SkyBlue Gold And Brown Eyes Makeup

Eyeshadow: DeepSkyBlue, Gold, Brown, PearlWhite
Eyeliner: SkyBlue, Black Pencil Eyeliner, Kiss Me Black Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara: Fiberwig, Fasio Base Mascara
LipGloss: Pearl White Color lipgloss


thanks for watching^0^

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Автор Katfada ( назад)
hope de quality was better but you have so much talent

Автор michal1910k (1852 года назад)
@stualzs yes i mean it. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. and
i can tell u , i really ddnt expect that maybelline will send me the
mascara without any dime. its worth a try here >> bit.ly/VMqL6i?=pnkyfq

Автор ainsley buffalo ( назад)
Shes wearing contacts

Автор BoldObsessions ( назад)
very pretty! would you mind check out my videos and tell me what you think

Автор Rae Ypon ( назад)
el nino as in the condition of the weather when it's really dry. like a
drought :)

Автор TheBeautyofaBoy ( назад)
You got my temperature rising like el nino? The boy? You got my temperature
rising like the boy. K.

Автор Mysty Montelongo ( назад)
omg, your eyes *________*

Автор hiya ther ( назад)
crappy music

Автор 12dream121 ( назад)
Omg -3333333 that's truly gorgeous -3 your nails are great also -3 amazing
! This is stunning -3 I Love it :D

Автор Olwyn G ( назад)
hi what brand colour is the blue used on ur inner eye colour:)

Автор WeddingPlanner00 ( назад)
Love that song!! Who is it???

Автор makeupbyme25 ( назад)
omg this looks so pretty cant wait to try it oh yea! come check my beauty
channel nd subscribe!

Автор buahahaxitsxME ( назад)
@ScissorL0ve Uh I don't believe it's meant to be taken as a look for brown
eyes.. its a Blue gold and brown makeup look for eyes LOL :) She uses blue
gold and brown :)

Автор GigglezJuicy2010 ( назад)
love your nails and omg where did you get your contacts ?

Автор Gesikaxoxo ( назад)

Автор Tate Hollands ( назад)
Vampire eyes . O.o

Автор Ashly Nicole ( назад)
nice job! but the blue contacts make ur eyes look weird

Автор ScissorL0ve ( назад)
Makeup for brown eyes? Yet youre wearing blue contacts.

Автор S.A Impavido ( назад)
Are u wearing contacts?

Автор mz40oz ( назад)
Dude i love this look, i wear it quiet a bit actually lol

Автор ZombieeDollie ( назад)
your eyes started to get red like half way through...

Автор MissFreakazoidz ( назад)
Looks petty!! :)

Автор Kta Lepsia ( назад)
this looks so pretty! i love it! :D

Автор Tiara love ( назад)
what gold are you useing?

Автор misslilevee ( назад)
it's not good to pull at your eye like that, you get crows feet quicker.
but i love that colors, great job

Автор PepperNClouds ( назад)
@Larisiahott Stupid.

Автор MafiaReina0024 ( назад)
I'm the 119.000 VIEWER OF THIS VID <3

Автор Emily Ernberger ( назад)
i LOVE this look keep up making videos!!

Автор oxXMarlyeXxo ( назад)
@x0xKirei Don't give up!!! Keep trying. The more you try the better you'll
get. I promise <3

Автор x0xKirei ( назад)
Man did i try this and man did i fail..lol

Автор lovelyd ( назад)
@luckygracez Too Keep Ya Mascara On So It Wouldnt Smudqe Off .

Автор Grace Zhang ( назад)
what is the mascara base for?

Автор BrittaniMarshelle2 ( назад)

Автор Yukouri Damianov ( назад)
@BlackJewl hahhh...ok thanks ^^

Автор storytel27 ( назад)
Thanx SO MUCH for at least naming your colors! A lot of make-up artisits
won't do that....Keep up the great work:)

Автор rifeey223 (294 года назад)
i like your nails!! ant this makeup style is really pretty:)

Автор queenleahbia ( назад)
goorrgeous job on the makeup, but those contacts seemed like they were
pissing your eyes off...they looked a little irritated.

Автор queenleahbia ( назад)
@1neige2 it intensifies the black, also makes it look neater...more of a
clean crisp line.

Автор 08tiffy25 ( назад)
Your nails are cuuuuute!

Автор White Rabbit ( назад)
asians with blue eyes is kinda creepy lookin u look better with ur natural

Автор Yukouri Damianov ( назад)
why do you put some liquide eyeliner when you already put some eyeliner?

Автор PeachyAngel99 ( назад)
I love ur nails!!

Автор Maggie Fee ( назад)
awesome!!!!! its barbie bitch!!!!lol

Автор Maggie Fee ( назад)

Автор Mika Helvete ( назад)
i love this! where did you get those amazing contacts??

Автор Jasmine Draxler ( назад)
wow that is so cool but not likin the nails lol xx

Автор Jasmine Draxler ( назад)
wow omfg that is so cool but dont think i like the nails lol

Автор candace658 ( назад)
@nuhoanhobe You also mention that you prefer the natural look and the truth
is most guys do. Just like how I think guys who don't look super jacked and
don't wear lots of hair gel are cute. Many guys don't like obvious makeup,
or are intimidated by women who do wear those looks. So saying women wear
makeup to attract guys seems erroneous. it's all good, just tell your
special lady how beautiful she is without all the makeup =) I agree though
that we all sometimes do silly things to impress.

Автор candace658 ( назад)
@nuhoanhobe Except for in pretty much every species that deals with "mate
choice", it is the male who has beautiful ornaments and does silly dances
to attract females. Why do females wear makeup? That's like asking why do
guys style their hair, workout, buy cars, dress nice etc. and then saying
it's all to attract girls. Humans have higher cognitive skills, which means
not everything we do needs a biological instinct label. There are many
reasons people do what they do.

