What Magic Is This?

This may be the World's coolest chess set. The Square Off is a connected chess board with a magical twist.

Here is some more info from the manufacturer -

Square Off is all set to redefine the world of board games, starting with chess. Bringing to you the world’s smartest, most connected and the most evolved chess board. It enables you to play your favorite game against a fellow chess enthusiast from anywhere in the world. The automated board is designed to reflect the move of your opponent with precision. Not just that, you can challenge the artificial intelligence of the board too.

Square Off Chess Set - https://squareoffnow.com/

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Автор Collin Dzurisin ( назад)

Автор Siham Lemallam ( назад)
that's so cool 😍

Автор CapMcSwegertin ( назад)

Автор Vinay Angara ( назад)
Harry Potter chess in real life

Автор Jonathan Stromeyer ( назад)
Natürlich DHL 👌

Автор peasoupman ( назад)
I was really hoping that it was at least voice activated as well, to have
the board move your own pieces without touching them. That would be cool.

Автор Maher F ( назад)
2:49 black pieces on the white side, 3:04 pieces on the right side now.
true magic

Автор Garrett Cox ( назад)

Автор Alal3084 ( назад)
This is the checkerboard that forever alone uses.

Автор Mikenight_137 ( назад)
I want this!!

Автор Isaac Silva ( назад)
This is honestly sooo sick. And I don't even know how to play chess. I wish
I did. Everyone that knows how says it's so simple, but it looks hella

Автор Big Money ( назад)
Probably magnetic

Автор EELIS ( назад)
Also known as sorcery

Автор John Moore ( назад)
I want to learn how to play chess

Автор Ferricity AMV ( назад)
I could become a Grand master if I play this all day e'rday

Автор Pulse Rifle Gaming ( назад)
This is freaky cool

Автор Uniquely Stacey ( назад)
oh my God I need this this is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire
life that is it's like Wizard chess from Harry Potter so amazing love it
great video

Автор Olav “Hope For Bros1080p” Sørvik ( назад)
What's the name of the song in the start? :)

Автор FlickBox ( назад)
Wizards Chess

Автор ABZ ViDEOS ( назад)
It's my birthday can I get one sub

Автор SUPREOR LEO ( назад)
That's Jack playing with lewis..

Автор Sir Slake ( назад)
Coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Way better than playing through
text notations or 2D apps.

Автор darkspyro77 ( назад)
I want them to team up with the Harry Potter franchise to make wizards
chess with voice control

Автор Abu Boss ( назад)
The intro ,like wtf? ??

Автор owen lam ( назад)
I think it's controlled by magnets

Автор Justice & Freedom ( назад)
Where can I order right now???

Автор Lashkar Farooq ( назад)
this is some fucking harry potter shit

Автор Zack Attack ( назад)
Who knew we'd be connecting our phones to chess boards in 2017

Автор Michael Gayle ( назад)
mind blowing

Автор meaowww ( назад)
when you have no friends

Автор Ace Edits ( назад)
That's some Jumanji shit right there!

Автор Belzuboss ( назад)
Wow... this would make my online weekly game with my dad over the computer.

Автор Hi my name is ( назад)
thumbnail any one

Автор mwaChala erIc ( назад)
now if only the pieces could scream advice at you....wizard chess right

Автор James Carter ( назад)
it isn't set up properly. Queen on her own color and king on the e file

Автор Nitron ( назад)
Magical chess board?
More like..i dont know/have someone to play with because im forever alone
so i just play with a possessed piece of tech..

Автор Gus Brady ( назад)

Автор Vedansh Jain ( назад)
0:05 is he f***ing himself

Автор Help me get to 1000 subs with no videos ( назад)
clickbait fuk

Автор NerdGamer123 ( назад)
Probably magnets

Автор Dylan Gaston ( назад)
He set the bourd up wrong

Автор Toffee Cat ( назад)
That intro looked so wrong.........

Автор zero umashi ( назад)
I could be wrong but this just looks like they took two radial track
mechanisms and added an electromagnet
and a resistive touch panel under the chess board.

Автор Preme Life ( назад)
Click bait motherfucker.

