James Corden prank calls the USA national team


James Corden is back up to his latest tricks again as he pranks the national football team of USA before their game with England. Funny stuff!

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Автор Max The Been ( назад)
He meant Soccer?

Автор danial lau ( назад)
man.... he looked way bigger compared to him in the late2 show.

Автор kauthar philander ( назад)
this is so funny

Автор AFMakers ( назад)
Wish it had of worked....

Автор lucy smith ( назад)
love James he is a total legend

Автор Alan Leece ( назад)
Unfortunately they got their revenge on the England team ! 

Автор Edimator ( назад)
What is the name of this show?

Автор Matteo Filippucci ( назад)
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Автор manuboy9 ( назад)
Ah now you are running out of things to say. By the time you reply to this
one Halloween will be over. Judging by your name I'm guessing you are going
as Dracula or a Chupacabra. Try to only chew on candy ok?

Автор Luis Suarez 7 ( назад)
go away you boring cunt.

Автор BIgBanG VIP ( назад)
he's legend i love mr corden 

Автор manuboy9 ( назад)
Well now you shown everyone that you were attempting to troll and it was a
bad one. So for everyone please stop trying.

Автор Benji banjo ( назад)
Comedy is subjective. What does it matter if some one was to ''laugh' at a
cow pissing in a field'' if it makes them happy thats all that matters.
Intelligence also has nothing to do with what you find funny.

Автор Luis Suarez 7 ( назад)
hahahahahahahahahahaha im so sorry for spelling rihanna wrong bro , you
mancs are so sensitive.

Автор manuboy9 ( назад)
I can't tell if this is some pathetic attempt to troll me or you have some
terrible brain condition that I should feel very sorry about for you.
Either way it is Katy Perry. Also, her name is pronounced Rihanna not

Автор John Anderson ( назад)
fucking idiot

Автор Luis Suarez 7 ( назад)
No its Rhianna......are all u mancs retards?

Автор Dijon dar ( назад)
awwwwwww naaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD

Автор Dijon dar ( назад)
Simon Cowell looks so bored

Автор BallsackGaming ( назад)
Well it obviously put robert green off

Автор sbc1t ( назад)
that was shit james.

Автор buddubman ( назад)
hispanic? sounded african

Автор wertrocks123 ( назад)
"James Corden prank calls the USA national team" - Don't know about you lot
but that Hispanic bird on the end of the phone didn't sound like she was in
the squad...

Автор SuperSquirters2 ( назад)
you're an idiot.

Автор Rizzle Nicks ( назад)
what if she killed herself?

Автор elizabeth moore ( назад)
Saw James on broadway. :) He was good.

Автор tom allen ( назад)
katy perry in that dress is simply wonderfull. 

Автор cotch85 ( назад)
surely it's not pitiful if you're 18 and spending hours on youtube than if
you're 40 and spending hours as you said you're coming into the prime of
your life, why waste it arguing on youtube? cretin.

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Oh Fuck!..a new concept! A Creosote fan who can actually string a sentence
together? Its a step up from your get a life and omg shite. Show it to Mum
and Dad..Im sure youll get ice cream for tea. I did actually get my first
grey one a few months ago but Im pleased to say Grecian 2000 down the front
of the jeans works wonders. Thanks for your concern (albeit bizarre
interest) Now can u go one further and tell us all whats funny about the
this video? No one has managed it so far. Enlighten us...

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
Im sure you would have then saw that it was James Corden whom you obviously
are not fond of and any normal person would have left it there:/ Seems like
you have a very enticing life, i thought as a teenager i was sad having the
odd few hours on you tube a week but your in your 40's, thats just pitiful.
Your going to be in your 50's soon:/ im just coming into the prime of my
life, your slowly getting wrinklier and wrinklier i wonder if you have your
first grey pube yet

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Ahem....in case your infant brain hasnt grasped how youtube works
yet...millions of users click on the little menu of further videos they can
look at. Its on the right hand side there...can you see it? Yes, thats the
one! Now often they will wander onto other videos that they can look at to
see what it is and what its all about. And hey presto! They can leave
comments too! They can even vote to say they dont like it. Its called
freedom of expression. Ask Mummy & Daddy about it before bedtime.

