Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt [FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS]

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Автор Jacob Keglovits ( назад)
Why can't people just have the commentary and not shit fuckin music? Haha

Автор Beautiful Clouds ( назад)
Closer than I thought.

Автор Jolly Cocks ( назад)
Cruz was robbed

Автор SHARP WIZARD ( назад)
uau ele ganho

Автор Volcom wF ( назад)
dominick talked so much shit and in the end couldn't back it up then tried
to act all sincere lmao im done

Автор EXILE ( назад)
"I beat the guy who taught you everything you know, what do you think imma
do to you." Oh Cruz... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор SEENO ( назад)
I wasn't a fan of garbrandt since his days at TUF..however him spending
time with the child with cancer, and seeing how humble he is as a person
when he speaks..I like the guy..

Автор MrZikList ( назад)
One of the very good fight i got to see these last years. loved it. Cody
was amazing but cruz never stopped fighting it was a super entertaining

Автор Martin ( назад)
He's a decent boxer on the other hand Cruz is just some kung fu dance with
no boxing skills punching skills at all no ground game no kickboxing skill
he just get exposed like ronda did

Автор Martin ( назад)
Man cruz is shit his movement is cringe he got exposed by garbrandt with
that boxing skills

Автор abhiejeet1 ( назад)
used to stand by Diaz now mimics there actions cody

Автор TC Swag ( назад)
Cruz has the shortest legs lol dudes all torso ! glad he got it smoked way
too cocky .

Автор Laszlo Mavilia ( назад)
They both fight they same an look the same! Just one of them bought a
tattoo dlc.

Автор cb7pwn ( назад)
couldnt be happier to see that arrogant, fake prick in Cruz get his ego
checked good

Автор Wolf Hound ( назад)
Cody's performance was out of this world that night. Out-Cruzed Cruz.

Автор V Ling ( назад)
Fuck you haters

Автор R Jonas ( назад)
Cody slipped six punches on two different occasions in this fight.....they
didn't make the highlight? Really?

Автор freestylewrestler ( назад)
phenomal performance by garbrandt. this guy is one of the best
bantamfighters EVER and is a world class fighter? u dont believe me? watch
his fight vs cruz, the most dominant champion and see what garbrandt did to

Автор Malkocoglu Bali bey ( назад)
Song name please

Автор Isaiah Carroll ( назад)
I thought Cruz win the fight

Автор Chaz McDonald ( назад)
you missed the best part

Автор Natural born killer ( назад)
rematch cruz will win

Автор Ben Jamin ( назад)
Cruz: I felt him tap

Автор MemoTraining ( назад)
\That bob and weave to the takedown was sick.

Автор GP Parker ( назад)
Douchebag UFC champion loses and gets replaced by a bigger douchebag. UFC
is nothing but controversy and hype these days. Dana White hiring
douchebags who cause scenes just for the marketing strategy. He's
definitely taking a few pages from the book of Mcmahon.

Автор SuperPussyFinger ( назад)
That dude is harder than fuck.

Автор Foo Rankoo ( назад)
This was epic shit. 2 warriors

Автор maverick mangion ( назад)
Cody put cruz on his ass 3 times

Автор Savage C.F ( назад)
Weigh-ins for me, was a huge telling point that Cody was cool & game for
the fight.

Автор YM.Roldan Ray ( назад)
great fight this was dope

Автор Clarence Greene ( назад)
like a young smart Jason Miller

Автор Conor McChicken ( назад)
This should be fight of the year

Автор Mateus Da Costa Rigobeli ( назад)
gogogogogoogog dominic

Автор B w ( назад)
Love it when someone who thinks to highly of themselves fail. Good job

Автор Todd Smith ( назад)
Little guys just lack knockout power.

