Mafia 2 PhysX performance boost!

Guide how to boost your performance in Mafia II. With only slight impact on physics around you. Follow steps below or in video.

About: What does this do? It removes PhysX clothing effects on all NPC(Non playable character) in the game and only keeping them on Vito, most of the time you'll never notice the clothing effects on NPCs so you'll hardly ever miss them. Vito still looks slick in his coats, etc ;)

Step one. Find the steam folder then follow directions below. (Usually in program files)

\Steam\steamapps\common\mafia ii - public demo\edit\APEX\Cloth

Step two. Remove all files from the folder except for the ones below:

And keep all the files starting with "VIT"
Screenshot: http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/7444/97802931.jpg

Step three. Play the game and enjoy your FPS boost.

Movie made and edited all on the iPhone 4.
I do not own the music in this video. Song is: Superstar - Jump Smokers ft. Pitbull & Qwote
Link to PhysX-mod: http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/17706-hybrid-physx-mod-v1-03-v1-04ff.html

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Автор KubassGames CZ ( назад)

Автор Marco Martins ( назад)
amigo sem que é meio tarde pra perguntar tenho uma radeon 5970x 2
mas o problema e que a amd não tem esse tal de physx e a tela fica piscando
não sei o porque disso
já instalei todos os drivers da minha máquina e nada,
processador fx 4100 / com 6gb de ram

Автор Voltage Tutorials ( назад)
No boost.

Автор PANKAJ KUMAR ( назад)
I have Processer :- Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz
RAM :- 4gb
OS :-- Windows 10 32bit
Graphic card :- Nividia Gforce 210.
Can I run it ???

Автор Victor KR ( назад)

Автор MozzlyPro ( назад)
Now insted of framerate dropping, it started to stutter, any solutions?

Автор Dragos HDgAmInG ( назад)

Автор Tomáš Marný ( назад)
Thanks man!

Автор WizzY ( назад)
My specs: 2.2 GHZ intel Pentinium Processor, 120MB Inter HD Graphics
(Graphics card), 4 GB RAM, 64 Bit Windows 8 and this game is going now on
Medium settings with perfect 60 FPS. On Low can even record video without
any FPS drops.

Автор EngageFede ( назад)
works like a charm, really good

Автор alexz98d ( назад)

Автор Corsaprex ( назад)
Is good thanks

Автор George Ty ( назад)
THANKS it worked! before: 15 fps after: 60 fps high settings thanks !!

Автор gta3boy ( назад)
if you guys using amd graphics card for this one..it surely need to off the
phsyx cuz only nvidia support it much

Автор Andrew Geiger ( назад)
go to mafia ii\edit and delete the APEX folder. this will remove all flappy
clothing and particle effects.

doesn't need a 3 minute shaky camera vid with shit background music.

Автор Quakes ( назад)
man i have full version original mafia 2 & need" fix fps" 30 moreover fps
to the normal game

Автор neVres ( назад)
i need version for mafia 2 full version

Автор Milan9Zlatan ( назад)
just some light touches , not much

Автор CrazyCokieez ( назад)
What does physx realy change or does to the game?

Автор Fake Samo ( назад)

Автор Volkan ( назад)
Thank you so much ! :)

Автор Liusila ( назад)
Yeah. I have 5 fps, so... wtf.

Автор gurnita pradnyadipa ( назад)
wow thanks man before:30 fps after:40-50 fps thanks alot

Автор trent young ( назад)
agreed. i have a 6870 hawx editiion overclocked more then stock, and a
9800gt running physx

Автор trent young ( назад)
oh. then i get it. i thought you just turned on physx and then took it all
off lol

Автор foshobear ( назад)
Well, not all effects. This removes clothing physx on NPC's (which are
totally uneccessary because you can hardly ever spot the effects on them
anyway). But keeps the effects on vito and objects in the world.