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
I ask you again Adam..what the fuck has anyones age got to do with
anything? And an 18 year old 'boy'? Do me a fucking favour will ya. I care
not what age a person is when questioning so called 'celebs' and the utter
shite they produce in the name of entertainment. Your 'boy' status doesnt
cut any ice with me & neither does Creosotes success. A talentless cunt is
still a talentless cunt no matter how many 'boys' love it. Now...go get
your milk & coookies 'boy',its way past your bedtime.

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
why you watching a video of someone you hate? Just seems very strange
because obviously i would of thought you have better things to do than fill
your day watching things you dont like?

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
Chubby fanny? Lol you are very strange, its just the fact you are obviously
so very sad that you are arguing with an 18 year old boy on you tube,
people your age should be working looking after their family and playing
with their children, this now has nothing to do with James Corden, who by
the way is alot more successful than you i'm guessing, this is about you
needing to calm the fuck down and get on with your mid 40's life, go have a
mid life crisis or something please:) 

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
I rest my case. Creosote Corden's fans are as equally clueless and unfunny
as the fatboy himself. Apart from quips like 'get a life, cunt, and omg,
they are really incapable of explaining what it is about the fatboy that
makes them laugh. In the past people who laughed at nothing were sectioned
for their own safety. Nowadays they put them in front of a telly with the
chubby fanny. Probably with some baskets to weave. Isnt care in the
community wonderful.

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
dont worry, be happy:)

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Oh how I do enjoy taking Creosote's fans apart. Their arses are a wad of
cookie dough. A lot like the fat boy himself. Unfunny and severely lacking
in original thought and humour.

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
What has age got to do with anything? Can you explain what is funny about
this shite or cant you? And there you go again....get a life...get a job.
The putdown of an unoriginal fud struggling to justify its love of what can
only be classed as utter shite. You the kind of person who laughs at a cow
pissing in a field?

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
right and the fact your in like your 40s get a life mate or a job

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
nope just didnt have time because i have more things to do with my life
other than insulting people in youtube, so yes i suggest you do get one my

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Get a life? Is that the best you can come up with? Whassa matter son? Lost
for words? What a shite put down.

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
omg get a life 

Автор Adam Jenks ( назад)
katy perrys rack

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
When I was about 10 years old, a mate and I rang someone called Bassett at
random from the phone book and asked for Bertie. Then we pissed ourselves
laughing before hanging up. We were 10 years old. Whats Mr Creosote's
excuse? Unless the fat fuck is appealing to the humour of 10 year olds
which Im guessing he isnt judging by the pair of cunts on the sofa and the
laugh on cue audience. Then again.......

Автор streetender1878 ( назад)
If you dont get it, then a few descriptive words, isnt going to enlighten
you. Those who find it funny need no explanation, those who don't, don't

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Come on....dont cop out on us. You branded those of us who think this is
utter shite, as halfwits. Im playing along with your statement so far. Now
all you have to do is come up with a few descriptive words that clearly
explain why you think this 'sketch' is funny. You've laughed at it. It
should be fairly easy to tell those of us who didnt what is was that made
you laugh. We are intrigued. Enlighten us.

Автор streetender1878 ( назад)
you admit that you are a fucking half wit, so it would be a waste of my
time explaining anything to you! you shouldn't need it to be explained.

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Awww boo! Tell us fucking half wits then...enlighten us. What the fuck is
so funny about this? Come on....tell us!

Автор streetender1878 ( назад)
this is funny, no matter what the fucking half-wits have posted. I dont
need to name you all because you all know who the dick heads are!

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Id like to make a bet with you. Awesome British humour you declare.
Okay......explain what is so awesome about this clip or Creosote Corden.

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Your right. It is utter shit of the worst kind. Mr Creosote Corden is about
as funny as a fucking fire in an orphanage of christmas day. The obese

Автор PiknSave ( назад)
Let me get this right.....Mr Creosote phoned someone and pretended to be
someone else and told them a football match was cancelled...and the message
wasnt passed on? And an audience along with 2 cunts on a couch sat and
laughed at this? Theres a kid in my neighbourhood rings doorbells and runs
away who could generate more genuine hilarity than this shite.

