This is a demonic EVP that is on a James Robison tape.This is 100% real.Truly paranormal.

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Автор mobiuzz ( назад)
Where can i find the whole speech i am curious in listening the whole tape

Автор scott prendergast ( назад)
some people ..lol

Автор scott prendergast ( назад)
that's not an evp- feedback- u seem like a nice fella- please.take this
shit DOWN

Автор VikingFyre ( назад)
It was the blowhard's voice from the other side of the tape, the voice
pitch was identical and was carried the same way he spoke

Автор fockyoumang ( назад)
The opposite side playing?

Автор Ihsan238 ( назад)
It's an old tape that's been played over and over again, what you hear is
the other side of the tape in reverse ... nothing more nothing less

Автор chat1468 ( назад)
demonic entities are known for mimicking voices.... think about that.

Автор didier van dijk ( назад)
It s a setup,just another person in the background,for the believers to

Автор raymondluvsgina ( назад)
well im not sure if its just me but if im correct i heard something else on
this video. with headphones on u can hear like some type of noise besides
the guy talking and the tape being played its not the stereo at cuz u can
hear it before he turns it on ... cant explsin but if anything its like a
clicking but not something that clicks but an erie sound ..... listen for
ur self

Автор MTparanormal ( назад)
if you like evp's and ghost stuff.... i got a new video with some demonic
presence speaking to me and our friends at the cemetery.. an angel was
there too.. plz subscribe

Автор hurricanegeek ( назад)
Question.....if this is a bleed thru, then how does one get 'you lie'?
Shouldn't it then too be backwards? And what phrase backwards would create
'you lie'? And a translator would never yell that out either. I'll sit the
fence on this one but it IS "curious".

Автор Colli Bear ( назад)
yea becuz the tone of the voice in the background sounds the same as the
guy talking....is deff the flip side of the tape or some kind of glitch

Автор MrRuss709 ( назад)
this shit is so a person saying that.

Автор Angel Haven ( назад)
I have to agree with everyone else, you're hearing the flip side of the
tape. Ive heard something similar to this on my old tapes. You can hear
that voice long before he says "for I have created the enemy to destroy".

Автор Rick Elkin ( назад)
i believe in this stuff, but it could well be the flip side. Sometimes if
you turn up the volume loud enough you can hear the flip side... Still very

Автор Bossdog91 ( назад)
I didn't really here nothing iv recorded some pretty good class a evps butt
I think it's like a flip side cause it sounds like the same guy

Автор Jacob Winkler ( назад)
it really does sound like the flip side because it sounds like himself in
the background because you hear his voice pick up as he did in the one that
was just heard. it sounds like him not anything paranormal.

Автор KnockOutCombo ( назад)
Sounds like the flip side..but..if it IS connected to something
supernatural, it deffinitely sounds like something chanting against him,
which in this case would probably be something demonic. Im not religious,
its just my opinion.

Автор YaWantTaters ( назад)
I thought it sounded strange he said 'huh-wistle' when the 'w' is before
the 'h' and the 'h' is a silent letter in the word 'whistle'. Not sure if
it's an evp you have found but was that backward speaking(the speaking I
think Dalejw3 alluded to) sped-up in the background in between the bombast
tirade lines? Is that as the talking normally appeared in the recording? I
have other questions about the recording; thanks- very interesting.

Автор April Johnson ( назад)
dont you mean demonic? not denomic lololol

Автор Dalejw3 ( назад)
Its the sound of side 2 bleeding through from poor tape production. side
two is running over on to the playback head a little, and your hearing it
in reverse...

Автор maineman89 ( назад)
@blackmagedangermouse yes agreed i have had this happen many times. listen
closely the odd voice u here is the same tone as the preachers.

Автор TheSunriseAssassin ( назад)
lol "It sounds kind of denomic to me." What's denomic?

Автор Valeshia Lloyd ( назад)
Boy that was creepy

Автор twilightstarize ( назад)
This voice was on the tape WAYYY before the preacher said He created the
enemy to destroy it. Listen to it with the volume all the way up through
earphones or earbuds. I heard it even before the preacher started talking.
This tape has been recycled and re-recorded over.

Автор RicerEater1978 ( назад)
@ParanormalBoy022 you can hear a voice throughout the whole thing. i dont
think its an evp though.

