Joe Rogan on Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes - UFC 207

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #890 with Brendan Schaub & Eddie Bravo (https://youtu.be/AKp5ea8h-Jw), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2iinYrs).


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Автор biocybernaut ( назад)
Joe, shut your stupid trap, that fight was a sham, Rousey didn't even go
down, that was a lousy act, yet here you are talking about it as if it
happened for real.

Автор Foo Rankoo ( назад)
Brendan may have been an actual MMA heavy weight and knows what it's like
to fight. He may even describe Ronda's butthole and what her pussy feels
like or how good she gives head. But it doesn't matter because anything he
says is totally irrelevant, lol. He's that hyper active neighbor hood kid
who no one pays attention to, lol

Автор azoicum ( назад)
remember dude's, this unsportsmanlike behavior gonna give you cancer in the
dick (no swastika smiley either) lol

Автор Simon Draurings ( назад)
Joe what's up with Ronda man ? Did the Martians steal her talent ? .Is Bill
Murray fin to jump into a wabbit hole 2 another dimension ?

Автор nameless0711 ( назад)
9:02 Prophesy...

Автор Charles Maynard ( назад)
I like Amanda's attitude. I think she's a really cool person but also
fucking lethal.

Автор robert holden ( назад)
It's always stunning when someone of Rousey's reputation goes down so
quickly. At first, I thought shed thrown the fight. But another explanation
is Nunes came into the fight well prepared for Rousey's tactics. Rousey's
forte has always been to take her opponents to the ground quickly and
finish them off with grappling. Her previous opponents had no answer to it.
But Nunes did. I watched the fight where she took the championship away
from Tate. Several times, Tate came in aggressively with leg tackles which
Nunes managed to twist and step her way out of. Like Rousey, Tate is a
grappler. Neutralize it and she doesn't fare well as a striker. Rousey
tried a few times to clinch Nunes, who lowered her body weight and shoved
her off. So like Tate, she was deprived of her best weapon. Is Nunes a
devastating puncher? I didn't quite have that impression. But she was
competent and came fearlessly after her opponent. I'm not much of a boxer,
but one lesson I learned is, at some point you have to square off and
sutbbornly trade blows. You simply accept the pain and give it back. Rousey
did not seem mentally ready for that. Understandable since it's not her

Автор aaron collier ( назад)
FFW to 9:04 then slow down the audio speed. The "what if" heard round the
world lol

Автор Hola Onedrive ( назад)

Автор Kit West ( назад)
Yall people are crazy! she can't box .

Автор coltsrule5150 ( назад)
Is it just me, or does it seem like fighters whose main background is some
striking art, have an easier time learning how to fight on the ground, than
fighters whose main background is a grappling art, learning how to fight on
their feet?

Автор Declan McCartney ( назад)
Fuccck maaan I cant look at mma comment sections anymore...instant
cancer...everyone is a blackbelt in everything

Автор MrVideoyoulike ( назад)
haha i guess she did not learn! Lol!

Автор Beverly Love ( назад)
fixed fight

Автор ben197765 ( назад)
She wound out getting finished in 48 Seconds...Brandon is a Freaking Idiot

Автор jbauer140 ( назад)
you can be fit all you want, but if youre mind isn't in the same shape that
your body is in then expect to lose

Автор SantyCBA ( назад)
She got knocked the fuck up :VVV

Автор Haliel ( назад)
she got fucked again, career is over

Автор terry breedlove ( назад)
Joe is to focused on the body building looks. The fighter Nunez schooled
Ronda in the art of fighting.

Автор Hunter Trevelyn ( назад)
Funny how Rousey ended up doing exactly what they all just got through
saying that she wouldn't do at all! lol

Rousey is now so outclassed by these strikers, that she probably won't be
able to ever catch up at all.

Rousey does not have any hands and can't punch worth a lick....

Having a good ground game is vital for sure, but punchinh/ boxing is the
most important skill to have it would seem these days.
Only because a fighter must be able to stand with their opponents, clinch
or no clinch, and still deal damage in the form of punches and elbows...
I don't think Rhonda will be able to aquire those stand up skills now that
her jiu-jitsu style of fighting has been figured out thoroughly and
completely to a devastating effect.... sorry Rhonda Rousey and fans...

