Joe Ladnier bench presses 405 x 40 reps

Joe Ladnier Benches 405 pounds 40 times.

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Автор Adam Mitchell (1 месяц)
now this man was a fucking stone

Автор Dean Henderson (6 месяцев)
I be on it like that one day...... Nottttt!

Автор DELBERT DELAPLANE (8 месяцев)
joe came to my school when he was 19 and did 430 for 8 reps- no shirt and
good form. trained with larry pacifico at the time.

Автор cyborgar15 (3 года)
@MrTheviking29 Sorry your so weak...dont cry about it..

Автор nappdogg24 (2 года)
i bench 405 9x times all lockout reps i could do 25 to 30 of those reps
without the juice or shirt ihate guys who bounce weight a few inches and
want props f that

Автор Nanette Ruffin (2 года)
jason 405 the new guy did it 42 times with no shirt its under jason 405
bench presses 405 for 42 reps

Автор cyborgar15 (3 года)

Автор SuperSchmille (2 года)
Peinlich!!! Viertelwiederholungen mit Shirt. Wer ist diese Lachnummer? Bugs
Bunny mit Sprungfedern. Haha

Автор CALI_BMXER (1 год)
can he wipe his butt on his own?

Автор readytorockithard23 (2 года)
at this point everybody should know what proper form on a bench
press.....if you need somebody to show you then you are a bafoon

Автор Gracia Parabules (1 год)
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website you can watch a good free video explaining how you can gain visible
muscle mass really fast while burning body fat all at once. is one of the
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works for you also.

Автор BRAIN WASHED (2 года)
No proper form + Half Reps+ Body Bitch Ass suit + Steroids = Failure

Автор LowEnd31st (1 год)
Half reps in the most literal sense.

Автор MrJervilla (2 года)
sees shirt. leaves video. Eric Spoto can do that raw

Автор John Edwards (1 год)
haha learn how to bench press

Автор pipeescobedo (2 года)
id love to see u do this

Автор dirkdigler21 (2 года)
I counted ZERO...................

Автор Nanette Ruffin (2 года)
Jason 405 just beat Jack go to Jason 405 he just did 405 for 42 reps
without a shirt check it out go to jason 405 bench presses 405 for 42 reps

Автор avittix (3 года)
I love all you guys trash talking him about having bad form and using to
much momentum. I guarantee most guys talking shit would have a hard time
just getting 405 off the holders. Hell, I bet most of you trash talkers
would have a hard time doing 135x40. This is some crazy strength that this
guy is demonstrating. Show a little respect. Unless you can do 405 for 40
reps with perfect form.. or bad form you have no right to trash talk him..
which I'm sure is none of you lol.

Автор 2oldskoolforever (1 год)
this is just stupid he bounce and he does half reps with shirt. The shirt
gives you the half way from bottom free almost

Автор mikey lund (2 года)
So go get a fucking shirt loser and do the samething...ya thought so.

Автор doug madewell (2 года)
he was useing the shirt no triceps

Автор mexicana1075 (3 года)
Lower body < upper body to this guy

Автор Avi Verk (3 года)
bahahaa.. thats soo bad.. no full range of motion at all.. not even once

Автор Austin Cirlot (2 года)
joe is my actuall trainer at his gym and he is really that strong with or
without the shirt on. he can bench now over 600lbs

Автор jdub49986 (2 года)
i dnt agree with bench shirts but the whole half rep thing is worng ppl dnt
undertsnad when u are reps heavy weight for a lot of reps its really bad on
your joints to lock every one out i got vids were i dnt lock out 315 when
im doin it for 16 reps but i do 3 quarters of the rep but wat this man jus
did was amazing

Автор TheGreatGodFeces (1 год)
Short stroke.

Автор Tribune of The Plebs (3 года)
@phillyeagles217 its actually alot harder to do half reps because you keep
the tension on your pecs rather than transfering it to your triceps and
then elbows

Автор Anwar Jahid (1 год)
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site on http://musclegend.com There you can watch a smart free video
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Автор skeglar (1 год)
dont know if I should be impressed or not. Half reps plus bench shirt.
hahaha ok I've decided. He is strong no doubt, but not near as strong as
this lift makes him seem.

Автор dirkdigler21 (2 года)
Half reps with a shirt and bouncing off your chest = FAIL BLOG

Автор John ONeil (2 года)
I saw 0 full reps and several bounced reps off the chest. Very sad form!!
Try doing it right bro with full range of motion and no bouncing it off the

Автор Alex Borisov (3 года)

Автор Njderig (2 года)
I counted 0 full reps and saw 40 bounced half reps with the aid of a
slingshot shirt. Take off the stupid slingshot shirt and bench it more than
5 inches range of motion and dont bounce it off your chest and then the
reps will count. Bench it raw or it doesn't count.

Автор Winners Harper (1 год)
That sucked let me wear a superman suit and then bounce it off my chest 40
times 3 inches up really.

Автор tiberias111 (2 года)
I know the guy is strong and all but this was just really silly.

Автор badjio amine (2 года)
Hello, have you heard of "Musclegend" (just search Google)? There you will
find a nice free video demonstrating how to develop noticeable muscles very
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Автор MrDonTopo (1 год)
suckyest reps i've seen

Автор Sean S (2 года)
OHH!! he's yelling 'Never Quit' at 0:05, I thought I was hearing 'No
Equipment' (as in RAW), which i began laughing cuz i knew this guy would
probably have 2 bench shirts on.

Автор Stevo-Fernando (2 года)
clearly the shirts do make a huge difference.

Автор Anwar Jahid (1 год)
Hi, have you tried http://musclegend.com yet? Simply check out that web
site on http://musclegend.com There you can watch a smart free video
demonstrating how to build noteworthy muscles quickly. This made it
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gain toned muscle mass without fat fast. I hope it will help you too...

Автор johnathonbennett1980 (2 года)
no doubt he could do the weight but remember this was for show, but im
betting not for 40 times

Автор Anthony Taylor (2 года)
So basically you're all just whiny bitches.... The end.

Автор Shuvo Khan (1 год)
Thank you so much for the video clip. Youtube is perfect for this form of
thing.My cousin was formerly bullied. He stated he was gonna get bigger. I
didn't believe him. Right up until out of nowhere he added 40lbs of natural
lean muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He doesn't
get bullied anymore. :) I personally registered a few days ago. Not to
mention this mans emails are fucking cool!!!

Автор Brock Johnson (2 года)
Notice he can barely even extend the bar fully at the end

Автор ironmikexx (2 года)
Although I wouldn't call those locked out full reps, his shirt doesn't lift
shit! Take that bench shirt off, lay it on the bench by itself and drop 405
on it and see what happens, I gaurantee the weight doesn't move. Next time
make sure you understand the bench press shirt and how it works, befor eyou
post a stupid ass comment like this! You think even with a bench shirt, you
could even make 405lbs twitch? I doubt it!

Автор jeremiah walker (1 год)
Didn't see a lock out at any point in the video

Автор wow4fun101 (3 года)
what is the get up get up song called and by?

Автор FULLBACK36 (3 года)

Автор luis casillas (1 год)
that wasnt 40 that was only 20 reps

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