How to knock a BIG MAN OUT !

here,s some self defence tips gang...

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Автор Stayfit4health (2 месяца)
Very impressed with your hand speed Fab, bet you've shocked a few smart
cunts in the pub before haha

Автор Eric Harper (2 месяца)
how do I keep the big guys hands down while i hit him 3 times in the head?

Автор Samuel Brentnall (1 месяц)
Hey FAB fat boy. You rock. Well done. Fucking fast, funny and f'real. Love
to show you my 'Boom-boom, bah-BOOOM'. Where are you in AUS?

Автор Noel Rothbergstein (1 месяц)
Thanks! Very entertaining video too(Aussie slang is very cool)! 

Автор MrNoueiri (2 месяца)
Jaw or temples?

Автор Mike Evans (2 месяца)
+The Fat Aussie BaRstard Glad I stumbled across your channel mate. You now
have a Welsh fan :-)

Автор Locutus D'Borg (2 месяца)
What about slapping with both hands together, like boxing their ears?
Thanks for the video.

Автор sean knot (3 месяца)
or if you wrestle and get your head slammed into a mat every other day it
will do nothing :P and everyone else can fuck off

Автор Pepe - (7 месяцев)
Not only that you'll probably deafen them, see how that goes in court. Stop
being so violent.

Автор LyricsVids (2 месяца)
I bet you had to do this a lot when you were a bouncer

Автор trashman101 (2 месяца)
Mate, definitely going to remember the brain shake for future reference.
But in your experience what's the best option if you've got a tall, fat
prick who's just pushing you back with his gut? He's not laying his hands
on you because he's trying to make you take a shot first so he can claim

Автор Pepe - (7 месяцев)
If you're knocking someone out, you're causing permanent damage.

Автор cakesofdeath (2 месяца)
Guaranteed if i tried that id get knocked the fuck out.

Автор f1m4rc (5 месяцев)
What a funny cunt. Good ole open handers. When ever you want to demoralize
someone, use a good ole open hander. It's worse being bitch slapped than
punched! hahahaha

Автор Pantera Negra (6 месяцев)
This dude is funny as hell.

Автор MrCaveman77 (2 месяца)
Nothing a bullet wouldnt fix lol

Автор Ron Wylie (4 месяца)
you are a great man, lovely down to earth stuff

Автор HorridFroth (4 месяца)
Like the guy below says - a good guard protects against this. I guess if
you got his attention with a low kick first...

Автор jason smith (4 месяца)
a simple good guarding stance would stop this from being effective but
most cases he would be dealing with drunk mouthy idiots.so I see his point.

Автор jdblake22 (6 месяцев)
Not sure what this man just said.. but I laughed.. Good info sir..

Автор Davi Hexli (8 месяцев)
Coup d'état

Автор grunt hunt (8 месяцев)
lol...are you Choppas Bro....

Автор Jacob Kuppler (7 месяцев)
It seems effective if you are quick enough to land it, but the angle of the
attack would make it easy to defend against given the target(side of the
head). While you throw the first slap, the defender could easily step back,
or sidestep while throwing up a forearm to guard that side and still have
one hand free to strike at you, potentially then from a very advantageous
position. As a surprise tactic, I can see this preventing an opponent from
getting a shot off at you, but that would be the only time it would be
practical. Once you are both swinging, it would lose much probability of
success, and by then you would most likely have to resort to striking
afterward or before anyways.

Автор Biba Trajkovska (1 год)
Awesome, how much weight could people lose? I lost 2 stone dieting with
Wretch Weight Workings. Just google it :)

Автор Newbsiel (1 год)
What if ur weak will this still work

Автор wayne philip (8 месяцев)
i love the australians cause there so funny an everytime i here them speak
i either think about chopper or that kevin bloody wilson

Автор zac palmer (1 год)

Автор bhutch731 (1 год)
Pissin myself laughing how oker is ol mate funny as too

Автор Van Beckum (1 год)
Thanks for the 'he slapped me' tip, haha.

Автор AmizAussieGirl1989 (1 год)
Mmm actualy aim for the legs, the taller they r the harder they fall, im an
ex rehab officer, n ahem my job was part beating people up because addicts
have a hard time of letting go w their addiction they do sign something n
it says at any measure n when they come at ya helps to know what to do btw
addicts already have a scrambled brain n one hit or three would kill em as
a bouncer youd know what id mean aye_???

Автор Dreadpool1 (1 год)
Mate, I fucking love this guy. This actually does work too. You slap some
twat quick enough (doesn't have to be fucking hard....just quick enough)
across the side of the head so that the palms hit the temples and the
fingers hit the ears, bingo!!! it might not make the fucker go down as
suggested here, but he's disorientated long enough for you to play with the

Автор philip anderson (1 год)
Good tip...thanks

Автор john nhoj (1 год)
i can't believe how many stupid people there are commenting , this style of
fighting works....it is a loose style of fighting relaxed quick and rattles
the brain....only real fighter could understand....the AUSSIE is right
...Canada gets it loud and clear

Автор BUILDSforDRIVING (1 год)
lol my old man gave me one of those i was out cold ... after i gave my
brother a good tap . there is always someone better

Автор lazar murray (1 год)
i'm guessing 0:11 is a slap on the ass lol

Автор tomsykes66 (1 год)
Yeah man ,fat aussie bastard is ok !

Автор Johnny Brown (1 год)
Good on you mate

Автор Robert Lunatic (1 год)
hahaha.. this guy is CRAZY! i wish he was my grandpa!

Автор xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (1 год)
how is that possible? i can hit even faster

Автор eruweraranj0r (1 год)
get a load of this guy. you are; 1. american 2. a fat cunt 3. that talks
too much shit 4. no one read what you said. good luck getting your gun
through customs faggot. meanwhile, half of ozzie and nz own rifles. we all
know it won't even resort to violence because unlike you us pussies, we
fight like men. with our fists. fuckin cry baby.

Автор BudaTomu (1 год)

Автор MrPalaad (1 год)
aussie I like that 3 pop move I used to use it in football on an opponents
helmet and I always owned the. Good Vid.

Автор jah12wi (1 год)
This guy is badass!!!

Автор justCommando (1 год)
lol, nice nice. I want to ask something, is this video supposed to be a
funny joke, or can you actually use that to knock someone out?

Автор jadseet anatuki (1 год)
LMAO ..... I LIKE IT !!

Автор killW1266 (1 год)
Thanks for the info.

Автор Matthew Csure (1 год)
No, definitely 3...

Автор Outlaw (1 год)
Your Jabbing with your right Hand

Автор WeDoEpicness (1 год)
That beard is amazing

Автор robert crank (1 год)
the way i have to deal with dickheads over here in the uk is it has to be
open hands so u dont come over as aggressive so i think this is a good
solution to that problem :)

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