Автор Adam B ( назад)
lol, I love how Bravo and Rogan still keep philosophising about everyones
blackbelt level and his or her guard, while in reality everyone is getting
KOd on the feet. This BJJ craze is so 90s...

Автор Beaujayngles5 ( назад)
Brendan calls it at 8:59

Автор Savage-American Imperialist ( назад)
"She was never a great fighter or my friend." - Joe "Mangina" Rogan

Автор Greg Campbell ( назад)
Will Rhoda's test come back positive.....I think maybe. Would there be a
cover up? Hillary and the pedophiles in congress would go to jail before
Rhonda's positive test will be made public. Rules are only for you looser
unwashed masses!

Автор LightandTruth ( назад)
"Ronda Rousey can beat 50% of the male Bantamweight division" - Joe Rogan.
Joe Shut your fucking mouth, I promise you the Bottom 1 % of the Male
bantamweight division can defeat Nunes while smoking a fucking Cigar.
Motherfucker you sound like a delusional SJW.

Автор CaMRoNLeGenD ( назад)
Watching this after the fight is just hilarious ! Fuck Ronda

Автор cmac brown ( назад)
i always had amanda beating rousey even years ago. stylistically shes a bad
match up for her. but i thought maybe ronda can pull it off cause she
definitely can beat anyone in the world on any given night. but once i saw
her walkout and the staredown in the cage i knew right away it was gonna be
quick. i saw a scared little girl in there. and so did amanda. i even
called that out while watching it live. also called nunes koing ronda in
under a minute. check my comments if u dont believe me

Автор FANTASYfbHOFer ( назад)
Shaub is a fuckin douche.

Автор DM Hunter ( назад)
EVERY prediction from EVERYONE was completely wrong!!!!

Автор Hassound Hascolor ( назад)
I seriously don't understand how people thought that Nunes would lose.
Superior striker, BJJ, probably 2nd best judo in division. no weaknesses R
could exploit. and that's not even touching on mental aspect.

Автор Shadowknight ( назад)
This guy should be sued for talking ALL THAT SHIT.
He probably WISHES he could have sex with her, I bet his room is filled
with posters of her covering every inch of the walls in his room. EVERYBODY
needs to learn from this and NEVER EVER again listen to this FOOL. If talks
BIG about some fighter, go the other way and vice versa. He OBVIOUSLY lets
his bias cloud having good judgement.
as it was with Holly Holmes.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice................. IDIOTS!

Автор Jc Conway kushondeck ( назад)
i felt her tap - ronda rousey

Автор rondav41 ( назад)
well he was right on about, ronda came right out and stood right in front
of her.

Автор bo88gdan ( назад)
LOL Ronda Rousey 0:48 seconds

Автор Matt Brooks ( назад)
Brenden called it

Автор MovieManiac33 ( назад)
2:03 Was the perfect question which was an affirmative NO!! She did the
exact same thing from the start and got her lips beat off.

Автор Randy Johnson ( назад)
great point about the coaching. No changes.

Автор EarlGrey ( назад)
Wanna know what the real problem was? There you go! The issue is that in
order to win you need to:
1) Train hard
2) Train smart
3) have a healthy mindset

Ronda aces 1). Nobody questions that. But 2) isn't her job. It's job of her
team and they just fucking failed. 3) is problematic for ronda because her
mentality works great when she's on top. But it drags her down when she

She got 1, but can't do 2 herself and 3 can't be changed.

So the only way for her to come back would with different coaching and
intense psychotherapy. Unfortunately that takes time and by the time she's
be ready to kill, her age would've taken away the physical power that is
needed to win.

So basically.. she's done. But it's not really her fault.

Автор bat32391 ( назад)
Lol Ronda got fucking rekt.

Автор Saltwaterebel ( назад)
did joes little tiny ass cry when Rhonda lost again. he cried like a bitch
when he interviewed her

Автор SethMcFartlane ( назад)
Rogan hyperbole with regards to Rousey has been *consistently*

Автор Andrew Morrison ( назад)
9:04 "In some weird world of MMA, what if Amanda Nunes mercs her in the
first round?" - Schaub. . . We are living in that world buddy, and Trump is
still PEOTUS.

