Crazy iPhone 7 Lighter Case

iPhone 7 Lighter Case (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2gtyGdN
iPhone 7 Lighter Case (International) - http://geni.us/2AuZB

Here's a crazy one... The Apple iPhone 7 Multifunction Lighter / Bottle Opener Case!

More info from the manufacturer -

This lighter case is a new release from ZVE store. It has been updated and become more slim and light. ZVE always did the good quality to our customers.

If you always forget to take your lighter or opener, do not hesitate to buy this HANDY 3-IN-1 HYBRID. It is more than a Shockproof Protective Case, but also a Bottle Opener and a Cigarette Lighter -- handy and useful for camping, parties or outdoor survival.

Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy
Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger
Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy
Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak

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Автор Hannah Scarlet ( назад)
I think that he smoke but not on YouTube

Автор MTT The Official YouTube channel ( назад)
Just put it out in the bottlecap

Автор ZeroZerock ( назад)
Perfect gift for any edgy hipster.

Автор Littlegamer599 ( назад)
it looks like you lost weight no offence

Автор FaZe Mow ( назад)
And here I am using my shitty 1 Mbps connection...fuck my life. ;(

Автор tuxzombie 2250012 ( назад)
I think he does it for the vids

Автор FlyTie -05 ( назад)
I thought he said he doesn't smoke

Автор Jasonthepoop HD ( назад)
lol he's drunk

Автор Abdul Wahab Rana (ArabMonetaryFund) ( назад)
Snitcher Brau Means The Brew

Автор Jake Saxon ( назад)

Автор Dragan “Ruben_Ruben21” Ruben ( назад)
șnițel brau

Автор JONI GETREKT ( назад)
lol the note 7 doesn't need a case

Автор JONI GETREKT ( назад)
420 therapy 😂

Автор Majestic Jay ( назад)
1:59 what the hell is that

Автор Editor Wardash ( назад)
I find it weird cause when I was little I had an imaginary friend called

Автор XShadowHackerX ( назад)
says he doesn't smoke, Holds it like a pro and never coughs

Автор Illinois Native ( назад)
how the fuck do you not cough? I'm not a smoker but I know how hard it is
to not cough lmao

Автор Danny Sandoval ( назад)
The cigarettes put him crazier than normal

Автор Kyle Dang ( назад)
Why is he still smoking

Автор First Name Last Name ( назад)
DAMN I didnt know you smoked

Автор McThugmeyer 417 ( назад)
It means that's pretty good

Автор leon kolanowski ( назад)
Schnitzer is an Name(I Think)
And Bräu Stands for Brew +UnboxTherapy

Автор Echo Music ( назад)

Автор germakenju ( назад)
lol schnitzel brew, all you need is a schnitzel and you're as german as

Автор Ch Hamdan ( назад)
plz help me get 10000 subscriber

Автор Ch Hamdan ( назад)
you video are very nic

Автор N. ( назад)
"You lift that up.. boom".. sounding like pro russian hacker. "Boom!" lol

Автор Ashnomoth ( назад)
Smoking is shit

Автор Ashnomoth ( назад)
Smoking is shit

Автор cutecool boy ( назад)
ýøû aid you don't smoke bot you was smoking I smoke hukka

Автор Nicholas Cojocar ( назад)
But what if when you slide it in your pocket, the trap door opens. They
should have a safety mechanism.

Автор Günther Gabenbach ( назад)
i am from germany and can actually explain "Schnitzer Bräu"
Schnitzer is the german word for carver
Bräu could be translated into brew
so it´s beer brewed by a carver, to english "Carver Brew"
i hope i could help you with this ^^
(Btw i have never seen this beer before and i know nearly every german beer

Автор Oscar Gaming ( назад)
Can you burn jack please

Автор Avenged Fo_ a7x ( назад)
Schnitzer is a name and Brauerei is the producer.

Автор Theo Faitakis ( назад)
a case note 7 user doesn't need at all

Автор Marco Mederos ( назад)
Let me get one ‼💪

Автор Hour Of Music ( назад)
кто русский ?

Автор Carmello ( назад)
Looking like weed

Автор Ketan Duren ( назад)
LOL, beer ads.

Автор TH BOY ( назад)

Автор Baraka Obama ( назад)
I'd use that to flame my blunts

Автор rruffneck23 ( назад)
thought he said he didn't smoke

Автор Joseph Ventura ( назад)
Next you should light a firework outside

Автор Lipok Chang ( назад)
"who knows what this might do for you" this might put a dent in my pocket

Автор Julius Colon ( назад)
i thought he dosent smoke

Автор olaPRASINAgiatre ( назад)
Is that puro had something green inside?

