Music of Epirus: Kenge per Celo Mezanin

This song is a tribute to the Çam Albanian hero Çelo Mezani.

The song is being narrated by his friends with whom he fought since his early years, and finally saw him get shot three times while fighting with them... which to them seems unbelieveable. This song is a "slow motion" description of this event.

Kenge per Celo Mezanin

Aman doli djelli ne Malavire
Qisi Celua ne Harile
Hajde Hajde, qisi Celua ne Harile

Hisi Celua ne Harile
Per te shkreten Pajgorile
Aman Aman, per te shkreten Pajgorile

Mu te pusi Sulejmanit
Pusin e Celo Mezanit
Aman Aman, pusi e Celo Mezanit

Kur na ra martine pare
Celua na ktheu surrane
Aman Aman, Celua na ktheu surrane

Kur na ra martine dyte
Celua gremisi syte
Aman Aman, Celua gremisi syte

Kur na ra martine trete
Celua u vra me te vertete
Aman Aman, Celua u vra me te vertete

Vane nenes e ja thane
Se Celon e kane vrare
Aman Aman, se Celon e kane vrare

Mos me thoni kete fjale
Se Celon e kam te gjalle
Aman Aman, se Celon e kam te gjalle


A song for the Hero Celo Mezani

The sun rose over Malevile
and Çelo came near Harile
(repeat of last sentence)

Çelo came in Harile
For the woeful consolation

Right at Sulejman's trap
Çelo Mezani was ambushed

When the first gunshot came
Çelo wondered and looked at us

When the second shot came
Çelo closed his eyes

Then the third shot came
Çelo was really dead...
Ohh... he's really dead (with astonishment)

They went and told
to his poor mother they said
that Çelo was shot and dead

How dare you say this word to me,
my Çelo is still alive!
my Çelo is still alive...

(Thanks Pirrothecham for your help)

NOTE: Please notice that the text seems to describe only snapshots of the story ina very unusual way. In Albania this writing technique helps make the lyrics and song more painful... as if the person that is singing it is in Complete Shock!


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Автор endri shaipi (2 года)

Автор ximi169 (6 лет)
keng shum e bukur

Автор Pirro Cham (7 лет)
MbretiShqipe, Çamet, si gjithe Iliret fillimisht ishin pagane pastaj
adoptuan krishterimin por jo se ishsin popull fetar. Shume fshatra malesore
came e mbajten fene te Krishtere por Greqia i quajti si Greke me vone kurse
ata qe u kthyen ne muslimane e mbajten identitetin e tyre. Shqiptaret e
Malit te Zi nuk e nderruan fene sepse kishin me teper avantazh kundrejt
turqve nga terreni malesor, kurse pjesa bregdetare perendimore e Camerise
eshte fushore, dhe turqit e pushtuan me lehte...

Автор minxhe (6 лет)
Bluz i pavdekshem cam!Vetem dhimbje dhe padrejtesi te medha lindin te tilla
melodi.Jeton Gorishova!

Автор Pirro Cham (7 лет)
here is a continual vocal droning that is performed by additional singers
who accompany the main singer who occassionally is called the "lifter" or
the "taker" in Albanian polyphony of Epirus. Polyphonic music is ancient
Albanian folk music that is mostly found in the area of Laberia and Çameria
and throughout the rest of Albania and Macedonia.

Автор u1s1a1 (7 лет)
Rrnofte Shqiperia e Madhe Poshte greket dhe ata shqiptare qe shesin bythen
te greku per 2 Leke Cohu Shqiptar mos rri po Cohu

Автор Frank Rex (6 лет)
This video is Rexxy approved RRoft

Автор ervin1983 (7 лет)
u talking shit, the ottoman empire kept or tryed to keep the ballkans
behind in comparison with the rest of europe

Автор ekpplet (6 лет)

Автор MusicOfEpirus (7 лет)
and again... Albanians are the Ancient Greeks (with a different name). In
Albania came the Phenician alphabet. Albania was the land of Olympus and
the cradle of the ancient Gods.

Автор NYPD44 (7 лет)
Just amazing

Автор SpTironc (7 лет)
Rrofte Cameria

Автор MusicOfEpirus (7 лет)
Does Hammond mention something like that? If you really want to know
history... don't stop questioning!

Автор MusicOfEpirus (7 лет)
You mean the Greeks are part Dorians... yes, everyone knows that.

Автор ap74l (6 лет)
po beja koh pa e degjuar kete kengen

Автор alboking20200 (7 лет)
thpuuu ta qifsha rrodin e nones mos h akar se ta bojm masi se 2001 qisiheri
tkallim krejt

Автор Eduardo Luka (6 лет)
maqedonian kurvica ule koken se je pithmoter rri bashke me grek kurven dhe
me serk bucorin se me ata je soj!shqiptari te ka qire po te qi dhe do te qi!

Автор Pirro Cham (7 лет)
Çamet si te gjithe shqiptaret, nuk i vinin rendesi fese por gjakut dhe
prejardhjes se tyre. Greqia perfitoi shume nga te çameve dhe ata qe çame qe
ishin krishtere menjehere u quajten si greke dhe ata qe ishin muslimane u
trajtuan si "turq" duke krijuar nje aresye per ti perzene nga tokat e tyre
amtare. Si muslimanet edhe krishteret shqiptare, nuk i donin turqit. Feja e
shqiptarit eshte shqiptaria!