Автор Bobby Little ( назад)
magnets are so amazing 😍so many practical applications

Автор JON VAZQUEZ ( назад)
Congratulation on 7MILLION subs

Автор Eian Straight ( назад)
the fuckin click bait you got me

Автор SMITH ( назад)
0:00 riding a dildo 😂

Автор Gokul Rajeev ( назад)
Imagine...You show this to ur friend who knows nothing about tech and act
like it was a ghost...The sound?...Just play loud music...they'll just
freak out

Автор HoldOnDino ( назад)
Some cowboy bebop shit right there

Автор itzDrewp25 ( назад)
I wonder why he never shares the prices of everything of his vids

Автор Jorden Issac ( назад)
best . just best

Автор The Noob Gamer ( назад)
Forever Alone Be Like😂😂Playing With Computer 😪

Автор Sarthak Choudhary ( назад)
plz plz check out my photography work at Instagram (linked below ) comment
ur reviews ,what u liked the most


Автор Sky Racer (leadfoot) ( назад)
we r so close to that star track chess game 🙌

Автор Hillary Trump ( назад)

Автор Arpit Chauhan ( назад)
Please make a video on Bitcoin Hardware 💰

Автор Aiden Rowe ( назад)
Oh crap. I want one

Автор Filia-kun ( назад)
Me gusta..

Автор JMC MAGIK ( назад)
World Leaders should play this before war lol 😂

Автор Brielle Purnell ( назад)
I was expecting levitating chess pieces but this is still pretty cool.

Автор Chess Meat ( назад)
What click bait is this?

Автор endoplasmic ( назад)
lol chest wizard welcome to hogwarts

Автор Ashish Sahu ( назад)
even though video good and great tech,THIS WAS A CLICKBAIT

Автор It's YoBoy'sTech / Life, Reviews and Much More / ( назад)
I Think That Jack Is A Super Duper Expensive Camera And Lew Treat Jack Like
A Friend To Show Care On His Camera IDK!

Автор allseasonCY ( назад)
imagine if it had online multiplayer

Автор Abir Mahamud ( назад)
clickbait thumbnail

Автор Marco Guirguis ( назад)
Bruh theres like a mover in the board that moves the magnetic peices. He
even knows how it works cause he said there must be some metal under here
yet hese still hi key amazed

Автор Parsa Parsa ( назад)
looks like Jumaji

Автор hacked by scarce ( назад)
*CLICKBAIT* where in the video do u see his hand?

Автор Joseph Olugbemi ( назад)
I want one

Автор Siraj Ali ( назад)
good work bro

Автор Ricky Jay ( назад)
Yo you got a beat page or soundcloud?

Автор U K ( назад)
What happens if u keep putting ur knocked out pieces on the board

Автор Lim Huiseob ( назад)

Автор Noah Folsom (XxBoa17xX) ( назад)
Who else would like a checker board like this. Like if you agree

Автор James Plays ( назад)
#Harry Potter weekend lol

Автор 84singularity ( назад)
waste of money and time

Автор Josh Bourke ( назад)
This is the thing you will get when you have no friends but your loaded
with cash 💰

Автор Mike jones ( назад)
false picture. click bait

Автор Gracie Grace ( назад)
Yoooo this is the future 🤙🏼

Автор BlobInDaBox ( назад)
floating chess piece in thumbnail... *thinks it's floating chess*

turns out it's just fucking normal chess...

Автор Esteban blank ( назад)
This isn't AI

Автор Fmt Royal ( назад)
3:00 he has the black on white and white on black then he fixes it and
leaves it out XD

Автор Profecía Al Día ( назад)
Me enamoré otra vez del ajedrez!

Автор Best Ever ( назад)

Автор Tony Gosselin ( назад)
When will this be available man

Автор Green Man ( назад)
You forgot to mention that if you cheat the AI will shock you.

Автор Frank Xia ( назад)
throwback to when Lewis actually cared about his videos and not just the

Автор Trail Riders BMX ( назад)
suh dude

Автор Andriel Jemuel Luciapao ( назад)
I came here for nothin.... PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!

Автор Cdude Kley ( назад)

Автор Froiid TheBoy ( назад)
This is so coool omg im actually interested in buying one

Автор Animaniac ( назад)
The magic is a thing called clear "cables"
Everyone: "ohh ahh"

Автор Samin Choudhury ( назад)
why don't you just play on your computer, it's the same thing

Автор colton challenge ( назад)
hey Jack how are you doing

Автор jujubliked ( назад)
Lmao he switch after he saw he put the black pieces on the white spot

Автор Chrono™ ( назад)
Lmao, my dad has one of these that is 20 years old. This is nothing new.

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