What Magic Is This?

This may be the World's coolest chess set. The Square Off is a connected chess board with a magical twist.

Here is some more info from the manufacturer -

Square Off is all set to redefine the world of board games, starting with chess. Bringing to you the world’s smartest, most connected and the most evolved chess board. It enables you to play your favorite game against a fellow chess enthusiast from anywhere in the world. The automated board is designed to reflect the move of your opponent with precision. Not just that, you can challenge the artificial intelligence of the board too.

Square Off Chess Set - https://squareoffnow.com/

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Автор Yasmin KTBSPA! ( назад)
0:00 oh please lew

Автор Daniel Speaker ( назад)
still it would be better with voice commands

Автор ArtJuice ( назад)
We've all been click baited.

Автор Haywood Jambomi ( назад)
That's sick

Автор Logical Gamer ( назад)
holy crap!!!!!

Автор ChaoticEnigma ( назад)
that is FREAKING AWESOME, so wish I knew about this sooner.

Автор Hackman ( назад)
it is just a magnet with a 3d printer mechanism without the z axis. I saw it at IIT techfest

Автор Kent Sanders ( назад)
I want one of those... What a sweet chess set

Автор Cleto ( назад)
Just secretly, casually fucking a dildo attached to the seat in the beginning

Автор Rocket Star ( назад)
Bruh clickbait

Автор Kev ( назад)
lol... he misplaced white and black the first time, and then the video got edited.

Автор I only comment :D ( назад)
while watching the video press "4" and lew makes wierd noise :P

Автор heemoii ( назад)

Автор Newit ( назад)
It's like that Cowboy Bepop episode called "Chessmaster Hex"

Автор AirtheteenMC ( назад)
I wish I was you.... you have so many god damn cool things! 😡😒😥

Автор AirtheteenMC ( назад)
Anyone else get an ad in Spanish?

Автор Jeizon Garcia ( назад)

Автор TurboDuif ( назад)
Background music?????

Автор Funker Blog ( назад)
It's powered by a phone and jack is controlling it

Автор Kay Peranovic ( назад)
There was a questionmark at the end of the title, so its OK.

Автор Superstar Veeking ( назад)
its supercool

Автор DavidWaffle GDPlayer ( назад)
Mind officially BLOWN

Автор kid mello ( назад)
coolest chess board ever

Автор Max Steel ( назад)
add holograms and you got the wizard chess from harry potter

Автор Archimedes ( назад)
I saw that photo magic. Ya set up the black pieces on the white side then boom they swaped

Автор Jordan Noel ( назад)
I dont even know how to play chess bu i want this

Автор EverythingPro ( назад)
I thought the pieces would float or something.....

Автор Reaction Time ( назад)
this is playing chess alone taken to another level

Автор Jesse Byrd ( назад)

Автор Samuel Cowdrey ( назад)
what is the track called that starts playing at the beginning of the video.

Автор jokkoj ( назад)
Hello the amazing atheist

Автор nickelileto herico ( назад)
when he said it was boss when they died I thought a piece was going to smash the other

Автор Junmaster ( назад)
I need this

Автор Nathaniel Tang ( назад)
your chess opening pains me

Автор Brandon Diaz ( назад)
harry potter

Автор The Gamer King ( назад)
Harry your a wizard

Автор Joey Perry ( назад)
There magnetic lol

Автор Noahjax Jacoby ( назад)
it is jest magnets

Автор Sasuke uchiha ( назад)

Автор Dog Doggington ( назад)
When I heard "play someone across the globe" I was expecting something more like the chess game in Cowboy Bebop.-.

Автор Siddharth Shinde ( назад)
how would a horse move when there are other pieces around?

Автор Ashish Tandon ( назад)
it is to cool better then thak of GM board but there should be a function of automation notation writing

Автор Goku 4 ( назад)

Автор Jacob Moss ( назад)
this is basically harry potter chess. so amazing!

Автор Pwnpie ( назад)
Invented in India 🇮🇳, all the proud Indians gimme a thumbs up and fuck Pakistan.