Автор Arturo Lizarraga ( назад)
ive never seen some one fight against dom like that..mi need to get back
into watching ufc

Автор jacob gibbs ( назад)
Cruz might have been robbed.Cruz definatly won rd 2,5 and possibly 1,3 or
4.Joe rogan's and golberg's bias commentary towards cody played a big role
in why cruz lost.Joe was riding cody's dick the whole fight.I can count on
one hand the amount of times Joe acknowledged a landed strike from
cruz.There were exchanges where they both landed but the commentators only
acknowledged cody.Rounds 1 3 and 4 were extremely close,too close to tell
who won.i personally had cruz winning rd 3 by two strikes but I could be
wrong based off the limited cameras I could see off my tv.Cruz also out
jabbed cody all night.If dom won this fight his jab is probably the main
reason.Dom hit cody with some shots to the chest that count as landed body
shots which a lot of people don't seem to realize.Cruz if your reading this
you have to get hold of those ufc phantom cameras and prove that you won
that shit.Then take it to athetic commission and get that shit
overturned..And if you lost atleast prove to to everyone that that fight
was way closer than what people thought, and that you didn't get
dominated.And the only reason why people think cruz got dominated was
because rogan said he was.Rogans bias commentary influenced the judges and
everyone at home into thinking cody won.Cody stupid ass was trying to clown
domonique like he was so sure he was winning when he was running like a
bitch the whole fight.That clowning might have made the judges think cody
was winning aswell.round 4 was not a 10/8 round even though rogan said
so.If you watch closely cruz legit got knocked down twice in that round
but not 4 times.One of those knockdowns was a slip and the other one cody
tried to punch dom but missed and hit dom's leg with his forearm because
dom was throwing a kick at the same time.The force knocked dom down because
dom was already on one leg because he was kicking.So 2 knockdowns not
4.Even with those 2 knock downs its not a 10/8 round because dom popped
right back and cody didn't land any ground n pound.Just cause you dropped
someone doesn't mean you automatically win the round cause of that.Faber
dropped cruz multiple times in their second fight and cruz still
won.this aint boxing never in mma have people tried to say knockdowns made
10/8 rounds until conor vs nate 2 where people were trying to up with
excuses for why conor won round 2.I feel a lot of people who think cody won
are blinded by the bias commentary and those knockdowns instead of who
actually landed more strikes in the rounds.Anybody can get knocked
down,especially when hit by someone with the power cody has.Cruz also
knocked him down.Cruz needs to be commended for the heart and chin he
showed in that fight.He fought a guy that had a speed ,power and youth
advantage over him and still might have beat him.As McGregor says timing
beats speed and precision beats and that's exactly what cruz did.I don't
know who won this fight but it was way closer than the scorecards.

Автор MaharlikaMuayThai ( назад)
ohhh he should go against conor

Автор Lrdvltr ( назад)
Now we have another tatted faggot champ

Автор deivis952 ( назад)
awful music

Автор Bane ( назад)
Garbrandt is taking over the Bantamweight division for a long

Автор Notorious Pepe ( назад)
Member Garbrandt vs Cruz?? I member.

Автор Tyler U ( назад)
Cruz looks like Boyka from undisputed

Автор C.M PUNK ( назад)
Best Fight of the night.

Автор Silus ( назад)
Block and counter at 1:57 Amazing.

Автор Kristian13 ( назад)
I like thedance figthers

Автор terry nicks ( назад)
Well at least Cruz didnt get knocked out. He hung in there but Cody was too
much for him. I wanted Cruz to win but Cody will prolly knock him out next

Автор Paul Keane ( назад)
this music is that shit i paused the fight just to type this

Автор Iuhasz Cristian ( назад)
Whats the name of the song dudes

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)
1:57 counter sheeeeeeet

Автор Angela Bordack ( назад)
That was an awesome fight!

Автор Bruce Lee ( назад)

Автор Heveyweight Heveyweight ( назад)
fight of the year

Автор Colours ( назад)
He won....BUT he fought like an immature taunting loser with no class...

Автор João Filipe da Costa ( назад)
Congrats to Cody...dude can fight.

Автор João Filipe da Costa ( назад)
Cody is kinda sick...respect to the man.

Автор Turtlefoot69 ( назад)
wants a rematch after he wins, who does that?

Автор Eric “Signals Directorate” Schmidt ( назад)
whats with the faggy tats

Автор Devil ( назад)
UFC actors... Changing more champs than their socks

Автор Believe Inyourself ( назад)
I cant believe some of you already count DOm out,do you even know who the
dominator is?He is one of the hardest worker the ufc ever had,he came back
from an injury sharp as fuck .If you think one lost will make him quit you
are out of your mind.He will go back to train and come back stronger like
he did.He is not a sore loser like Ronda.