Автор MusicOfEpirus (7 лет)
What's ugly? ... something you're not used to? You bet! You're obviously an

Автор gramshioti (6 лет)
Vdes per kete kenge.

Автор margllicot (7 лет)
cameria do te rroj sa te rroj shqiperia ;) ju duhet te degjoni kengen tane
tane koko tane ....... sgjo baban dhe vellane se mua lidhur me kan
.......... dash kalene ne hell e kan .......... etj.. eshte histori e
vertet e barinjve came cameria eshte treva e fundit per tu liruar ( kosova
ia doli ) dhe ceshtja me e veshtire ku i duhet shume pune shqiperise dhe
shqiptarve me Sh .. te madhe flm

Автор agon vranoci (4 года)
@adavalas yeah right albanians are called epirotes the first albanian latin
dictionary in 1600 is called.Dictionarum latinum-epiroticum.. epirticum.
latins called us epiriot.. nobody had to lie in 1600 it was common
accepted. you greek like to be epirote , because you know weverything music
folklore, fustanella the warriors al from there. you understand . but the
truth is the closer to albanian the more everything is albanian and not
vice versa south in greece and nothing is over fromthefolklor

Автор makowog (6 лет)
greece will suffer it will fall apart!

Автор ilir mici (6 лет)
kenga e lart bravo per up qe ke ber:)

Автор crusmetal (7 лет)
ca kenge

Автор ANADRINASI (6 лет)
pershendetje vllezer nga gjermania!SHQIPERIA SHTRIHET PREJ PLAVES E GUCISE
ADRIATIK-KREJT ESHTE SHQIPERI!te flm shume Music Of Epirus per kete video!e
perkrahu shume mendimin tende hammer4eva,te lumte vlla!

Автор trendafil2005 (7 лет)
This song is just so touching!

Автор Margariti (7 лет)
Epir was called "epir" from the people who lived in the islands! When they
were near the coast they said: This is Epirus! The people living in Epirus
called it "Chameria" from the river Tyiamis (modern Kalamata). So people
who live on the side of Tyiamis are the modern Cham albanian people!

Автор topallia (7 лет)
ME, very nice song. Te lumshin duart.

Автор simpleuser (7 лет)
Very Nice, traditional albanian song !

Автор Eric Blair (7 лет)
The Dorians were Greeks.

Автор simpleuser (7 лет)

Автор abedin90 (7 лет)
We prefer to be poor, that to be slaves of someone else. Albania is and
will always be albanian, not greek, turkish or whatever....

Автор Devoll Poncara (6 лет)
vetem per shqiptaret eshte kjo jo per te gjithe; po per ata qe e ndien
veten Shqiptare

Автор eroshi (6 лет)
Hammond the man who fought for Greece, lived in Greece, received a medal of
honor from the greek state. On top of that his statements are by no means
absolute, they're just estimations.

Автор Pirro Cham (7 лет)
This song portrays the struggle of Albanian freedom fighters of Chameria.
The place name probably refers to a location in Corfu called Arrilla/Harile.

Автор gramshioti (7 лет)
Rrofte Cameria. Epiri eshte shqiptar. A te keqen e zerit.

Автор mbreti shqipe (7 лет)
Epiri(Epirus)Toka E Mbretit Gjergj Kastrioti,qe luftoi kundra turkut per
komb,e per FE,Une jam SHqiptar Katolik Nga Mali I ZI,The Do te vija Me
gjith qef te luftoj me ju kundra grekut,por mas clirimit me ju kthye fese
te pare para Turkut fese Katolike,edhe Bota do tju ndihmoj

Автор leonardgjakova (6 лет)
bravo shum bukur

Автор Visar Alexander Pitushi (7 лет)
rrofte etnosi shqipetare, rrofte shqiptaria cameria ka qene e jona , eshte
e JONA, dhe do te jete e jona deri ne ate moment kur shqiptari i fundit do
te vdes. por dijen se shqiptari i vertete dhe patriot nuk vdes kurre,
kurre!!! poshte greqia shoveniste dhe raciste poshte serbomedhenjte

Автор NeatAjro Illyrian (6 лет)
illyria/albania 4 ever one. down with greeks and serbs!

Автор toka3 (7 лет)
one of the best songs ever ... You have to be a very good professional to
sing that, incredible ...

Автор Illyrian-Dodona (7 лет)
rrofsht samelet mor Çameri

Автор Plakuu (7 лет)
beautiful =D

Автор MusicOfEpirus (7 лет)
Greek was like English... a universal language. And unlike English, it was
a language that had borrowings from every balkan culture. If we call it
Greek today, doesn't make it Greek... but Koine. The international
auxiliary language of the politicians, merchants, clerics, and influential

Автор divjaksi (7 лет)
na ngrohe shpirtin me kete kenge ..just amazing...bravo e ju lumte dora

Автор chicagogeorge (7 лет)
Or again: "Arha Ellas apo Oricias kai arhegonos Ellas Epiros" "Greece
starts at Oricus and the most ancient part of Greece is Epirus." Claudius

Автор beudukat (7 лет)
ropt greqise grekeve e atyre qe i kane bere , ato jane tokat e cameris dhe
te askujt tjetri....dhe te atyre do te ngelen,,

Автор Blendi Angel (6 лет)
ike plaku merre,me gjithe tespie..

Автор eroshi (6 лет)
Morte will come to anatolian gypsies that have settle in ancient arberor

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