USSOCOM: ISOF 2012 (International Special Operations Forces)

5/23/2012 - Military assault demonstrations at the ISOF 2012 conference in Tampa bay, Florida. The participating SOF teams came from 10 allied nations: Australia, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Jordan, Norway, Poland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and included American SEALs, Green Berets, Air Force Combat Controllers, and US Marines. This year ISOF's theme is "Building the Global SOF Partnership." This is composed of mutually supporting partners working to identify and preemptively address problems, and helping to defeat the appeal of violent extremism.

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Автор Rigel Vazquez ( назад)
Really 1.48 sec, This Is Madness I Said It Before and Say It Again.

Автор American SNIPER ( назад)
+pfl95 are you kidding? Norwegian commandos were trained by Sterling before
the SAS even existed. They have completed the most successful SOF operation
of all time. Norwegian FSK and MJK are BY FAR the worlds best arctic and
alpine operators. They train all other NATO SOFs in these disciplines and
lead the NATO winter warfare school and courses. They also beat the SAS
handedly in all such exercises, and during task for K-bar with US, UK,
Canadian, German and Danish SOF units they were so instrumential that they
enabled the very survival of the other units. Bush personally flew in and
handed them the highest US award, the presidential unit citation. The
current leader of American DELTA and DEVGRU (McRaven) also considers
Norwegian SOFs to be among the best, if not the best special forces in the
world. They are small, a small country, so its remarkable they can have
SOFs as good as the US and UK. The viking warrior spirit still lives. You
can see in all these joint exercises, the big, tall Norwegians with the
sandy facemasks, its easy to see the others are sort of humble around them.

Автор Moe Harrod ( назад)
we never do quiet professionals the only reward is another mission that
no-one else well try

Автор adznz11 ( назад)
Though the 160th SOAR provided all the SOF aviation capability's in this
display they didn't seem to get much recognition in the narrative.

Автор Toni Mihelčić ( назад)
Since when Marine Corps are considered as SOF? I suppose you're thinking

Автор Rob Walker ( назад)
Looks like the SAS didnt need to prove themselves.

Автор Diane Alden ( назад)
What and who will be used against Americans at some point.. we are the
enemy NOW.

Автор Henry Bowers ( назад)
Yea Marine Core get some oohra Semper Fidelis.

Автор Nuno Valente ( назад)
god bless America,and America saves Africa.

Автор Nya Reyes ( назад)
some body got left behind on the barge

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)
Holy Moly,
It took long because I'm sure those soldier didn't know how to use the
system beside the 2-3US soldiers.

Автор 11 Bravo ( назад)
What happed to the Rangers or Delta Force. To badass huh

Автор Gustavo Maricate ( назад)
You Americans have a formidable forces should be very proud. I admire you
very much. Congratulations from Brazil.

Автор aitsaraphong phanteang ( назад)

Автор Holy Moly ( назад)
internet tough guy lmao. 

Автор Holy Moly ( назад)
that blackhawk extraction was joke or what ? 

Автор Travis Friedel ( назад)
its spelled Hua, retard baby.

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Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
His name is Chris Powell, apparently, and he lives in Rochester, NY. But
who knows if that is true. I've been tracing him for the last month now .I
heard his friend say ''Chris Powell'' on his ''Shaolin 3 Section Staff''
film. He uses the name ''chineseeyes2006'' on many blogs etc around the
net. He leaves a pretty easy trail to trace. I have many screenshots of him
threatening people, saying he has ''more power than a judge'' etc if you
need them for anything. Cheers man.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Awesome. :D

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Guardian of Valor have been notified. He says his screen name is the proof
we should take of his service. It is actually. DHS is working with GV to
track his real id and then they will check this against service record. GV
informed that they have known this guy previously and he has no service
record at all. I was wrong. He is not asian...but rather latino. They will
name and shame him now on their site. These guys dont show faces these days
lol. Was first big mistake. 

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Haha! What a knob, seriously. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Not only did he not know what that the wáter tower existed, but did not
know what was written on it. After It told him it had armour training on it
he now goes on how I think armour is Sfs lol. The wáter tower over at
ranger training has "Ranger" written on it" He did not even correct me on
that. He said he trained at benning, then denied it and then said he had
agan. This guys a compulsive sick in the head. He has never been to benning
and said there was no wáter tower lol. Poor thirsty cunts.

