Joe Ladnier bench presses 405 x 40 reps

Joe Ladnier Benches 405 pounds 40 times.

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Автор jcyt0511 ( назад)
while he is lifting some weight, the suit is dumb and bouncy bouncy is for mongoloids

Автор Александр Колесников ( назад)
это чё за мать его жим

Автор Mak Muk Was Right ( назад)
no reps were done that day

Автор fredcharlotte ( назад)
But he...but he...but he...but I can... Seriously, shut the fuck up.  If anybody cared what you can do, there'd probably be a Youtube video of you doing it with people talking shit about you on it.  This wasn't at a competition, he didn't win any medals for proper form, he was just fucking around having some fun.  If this video hurt your feelings that badly, then hang yourself and you won't have to worry about it anymore.  Jesus fucking Christ.

Автор Dean Henderson ( назад)
I be on it like that one day...... Nottttt!

Автор steve kennedy ( назад)
random fags sayin a competitive bencher doesn't know what hes doin. that man could probably bench 900lbs. grow a pair u unlifting vaginas

Автор Andrew Kelly ( назад)
the shirt did all the lifting

Автор squiz8 ( назад)
lol, just watched Spoto do 405 for 26 reps raw without bounce and now this looks fucking insane! NOT

Автор Winners Harper ( назад)
That sucked let me wear a superman suit and then bounce it off my chest 40 times 3 inches up really.

Автор Asad Rehman ( назад)
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Автор E bay Jake ( назад)

Автор LedByDemons ( назад)
Where can I find one of these human trampolines for my barbell to play on?

Автор FailVideosFTW ( назад)
No need to do full range of motion paused reps with a weight this light for him.

Автор sean hayes ( назад)
Lets take the shirt off then do full range paused reps..... maybe 10.... maybe

Автор jana irana ( назад)
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Автор Victorythruattrition ( назад)
Any way you slice it this juice head is throwing this weight around like a paper weight.

Автор Gracia Parabules ( назад)
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Автор mymsong ( назад)
the bench press shirt did 40 reps that day

Автор Chandramani Dhungana ( назад)
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Автор poviedkar1 ( назад)
yep i agree. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen to this Do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. i found it here => bit.ly/1849b5G?=upsty

Автор LowEnd31st ( назад)
Half reps in the most literal sense.

Автор LowEnd31st ( назад)
In case you arent being sarcastic... its a bench press shirt, look it up.

Автор luis casillas ( назад)
that wasnt 40 that was only 20 reps

Автор David Pol ( назад)
In addition to that joe can and has benched over 800 pounds. Now everyone that can do that can criticize him.

Автор David Pol ( назад)
This is an exhibition not a competition!

Автор Yasitha Nadeeshan ( назад)
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Автор Brooklynhead1 ( назад)
Half steppin ass

Автор LED Construction ( назад)

Автор mymsong ( назад)
why is everyone talking about the shirt i dont get it its just a shirt what do you want him topless?

Автор mymsong ( назад)
what do you mean

Автор Just Slingin ( назад)
90% of u can't bench 405x1 without a shirt even once lol trolls. He would rape u all

Автор Just Slingin ( назад)
Dumb asses he is a world champion doing a wide grip lactic acid workout multiple ply lololol

Автор Anwar Jahid ( назад)
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Автор Anwar Jahid ( назад)
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Автор Shuvo Khan ( назад)
Thank you so much for the video clip. Youtube is perfect for this form of thing.My cousin was formerly bullied. He stated he was gonna get bigger. I didn't believe him. Right up until out of nowhere he added 40lbs of natural lean muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He doesn't get bullied anymore. :)

I personally registered a few days ago. Not to mention this mans emails are fucking cool!!!

Автор Elvis Ferbeyre ( назад)
1) It's just a video, not a competition, so he can bounce and do whatever the hell he wants.
2) With my laughable workout I've got serious results, so I don't give a damn what you say
3) With all the bullshit that you say, I strongly doubt that you are a strength conditioning specialist.
4) You CAN'T DO what he does, shut up and put your head down, and that's how haters and jealous people end.

Автор Elvis Ferbeyre ( назад)
yeah, you talk too much, you say my statement proves I know shit about lifting, BUT YOU DON'T TELL ME A REASON WHY. That proves that you are a retard and a dumbass who talks a lot of trash and criticize with no sense and no proof.