Автор trent young ( назад)
so in otherwords you deleting all the physx effects? why not just turn it

Автор TheOJAMods ( назад)
thank you Mafia works alot better

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@TheGangkill If you delete the ones begining with VIT then Vito will lose
the physics effects on his clothes

Автор EziEzi 1337 ( назад)
@foshobear What if i Delete the ones that is started with VIT? Will Vito
Have some Bugs with his cloth or?

Автор EziEzi 1337 ( назад)
@k0c0urek333 Actually.. Radeon Heats up the computer very Easy, But Most
Games Runs on Nivida Cuz of Physx, Another thing... Take it easy next time
Mister Nerd Rager :/

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Wertoz0id Nope, you should get good performance when physX is off ;)

Автор Cosmin Chiranus ( назад)
hello fellows could anyone help me with struttering on the mafia 2 y have
disabbled the clothing and the physx is off also but im still getting high
fps like 40 50 with a lot of struttering please coud anyone help me fix
this my rig is c2d e6600 stock gts 450 direct cu 3gb of ram the hard drive
is sata 3 on 7200.15 rpm im playing 1280x1024 y know the cpu sucks but it
should work ok with the physx off i think Thanks to all

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@TortillaGaming Max screen rez.

Автор MK.PRODUCTIONS ( назад)
@k0c0urek333 its true ati 5970 is fast but it dosn`t have physx engine it
will be so slow with physx nvidia has the best physx engine so you must
have the two of them to make your pc good for gaming

Автор deluxer321 ( назад)
Can i make it only on other npcs but not on me

Автор k0c0urek333 ( назад)

Автор shermankim777 ( назад)
does this only work if you turn on physx? also is my CPU bottlenecking my
GPU? AMD athlon X2 5000+ and a geforce 210

Автор toan333 ( назад)
my stupid CPU bottlenecking me like mad. E4400 3.2ghz with 2x gtx 460 and
im getting 40 fps average wtf

Автор Shagun Kalash ( назад)
i get now 160. earlier i got 68. thx so much. i subscribed

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@windson7 Link is in the discription =)

Автор windson7 ( назад)
how did you hybrid ATi with nVidia?

Автор slayer_91 ( назад)
try disabling sfx feature in audio...i got a huge fps boost

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@xYukicore777 Havnt tested it myself, but if you have a look inside mafia
ii\edit\APEX\Effects\Assets\RenderMesh theres alot of "paper, rock, tiles,
wood" files in there. I would suggest removing the wood effects and just go
in to the game and shoot something that would create wood debris to see if
theyre still there =)

Автор Stealth Core ( назад)
is it possible to delete every effect from physx except clothing effects
and blood effects to run those on high without all those shits staying on
the ground and any other effects. Please make a video someone, i would
really appreciate it.

Автор feAr636 ( назад)
@foshobear Dedicated phsx 295 is retarded, your best off using maybe a gtx
260 at MOST

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@feAr636 Because of Apex PhysX in the game, my 8800GT barely handles it. If
i turn off PhysX i get a much higher avg FPS. And if i would put a GTX 295
as dedicated physx card that would help alot when i have PhysX high
setting. ;)

Автор feAr636 ( назад)
@foshobear What the hell you have a 5970 and only 35fps? I have 2 gtx 295s
and I get 120 avg @ 1080p res, something is wrong dude I think your i7 is
bottle-necking the 5970, Overclock to 3.8ghz.

Автор kronikal98 ( назад)
does anybody knows how to drag bodies?

Автор GreenGoal☼8E ( назад)
thnxs 4 the post ~ the physx is a killr ~ music suxs btw ~ give Me dean
martin :-)

Автор Thomas Andersdotter ( назад)
@DyatchinRoma jump smokers - superstart

Автор Alvaro Laimböck ( назад)
excelent!!! its running very nice geforce gtx470 phenom 2 multicore 6 1055t

Автор Asimister ( назад)
for apex you must have minimum 8800

Автор DyatchinRoma ( назад)
song name please))

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@SaiteK1911 True that, luckily thats not what counts. It never drops below
30 though =)

Автор TOMANDANDY TAA ( назад)
Wow.. 1 fps better than the first one.. if you look at the minimum one
witch counts.. lol

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Coffeman99 Its in the description/add along with iTunes download link ;)

Автор Rafael Tole ( назад)
song name??