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
This guy is one of the biggest bullsit artists I have ever come
across.....He is actually mentally incapacitated as he will ask all day
long for has is "dickhead" He is not american...he is not black...he is a chinese
idiot with a book on american special forces lol.....because like all
books...so much he says is wrong. He did not even know that the wáter tower
at ft benning existed 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You shpow me a certified certificate to teach Mae Mai Muay Thai martial
arts and I will call you a liar chinese eyes...ohhh...thats right...you are
a liar arent you chinese eyes lol. It is the single most deadly martial art
in its purest form and has no equal...but bet you know a master or two dont
you chinese eyes lol. I dont have any credentials in my form of martial
arts chinese eyes...so it must be bullshit...soo please....visit with me in
Texas as a "FRIEND" lol. You will love it.:)

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I am under considerable influence that you are neither american or black,
but rather some foreiner with a book. You use the term special operation
forces soldier tooooo much. Thanks for recognising my credability in your
words by the way "It's very obvious you're a Special Operation Forces ". :)
Your language is not american. nothing like it. It is as you name says
it....chinese eyes....and your grammar reflects asian background. That is
something I do know as an australian. An asians grammar.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
You ask a lot for a guy who can't even demonstrate the communication skills
of an 8 year old.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
My god, what a spastic.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Begging? If your school was any good, or if it in fact existed, the
information wouldbe readily available. I call bullshit :D

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
//You're never going to be like Chineseeyes2006 loser and failure!// Yeah,
not unless I remove half my brain and make 1000 enemies by pretending I'm
someone I'm not like it's my full time job to comment on youtube. Dumbass.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Haha, what a pile of nonsense.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
You don't have a school. The name Chris Powell isn't associated with kung
fu or martial arts on any online data bank, anywhere, period. 50 messages a
day? You wish. Fucking liar. 

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Your face is completely unrecognisable in every shot. Evidence of your

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Evidence of your school please?

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Evidence of your school please?

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Every military person that comes into contact with you on YT says that
you're a fake. 

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Links to your ''school''? Let me guess, you'll ignore that, just like you
conveniently ignore the fact that you have absolutely no one talking about
you anywhere on the net and no verifiable evidence of who you claim to be
what so ever? 

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Grow a brain retard. You're a nobody. Get over yourself and learn from
others who are actually successful, because no one even bothers to mention
you anywhere.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Fucking idiot. If only you had any real dirt on me you wouldn't have to
make shit up all the time. Like I'm concerned about anyone taking you
seriously anyway. 95% of people think you're a fucking idiot.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
It's so funny that I have you so paranoid. You think you're some big
powerful dude but don't even have the contacts to track an I.P address. I
knew your full name and street address 5 minutes after I saw your first

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
What sort of a spastic writes such retardedly long responses? How many
hours do you spend here retard? 

Автор bgebncr1 ( назад)
see what we have here is a fake ass wannabe trying to convince the rest of
the world that he know's all about the SF community. but in reality doesnt
even mknow his own name or how to color with in the line's. this is what we
in the military call a special kind of stupid lol

Автор bgebncr1 ( назад)
your a special kind of stupid aren't you. and what is you'r back ground in
the SF community. there key board ranger. other then spouting off other
sites with real operator's to which you wish you were

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
I like how you refer to yourself as if you were someone else. Eg: //Do you
have a Special Operation Forces from Ft.Bragg,N.C like Chineseeyes2006?//
So fucking retarded.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
When punctuation matters: //Chineseeyes2006 is something you'll never be "
A real Special Operation Forces Soldier loser and failure// Do you realise
that your so ridiculousy stupid,that you actually lack the skills to insult
someone, and actually directly call yourself a ''loser and failure''? 

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
It's funnythat you pretend to be a psychologist, and always crap on about
''bi polar, compulsive lying and mental illness''. My guess is that you go
to see a psychologist because you have all of these problems yourself. It's
pretty fucking obvious that you have problems.