Автор Dat Man ( назад)
is jack real ?

Автор DeKarle1992 ( назад)
Schnitzer Bräu is Carver Brew in english :D

Автор Ben Culshaw ( назад)

Автор Ben Culshaw ( назад)

Автор wot ( назад)
If anybody just skips to 3:47 they would think he was a redneck

Автор LazyHippies420 ( назад)
I don't know if anyone has commented this or not but not prepared to go
through all the comments, but polar bears do in fact play with dogs, I'm
originally from Churchill, MB and it's usually a regular thing when the
bears are not out on the ice, the bears usually stick to sea animals

Автор Filip 02߈ ( назад)

Автор Oozey ( назад)

Автор Tom Steele ( назад)
Don't like my comment

Автор recep ivedik ( назад)
yes pro

Автор keshia hill ( назад)
he said he didn't smoke but he did 😅😆😃😂😁😀

Автор curly10808 ( назад)
lol I vape

Автор Dj Salad ( назад)
Easiest way to get 3rd degree burns while it in your pocket

Автор Chuy Vp ( назад)
Tell me why I deadass thought this fool was smoking a blunt ahaha

Автор GuyFrom TheStars ( назад)
To light up those blunts 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Lole Junior Tiumalu ( назад)
That's sick bro where is it available at?

Автор DeVohn Benjamin ( назад)
Matte black version, it's about to get upgraded. I'm like it's about to get

Автор BaenSster ( назад)
the beer says "carver brew"

Автор MidoVinci ( назад)
some non smokers will start to some just to buy this case.

Автор Ric Rac2005 ( назад)
He said he doesn't smoke

Smokes a cigar like a boss

Автор Sid ( назад)
It means "elephant beer"

Автор KaZu ( назад)
"Schnitzer bräu" means smth like "(wood-)Cutter Brew". "Schnitzen" is the
procedure to cut wood in a different shape. But i've never seen this beer
in germany and im a german citizen and i drink beer as often as i can.

Автор Micha - ( назад)
Deutsches Bier ist halt das beste 😉

Автор Retro Destiny ( назад)
what if it gets so light, it will start flying?

Автор Raiyan qureshi ( назад)
Really guys jack is the camera

Автор giannhs antetokoumpo 34 ( назад)
no drugs on yt

Автор son Goodku ( назад)
hahaha motherfucker drink on job

Автор Let's Break It! ( назад)
how mutch does the case cost?

Автор Tayab Ahmed ( назад)
Have you sell your iPhone 7 plus

Автор shavar elliott ( назад)
I recently started watching his videos and I don't know who is Jack
Who is Jack?

Автор Jakob Fritsche ( назад)
schnitzig brau doesn't have a meaning i thinks
schnitzig is just the name of the brewery

Автор ChemicalBrain ( назад)
Lew's Canadian accent really comes out at 3:28 when he asks if he's about
to set off the fire alarm by accident.

Автор bastion shott ( назад)
I think he got high to

Автор Rcoats Daboss ( назад)
I think Lewis got high during this video

Автор Pixlie ( назад)
Schnitzelbrau means: Schnitzel Brewery

Автор Jacob Sheppard ( назад)
You do smoke 💨

Автор Sir Giraffe ( назад)
says he doesnt smoke
proceeds to smoke

Автор jonas eggers ( назад)
Im from germany😂😂😂

Автор Diego Cirilo ( назад)
schinzter brau means shredder

Автор samyukth P.k ( назад)
do u have depression people drink beer and smoke if they have depression

Автор Zenmaster sapphire ( назад)
Smoking kills buddy

Автор EricPlays .Drück den Button ( назад)
Schnitzer Bräu is just a Label name

Автор David Feroiu ( назад)

Автор Om Babu ( назад)
don't do it

Автор Thevidmaster360 ( назад)
could i get this case for the the iphone 6?

Автор Jacob Stansbury ( назад)
you said you dont smoke

Автор rara Kohl ( назад)
hallo ich bin deutscher

Автор rara Kohl ( назад)
and speak germen

Автор rara Kohl ( назад)
i live in germany

Автор Angel Ruiz ( назад)
he shouldve smoked a wood

Автор AJC Plays ( назад)
I thought he said he doesn't smoke

Автор ITsBROCCOLI ( назад)
do a jack face reaveal pleas ive ben wanting it for so long like to get
this to him plz

Автор Ross Morgan ( назад)
That he doesn't smoke. 2 seconds later there's a cigar in his mouth.

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