Автор Zhenia Novikov ( назад)
what is the beat playing in the background

Автор Mr Frapz ( назад)
I actually had one of these a long time ago, it was a metal board and all the pieces would slide around. There was even a setting so that the pieces would play by themselves,(spectating someone else's game somewhere else in the world) It was quite awesome. But this set it definitely looking, but a lot louder than the one I had

Автор Daisy Tapley ( назад)
Only if this game had voice commands....

Автор Robin Hood ( назад)
Why is it from DHL?

Автор Slimey ( назад)
omg its amazing

Автор xxpyroxx75 ( назад)
its jumanji

Автор SkillUp Gaming ( назад)
What you gotta say when you see da ass:


Автор Puppy Lover ( назад)
omg wooooooooow :0 the pieces move by themselfs! cool i want that :D

Автор Teen Tech ( назад)
dhl is still alive?!

Автор TheGarfieldxx30000 ( назад)
I remind of Harry Potter

Автор tech with best ( назад)
who is jack I want to see

Автор Million umm In seconds ( назад)
There are many self moving ouija

Автор Josué dlTLl. ( назад)
They should make a Harry Potter version of this, get the license; add voice commands to move your own pieces?!

Автор Armageddon Ninja ( назад)
Just add some riddles in & you got yourself Jumanji!

Автор Dave Verma ( назад)
can you give me a like my nose is broken it will make me feel better

Автор jamil playz ( назад)
I though the pieces would float by magnets

Автор Badladiesman ( назад)

Автор Risk Everything ( назад)
This is jumanji in real life

Автор beefyishere ( назад)
I had a star wars chess set that did this exact thing.... /:

Автор beefyishere ( назад)
I had a star wars chess set that did this exact thing.... /:

Автор TheChaoticFluffy ( назад)
why don't i have this

Автор Rubis Shabantu ( назад)
that intro tho 😂😂

Автор Sagar Chindarkar ( назад)
Umm Idea from Harry Potter

Автор DemizeProdigy ( назад)
this is awesome!

Автор josh jimenez ( назад)
this is kind of cool

Автор Dwpanda ( назад)
This is some jumongi shit

Автор Isaiah Albert ( назад)
what's the first song? thanks

Автор Omar El 3alamy ( назад)
Reveal "Jack" https://www.change.org/p/lewis-hilsenteger-reveal-jack

Автор c s ( назад)
what a dumb invention

Автор Spartanpug ( назад)
magnet with machinery to move it and process

Автор POTATO SMASH ( назад)
subscribe to me plss guys my cousin are gonna punch me

Автор Redden Molina ( назад)
You would lose every time, wouldn't you?

Автор Jack Dagerman ( назад)
The pieces should restart for you

Автор Julio The soccer expert ( назад)

Автор Julio The soccer expert ( назад)
Dang! This goy 2 mil views

Автор Anime4 Mii ( назад)
Imagine pranking april fool days?

Автор Japone81 ( назад)
Chess heads da future is now

Автор may star ( назад)
what do you do with the tech you've unboxed in your videos ?

Автор RoobieDoobie ROBLOX and more ( назад)

Автор Reco Radke ( назад)
wizards chess

Автор PookyThomasMoto ( назад)
I don't know why but this is the coolest shit.

Автор Han B ( назад)
this is cool, but i guess an expensive one

Автор dylan 1 ( назад)
That's cool

Автор Joe Colombo ( назад)

Автор Jack Hrek ( назад)
ни хрена ж себе))))

Автор shadow gamer ( назад)
sounds like a photo copier lol

Автор Epicgamer950 Stephenlaw123 ( назад)

Автор Michael roch ( назад)
I am chess expert and I am 10

Автор Joel Quincy ( назад)

Автор Jean-Pierre sneek ( назад)
do a gost prank

Автор Ty Hernandez ( назад)
That's Wizards Chess..

Автор SophisticDavid7 ( назад)
good knight... (;

Автор Technician ( назад)
When did unbox therapy turn into your average youtube idiot? He used to be so professional.

Автор Shubham Shah ( назад)

Автор MrEpic14 ( назад)
That magic is called levitation my dude

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