Автор AyahuascaSage ( назад)
"She's not stupid, she's gonna learn from her mistakes." Man hindsight is a
motherfucker, isn't it?

Автор Kamil Dudzik ( назад)
Let's do Nunes vs Cyborg

Автор SLIP NORRIS ( назад)
It wasn't to hard for me. I knew Ronda was going to get her ass whooped
again. Joe Rogan is a UFC shill. I used to think him and Dana were straight
shooters , not anymore.

Автор Jacob Walls ( назад)
Joe...50% of men's bantamweights?!? you fucking dick rider

Автор P Lpa (PRVL) ( назад)
It wasn't Ronda's back and shoulder muscles that needed attention. For all
we know it could have added power, who knows. Unfortunately her punches had
no snap. And It was her footwork that needed a lot of work. She should have
gone with a different coach.

Автор Ricky lee ( назад)
Joe Rogan has been busy for the past 24 hrs eating alllllll hiss words
about how great Ronda is

Автор Sombojoe C ( назад)
Eddie Bravo - Why weren't you Ronda's coach for this fight?! We can only

Автор Ronnie Pullis ( назад)
I think Holly Holm will give Amanda problem's

Автор adam garrett ( назад)
ye getting hit lost her the fight

Автор Juan Perez ( назад)
Joe Rogan on Ronda Rousey for her upcoming UFC 207 return: "...she's not
stupid, she's going to learn from mistakes..." Well, Ronda did the same
thing she did for the Holly fight. So, by implication - according to Joe
Rogan's reasoning - Ronda Rousey is stupid (as a fighter).

Автор FerFer1958 ( назад)
Before watching this video (I already watched the fight) I was thinking
what Eddie Bravo said at the beginning: Ronda was supposed to clinch with
Amanda right away and go to the ground immediately.

Автор Josh Latin ( назад)
And look what happened lmaooooo

Автор Joe Shmoe ( назад)
brenden schaub wants her back so bad

Автор Daniel Jordan ( назад)
she lost so hard

Автор RoidWatch ( назад)
lol how the fuck does Rogan still even have the nerve to comment on Rousey?
He has no credibility left. Clueless forever.

Автор Justin Emmanuel ( назад)
Joe... love you man, but can you FINALLY let it go? You know better. Last
night should've sealed the deal that Ronda just ain't the shit y'all made
her out to be. I saw it from day one. She had a great run, against somewhat
mediocre comp, and her time is over. Much respect but let it go lol.

Автор Guiseppe Kay ( назад)
Brendan Schaub knows the fight game as well, if not better than, anyone and
everyone else.

He says here at about 2:00 mark.

"Can a fighter (Ronda) change?"

Which was really the crucial question coming in to this.

Can we change?

And can we EFFECT change in only a year?

Given that our opponent (Amanda) now knows we can be beat.

And with a great stand-up game (Holly).

We found out last night that Brendan, as usual - hits the nail on the head.

Which is why Joe gives Brendan free reign - even if Joe doesn't always
agree/agree fully.

Brendan puts himself out there, makes a lot of daring, challenging

That most others won't, can't - don't.

I see Brendan get a ton of online criticism - who doesn't.

But it's because he's usually right.

Glendale CA loves Ronda, Joe Rogan, Brendan, Eddie et all - consistently
great podcasts.

Covering not just the great fight game.

But training, nutrition advice, people like Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

The one thing I'll offer is that Ronda Rousey changed the fight game.

To the point where women go for stand-up/throw-down now.

Before their other skills.

DUE to Ronda, and DUE to the fact it's the only way to BEAT Ronda.

She'll clear 8-10 million for last night - Ronda deserves that.

She also deserves/deserved to go out on Ronda's feet.

So congratulations to Herb Dean for yet another great call/decision.

It was over - we didn't need to see any more than we saw.

Love you Ronda.