Автор edgar85000 ( назад)
what a fight! #UFC207 REMATCH CruzVSGarbrandt

Автор beemore18 ( назад)
Cruz has got one hell of a jaw!

Автор Hari Ramamurthy ( назад)
Boy 1:12 was slick

Автор mariusz sabadasz ( назад)
Great scrapCruz throws arm punches and he also swing wildly even in a
pocket during fast exchanges, he needs to tight his boxing up and put some
hips and feet in his punches to generate power, I think that Cody won most
of the exchanges due to the better boxing fundamentals.Still great fight
and brave performance by both men pleasure to watch!

Автор todd segel ( назад)
everyone loves this dude now lol 3 weeks ago people were saying garbarant
had no chance now that he did his thing everyone is sucking his dick

Автор Noah Bass ( назад)
the same knock downs were replayed like 80 times lol

Автор wind speed ( назад)
whats the name of the beat

Автор Jesse Kill ( назад)
I was so shocked at how good Cody was! I did not expect this

Автор Iskusmarines ( назад)
such a beautiful fight

Автор Jarod76 ( назад)
I've seen backyard fights with better striking technique than these two

Автор Dishant Mehta ( назад)
Little chicken fight 😂

Автор JhoU CERON ( назад)
what music ?

Автор SevenForce80 ( назад)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the way to take out a good boxer like
Cody be to implement more takedowns/grappling and a good kicking game? I
don't think Dom has the skills for that though, at least not yet. But just
imagine if Dom could kick like Jon Jones does to the legs and shit, I think
this fight would have been way different.

I am only a layman, but it seemed that Dom's style played right into the
hands of Cody.

Автор Jay Nguyen ( назад)
Mad Respect for Cody 👏🏼👏🏼he make it look easy

Автор corey thomas ( назад)
thank God they don't box they are horrible

Автор bellmeisterful ( назад)
That music is dope Doc. And damn, Garbrandt was so loose and comfy in there

Автор noa ( назад)
This dude is the fighter I wish Conor was, not only a master in landing
precise shots but his take downs and ground game is clean.

Автор zaia blue ( назад)
cody embarrased dominic and did it with style .. many a chance cody had to
finish the fight but he just wanted to beat his son a lillte more!

Автор Eamon Ahern ( назад)
cody's movement was something else. Dominic missed with flurries

Автор TURF FIENZ ( назад)
im fight big. you now here- cruz

Автор AGENT 97 ( назад)
that fight looked badass, those two are great fighters.

Автор Brandon Lee ( назад)
I gotta say, I didn't think Cody would stand a chance, but he proved me
wrong, much respect to him, & much respect to Cruz for staying the the
fight, dude has a hell of a chin, I'm sure he'll be back & I'd love to see
a rematch with these two. Great fight.

Автор hud4094 ( назад)
Cruz isn't a whiny little bitch. Took the loss like a champ.

Автор Nico Montinola ( назад)
wow and i thought Cruz was best P4P

Автор jacob deaver ( назад)
I like Dominick Cruz, but some of those counter shots from Garbrandt were
beautiful. In slow motion his boxing looks as good as any I've ever seen
inside the octagon. A lot of guys become champion, but only a few stay
champ though so we'll see how things go Garbrandt. But man his boxing
skills look good, real good.

Автор TdeathlyH 93 ( назад)
Even bigger fan of Cruz now! 2 warriors!

Автор abdi yusuf ( назад)
so Why dj say Cody is a nobody? and conaaar also?

Автор Bubbles ( назад)
so awesome

Автор Comunidade Android bordon ( назад)
garbrandt luta muito

Автор cluTch0 ( назад)
that kid earned my respect i still think dom will win the rematch if he
does leg kicking and takes him down and submits him.

Автор Natan Freitas ( назад)
Awesome fight!!

Автор ripp riley ( назад)
haha smug cunt got fucked proper.

Автор Amado Eriksson ( назад)
1:58 wax on wax off! wtf.

Автор RED X ( назад)
Cruz never had a chance

Автор Rusty ( назад)
Garbrandt vs Nunes 209

Автор k4ze7 ( назад)
Everybody saying it was a great fight. It was but, kinda awkward with all
the taunting. Cody should have just finished him.

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