(How To)Hack Territory War ONLINE


WARNING: Please understand this is an online game and on online games, other people can see you play and they can report you for hacking. I've personally never been banned using hacks but IF you are banned, I am NOT responsible.

Download link:
Temporarily allowing downloads with no subscription. Get it while it lasts!
Password is j126

Download the Hungung hacks toolbar to be alerted of latest hacks and more:

For high quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYDFPCiFOy0&fmt=18 go there.

Here's me hacking Territory War ONLINE(TWO). If you don't understand it, in the video, I take over the enemies weapons and use it against them. I made this video quick so sorry if there's a few things that should've been edited out.

Old, UNWORKING download:

Before you say anything about me having to hack in order to be good, I'd like to let you know that I OWN at this game. I could kick your ass any day, I just like to have a little fun sometimes and as you may know, tricking people is my thing.

Program finally available to download on my website:

Have a game you want me to hack? Suggest it by commenting on my profile or sending me a message. Please keep in mind, flash games are pretty much the only possibly games to hack, this means NO Runescape.

Check out my hacking website:

Ignore below
Please subscribe and message me for it. Title the message "TWO Hack" as a lot of message me and this allows me to respond quicker.

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http://www.mediafire.com/?y1b5awbe12uuzbt i am not responsibel for anyhting that happens you may be banned from the game.


Автор BrendonG594stuff (2 года)

Автор Drake Chansis (3 года)
@hungung if it was hacking why didnt he say anything about it?

Автор CLUBBER LANG (3 года)
when you said ready for the hacks you showed us HACKS NOT TAIL US HACKS

Автор TheGrimmjow0222 (3 года)
wow tats so fake bro

Автор hungung (3 года)
That particular hack was patched, so the new trainer doesn't have it,

Автор Bruno LDraYeR (2 года)
@VamoCeIeste vamo celese o que você esta fazendo aqui ????????

Автор ixcaliber (4 года)
hmm thats good but aint very good, thats basically equal to about 3 wins 1
loss. i got 130-140 wins and 6 losses

Автор hungung (3 года)
Thank you. The average person who watches this video claims it's fake.. why
would I make a fake video, no point to it.

Автор MOVO2705 (1 год)
The volcano bit is just as gay.

Автор 10soccer4life (3 года)
@hungung lol

Автор 1westballer (3 года)
oh shit....can u make a new one?

Автор hungung (4 года)
Not at all. Quite the opposite actually. I am very good in most games but
it gets boring in most games to play normally all the time, I spice it up a
bit. Also, I guarantee I have a more successful life than what you are
leading, my friend.

Автор Genevieve Bieber (2 года)
Sine you know how to hack does anyone know the adsense code of territory
war online???? I want to make a clan but i dont know the adsense code or
epic code whatever it's called plz!

Автор hungung (3 года)
Prove that I hack? HA. I have a download link on my website. TRY IT,
fucking retard. The only reason it seems this is fake is because the
control of enemies weapons was PATCHED. Look it up online, there is a hack
to control your enemy that was PATCHED a long ass time ago. Get the fuck
over it, child, this video is 100% real.

Автор Sauron Mordor (3 года)
but really cool vid

Автор BADBOYCHRIS1000 (3 года)
erm dude they aint hacks or glitches there just ways to win lol

Автор ninjastormns (3 года)
and where exactly is the hack?

Автор BeastEric02 (3 года)
2 players stupid no hack

Автор supercoolNAO (3 года)

Автор iopabc123789 (3 года)
WTF I NEED TO DO A CRAPPY SERVAY???????? plz put it on uppit or something i
dont want to do a servay and get spammed

Автор Brian Truong (3 года)

Автор joshAheathfield (3 года)
The hack is pretty good, but i dont get the controlling players bit, also
can anyone tell me how to hack fonts and underline in lobby?

Автор ryanscool2008 (3 года)
wat hack :|

Автор hungung (3 года)
I fixed it in courtesy of you, even though younger kids shouldn't be
looking hacking videos up anyways.

Автор 1westballer (3 года)
hungung i downloaded ur hack and its not letting me do any controlling of
the other person....do u no why? and my name is on territory war online is
gamerfreak1 k peace

Автор A LaggyNoob (1 год)
Fucking noob.