Автор cageofnakedcrazies ( назад)
I like this recording and it seems genuine but why would you call it
demonic? It sounds like a human spirit that simply disagrees very strongly.
I think its a bit much to call this demonic. You should change the title.

Автор Vegito1089 ( назад)
This is what I hear. "Your a liar man! None __ _ ___ God __ Dammit! ___ A
nimrod __ _ _ _ See all!. I cant hear the rest of what he is saying because
the preacher is talking over him.

Автор XxPrimeSniperxX ( назад)
It's also saying " you all Lie lie all lie lie all lie fail the lord you're
nothing you lie" before you hear the real clear one that says "You LIE!,
You're nothing not even competition so be off in the name of____ you lie
you are bond to hell, so lie.

Автор caatabatic ( назад)
I think It might be leak from the other side of the tape. so it plays
backwards and sounds like him. Ive had this happen before with music tapes.
try using a different copy, not the one you made since it will obviously
have the bleed over, in case its the tape, or it may just be the tape
player, unless you have tried it on other tape players

Автор oneness is the key. ( назад)
the voice is spiking Latin after the word lie.

Автор PotterYouRotter7 ( назад)
it's kinda hard to think it's something evil in my opinion because there is
background noise through out the whole thing

Автор Aaron P ( назад)
@ParanormalBoy022 yesI have taped a Demonic EVP before and its just PURE
EVIL LAST FOR 12 seconds or so and makes every pet in the house cry when
played back

Автор Mike Aznar ( назад)
i think what it is a dubbing over of a previous sermon on the tape

Автор ellisonc152 ( назад)
hey man i'm from little rock to do you know any good haunted places for me
to catch my own evps n stuff, 501 just to let you know i'm not lying

Автор mainvain820 ( назад)
You know I was convinced at first but the tapes he made them from could
have been surplus also tape running the other way has it oun sounds to.
Then again people at a right frequency in a great enclosed state, something
Super-natural wouldn't pass an opportunity to reach the masses such as

Автор HollowKiba69 ( назад)
i also think its just a translator but no japanese or chinese, i can speak
a little jap and chinese does really sound different or maybe its just some
random dude who wanted attention

Автор Sans Tache ( назад)
@davidlaine01. You're right, bleed through from the other side. I was in a
band in high school and we were recording drum tracks in a church.(great
acoustics) on the reverse Sid of the tapes the drums were backwards! It
sounded amazing , although quiet. We turned it up and recorded it and used
that track. At first we were freaked out, though!

Автор mattdannald ( назад)
@TheKathrynParish I don't believe this is supernatural at all.It sounds
like its either an error in the recording or a translator in the
background.I have listened to some that are possibly demonic,but I don't
feel any indication whatsoever with this one.If I had purchased this tape
and had been caught up in the pastors passionate sermon and heard some kind
of distortion in the tape,I probably would have initially been scared myself

Автор Kathryn Sutherland ( назад)
I agree with spiritchannel about the voice possibly being a translator but
I think that the language sounded oriental like chinese, or japenese.

Автор tsdoom32x ( назад)
dude it is an echo...

Автор StoutProductions ( назад)
i didnt hear anything

Автор David Laine ( назад)
it sounds like it sais"you lie youre making all of this up",but its just
the bleed through from the second side of the tape,,good spot though

Автор proletariat239 ( назад)
actually its arabic, and what it is saying is no good for anyone whom is a
westerner, something along the lines of " ...the divine fires will wipe
away the falsehoods....these are the lowest of the sheep.......[something
something something] worse than kananites" in short, western religion is
untrue, and these sheep are being led by a false prophet, he is reveling in
the fact that these untruths will be wiped away by divine fire, and that
they have become worse than the Davidic rival Kanan.

Автор Weldon Debaie ( назад)
sounds like a preacher I heard the words "in the name of god" sounds like a
dub over from another sermon its better to use a digital recorder.

Автор AnointedNemesis ( назад)
the existence of the demonic is a real thing but what you're hearing is the
reverse side of the tape being played through but obviously coming out in
reverse, that why it sounds weird.