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Timmieisblack Thats a shame, im not sure which would be better actually,
PhysX on the CPU or the 8400GS, my recommendation is that you try it. If it
works then great, otherwise you might wanna save up and maybe get a new
motherboard. The 9800GT is deffinately a good card for PhysX =)

Автор Timmieisblack ( назад)
@foshobear Dam, I ran in to a bit of a problem, I only have 1 PCI-e slot in
my computer, which is being used by my ATI 4870. So I wont be able to
install my 9800GT. But I have another solution but I don't know if it will
work. I have a old GeForce 8400GS 512mb card, it is PCI, not PCI-e. So I
can install this with my 4870, but will I be able to use the 8400GS as a
dedicated PhysX card?

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Timmieisblack I think that would work great actually, 600watts is more
than enough. All you will need to do is install the graphics card, install
nvidia drivers and use the physx patch and youre all set. You should get a
great FPS boost after that =) Link to physx-patch and install instructions
is found in the vid-descritption.

Автор Timmieisblack ( назад)
@foshobear Quick question, I have a old 9800GT card, would I be able to put
that in my Second PCI-e slot, and use that as a dedicated PhysX card? Also,
I have a 600w PSU, is that enough to run, a 4870 and a 9800GT?

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@bblasphemous The lower setting also affects particle effects in the game,
like stuff flyin around when shooting walls/wood etc. Doing this trick
keeps all those goodies =)

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Timmieisblack Probably because im running PhysX on my second graphicscard,
and your PC is using the CPU for PhysX. =)

Автор Timmieisblack ( назад)
Thanks man, not very help full, but it did give me a boost, by like 10 fps.
How did u get such a huge boost?. Im only getting like 29fps I have a ATI
4870 1GB Video Card and a AMD Phenom II 965 CPU, I should be able to run
this game in at least 40fps,

Автор boogada ( назад)
Wouldnt setting the physix setting lower do the same thing? heh. I'd assume
a lower setting would turn off all that less noticeable stuff you deleted

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@myg0tpurepunk bit.ly / drtYFI =)

Автор myg0tpurepunk ( назад)
@foshobear Could you upload clothremaptable.xml btw I removed it in trying
to fix my issue. :)

Автор myg0tpurepunk ( назад)
Use bit.ly and space out the gaps to bypass there jewish url filter. :)

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@myg0tpurepunk Damn youtube wont let me post a link in the comments. Check
out the screenshot in the video-description, all those files should still
be in the Cloth folder. If the color is still missing then i guess
something else must have gone wrong =)

Автор myg0tpurepunk ( назад)
Tried but now Vito just has black and gray on his pricy suit. didn't remove
vito files or m2skelton.

Автор myg0tpurepunk ( назад)
@Insane1223X124 Whats wrong with 22? I guess having a 30" and lagging in
most games would mean your cool as well right? Pft.

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Insane1223X124 I'de rather spend $350 on a 22" IPS panel than $450 on a
shitty 24" TN panel. But thats just me i guess.

Автор WoWSuchGames ( назад)
I like how you recorded this on your iPhone 4 :)

Автор Groovy. ( назад)
@foshobear Uuuh, I just learned the ATI is too big in size :( Nah Imma get
a GTX470

Автор Ultizer ( назад)
unoptimized on purpose knowing PCfags will go out and buy another graphics
card nvidia you clever devils

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@playman350 Hehe thats true, dont forget that theres the nvidia 8800GT for
physx also =)

Автор Groovy. ( назад)
HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Wait, your video card is ATI HD 5970 and your CPU is
Intel Core i7 920 2.66 GHz? Wonderful! Imma get an ATI!

Автор foshobear ( назад)
@Domasito Not all, just cloth effects on NPCs. The particle effects and all
that are still there =)

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