Автор Jamal .Maximilian ( назад)
sounded more like he foned the indian football team, daft cunt lol

Автор Elisha Potter ( назад)
Id like to make a bet with you. I bet you can't come out with an offensive
comment that doesn't involve swear words. And you NEED to sort out your
priorities cause this is awesome British humour :) 

Автор matthew ryder ( назад)
no and no :)

Автор matthew ryder (1688 лет назад)
ok if you say so

Автор matthew ryder (1784 года назад)
anger management classes?

Автор matthew ryder ( назад)
do you have a sense of humor?

Автор hughesy258 ( назад)
it was 1-1

Автор Fluke ( назад)
they still beat you =))

Автор WhosAbigBoy95 ( назад)
couldn't stop looking at Katy Perry tbh

Автор Billy Brennan ( назад)
Katy perry is fucking hot.

Автор Dayumhesgood ( назад)
Bite your tongue! That is no way to speak about your mother.

Автор Maxi Rod (888 лет назад)
That was fucking wank, unfunny fat bastard

Автор Freddie L ( назад)
what a shit prank

Автор HAMZA AWDEH ( назад)
i love how at the start of the call he says his name is james den he says
hes SEP

Автор Camberwell86 ( назад)
They could've just got any little foreign lady to act on the other end of
that phone. ~_~

Автор Ludvig Sköld ( назад)
Katy Perry... Damn sexy !!

Автор 94samboy ( назад)
@Pagra101 we never think we are going to win, not with spain and brazil in
the mix, nothing wrong with supporting your country though

Автор Lewis Griffiths ( назад)
@Unsexistom no they drew

Автор Unsexistom ( назад)
@Pagra101 we beat america

Автор Cerys Webb ( назад)
Thats actually so funny! But Simone Cowell dont look too impressed, well he
can fuck off unfunny dick head Love you James Corden!

Автор kazim yayo (1186 лет назад)

Автор philbaker300 ( назад)
katy perry

Автор scaryninja1693 ( назад)
@tsubassarulz Hugh Dennis?

Автор Aaron97oD ( назад)
@KPMP1000 Lol i dont even remember doing that and why i said that

Автор Harris Hussain ( назад)
its funni wen he sats hes sepp blatter LOL

Автор B Dot ( назад)
any1 take a second look at katie perry oh yea

Автор mike mcballsack ( назад)

Автор Aaron97oD ( назад)
Fucking indians. supposed to be working for the the us football team not
the fucking indian 1

Автор Lynnch1 ( назад)
@lcecmmkp Not funny.

Автор Lynnch1 ( назад)
Not funny.

Автор MarcusAurelius ( назад)
Yes I have laughed at many a prank calls. Love watching Fonejacker. I meant
why was this prank call in particular funny? 

Автор BRFC4LYF1 ( назад)
@stratocaster1986able Some people myself included find prank calls
humourous especially to the American football team. Surely in your life
you've come accross someone in your life laughing at a prank call?

Автор MarcusAurelius ( назад)
Why is this funny? Please someone tell me....

Автор joe porter ( назад)
@thelasthalo whu the fuk are u u silly cunt

Автор ELiTE WiNG ZERO ( назад)
@swimmingcrazy349 one person is fucking knob you.

Автор joe porter ( назад)
5 people are yanks :)

Автор PrittyHelloLady ( назад)
Hahahah;D he is SOOOO FUNNY;D love him.. and for how ever calling him fat
and un-funny , at least he got the success, and tbh even if he is fat SO
WHAT?!, it wouldnt be right if he was slim, and he aint that fat tbh, ive
seen fatter..and use are probs people how sit their no jobs..and are haters
.. and i dont have a job im 13 LOL, but tbh give him a break! 

Автор Richard Fairbairn ( назад)
Cover your belly, amateur.

Автор dayvidob ( назад)
ha ha briilent 

Автор lcecmmkp ( назад)
This is hilarious!

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