Автор hackingmad (3 года)
to be honest,hacking is tired for me and waste my time!,id rather be a true
champion than a true hacker!,it shows that you have no guts to fight!,if
you fight with someone,all you do is use a weapon to fight him,but not
hands!.i play wild ones in facebook and now im level 43 and have a lot of
wins!,you know why?,cus i play it with true heart!,and to be honest!,i
don't mind losing sometimes!,but when i lose a lot,i push myself to the
limit!,that is how a true player do!

Автор zooloo143 (3 года)
@hungung lolz... good one dude.

Автор Blaise Ruff (3 года)
Still you fixed it but if kids shouldent be watching hacking videos why in
the world are you making them duh.

Автор hungung (3 года)
I don't hack because I can't win, I hack to liven up the game. If I had to
guess I'd say 70% of people who hack don't hack because they can't win. To
your little grow up statement, to be honest, you are the one who needs to
grow up, commenting on a video expecting someone to care for what you have
to say. Welcome to the real world.

Автор nappyboy1234567890 (3 года)
hey but how do u do it can u tell me?

Автор wasdcontrols (4 года)
@hungung , clearly you cannot guarantee such a thing, since you haven't got
a clue who myspaceusher123 is, nor his occupation, and etc. You can only
make a weakly supported assumption, based on his poor grammar, but even
then as it is only a Youtube comment, grammar can't be expected to have
such a meticulous standard. And finally he isn't your friend.

Автор ErikSteven123 (3 года)
uh nice hacks? Do you know any hacks for combat arms?!?!

Автор doverrams10 (4 года)
ur playing agnist ur self

Автор hungung (3 года)
It doesn't take much to look up a word in a thesaurus to find a more
sophisticated word than the one you wish to use but you just over do it to
a level it's too obvious that is exactly what you did. Responding your
comment, you completely avoided what I was stating in MY comment. I clearly
said I DID NOT know who he was. Don't take the internet too seriously, my
friend. Finally, get the fuck out of my video, you clearly try to hard to
look intelligent and fail while attempting to do so.

Автор 0oishi (3 года)
anyone who uses hacks on online games is a complete douchbag who fails

Автор Sauron Mordor (3 года)
@hungung lol im 1 month douche you taught me bad words :P xD

Автор herofromhyrule15 (3 года)
dude i think you need to get a life its a game and you're acting like a
hardass and acting like youre so cool

Автор mannythcp (3 года)
awsonme...thanx man, ive been trying to get this game forever

Автор juangon99 (3 года)
@madnessSNM how do u know dat

Автор dimebaghudson (2 года)
@rruff51 fuck shit ass bitch cunt twat motherfucker goddamn pussy tits cock

Автор hungung (3 года)
Indeed it is to liven up the game, it gets boring doing the same thing over
and over again without some excitement. I do not care how those people
feel, I will never meet a single one of them. Now, I'm just going to take a
wild guess that you are one of these people. Wouldn't you agree that you
are actually the one who is a "noob ass lil bitch"? Now again, I'm not
offended by the word noob because first of all, noob is such a nerdy word..
second, I am not bad at the game.

Автор hungung (4 года)
You're an idiot.

Автор oneswiftkill (4 года)
@jehovauno maybe its because....You dont know how to read descriptions

Автор shadowgeno64 (3 года)
dude you r a fag......btw tht is a hack guys....some1 did it to me
today....he took ove my weapons and maid my guys shoot them selves....tht
hack isnt patched....or they just found a new way to do it

Автор Prank333 (4 года)
How did you use the other ppls's weapons against them, u showed u usin them
but didnt tell us hot todo it, so ur video name is incorrect.

Автор Israel Perez (3 года)
ns lag

Автор bobshelpdesk (3 года)
... I cant tell the diffrence...

Автор hungung (4 года)
The easiest way to know your incorrect is that there is a chat box. There
are many more reasons to it though. Another one is that who would fucking
make a fake hacking video?

Автор jehovauno (4 года)
rename this video ....... you dont show us how to do shit ........its just
you hacking (watch me hack) not (how to) you fuckin douche

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