What Magic Is This?

This may be the World's coolest chess set. The Square Off is a connected chess board with a magical twist.

Here is some more info from the manufacturer -

Square Off is all set to redefine the world of board games, starting with chess. Bringing to you the world’s smartest, most connected and the most evolved chess board. It enables you to play your favorite game against a fellow chess enthusiast from anywhere in the world. The automated board is designed to reflect the move of your opponent with precision. Not just that, you can challenge the artificial intelligence of the board too.

Square Off Chess Set - https://squareoffnow.com/

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Автор Craig Opperman ( назад)
It would be awesome if it came with a changeable hologram of any celebrity you wanted and the hologram would move his/her pieces when it's they're turn!

Автор Kristine Laurio ( назад)
If there were voice commands it would be very much like wizard chess from Harry Potter

Автор Green Lightning Studios ( назад)
The clickbait is strong in this one.

Автор Carl Oñate ( назад)
He doesn't even need it. He must give it away to those you are needing chess set for practice and tournaments!

Автор Courtland Dastyck ( назад)
We need a playlist of your music used. I've gotten a few tracks but a lot idk how to find!

Автор KillerNINJA651 ( назад)
i neeeeeeed one

Автор P3ckehBoysETC ( назад)
Jumanji was pulling this shit about 15 years ago

Автор Haky 2 ( назад)
Hi (sorry for bad london)

Автор Matej Daruvar ( назад)
stop yelling ffs

Автор General Skipz ( назад)
Lew ,....
You need to swap the horse and bishop

Автор Ye Ma ( назад)
It sound like an old printer and it's bigger than a house.

Автор Oleknuso ( назад)
For a second I thought that the horse is gonna jump or something


Автор MB_Gaming ( назад)
OMG I love this!!!!!!

Автор overthehill91 ( назад)
Chess robots have been around for quite a while.

Автор Anthony Garcia ( назад)
Get e nateer chess bord

Автор Kyle Dang ( назад)
it's all about magnets

Автор Philla Munsta ( назад)
you could also use a computer.

Автор Srdjan Jolic ( назад)
plot twist :there are little leprikon under the bord and holding the magnet :P

Автор Sellamander ( назад)
I need that ...

Автор Tosa Inu ( назад)
1:14 He was checking if they have tiny legs

Автор Nasser KK ( назад)
Check out 3:00 it's like the black pieces isn't there

Автор greensheepgaming ezdomoman ( назад)
watch my videos

Автор Bryce Time FX ( назад)
I NEED one of those

Автор Shit Vids ( назад)
What was that at first

Автор DJ McClettie ( назад)
how would someone move their Knight first move? would the pawn move a lot of the way?

Автор Jaylanna Johnson ( назад)
that is so cool

Автор Federico Reyes ( назад)
That's cool I want one I love chess

Автор Kunal kumawat ( назад)

Автор mycollegeshirt ( назад)
its interesting because making these float to where they are supposed to be probably wouldn't be that difficult

Автор TheFeoNix ( назад)
Those DHL delivery guys are too terrible !

Автор Scarface ( назад)

he put the black pieces on the white side of the board and the white pieces on the black side of the board. white and black are even labeled on the board. lol.

Автор Lyn-Marie McNasby ( назад)
Call what's in side

Автор Diam_MaN TV ( назад)
This reminds me of Harry Potter

Автор Arbiter91 ( назад)
you don't need to yell dude

Автор someone's someone ( назад)
i love it!!

Автор JonnieBeGood 27 ( назад)

Автор Josiah Armstrong ( назад)
reminds me of a cowboy Bebop episode

Автор y coordinate ( назад)

Автор Slayer DV ( назад)
When you have no friends

Автор John Marquez ( назад)
this is some hairy potter shit right here..