Автор Alex Langi ( назад)
He didnt even do it once.

Автор God Bless General Lee ( назад)
Short stroke.

Автор Elvis Ferbeyre ( назад)
The bouncing isn't a big deal at all in my opinion, I bounce with 1 plate 45 a side sometimes, and it's actually because I control it so much, cuz I do 315. Look how fast he pushes the weight, the guy is a strong mutherfucker, such a shame that people always have to criticize something, because they can do that with no bouncing yeah right.

Автор Alta626 ( назад)

Автор Derek Fyfe ( назад)
half reps.. bouncing the bar.. But HOLLY SHIT on the movement!!! I would guess doing them properly, he can hit 20 real reps.

Автор Graf Hermann Keyserling ( назад)
405 for 0 reps hahaha

Автор skeglar ( назад)
dont know if I should be impressed or not. Half reps plus bench shirt. hahaha ok I've decided. He is strong no doubt, but not near as strong as this lift makes him seem.

Автор FreddyPayan ( назад)
Bullshit. Stop the bouncing / half reps and then i'll be impressed

Автор tasnim anik ( назад)
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Автор True Iron Addict ( назад)
I wouldn't expect the man the lock out on each rep but maybe he could atleast go halfway up atleast, kind of impressive just because of the weight but hell his chest was bouncing the bar up that high not his strength really. Someone call the NBA, that mans chest could be a point guard with those bouncing skills.

Автор midnightv27 ( назад)
lol i didnt see any reps. granted its heavy, but terrible form, didnt fully extend

Автор CALI_BMXER ( назад)
can he wipe his butt on his own?

Автор Ben Dean ( назад)
Were those even half reps!?

Автор jeremiah walker ( назад)
Didn't see a lock out at any point in the video

Автор Graf Hermann Keyserling ( назад)
haha learn how to bench press

Автор RoCnChriS ( назад)

Автор Alta626 ( назад)
Well I think thats because his grip is so wide thats why he goes up a few inches

Автор Kostas Z. ( назад)
"405 shirted for 0 reps" fixed for ya

Автор John Liu ( назад)
bench shirts only for people who can't handle the heavyweight without them using their bench shirt. CHEATERS

Автор badjio amine ( назад)
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Автор Mick Australian Harris ( назад)
Nice basketball...lol...come on man do it right, the kids are watching!

Автор Brock Johnson ( назад)
Notice he can barely even extend the bar fully at the end

Автор Anthony Taylor ( назад)
So basically you're all just whiny bitches.... The end.

Автор pipeescobedo ( назад)
id love to see u do this

Автор Austin Cirlot ( назад)
joe is my actuall trainer at his gym and he is really that strong with or without the shirt on. he can bench now over 600lbs

Автор Greg Benson ( назад)
Quarter reps with a bench shirt when i saw this i was embarrassed for this clown and walking around with your chest swollen.Guys like you make the sport of power lifting look bad!!!!

Автор Nanette Ruffin ( назад)
jason 405 for 42 reps joe u have to beat him he did not use a shirt though

Автор nappdogg24 ( назад)
i bench 405 9x times all lockout reps i could do 25 to 30 of those reps without the juice or shirt ihate guys who bounce weight a few inches and want props f that

Автор cyborgar15 ( назад)
Now start reading other peoples experience with bench shirts who know how much they help..also Scott Mendelson word record bench RAW 715lbs, his bench with shirt 1015lbs..300lbs difference..there you go..now please don't cry..

Автор johnathonbennett1980 ( назад)
no doubt he could do the weight but remember this was for show, but im betting not for 40 times

Автор johnathonbennett1980 ( назад)
1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1, great job of showing how not to bench wearing a bench shirt and then not actually using any lockouts.

Автор mikey lund ( назад)
Half u fags talking shit can't squat 405 properly never mind bench..and u waould know powerlifting if it fell on ur face

Автор mikey lund ( назад)
So go get a fucking shirt loser and do the samething...ya thought so.

Автор Stevo-Fernando ( назад)
clearly the shirts do make a huge difference.

Автор Nanette Ruffin ( назад)
jason 405 the new guy did it 42 times with no shirt its under jason 405 bench presses 405 for 42 reps

Автор heknowsitall ( назад)
you should do a video with 405 with proper form. If not =please shut up

Автор flominhomtoolfruit ( назад)
you dumbasses know those plates are fake right?

