Model Titanic Sinking

1/400th Scale Revell Model Titanic sinking in the bath. This was done mid 2005 I recall. Accidentally Deleted, Originally uploaded 24th April 2007 - Deleted September 11th. Total Views were 382,184

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Длительность: 1:1
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Автор Norbit ( назад)
1912 called, it wants the titanic to not hit anything.

Автор Yasmin Little ( назад)
that titanic never sank all of the thing where coming off it crap video
hope you bring out a better one and if i was a teacher i would NOT show it
to my class :-(

Автор JediJordan369 ( назад)
The red appears to be very faded so thats why it looks all black

Автор TyTheGamerGuy ( назад)
Next time put lego pepole on it

Автор A.J. Smith ( назад)
Why is it all black? It should be black and red.

Автор Daniel Martinez ( назад)
1912 called,it wants its titanic back.

Автор carlosmelendez09 ( назад)
2001 called, it wants its camera back.

Автор Marty Hoskins ( назад)
would you sell that model cause I would give you 30 bucks for it as in if
it is all their and works :)

Автор TheExoricist ( назад)
how is it fake and gay it says MODEL TITANIC dipshit

Автор MegaNascardude ( назад)
Could it be gayer

Автор mikeborja1 ( назад)
how do you make them, with wood?

Автор UOFKfan100 ( назад)
can u sink it in a pool? itd sink better

Автор West Florida Fire Photography ( назад)
try making it crack in half and still make the smoke stacks fall down in
version 3 or 4 if your gonna make one please reply by thursday,thanks ur

Автор NikkoBellic100 ( назад)
RMS Means R.I.P . My Ship

Автор MeanDirtyDan ( назад)

Автор wesmovies ( назад)
how did you make it float

Автор Cintia Azevedo ( назад)

Автор Cris Subang ( назад)
@spiker546 you can get it at amazon

Автор fishfeet4 ( назад)
how did you get the funnels to come of wer they soppost to?

Автор MrmsiCX600 ( назад)
naja, i´t is a good work, but i think, with a better camcorder is the
Viedeo on the best!

Автор southparkmad8 ( назад)
wow it look like u filled ur tub right up so if u put ur hand in it would
flow over and ur parn\ent and or guardian will blow the sh** outta u

Автор alan wong ( назад)
can you give me the website to get this?

Автор Henry C ( назад)
are the funnels supposed to come off

Автор 3UZFE ( назад)
Thanks, its 67cm long. Cheers, I shall be making a better one in a month or
two. Version 3!

Автор cngowens ( назад)
I have a question, what modle is this? is it revell? thx bye

Автор lilthoene18 ( назад)
this is awesome. i like the second sinking video better though.

Автор Dudedog48 ( назад)
where did u get this model its awsome

Автор 3UZFE ( назад)
Yeah I would like to re-do it some time soon in a custom sized tank so it
does not hit the bottom. I divided it up inside like the real thing, so it
sank in the same way it did, minus the break up.

Автор Krystof Rant ( назад)
Hey on your 2nd titanic sinking try sinking it in like a pool or something
that can fit the whole titanic standing up. That was cool how it sank! how
did you make it sink so slowly?

Автор superkillarna ( назад)
hey no fingers and hands!!!

Автор blackout1148 ( назад)
lol you forgot to snap it in half like real titanic only jokin:) great vid

Автор xReventonx ( назад)
WOW u had like 380,000 views ! wow I would be sooooooooooooooooooooo pissed
off if i deleted a vid with that many views lol

Автор krirre ( назад)
I have a Titanic modell 1:250.. Havent built it yet though. It will be 108
cm long.

Автор claire2005fulham (59 лет назад)
i has a 1:1200 scale

Автор claudininha2u ( назад)
HI! lock where did you buy it!!?? i nided so must!

Автор claudininha2u ( назад)
i love the 2 video end were did you get the ship? tankas

Автор 3UZFE ( назад)
oh yeah..

Автор xxkilla59xx ( назад)
i wish i had that thing i would like throw the soap bars on that thing sink
the crap out of it lol

Автор 3UZFE ( назад)
haha awesome a vote. I think the last video had almost 400 votes. Ah well!

Автор The Foley ( назад)

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