Elliot Pres ( назад)
They miscounted cool

Автор Gerald L. ( назад)
Viscosity is the measure of a fluid's resistance to flow. This video
demonstrates immiscibility rather than viscosity since the colors reverted
back to its point of deposit when the rotation was reversed without color
blending with the other colors. Cool video though but too many variables to
call it either way.

Автор Tyler Davis ( назад)
0:50... Red one looks like a sperm! Lol!

Автор 0TheZeroblade0 ( назад)

Автор aaron roelfson ( назад)
My mind just lost its virginity

Автор Beth Cheng ( назад)
Very interesting!

Автор Daniel Contreras ( назад)

Автор TutorZ - Private and Online Tutoring ツ ( назад)

Автор What the Science? ( назад)

Автор What the Science? ( назад)

Автор Joshua Gutierrez ( назад)

Автор Fluviblue ( назад)

Автор Amber Sonderman ( назад)
He recorded the part of mixing the colors. Then reversed the video.

Автор AgostBry ( назад)
This dude is crazy... he has four hands!!

Автор Zeak Nato ( назад)
fake. you can tell there's a fading effect between when they reach the last
turn and the colors coelescing together again

Автор chuck wishon ( назад)
How did you do that?

Автор Caleb McCullough ( назад)
you turned it 6 times XD

Автор bailey butterfield ( назад)

Автор Bill Engvall ( назад)
that was 6 and 1/2 turns bro

Автор OurWorld Pickles ( назад)
Ik the tick c:

Автор Harrison Vaughan ( назад)

Автор michael martin ( назад)
holy sh** how?

Автор Ryan Wilson ( назад)
Woow that guy has alot of arms...

Автор jaslyn hugli ( назад)
Very cool

Автор Harms Skipper ( назад)

Автор Bloody ( назад)
Sperm cell lol

Автор jhoggify ( назад)
Does anyone else see the alien sperm

Автор John B (Nocturne) ( назад)
Learning fluid dynamics in school. This is a pretty cool display of high
viscosity fluids and laminar flows.

Автор aaliyahannah ( назад)
So confused

Автор ilikechiks100 ( назад)
fucking hackers

Автор Angelo Inferno ( назад)
Really? is that why everything's different while its moving in reverse? the
placement of the hands? the shape of the drops? that little drop of liquid
on the outside of the glass?

Автор Carlos Hernandez ( назад)

Автор What the Science? ( назад)

Автор mäff ( назад)
science time with susan tiemann *sing*

Автор gamefreaktacos ( назад)
its not fake cuz notice the shapes of the diest there different when he
comes back

Автор Nicholas Abbate ( назад)
LMAO! Thats excellent thank u, but nearly eveyone (as well as me) are
making massive cash at home through filling out obvious questionaires AT
SurveyBucks,net!!! :)

Автор MrPownyou ( назад)

Автор i〈3OneDirection ( назад)
Sorry, mind blown on how many hands there are..

Автор i〈3OneDirection ( назад)
Mind blown on thr hwnfs...

Автор nico123sew ( назад)
They just rewind it

Автор Steven Hernandez ( назад)
Wtf wtf wtf!!!!

Автор Jordan Woodford ( назад)

Автор ImDefineClassy ( назад)
Mind blown.

Автор Anthony Beaulieu ( назад)

Автор Anthony Beaulieu ( назад)
not at the end but if they go back to dots my mind will be fuckin blown

Автор phunkydroid ( назад)
The drops are each a different distance from the center, they never mix,
they only look like they do because you're looking through all 3 layers.

Автор valeryasherlotta ( назад)
That many hands give me creeps

Автор Jay Smith ( назад)
I'm guessing a very low Reynolds number, zero mixing laminar flow and a
linear displacement profile.

Автор SCOTTMICK ( назад)
This does actually work!

Автор EnviedShadow ( назад)
The ending position is not seen in any of the previous frames.

Автор vlad av ( назад)

Автор Ashur Chamoun ( назад)
video reversed and audio added later?

Автор Ryan Taylor ( назад)

Автор Henrik Hårshagen ( назад)
wtf i mean how?!....

Автор amanda1is2awesome ( назад)
wow... way to play it backwards towards the end...

Автор TheThunderfire13 (1866 лет назад)

Автор ak40kevinS ( назад)

Автор syi666 ( назад)

Автор luisrock2014 ( назад)
But will it blend afterwards?

Автор MrShmazoo ( назад)

Автор omgacat520 ( назад)
IT DOES NOT DILUTE :D And most likely has the same ammount of matter,
therefor when he inserts it, it does not move!

Автор crow33215 ( назад)
No way that's so cool

Автор Dwayne Bass ( назад)
Awesome but boring ... sorry ..

Автор dylan peloquin ( назад)
what the fuck are you doing stealing my danm idea

Автор Dalton Yurske ( назад)

Автор Herpderp ( назад)

Автор joeynorder12 ( назад)
the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Tom Leadbitter ( назад)
If you can't construct a simple sentence, kill yourself.

Автор MrThamasterdammer ( назад)
If you dont understand this...you are dumbassfucker and kill youre self

Автор Hadar Gablinger ( назад)
I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS!!!!!!!! (seriously though could you guys
make a video about this or give a link to a good one?)

Автор keegirose ( назад)
Time travel!

Автор Jayden Mikhail ( назад)
HEKTIC BRAH!! But learn to count?

Автор mrkraigery ( назад)
Good job at counting

Автор laureypop1 ( назад)
You can't count :O

Автор lsnow2017 ( назад)
I have better things to do like learn java and make even prettier colors
swirl than watching you twirl food coloring -.-

Автор Everace ( назад)

Автор Алексей Щелкачев ( назад)
Ну что, уважаемые любители химии и физики, объявляется конкурс на лучшее
научное объяснение данного явления! Пишите ваши варианты в комментариях!

Автор shivan1999jaguarz236 ( назад)
@TotalDFan123 I justed. Wanted to post that :(

Автор stuffsd ( назад)
@pipus4444 Doesn't prove anything though

Автор brotherbear000 ( назад)
thats pretty darn cool man

Автор Cnuggat ( назад)
not bad :)

Автор Moisty Copper ( назад)
But why is it that the colors seperate from each other after mixing them

Автор Antoine Rebelo ( назад)
Back in THAT part of youtube...

Автор HelliSbAckAgain (971 год назад)

Автор cobrarick780 ( назад)

Автор timpanitimptim ( назад)
@dangboof this is in viscous fluids like honey and all: when turned the
fluid at the turning cylinder moves with the cylinder, while the fluid at
the outer wall of the container doesn't move. The fluid in between moves
with the container but slower: those closer to the spinning cylinder move
faster than those farther out. He says laminar motion: if you spin slow
enough, the speed is streamlined (called laminar) but faster spinning makes
chaotic and turbulent motion in the fluid.

Автор flora ( назад)
1:00... sperm united!!

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