Автор Margie TY ( назад)

Автор orJasim93 ( назад)
This is soo pretty :)

Автор six3sixRiddim ( назад)
This is my favorite...Such an amazing combo.

Автор GirlFashion07 ( назад)
What was the name if the second song

Автор vv,. ( назад)
which palette are you using from m&d manly and wales?

Автор Shoen ( назад)
what an amazing gold!

Автор Lisette Cortés ( назад)
@nuhoanhobe You're right. I don't thing any girl wants a guy that takes too
much notice on your makeup... mainly because it's kind of weird. This isn't
an everyday look, it's party makeup and it's fun to do if you have the time
and patience.

Автор nuhoanhobe ( назад)
@redtatis It's okay sweetie.. there's nothing embarrassing about that.
That's just how the female brain is wired. Don't get me wrong. I'm not
against girls wearing makeup. I just wanted to explain the underlying
reasons & the consquences that follow. The final decision is up to you ;)

Автор nuhoanhobe ( назад)
@redtatis Yes, it's true that most females find it fun to use colors to
enhance their beauty. But have you ever stop and question why that is? why
do females like to use colored makeup and/or dress-up? Because they want to
stand out amongst other females. Why do they want to stand out that way?
Because they want attention. Why do they want attention? So they can
attract mates. Females may not realize it consciously, but subconciously
that is their main purpose.

Автор Arrorah85 ( назад)
where do you get that eye shadow??

Автор Sarah20az ( назад)
I love the shadow......your music is a little strange.... I am ok with
whatever, but it makes you seem lost. Like the fake eye color the fake
shadow and the songs that make you seem like you don't believe in god? I
will pray for you! Love the awesome shadow though....I will try it soon for
fun :)

Автор nuhoanhobe ( назад)
I don't see how some ladies could have the time & patience to sit there and
apply all those eyeshadows on their eyelids like that. Pardon my honesty,
but a guy who comes to you because of those rainbows on your eyelids is
probably not the kind of guy you want to keep... I think it's better to
keep it natural and simple. Embrace the real YOU, and the guy who
appreciates that is probably in love with who YOU are..not your superficial
exterior. That's just my opinion. No offense to anybody

Автор Peque3309 ( назад)
love it!! <3

Автор XxSupergirl84xX ( назад)
Great Tutorial, thank you!

Автор zsozso016 ( назад)
gorgeous look, but those contacts look kinda scary...

Автор six3sixRiddim ( назад)
this ones my favourite. I love the color choice =)

Автор TheRealSaraMarie ( назад)
I love your nails! Your really pretty!

Автор marisa lynne ( назад)
contacts are beautiful!!<3

Автор SuperRandomXD ( назад)
i got those contacts!! lol but nice tutorial very pretty

Автор amysarge ( назад)
awesome tutorial, it looks like your contacts are really irritating your
eyes though!

Автор iskrugh1 ( назад)
im going to rape you for your eye color

Автор Tori7022 ( назад)
I really wish you were like my friend or something who lived at my house
everyday to do my make-up...:)

Автор Michelle Lucifer ( назад)
i love your skin dude , how do you keep it so clear and smooth looking lol

Автор YoungMarriedAndClueless ( назад)
I LOVE your nails!

Автор room4099 ( назад)
Your eyeshadow colours look great together. Your coloured eye contacts on
the other hand look stupid.

Автор Alyakmi ( назад)

Автор MissHazeleyed96 ( назад)
oy, shes stretching her lids when applying... :\

Автор heycristal ( назад)
i love her nails!

Автор mike hawk ( назад)
Love your nails <3

Автор Susana Silva ( назад)
omg what contacts are those!!!!

Автор 1Bandoleros ( назад)
thatss bad ass(:

Автор Hollysyl ( назад)
wow nice lips

Автор x0xLollipopx0x1 ( назад)
wich is the brand of your contact lenses? ^^

Автор rubberduckie7182 ( назад)
omg i love your nails.

Автор SupHomes ( назад)

Автор purplecookie101 ( назад)
you have beautiful eyes

Автор Camila Trespalacios ( назад)
i love your nails(:

Автор smkdsa ( назад)
beautiful angel eyes,,, super kawaii!!

Автор Adeline D. ( назад)
I read on your blog that you were learning French, so... Superbe
maquillage, je l'ai essayé aujourd'hui, et ça donne vraiment très bien ! =D
Quel talent ! ;-) Good job ! ;-)

Автор Lupita Castro ( назад)
amazing, can you show us a nail totorial for what you had on please?

Автор magdalene thompson ( назад)
i love ur nails xD

Автор snowangel223 ( назад)
@gloverfull she means the white of her eyes are reddish which is altogether
true and creepy.

Автор 2898paula ( назад)
luv the make up! :D

Автор iridescencee ( назад)
@gloverfull not the contacts. the part thats supposed to be white is

Автор gloverfull ( назад)
@iridescencee what do you mean? her eyes arent red. there blue/green!!!

Автор mychemicalromance760 ( назад)
omgaaa i wont rasta nails!!!

Автор iridescencee ( назад)
i think the makeup and contacts are beautiful but the fact that your eyes
were red annoyed me the whole time hahaha :P

Автор nimaway14 ( назад)
Please tell me were you get your contacts!!!!!!! i love them!!! thank you
so much for this video its one of my favorites

Автор 1991DSA ( назад)
I like your nails:P

Автор hollarout ( назад)
your nails were cool.

Автор TheBrandiiland ( назад)
I love it! Its a bit fast but it saves time! and the eyes or contacts are
an amazing color! Great job!

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