Автор Corry Thomas ( назад)
I wish that you had some sort of program to filter it out so you can hear
it clearly, it kinda sounds like the preachers voice repeating under the
original voice

Автор SerinaTheUnVampriss ( назад)
Denomic xD

Автор VikingLady219 ( назад)
I wonder if the ghost in the EVP is related to Rep. Joe Wilson??? "YOU LIE!"

Автор robzombie37 ( назад)
Forth worth(: I live there.

Автор Mystic Pictures ( назад)
sounds like a bleed through to me. Depending on the conditions you kept the
tape. Meaning in a hot place that would warp it . I only say that because
it sounds like him talking backwards hence the bleed through thought.

Автор Gary Coates ( назад)
thats his own voice coming thru, was probly recorded on a cheap system that
ddnt track correctly and its the opposite side of the tape playing
backwards, dont freak out,Id be more freaked that this snakeoil preacher
man took money to give you such a bad quality tape,I have experience with
recording equipment and that it what it sounds like to me,not a demon, you
could look up the reverse speech videos might come to the theory that his
real intention came out when reversed

Автор Gloomsoul ( назад)
it may not be a demon... it may BE a demon. but it makes you think, was the
"demon" telling the truth???... what if it is a lie?

Автор pigbobman ( назад)
Sound like Elvis on speed

Автор rickyfan3956 ( назад)
This is bleed-through. What's happening is that they audio on the other
side of the tape is coming through, and when that happens, the words are in
reverse, thereby sounding like a foreign language. Used to happen on my
tapes all the time. The first one in my collection that I can remember in
which that happened was Sinead O'Connor's "I Do Not Want What I Have Not

Автор theinfamousbones ( назад)
that is an ANGELLIC voice protesting the LIES of this man.Seems he got a
bit heated and was trying to peak over the 'preacher' with the TRUTH.
Beware false phrophets that ask 4 yer $. BONES 13

Автор ScottishLiberty ( назад)
Good grief, it even sounds like the guy who's preaching, except
backwards-how on earth did you think this was evp? Not paranormal at all, I
have cassettes in my own collection that do that.

Автор mrsjeenaklebold99 ( назад)
try putting in earphones and turn up the volume

Автор mrsjeenaklebold99 ( назад)
i heard that but i have no clue that is? have u been on any investigations?
if so, may i join?

Автор FuckTruck ( назад)
its the back playing of side "b" of the tape playing in reverse if you
think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Автор oliminator2 ( назад)
i dont hear the evp but i love the preaching!

Автор Xavier Velez ( назад)
its totally the otherside bleeding through. the voice sounds the same, he
is just as intense, and it sounds like it maybe even be backwards. MYTH

Автор CaseyMeadEMT ( назад)
It goes through the whole audio. But It does sound odd. I don't think it
sounds demonic.

Автор Fallansig ( назад)
That's just typical tape bleed, and not an EVP. Anyone who studies EVPs
will easily realize that this is not an EVP, but a technical error that's
fairly common.

Автор oxyman10 ( назад)
It's Joe Wilson!

Автор historian500 ( назад)
Yep, tape bleed from the other side of the tape. Sorry man.

Автор Mick B ( назад)
Interesting...but then again perhaps being an old cassette that it is..the
audio is bleeding over from the other side of the tape ? . unfortunately ,
this is a fault most cassettes endure as they get older. The date of that
cassette was a sure sign. Though then again, I could be mistaken. It's a
ghosthunter's Debunking thought process lol .

Автор AnakinBlue ( назад)
scary O_o

Автор stewwie345 ( назад)
it goes of lik it i speakng tonues

Автор hager999 ( назад)
to hell wit satan

Автор ParanormalBoy022 ( назад)
It does kind of sound like that! Thank you for bringing that to my

Автор gorillaz23456 ( назад)
it sounds like it said you lie you created yourself

Автор gorillaz23456 ( назад)
hail satan

Автор bradondo ( назад)
I chose the accepted term for this technical problem--which is
"bleed-through." That is the term used by audio professionals and others
for tape info from the opposite side of the tape being picked up by the
playback head. Your response needn't have been rude or personal. I was
simply pointing out the correct term for this and why it happens. Why be an
ass--especially when you don't know what you're talking about?

