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Автор Ur Dum (7 дней)
Not only that you'll probably deafen them, see how that goes in court. Stop
being so violent.

Автор Ur Dum (7 дней)
If you're knocking someone out, you're causing permanent damage.

Автор Biba Trajkovska (5 месяцев)
Awesome, how much weight could people lose? I lost 2 stone dieting with
Wretch Weight Workings. Just google it :)

Автор grunt hunt (1 месяц)
lol...are you Choppas Bro....

Автор Newbsiel (5 месяцев)
What if ur weak will this still work

Автор zac palmer (5 месяцев)

Автор wayne philip (1 месяц)
i love the australians cause there so funny an everytime i here them speak
i either think about chopper or that kevin bloody wilson

Автор bhutch731 (5 месяцев)
Pissin myself laughing how oker is ol mate funny as too

Автор Van Beckum (6 месяцев)
Thanks for the 'he slapped me' tip, haha.

Автор AmizAussieGirl1989 (9 месяцев)
Mmm actualy aim for the legs, the taller they r the harder they fall, im an
ex rehab officer, n ahem my job was part beating people up because addicts
have a hard time of letting go w their addiction they do sign something n
it says at any measure n when they come at ya helps to know what to do btw
addicts already have a scrambled brain n one hit or three would kill em as
a bouncer youd know what id mean aye_???

Автор Dreadpool1 (6 месяцев)
Mate, I fucking love this guy. This actually does work too. You slap some
twat quick enough (doesn't have to be fucking hard....just quick enough)
across the side of the head so that the palms hit the temples and the
fingers hit the ears, bingo!!! it might not make the fucker go down as
suggested here, but he's disorientated long enough for you to play with the

Автор philip anderson (10 месяцев)
Good tip...thanks

Автор john nhoj (9 месяцев)
i can't believe how many stupid people there are commenting , this style of
fighting works....it is a loose style of fighting relaxed quick and rattles
the brain....only real fighter could understand....the AUSSIE is right
...Canada gets it loud and clear

Автор BUILDSforDRIVING (8 месяцев)
lol my old man gave me one of those i was out cold ... after i gave my
brother a good tap . there is always someone better

Автор lazar murray (5 месяцев)
i'm guessing 0:11 is a slap on the ass lol

Автор Johnny Brown (9 месяцев)
Good on you mate

Автор Robert Lunatic (7 месяцев)
hahaha.. this guy is CRAZY! i wish he was my grandpa!

Автор xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (6 месяцев)
how is that possible? i can hit even faster

Автор eruweraranj0r (9 месяцев)
get a load of this guy. you are; 1. american 2. a fat cunt 3. that talks
too much shit 4. no one read what you said. good luck getting your gun
through customs faggot. meanwhile, half of ozzie and nz own rifles. we all
know it won't even resort to violence because unlike you us pussies, we
fight like men. with our fists. fuckin cry baby.

Автор BudaTomu (7 месяцев)

Автор MrPalaad (5 месяцев)
aussie I like that 3 pop move I used to use it in football on an opponents
helmet and I always owned the. Good Vid.

Автор jah12wi (9 месяцев)
This guy is badass!!!

Автор justCommando (10 месяцев)
lol, nice nice. I want to ask something, is this video supposed to be a
funny joke, or can you actually use that to knock someone out?

Автор jadseet anatuki (10 месяцев)
LMAO ..... I LIKE IT !!

Автор killW1266 (9 месяцев)
Thanks for the info.

Автор James Smith (7 месяцев)
Depends on who your opponent is. At a club in London two bouncers got
knocked out cold for fucking with a pro boxer. The dude was calm until this
bouncer pushed his face.

Автор Matthew Csure (8 месяцев)
No, definitely 3...

Автор OutlawMCC (7 месяцев)
Your Jabbing with your right Hand

Автор WeDoEpicness (8 месяцев)
That beard is amazing

Автор robert crank (8 месяцев)
the way i have to deal with dickheads over here in the uk is it has to be
open hands so u dont come over as aggressive so i think this is a good
solution to that problem :)

Автор OutlawMCC (7 месяцев)
I hope your a left Hander

Автор AnonymousCowardX (10 месяцев)
Thank you good man! Cheers from the other side of the planet

Автор Ocean Runner (9 месяцев)
Fat aussie bastard. I gotta tellya your funny and very entertaining. Love
your vids mate. You certainly have a way with words.

Автор Khaos969 (9 месяцев)
after the first slap chances are there'd move back and start throwing
punches at you...

Автор Josh Milick (7 месяцев)

Автор kurt selvester (5 месяцев)
this honestly work? it will drop them?

Автор justCommando (10 месяцев)
haha, very good. what if I spat in your eyeball while you were trying the
tornado slap of fury on me?

Автор Mikey Fenlon (7 месяцев)

Автор DZY DUZIT (7 месяцев)
u fukn old ball bag. hahahaha u dnt slap in a fight u old wank. fukn use
your fukn fist MATE.....

Автор cryin2 (6 месяцев)
what a joke

Автор nickyg sunhouse (8 месяцев)
discomnambulate i mean I am a delexic pommy bastard lol

Автор Francis Hudson (8 месяцев)
With big guys been a boxer I always go for a left hook to the body step out
an uppercut grab if not finished an knee the fuck out of there faces I
haven't lost yet so doin sutten right lol

Автор 007DefCon3 (8 месяцев)
Tried this on the misses, didnt work, is it because she's blonde?

Автор T. Rich (8 месяцев)
Great tip.....but not so much against a moving target....this would work
great as a security/bouncer with an obstinate fellow who won't back down
from an area or position but you gotta do it before it escalates....I see
this as a pre-emotive strike to disable and diffuse before the first punch
is thrown, right Aussie?

Автор Joe Daniels (8 месяцев)
Love his tash and That would work.

Автор Soulvex Rob (9 месяцев)

Автор TerryMMA (9 месяцев)
i would 2 piece your jaw and turn it into 96 piece puzzle jaw. 187 on all
you 666's respect the fucking shooter im outta here

Автор Mark Love (10 месяцев)

Автор antiswattt3 (6 месяцев)
why not put all the force to the arm bone at the bottom of your palm? quite
interesting tho, there so many weak spots on a human that nobody knows how
to use

Автор Carlos Fco. Garcia (8 месяцев)
I will teach you how to knock a big man out, here hold my beer..!

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