(How To)Hack Territory War ONLINE


WARNING: Please understand this is an online game and on online games, other people can see you play and they can report you for hacking. I've personally never been banned using hacks but IF you are banned, I am NOT responsible.

Download link:
Temporarily allowing downloads with no subscription. Get it while it lasts!
Password is j126

Download the Hungung hacks toolbar to be alerted of latest hacks and more:

For high quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYDFPCiFOy0&fmt=18 go there.

Here's me hacking Territory War ONLINE(TWO). If you don't understand it, in the video, I take over the enemies weapons and use it against them. I made this video quick so sorry if there's a few things that should've been edited out.

Old, UNWORKING download:

Before you say anything about me having to hack in order to be good, I'd like to let you know that I OWN at this game. I could kick your ass any day, I just like to have a little fun sometimes and as you may know, tricking people is my thing.

Program finally available to download on my website:

Have a game you want me to hack? Suggest it by commenting on my profile or sending me a message. Please keep in mind, flash games are pretty much the only possibly games to hack, this means NO Runescape.

Check out my hacking website:

Ignore below
Please subscribe and message me for it. Title the message "TWO Hack" as a lot of message me and this allows me to respond quicker.

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Автор shadowmasterdark ( назад)
hey its me ali6413 :)

Автор El Taco ( назад)
Fucking noob.

Автор deuceschmidt1 ( назад)
whats the password

Автор 1mortalkombatlover ( назад)
people who dis territory wars probably have never seen the cool online

Автор iMThatOnlyBeast13 ( назад)
Hey Guys I post territory War Online TROLLING on my channel :)

Автор clowntrooper61 ( назад)
do u know a hack that could stop the mods on the game from banning me when
i have done nothing wrong or anything that will help

Автор ATGgames ( назад)
do you think you could play me

Автор MOVO2705 ( назад)
The volcano bit is just as gay.

Автор MOVO2705 ( назад)
This isn't cheats or hacks its skills, and i know how to do all of
them!!!!!! Do you really think people are idiots? People who agree with me
add me to friends of T.W.O my username is xutao.

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
tb is gay and stupid

Автор French Cat ( назад)

Автор BrendonG594stuff ( назад)

Автор Alejandra ( назад)
Sine you know how to hack does anyone know the adsense code of territory
war online???? I want to make a clan but i dont know the adsense code or
epic code whatever it's called plz!

Автор Bruno LDraYeR ( назад)
@VamoCeIeste vamo celese o que você esta fazendo aqui ????????

Автор DaParasite ( назад)
how the fuck can you horrible play with hacks? cmon play me vamo.celeste at

Автор Angel Abarca ( назад)
what is the hack!??!?!?!?!

Автор Stevin13 ( назад)
where can i play it?

Автор Wootbot ( назад)
unlimited ammo ftw

Автор deividas56 ( назад)
@hungung Why not? fucking stereotypical cunt.

Автор dimebaghudson ( назад)
@rruff51 fuck shit ass bitch cunt twat motherfucker goddamn pussy tits cock

Автор Jakolopolist200 ( назад)

Автор Numb Nuts ( назад)
the territory war trainer file you find when following the links is
actually a trojan.

Автор Orbrun ( назад)
@SOAD636 I would agree but you are just hating on the poor kid. Just cause
someone is a noob, doesn't mean you gotta hate on him.

Автор Jon Bond ( назад)
come join this clan rest-n-peace.webs.com

Автор neal sutherland ( назад)
@rruff51 dont fuckin cry about it

Автор Trixta5150 ( назад)
noob rocket XD

Автор TheNewRulerz ( назад)
@hungung Lol most 10 year olds can hacknanyway :D

Автор TheNewRulerz ( назад)
hack anyway*

Автор caert11 ( назад)
@hungung haha wo u actually fixed it u should not have

Автор BeastEric02 ( назад)
2 players stupid no hack

Автор pewpewpuf ( назад)
ns lag

Автор saul millan ( назад)

Автор supercoolNAO ( назад)

Автор TheGrimmjow0222 ( назад)
wow tats so fake bro

Автор sasuke99rocks ( назад)
ive played you and u quit every time i would hit you with a grenade in

Автор The Atomic Cherry ( назад)
lorddeath can i be your friend mines spyke 3002

Автор PandaRo | ぱんだろ ( назад)
@sepulcherslayer1 if your one month how are allowed on youtube?