Автор siggnor2006 ( назад)
im not saying its real im just saying sound doesnt bleed through: it isnt
water, or paint or ink.. it does punture through the tape, im saying choose
words that make sense, bub. its an anomaly created by badly created
recording imprinting process. and saying ur an audio engineer doesnt mean
anything to me. you could be god of it and i could give a shit less.

Автор bradondo ( назад)
It's definitely bleed-through. I am a former audio engineer and yes,
bleed-through does occur on cassette tapes. It's usually when you use poor
quality tapes which are made of a thinner material. The playback head is
picking up the magnetically stored information from both sides of the tape
at once, but the side facing the head is always going to be louder because
that's where the head is making direct contact.

Автор siggnor2006 ( назад)
i meant to say cant

Автор siggnor2006 ( назад)
sound is not like water bro, it can bleed through tape

Автор SUZZYKATE234 ( назад)
I'm kind of with Yobazhunter, I think its bleed through as well. Not that
there isn't evp's like that out there.

Автор Who cares, WE ALL HAVE A WEIGHT PROBLEM. ( назад)
that asshole needs to shut it

Автор Tiatheitalianchick ( назад)
that fcking demonic enitity was piisseeddddd lol thats how u know it evil
when its screamin ove the fact that the guy was speaking about God...=\

Автор belia1313 ( назад)
Dude demons speaking in their tongue they are

Автор mitchellp423 ( назад)
sounds like a mexican soccer game

Автор OzarkAdamMiller ( назад)
Is that the only place in the tape you hear this voice? If it was bleed
through, it should occur in more than one place. Good Ears to catch that!

Автор tviscante ( назад)
Ah ok, hadn't really thought about the 'demonic evp' element, I've caught
those before, they can be pretty difficult to work with :P

Автор ParanormalBoy022 ( назад)
You could be right about the "bleed through"but I would have to disagree
with you where you said that evp's don't go on for that long.A ghost or
human spirit evp may only last a second or two,but a non-human(evil,demonic
spirit)could last a long time,whether it be on tape,or an actual possession
of another person,etc.Thank you for your comment!

Автор tviscante ( назад)
I think the "you lie" part is just a coincidence, that it's just some kind
of a tape bleed through, the tape was probably just cheaply mass-produced
and there wasn't a huge budget put to cleaning up anomolies or anything. As
far as the paranomral side/possibility of it goes, EVPs don't go on for
that long either. Interesting though.

Автор AcidEntertainment (857 лет назад)
Wow this is very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Автор Akron Paranormal Investigations ( назад)
Not sure on this, to much interference with the other speaker i the
background, interesting for sure

Автор Kirlygirl ( назад)
Anything is possible, however it is not uncommon for unsold tapes to be
recycled & new label put on. Is there anything under the paper label? I
bought a tape for my children years ago only to discover that it had been
recycled from another tape that was a different, less popular children's

Автор sorcia88 ( назад)
Interesting - not sure if it is really an evp after reading the translator
idea BUT I have some old photos my grandmother took when she was at this
Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker thing and they have all kinds of weird white
streaks and lights in them...

Автор ParanormalBoy022 ( назад)
Hi-I hope you are right.I would rather think it was a translator rather
than an evil spirit.I really can't remember if there was a translator as
this was 23 years ago.Anyway,thank you for the comment.

Автор spiritchannel ( назад)
This is interesting...but I think it is a translator that is recording a
translation during the crusade. Just my opinion. It sounds like an African
language possibly Swahili.

Автор ParanormalBoy022 ( назад)
I agree!Thanks for comment.

Автор MadHobbit ( назад)
thats one pissed off Spirit.

Автор vicki12078 ( назад)
Wow that is very strange but I herd that voice on there before the (you
lie)...It sounded like the guy who was preatching only backwords...Weard...

Автор mazblondie ( назад)
Thats really cool, gave me chills!!!!

Автор ParanormalBoy022 ( назад)
Hi-Thank you for the comment-glad you enjoyed it.

Автор ParanormalBoy022 ( назад)
Yeah,it gave me goosebumps too!Thank you for the comment!

Автор Krys C ( назад)
Evanescence os from Little Rock! Sry that was so off topic lol. This gave
my goosebumps. Truly sounds like an angry spirit. Thanks for putting this

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