Автор SomeOnesSon ( назад)
Bahahahaha!!! How is this chineseeyes2006 clown!? It's a laugh a minute
with this illiterate, fake ass halfwit. Another page to screenshot forthe
''chineseeyes2006'' facebook fan page. What a dickhead.

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
A dd214 is only your reléase papers fool...as in dd´d out. It means Jack
shit. You wont get on fort bragg even with that if you have no business
there. Australian troops stationed there do not use same paperwork as
americans fool. they are there as guests for training purposes and as thus
have all the transfers required approved by OC.

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
No one refers to themselves as a special operations fporces soldier. They
are operatives. Delta operatives. Devgru operatives.....rangers 8 just to
be different) but no one...and i mean no one calles them selves real
special operations forces soldiers. That would just make you a common
ordinary soldier wouldnt it Little boy. But then, thats all you are.

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You try to sound so special and informative. There is no database and also,
Australia is not a part of nato. Your spelling and language is so immature
I am guessing you as a 13 year old troll. You cant even spell correctly or
use correct terminology. You spoeak like a kid and act that way also. You
think that you can make everyone back down and do things your way to make
you appear a hero. You too sad to be anything. Your use of the term "real
special operations forces soldier" is just childish.

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You obviously think I am someone I am not. Thats your bad. As for
australian SASR.....you dont know anything about that because its all too
secret even for you yanks. You only select and train our way since 2007.
You didnt even know that. Dont take my Word....check on your facvorite info
pad, the internet and see what information or pictures of faces you get od
sasr troopers. None. send me one please. I will welcome that as a sign you
have no idea. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Damn..your still going even when you know I am not here lol....Fact
remains.....Outsider knows more about your bases tan you = your a liar and
a wannbee. You keep going on about tabs yet still wont let me meet up with
you to show you my merits. I dont need shop bought tags or shit... everyone
knows its not you in the vid....your ages dont add up. The vid is no proof.

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)
Dude, who the fuck is going to buy grass/trees/ and shrubs XD

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)
How was getting Blocked from the other video kind sir =3 would you like me
to get you blocked on this one too?? 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
How does any vet know your real oficial lol...how the fuck could he
possibly except inside your own brain...but like I said......lets meet
officially at bragg and talk about it. hope the other officers dont
intimidate you. they are not all bad. Just your email will do pal. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I would ask same on you :) But its ok...keep trying...keep writing......I
am on duty and have a few things to do...but I will get back to you and
your email to make contact......we def have to do that dont you think pal!
then see who is laughing on the other side of the Split eh! 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You first have to prove that it is in deed you. Pics need nothing. But
man.....when we meet, i am big enough to apologise if I am wrong......are
you!.....is 230 pound gorilla big enough? What is so special about american
special forces lol.....in Australia....we have no identiy....we have no
pictures, us officers wear no insigna in battle per seh! and definatley no
berret, thats only for paradeground. But then, we have real SFs lol.

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You look fit in your pic.......but how old are you now lol. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Man...I dont see anything. All you blacks look alike ...just like chinese
and koreans. It could be anyone. Like I said.....I will be there at bragg
in a weeks time.....we should meet up. Give me your email and we will make
a place and time. But you really have to make your mind up about whether
you were at benning or not.....first you were, then you say not, here you
say you are again. Really...make up your fucking mind.....you were or you
were not!

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
But really...you starting to sound quite desparate now. raning and raving.
In fact, i dont see anyone responding to you because they all know your
full of shyte. In a weeks time, I shall be in Texas, and visiting fort
bragg as I regularly do with friends. Maybe we could meet up and go over
old times at fort bragg. I am only just across the border in mexico where I
train mexican soldiers these days. Meet a few of your guys here too. So we
should definatley talk friend. You would like it!! :) 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You have a one track mind.....you said you were at fort benning.....I asked
what was written on the wtare tower.....you said nothing....there is no
wáter tower lol. That said you dont know shit about benning. You were never
there. You said you were. You are a liar. I have never said I was american
special forces. Nore did I say armour is Sf? I am australian. But as an
australian, we served with americans and trained with them and were
stationed at bragg instructing at times. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You have to stop it man. You hae me and the mexican paracaidista here
Reading this in fits of laughter lol. Now why would anyone state that
armour and cavalry is same as SOFs. You make some funny ones sometimes.
So...why would america put armour and cavalry and infantry and rangers in
one hole. Maybe you just think your goverment is stupid as you. Dont think
so. Being together is a lot different to being the same. Your black, I am
White. Does not make soldiers all black does it. tool!