Автор DarkSoulofDeath1 ( назад)
@chivasjavier96 Type your name as I showed in the brackets above. Next, put
in the ampersand symbol. After that, hit in the greater than symbol. After
that, just type in "font size = (any number above 0 and below 100 here.)"
For example: chivasjavier96&,font size = "34". When typing in the comma,
use the greater than symbol... next to the M key. Shift + comma key. For
the period at the end, shift + period key.

Автор Brain Death ( назад)
@357lego go to teritory war online.com and sign up... ts super easy

Автор TheBigthing1234 ( назад)
you lizer you have to computers bitch

Автор sxatqepl ( назад)

Автор hungung ( назад)
False. Learn to read.

Автор Bound Dragons ( назад)
this game kicks ass. i havent played it in years though, but i met some
pizza delivery guy, and duked it out with a guy who was an extra in "miami
vice" with colin farrel and jamie foxx!

Автор PandaRo | ぱんだろ ( назад)
how do you get the name

Автор PandaRo | ぱんだろ ( назад)
@hungung point

Автор Sauron Mordor ( назад)
but really cool vid

Автор Sauron Mordor ( назад)
@hungung lol im 1 month douche you taught me bad words :P xD

Автор 1westballer ( назад)
oh shit....can u make a new one?

Автор UPTON125 ( назад)
What is your username?mine is halla3.

Автор hungung ( назад)
That particular hack was patched, so the new trainer doesn't have it,

Автор 1westballer ( назад)
@hungung hungung i downlaoded ur hack and it wont let me controll any1 or
there weapons....do u no why this is? and my name on territory wars is

Автор 1westballer ( назад)
hungung i downloaded ur hack and its not letting me do any controlling of
the other person....do u no why? and my name is on territory war online is
gamerfreak1 k peace

Автор 1westballer ( назад)
hey hungung i downloaded ur file and ur hack doesnt let me control other
persons weapons or them do u no why and if ur on territory war online my
name is gamerfreak1 k peace.

Автор Blaise Ruff ( назад)
Still you fixed it but if kids shouldent be watching hacking videos why in
the world are you making them duh.

Автор hungung ( назад)
I fixed it in courtesy of you, even though younger kids shouldn't be
looking hacking videos up anyways.

Автор hungung ( назад)
Thank you. The average person who watches this video claims it's fake.. why
would I make a fake video, no point to it.

Автор MrKong24 ( назад)
dude u rock and as for the other fags dat jus lik to come here to criticize
plz just do us all a favor jus watch the vid got sumthing to say jus dont
say it and plz jus leave the fukin page u stupid mother fukers.......

Автор Blaise Ruff ( назад)
Watch your mouth at the beging. You know theres kids watching.

Автор jimmjimm6699 ( назад)
i got a virus when i downloaded it -.-? is there something im supposed to
do after i download it?

Автор BADBOYCHRIS1000 ( назад)
erm dude they aint hacks or glitches there just ways to win lol

Автор Spacemaster Sexlord ( назад)
WTF I NEED TO DO A CRAPPY SERVAY???????? plz put it on uppit or something i
dont want to do a servay and get spammed

Автор chivasjavier96 ( назад)
@DarkSoulofDeath1 ok what?

Автор DarkSoulofDeath1 ( назад)
@joshAheathfield Sorry if I make a typo, my textbox is black at the
moment.. To get the underline and font size: [yourname]&/font size =
"fontsize"/ replace all "/" 's with the symbol beside the"M" key.

Автор DarkSoulofDeath1 ( назад)
@chivasjavier96 [yourname]&/font size = "fontsize"/ Replace all the "/"'s
with the symbol beside the "M" key.

Автор hungung ( назад)
I have more of a life than you will ever have, that's for sure. I'm acting
like a hardass and like I'm so cool? Rofl, I could probably kick your ass
in real life so no worries and I'm probably 10x cooler than you as well, so
you should just stfu. Do everyone a favor and kill yourself, you are not
getting anywhere in life by insulting people who are getting somewhere in

Автор herofromhyrule15 ( назад)
dude i think you need to get a life its a game and you're acting like a
hardass and acting like youre so cool

Автор hungung ( назад)
You need to get out more then because you obviously haven't seen too many

Автор ninjastormns ( назад)
@hungung you're the biggest noob i've ever seen

Автор chivasjavier96 ( назад)
how do i make the letters bigger on this game? plz respond and tell

Автор 11comecastk11 ( назад)
How do i get unlimited ammo? I want to mess with my friends a little...