Автор Sean S ( назад)
OHH!! he's yelling 'Never Quit' at 0:05, I thought I was hearing 'No Equipment' (as in RAW), which i began laughing cuz i knew this guy would probably have 2 bench shirts on.

Автор BRAIN WASHED ( назад)
No proper form + Half Reps+ Body Bitch Ass suit + Steroids = Failure

Автор dirkdigler21 ( назад)
Half reps with a shirt and bouncing off your chest = FAIL BLOG

Автор Nanette Ruffin ( назад)
Jason 405 just beat Jack go to Jason 405 he just did 405 for 42 reps without a shirt check it out go to jason 405 bench presses 405 for 42 reps

Автор ffal139 (1634 года назад)
That is fucking retarded....I know its 405 but come on man.......you can't really call that 40 reps.....its like 10 full ones

Автор Jerbear ( назад)
Who fucking cares if he cheats and bounces it, he fucking benched 405 40 times.........

Автор Anders Gullberg ( назад)
Cheating as the hell!Bouncing on the chest and doing only half reps.Suppose it equals maximum 10 reps in fully exercise!

Автор Dexter Taylor ( назад)
Well shit, give me a shirt like that and I'll bench it 40 times too

Автор Eli S ( назад)
Awesome lift 'bro', I'm going for 40 reps of 600 on deadlift, using 'protective equipment'...........a 6 ton winch.

Автор MARK PLUGUEZ ( назад)
damn why all the haters. lets see u guys do it.

Автор jdub49986 ( назад)
i dnt agree with bench shirts but the whole half rep thing is worng ppl dnt undertsnad when u are reps heavy weight for a lot of reps its really bad on your joints to lock every one out i got vids were i dnt lock out 315 when im doin it for 16 reps but i do 3 quarters of the rep but wat this man jus did was amazing

Автор H Johns ( назад)
With a bench shirt? That's stupid..

Автор JacksOblangata ( назад)
Joe Ladnier's Shirt Benches 405 for 40 reps

Автор spidermonkey237 ( назад)
The form may not have been very good but I would like to see any of you even try one half rep. I highly doubt any of you can do that.

Автор chomsky x ( назад)
raw, full reps, no one touching the bar or it doesnt count. if you need a bench shirt you cant do the weight.

Автор chomsky x ( назад)
this guy makes a mockery of weightlifting. dressed like a medieval knight, doing half reps. i much rather have seen him do one clean rep raw.

Автор yolk17 ( назад)
okay okay we all know these are not full reps.. but no one can deny the raw power it takes to throw 400 lbs over your chest and play with it like this man did. keyboard warriors take note.

Автор John ONeil ( назад)
I saw 0 full reps and several bounced reps off the chest. Very sad form!! Try doing it right bro with full range of motion and no bouncing it off the chest!!!

Автор Hotmail ( назад)
yeah 405 is 405 no matter what....u r talking strictly about weight though....let me refresh ur puny brain moron....weight is constant...it is the measure of gravity acting on a object that remains the same....what im sayin is that his form is shit and i would never consider this a clean 40 reps under any circumstances....u may be different...and i really don't give a fuc k what you think...

Автор tiberias111 ( назад)
I know the guy is strong and all but this was just really silly.

Автор Dj1LL ( назад)
fuck how is his chest not broken?!

Автор mcronin930 ( назад)
no matter how you see it (bounced reps, half reps, bench shirt)..... i doubt anyone here can even come close to what he just did. Just saying.

Автор Njderig (1853 года назад)
I counted 0 full reps and saw 40 bounced half reps with the aid of a slingshot shirt. Take off the stupid slingshot shirt and bench it more than 5 inches range of motion and dont bounce it off your chest and then the reps will count. Bench it raw or it doesn't count.

Автор doug madewell ( назад)
he was useing the shirt no triceps

Автор Tiffany Brooke ( назад)
Looks good to me! Bench shirt or not, that's alot of weight!

Автор RUBAN0606 ( назад)
now if he would of done it only once that would've been impressive, but when he so call "bounces" it off his chest 40 times....let me say that again 40 TIMES!!! It's compared to bullshit...haha

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