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Now, If you were not illiterate and read what I said before, you would know
that I am Australian, And a LTC whom spent his last 16 years of 30 years
service training SFS. Sincé 2007, the american SFs have changed their
recruitment and training regime for Sfs to that of Australian SFs. For this
reason, we have had a great deal to do with your Precious fort bragg. And
no, you cant get my name from anywhere in the world tool....its classified
as yours would be fool. But i am very close right now!!

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Man....there is nothing you could ever teach me about jumping.....My
countrymen of rhodesia hold the top ranking figures for combat jumps ever,
and we jumped from as low as 500 feet to save beeing shot in the air...and
at one time from 250 feet erronously. And survived. If all you worry about
is your reserve chute...then your a pussy. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I dont care what the difference is....you said you were at ft benning.....I
have demonstrated quite clearly that you were not. You dont even know the
very basic of fort benning lol.....Man...I HAVENT EVEN BEGUN ON FORT BRAGG
YET! but now I wont waste time on a looser like you pretending to be an ex
american Sf operative and yet not even knowing your roots lol. Sorry...I
havent had such a good laugh for years. Too busy in mexico now sorting out
your drug problems...bet you still use them lol 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I read everything you say clearly...I just dont take orders from no bodies
like you. Why would you even ask me these questions when you previously
critisized that I am not even american lol....and very proud not to be
american after seeing you dribble and weave through comments. Your
illiterate man....SOFs do not recruit guys with bad memories for basic
things. Everyone knew what was on the wáter tower after having to run there
every day lol. TOOL!

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
You lost boy...when you said there was no wáter barrel at fort
banning....you just lost again when you asked "what tier leave within 18
hours".....and yet you were only just told that tiers are in respect only
to funding allocation lol. By the way......you will never know the
identity, name or anything about members of the australian SASR...so you
know absolutely nothing. Keep your mouth closed and you wont drown in your

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Had you been to fort benning as you claimed you would know that it is also
the US Army armour school. But you didnt know that did you.....because you
were never there. As for no wáter tower...there surely is...and written
wuite clearly a fake and I certainly hope no one feeds your ignorant brain
with any more SF jargón...you have enough bullshit there to sink a cruiser.
You couldnt intimidate a mouse fool. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
As I said....now your just ranting and dodging any question.....even though
I only asked one simple question and SF op would be very proud to answer,
yet you could not. You cant find the answer on the internet because it is
not shown and it does change periodically. You have said nothing not
available in COD or on the internet.....Did you know you can actually buy
books on terminology of the american forces including Sfs and
meanings....Americans are not proud of you fool. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I wont ask again ...your a waste of space. No one as illiterate as you
served in the American special forces. I served with too many of them as an
allie to know that. They do not recruit and train dead beats and
egotystical maniacs like yourslef. I am Australian and worked with your
guys conciderably and you are just a disgrace to american servicemen...I
believe you only wish you had the guts to serve.....but didnt. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Wont ask you again...asked five times now.....WHAT IS WRITTEN ON THE WATER
BARREL AT FORT BENNING. Not only are you not an ex serving special forces
operative but you have never even been to fort benning as you claimed. If
you had, you would recount the words on the wáter barrel immediately and
proudly without hessitation. Only looser here, using your very un military
like jargón is yourslef fool. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
See what I mean.....you dont even know that the tier system is. You would
have called me out and told me how the tier system is only a system to
identify how much funding a group gets lol.....now...answer my
question....I have asked 4 times and you dont answer four times.....WHAT IS
wont know squat about me....and just a clue.....I am not american....but
what nation Works closely with americans training at fort bragg?

