2 UFO hiding on an island (Greenland)

If u go to coordinates 59 45' 12.72" + 43 56 07.20" on 'Google Earth' u will see amazing UFO like 2 objects resting on island situated near Greenland. It is not ice forming. Certainly, the UFOs are already on earth and are in action. May be may not be this is true with this finding. Please comment on pariyaniv@yahoo.com.

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Автор add996 ( назад)
wtf did you film that with. .... potato cam?

Автор Flugge66 ( назад)
That dear Sir, is the in the south of Greenland, and is a Radio-site
relaying commercial air- and Sea trafic signalling, for aircraft and ships
passing the area south of Greenland.

Автор crackacola ( назад)
wasting your time! Stop it with the google earth crap. You're just flooding
real UFO videos.

Автор Tim Potts ( назад)
their glaciers

Автор 1911m1a1 ( назад)

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
@LetsPlay2D Gibraltar? Well .. we came from Greenland..free country and
Peace ... no war:) P.s I'm From Greenland :) Peace *Sorry My bad english*

Автор LetsPlay2D ( назад)
Greeenland is at USA, or not? 0.o .. there is not the USA ... there is the
"street of Gibraltar" ^^

Автор noahfexpayton ( назад)
It's a greenhouse/laboratory. This is where they develop ICE Kush. ;)

Автор otfresh ( назад)
Focus your fucking camera, douchebag

Автор sandor139 ( назад)
What people do not find it? Eehhh...!

Автор PaintballHazard ( назад)
Those are some nice rocks you got there. The white things? There's clouds
in the sky, plus snow. Ever think those are rocks that have snow on the top
like a mountain?

Автор Arctic741 ( назад)
These coordinates took me to Russia O.o did I do it right? Cuz you didn't
have the directions in the coordinates and that minght have screwed it up

Автор Ian Dangerfield ( назад)
its a giant hand!

Автор 76webslave ( назад)
now i know the truth! :(

Автор YELLY131 ( назад)
i really dont see much besides a couple splotches

Автор speedfunk ( назад)
@CUXOB2 hahaha indeed because u don't see it flying

Автор StuckDucks ( назад)
ogm seriously i could have been a natural thing liek a volcano ash comign
out of a volcano i happened like 2 days ago it could have happened before i
mean come on the ash is covering the uk and uerope. :L

Автор Paul McLeods MARS ALIVE ( назад)
shitty low resolution jpg artifcts mate....there you go solved

Автор Piotras66 ( назад)
kant ! cos usiadło na obiektywie

Автор doubleapro81 ( назад)
Also like how when you click its not a screen zooming in, its your camera.

Автор CUXOB2 ( назад)
why UFO? just UO^^

Автор Leif Larsen ( назад)
Haha...This is a very small and very flat island. It looks like a pair of
isfloes onshore. If you take a closer look at the surroundings you will see
that the location is very near the weather station at Kap Farvel only some
3 km less that 2 miles. And there is a lot of ice in the water there. I
lived in Greenland for 20 years. Have a nice easter:)

Автор Jon Weber ( назад)
go to 24d 24m north x 87d 19m west, what are these under the water, they
look artificial.

Автор Matis Averin ( назад)
if u have any idea of measuring stuff in google earth, then u know that
these objects or what ever are about 1 meter in diameter each. Logically no
alien would fit in there, polar bears would not swim 1,5 kilometers. so its
possible that these are just weather stations, peaces of ice.

Автор Jaro95PK ( назад)
to nie U.F.O tylko samoloty anty grawitacyjne które produkuje USA w
tajemnicy przed innymi państwami żeby mieć przewagę podczas odpukać wojny
światowej zrozumcie to

Автор Groovy ( назад)
Two blurry white dots =/= UFO. Doesn't mean you're wrong, but you've given
no evidence here.

Автор insomiatci ( назад)
this is the right coordinates 59 45' 12.72"N 43 56 07.20"W and honestly its
too blurry to tell . . . .

Автор insomiatci (71 год назад)
i think you have the wrong coordinates it really takes us in the middle of
russia not greenland.

Автор Guy Incognito ( назад)
that was poo stains like ur face

Автор PissBlitz ( назад)
your coordinates took me to the middle of russia

Автор Breno Wtf ( назад)
... having buttsex

Автор Matthew Lewis ( назад)

Автор firewilson81 ( назад)
look at the center and south portion of greenland.what is the black line
for, is it to keep something censored, and the orange and yellow and green
striped shaped like a ship but it is 50 miles long and 14 miles wide, is
that the midnight sun, just on that little spot? there is another thing to
the left, smaller with the same color, which by the way don't coincide with
the color rainbow spectrum that would be expected with sun wavelength, the
small item has two silver things to its left, watzit?

Автор BloodTar (713 года назад)
hmmmm . . . It's definitely two somethings. But actual craft from unearthly
beings? Hard to prove that one.

Автор vitrohype ( назад)
Used a laser on screen.

Автор pariyaniv ( назад)
Dear, see the distance and then guess. The distance covering such a large
object, indicates that the two objects are near about 50 m. each. U can
recall that any bear will not stay at one place, because I am having an eye
on these objects for last 1 months and they r still there, not moving.
So,..... I may be corrected..... if u find any info on that....

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