Автор Reyes Oviedo ( назад)
click bait

Автор Tech Life ( назад)
when you have no friends

Автор Tech Life ( назад)

Автор Linkin Park ( назад)
It's Aaawwwwesome........... I need that thing

Автор debore 365 ( назад)

Автор YouTuber Man ( назад)
The part everyone is waiting for is at 3:19

Автор TheEnchanced Emerald ( назад)
When jumangi is real

Автор Madfuzzball 25 ( назад)
i am jealous

Автор TheIrishLeprachaun ( назад)
if at 0:45 - 0:46 and you skip 5 seconds it sound like chestacle

Автор THE CHAOS GUY ( назад)
levitating phone at 3:19

Автор kalundu herve ( назад)
Or you can just play on your phone

Автор A. yogendra ( назад)
congratulations for 100k likes.

Автор feliokas ( назад)
Listen! This could be sick! Just install a voice recognition to that board and you got a real Harry Potter chess. Queen to D3, it catches your word and moves the queen, Brilliant!

Автор Miner217 ( назад)
what magic is this



Автор usama notkani ( назад)
wow that was awesome

Автор Jake Woelffer ( назад)
I just spent 3 hours watching unbox therapy

Автор KLRJ #1 ( назад)
Who else had a chess add before the video

Автор Mathew Johnson ( назад)
new level of loneliness

Автор Julio Tati 77 ( назад)
Need that.

Автор AriezBull ( назад)
every one sub to my channel and help me reach as many subscribers as I can thanks

Автор Charismatic Batman ( назад)
i thought the king and queen position were vice versa from both colours? black queen opposite white king and white queen opposite black king

Автор SaltyBann ( назад)
Why did you go against a machine, pls Jack reveal 😭😭

Автор II_7EEHEE_II ( назад)
This is some Ouija Board shit right here...

Автор Jorden Winters ( назад)
100,001th like.

Автор YurdBird ( назад)
This is how you play chess when you're forever alone

Автор Yolanda Shaw ( назад)
why do you do fake iPhone giveaways I love your channel and I'm a subscriber but just stop doing fake giveaways

Автор Silent ( назад)

You may hurt some people's ears!!

Автор Fresh Films ( назад)
The power of Christ compels you devil board!!!!

Автор nomar flores ( назад)

Автор Any Me ( назад)
Click bait piece of sh*t

Автор Yasmin KTBSPA! ( назад)
0:00 oh please lew

Автор Daniel Speaker ( назад)
still it would be better with voice commands

Автор ArtJuice ( назад)
We've all been click baited.

Автор Haywood Jambomi ( назад)
That's sick

Автор Logical Gamer ( назад)
holy crap!!!!!

Автор ChaoticEnigma ( назад)
that is FREAKING AWESOME, so wish I knew about this sooner.

Автор Hackman ( назад)
it is just a magnet with a 3d printer mechanism without the z axis. I saw it at IIT techfest

Автор Kent Sanders ( назад)
I want one of those... What a sweet chess set

Автор Cleto ( назад)
Just secretly, casually fucking a dildo attached to the seat in the beginning

Автор Herobrine 101 ( назад)
Bruh clickbait

Автор Kev ( назад)
lol... he misplaced white and black the first time, and then the video got edited.

Автор I only comment :D ( назад)
while watching the video press "4" and lew makes wierd noise :P

Автор heemoii ( назад)

Автор Newit ( назад)
It's like that Cowboy Bepop episode called "Chessmaster Hex"

Автор AirtheteenMC ( назад)
I wish I was you.... you have so many god damn cool things! 😡😒😥

Автор AirtheteenMC ( назад)
Anyone else get an ad in Spanish?

Автор Jeizon Garcia ( назад)

Автор Joris ( назад)
Background music?????

Автор Funker Blog ( назад)
It's powered by a phone and jack is controlling it

Автор Kay Peranovic ( назад)
There was a questionmark at the end of the title, so its OK.

Автор Superstar Veeking ( назад)
its supercool

Автор DavidWaffle GDPlayer ( назад)
Mind officially BLOWN

Автор kid mello ( назад)
coolest chess board ever

Автор Max Steel ( назад)
add holograms and you got the wizard chess from harry potter

Автор Archimedes ( назад)
I saw that photo magic. Ya set up the black pieces on the white side then boom they swaped

Автор Jordan Noel ( назад)
I dont even know how to play chess bu i want this

Автор EverythingPro ( назад)
I thought the pieces would float or something.....

Автор Reaction Time ( назад)
this is playing chess alone taken to another level

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