Автор juangon99 ( назад)
@madnessSNM how do u know dat

Автор Dusskulll Games ( назад)
@hungung if it was hacking why didnt he say anything about it?

Автор pdidyking ( назад)
Your hardcore

Автор William Moyer ( назад)
wat hack :|

Автор cesa97 ( назад)
u fucking suck dick,its how to hack not "LOOK AT ME IM MAKIN WALLS AND
PLATFORMS ON HIS TURN!! hAcKIN !!!!"Go and get a life or are you gonna keep
suckin the brown off peoples dicks!

Автор shaolio ( назад)
Seriously one time I downloded the Hack N it was fun but now I tried again
And my Antivirus Find a Trojan in It so...I didn'T download it

Автор hungung ( назад)
Well, I've never been banned before but I'd say either they permanently
banned you or maybe a week? I have no idea.

Автор Luis Valle ( назад)
i got banned from the baracks for having a font size of 20. This suks. How
long does this last?

Автор Angel Garcia ( назад)
good job :]

Автор CLUBBER LANG ( назад)
when you said ready for the hacks you showed us HACKS NOT TAIL US HACKS

Автор anik558 ( назад)
hungung your hacks ftw and guess what as long as your not an account hacker
your ok in my book xD(seriously accounts hackers are fuckers who cant play)
so i like it :P

Автор hungung ( назад)
Around 3:58 into the video, watch as I place the platform on HIS turn. How
could that be possible without hacks? IT ISN'T. Just children like you are
fucking retards who think they know how to hack but they don't.

Автор hungung ( назад)
You are a fucking idiot, kid. Not hacking? Gtfo, you don't know SHIT about
hacking if you don't understand this IS hacking. LOOK IT THE FUCK UP. This
"control of enemies weapons" hack was PATCHED, as MOST hacks do. This is
why it seems as if it never existed, WHEN IT DID. You are a huge failure
and a disgrace to humanity, kill yourself.

Автор hungung ( назад)
Finally someone who is intelligent enough to understand.

Автор Hambro220 ( назад)
All You People Who Think This Ain't Real Are Retards. Do You People Know
Anything About Hacking! Cool Video hungung.

Автор Daniel King ( назад)
lol wow one of them is a virus..it siad your computer is infected trojan

Автор hungung ( назад)
Prove that I hack? HA. I have a download link on my website. TRY IT,
fucking retard. The only reason it seems this is fake is because the
control of enemies weapons was PATCHED. Look it up online, there is a hack
to control your enemy that was PATCHED a long ass time ago. Get the fuck
over it, child, this video is 100% real.

Автор randomballa ( назад)
@10soccer4life a noobshot is when you get right next to them and kill them
with a rocket

Автор CLUBBER LANG ( назад)
how do u hack dude

Автор Chancla Gaming ( назад)
@ninjastormns chek his ammo idiot fag

Автор Chancla Gaming ( назад)
hes right, look at his missel ammo he is haking, koo

Автор Gollum Sméagol ( назад)
@joshAheathfield i've beaten people with 3-4 times as many wins as me so i
dont know what your talking about. i stopped playing for over a year and i
just got back on. i dont even know what a noobshot is but im sure i dont do

Автор ninjastormns ( назад)
and where exactly is the hack?

Автор azwxec ( назад)
i believe this is real but if my people were killing each other without my
control id say somthing unless the guy doesnt give a
damn..................thats probobly it!!

Автор Brian Truong ( назад)

Автор emoshady95 ( назад)
anyone who uses hacks on online games is a complete douchbag who fails

Автор joshAheathfield ( назад)
The hack is pretty good, but i dont get the controlling players bit, also
can anyone tell me how to hack fonts and underline in lobby?

Автор joshAheathfield ( назад)
@10soccer4life 60 wins = probably not good. and noobshoots. almost everyone
i play within that area noobshoots.

Автор ErikSteven123 ( назад)
uh nice hacks? Do you know any hacks for combat arms?!?!

Автор hungung ( назад)
Doesn't do anything because he can't. And again, read the fucking
description. If you guys keep complaining about no evidence of it "being
real" I'll just disable the comments because IT IS REAL, IT WAS PATCHED.
God damnit you guys are a bunch of idiotic children who don't know shit
about hacking.

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