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Your still not answering the question and just asking questions any fool
can get of the internet.......Now answer my question.....Not call you a
liar or anything untill you answer the one question I asked....WHAT IS
WRITTEN ON THE WATER TOWER AT FORT BANNING......the complete words please.
Then we will know if yiou are telling the truth or not. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Only looser here is you untill you answer the question previously
asked.....what is written on the wáter barrel at fort benning?? The
complete words. You can only know if you were there as yiou stated. So easy
enough to know this and you are responding to me per real time.....so
expect to see an answer. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Well...I am not american, but operated with them out of fort bragg over
many years. I doubt that anyone should be able to get information on
american Sf operatives from an internet site. Would have all types of
radicals hunting you down individually. But as a ritired LTC working out of
mexico and knowing a lot of your guys at Fort Bragg....I could find out for
sure. What is written on the big water barrel at Ft. Benning!!??

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
So! Your a "real Special Operation Forces Loser" ?? Those are your words!
Not correct is it? Now, Special Operations Forces is the real wording....or
SOF,s to those in the know. Now SOF,s cover a wide and diversified spectrum
of military and naval groups. So you tell me which one were you in. Were
you a Tier one or Tier two SF,s fgroup?

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
So, when a SF op has his back to the Wall, he attacks his enemies
gramar.....thats a new approach to me and a world first lol. I am guessing
america is right up their with the new concepts eh! tool!

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I have not said anything to him yet! But rather, No SF op would have his
picture up so proudly as he does. During or after service. That he asked
you for a picture...well...that says it all. Once they ask for a picture
all credability is gone. I also noticed he said he served proudly 88 to
93....at which time Sfs in america were having a real low time with many
failures. If he really was in SFs, I could see why they were. 

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)
Please stop defending this guy, he has been lieing about credentials on
here for years. wrong side of the argument sir 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
I dont know about other countries, but Australian SF Ops are not allowed to
reveal their identities. This is for two reasons. One is to protect the
individual and the family of said individual and the other is to keep
annonomity to the operative for cases where they enter into other fields
like ASIO or federal police after service. I am sure americans do it for
very similar reasons. The weakest link for any operative is his immediate
family or closest friends. 

Автор Ricky Hunter ( назад)
Actually.....your mannerisms and responces say you are too illiterate to be
accepted even to try out for any SFG. I see you use the words "fag" and
"Faggot" in your vocabulary which shows me and anyone here that you are too
immature and discriminatory to even be concidered for a role in a SFG. I am
guessing your age about 14. 

Автор E_deck24 ( назад)
The assault boat 1 guy seemed really cool.

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)
*loser *special *operations *force *stupid *unit *chain *command 

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)
where you born this stupid or did you have to hang out with beliebers?

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)
No, but I still have more then you ever will faggot

Автор Brandon Cole ( назад)

Автор justaman6972 ( назад)
sure wish they'd come home and defend us against the real terrorists, our
own govt. AKA the international bankers, yeah I said it, and we all know

Автор MrTechsupport87 ( назад)
go the aussie boys! (from a proud australian)

Автор Alex Rappo ( назад)
were the brits and new zelanders its not a party til they show up

Автор AuldeyST ( назад)
I see my TF90 Royal Thai Special Forces! Whooohooo!

Автор 박승우 ( назад)
Amazing to see Thailand part of this!

Автор Mike Serot ( назад)
It's so fucking awesome to see all these countries working together in a
way most people never get to see! Especially the Air Force CCTs (I'm kinda
biased since I was in the Air Force)!

Автор Iso ( назад)
@oHaw, befire SEALs where called SEALs they where Underwater Demolition
Teams aka UDT during WWII and the Korean war, they cleared waters of mines
for the USMC.

Автор Iso ( назад)
My left ear enjoyed this video.

Автор rainbowsixODST ( назад)
Mostly just to show off our allies and each others special operation

Автор Anusorn Boonruang ( назад)
ทหารรบพิเศษไทยแลนด์ ไม่แพ้ชาติใด

Автор Aron ( назад)
What's the purpose of these demonstrations? What do they actually gain from
this, and what do they expect to gain? Just need to know.

Автор Mark Bradley ( назад)
Coming to a neighbourhood near you to take your guns?

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