Автор Michael Peterson ( назад)
Rousey is so amazing, she time warps: 2 years 9 months in the UFC before
her career was virtually ended by Holy Holms, but she was "the greatest
fighter of her generation". And don't forget she's also a magician: first
female to grace the cover of Ring Magazine, the "boxing bible", despite
amateurish, painfully bad boxing skills. A future in movies? She's no
Dwayne Johnson. Her acting skills are appalling. She looked and sounded so
stiff in the 30 seconds producers allowed her (probably reluctantly) to
speak in her 3 movie cameos.

Автор Scott Young ( назад)
ronda $3 millon nunes 100,000 wtf the oppent gets more money than the champ
does wtf is that ufc payed 3mil to watch a first round ko BULLSHIT DANA!!

Автор Scott Young ( назад)
ronda is done watch wont see her again. in movies maybe.

Автор Chad9976 ( назад)
funny to watch this in retrospective

Автор Elijah Wood ( назад)
UFC is rigged and Dana White is queer

Автор smn475 ( назад)
WELP, last time I take betting advice from fucking Eddie Bravo.

Автор MAIDANA ( назад)
lol 31/12/17 ronda found buried in the Mojave desert

Автор conservativeEse ( назад)
How long can these idiots ride Rhonda Lousy before they get pregnant?

Автор Zyphant ( назад)
Can't wait for the update!

Автор Yung yusuke ( назад)
9:35 LMAO

Автор Philip Mcritchie ( назад)
Oh dear Joe you really fucked up with this chat my friend..

Автор Ashley Andrade ( назад)
Shit Brendan. Most of the shit he said here is ridiculous. The only place
Amanda is better is her strength? Really? Because Rhonda can box? I didn't
know that. Not to mention she also has a BJJ black belt yet he somehow
thinks that in the first round she will just take her for a ride and submit
her? Anybody who would get submitted that early in an armbar shouldn't have
a black belt so let's not act like it's probable that Amanda would ever get
submitted that quick

Автор mikael ( назад)
what s y'all take on that fight

Автор mikael ( назад)
nunes beat ronda because ronda doesn't possess boxing skills.

Автор TheDrConfuzled ( назад)
Powerful Yellow Mat

Автор SniperT187 ( назад)
Brendan Schaub is fucking Nostradamus at 2:03. Same shit coaching = she's
gonna bull rush again and get knocked the fuck out. No amount of
conditioning prevents that lol.

Автор Johnny China ( назад)
Looking in shape doesn't make some one a great fighter, fuck me do people
still think this. Rogan typical American way of thought..... The bigger you
are the tougher you are.... 😂😂😂 Dick Head

Автор Un1Verse ( назад)
Rousey just got KTFO!

Автор Rustedblade ( назад)
This proves Joe Rogan doesn't know shit

Автор Tyron Kelly ( назад)
Joe rogan don't know shit , and Conor should fight ggg

Автор Rod K. Ariwite ( назад)
Fast forward to 10 minutes in...

Автор REV DeLeon ( назад)
She got TKO'd by Amanda

Автор dapunisher1000 ( назад)
Ronda Rousy. Gonna get KTFO........

Автор Deezus Christ ( назад)
Everyone's hatin on Schaub but he called the fight way more accurately than
Joe or Eddie

Автор Gustavo Machado ( назад)
No Joe, Ronda didn't learn from her mistakes, but I blame on Tarverdyan as

Автор Brian Argüello ( назад)
Eddie Bravo was 100% wrong. #LasagnaGate

Автор guitarwinds ( назад)
Ronda got the brakes beat off her, I knew that was the wrong opponent for
her. Retirement coming up

Автор Dave Reevs ( назад)
This was borderline prophetic.

Автор Anthony Rice ( назад)
what a ufc!!! Big ups to Cody Garbrandt, Amanda Nunes, and T.J. Dillishaw.
what a night!!!!

Автор Johnny Thunder78 ( назад)
48 sec

Автор Ricardo Pommer ( назад)
Schaub calling it nbd

Автор kbshowtyme ( назад)
Thank you Nunes!

Автор GrimJim11 ( назад)

Автор Tage Gabrielsen ( назад)
Well then... Ronda got a real fisting

Автор plutoniumcore ( назад)
Brendan "Mercked" Schaub

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