Chainsaw vs Pig (Maggie's Reaction)

Chainsaw vs pig DownLoad Link http://rapidshare.com/files/64973143/ogrish-dot-com-pig-chainsaw-beheading.wmv The Original Video Of A Farmer Slaughtering His Pig With Chainsaw.

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Автор Guru Larry Gaming ( назад)
I like this video as your mum sounds like Jimmy Krankie :D

Автор Jeff Ganong ( назад)
#1, it was shot in the head with a gun #2, it was dead even before he
started sawing it #3 it wasint still alive when it was flopping around
because of its nerves. ists the same as a chicken, they go crazy after the
get there throats slit, trust me i slaughter chickens, as well as turkeys

Автор plungerdrum ( назад)
@MegasusRKO I actually sent a message to the guy, Dave, and he said that
the video was part of a 20 minute long video that showed him preparing the
pig to roast it. He was taught by a butcher, and before the video, he had
shot it, and killed it. The only reason it still looks alive is because
sometimes, the nerves on the pig go crazy and the legs start twitching. I'm
not trying to change anyone's opinion here, but I don't think it's animal
cruelty if the pig was already dead. Just my 2 cents :)

Автор INSTERMENTAL ( назад)
she is like mmm baken *dribbless*

Автор mikecheesy1 ( назад)
can someone please tell me what happend

Автор JawGeX ( назад)
@Qoppa1 its nerves are still processing.

Автор 210johndeere ( назад)

Автор Tokes .McGoats ( назад)
video was funny!! and the pig was dead, if u think it hurts we could mehbe
try it on u to see? shot through and dead retards

Автор Tokes .McGoats ( назад)
@Qoppa1 nerves

Автор kingcrimson234 ( назад)
is it wrong that i fapped to his mom?

Автор PonsXAsinorum ( назад)
@lolzy111 think about that next time you take a bite out of that delicious
bacon or slice of pepperoni pizza--or jello etc.

Автор PonsXAsinorum ( назад)
@Qoppa1 why does a chicken start running after having its head chopped off?

Автор aif393si ( назад)
@Kilen81 The technique undertaken at the slaughterhouses you mention
(Nigerian) is actually pain-free. After performing a precise cut at the
animal's major blood vessel, the animal experiences a massive, rapid loss
of blood that simultaneously leads to a gradual loss of
consciousness--until the animal is no longer in a conscious state. Seems
more humane than a whack against a head or an high-voltage electric
shock--two methods which, unfortunately, are SOP at most major US plants.

Автор ReiMomo ( назад)
@lolzy111 The pig was not alive, life is on the brain not on the body.

Автор remsensor TM ( назад)
Video is not that bad in terms of contrast. I sure as hell would rather
take a chainsaw to the head then be beheaded taliban style.

Автор wyrmslayer ( назад)
you do know the pig was deag it was shot in the heasd with a 22 call its
legs were jsut moveing do you not see the rifle at the end or hear the shot
go of at the start

Автор Human Interface Device ( назад)
I dont know what the fuss is about. This is actually much more humane than
how they slaughter goats and bigger animals in Nigerian Slaughter markets
for example, there they just slit their throat and let them bleed to death
on the ground gurgling in their own blood up to 30 minutes. Atleast the
animal in question here dies fast. Ppl react to the movements after he
sawed off the head, but thats because he didnt cut it far enough from the
cerebellum. You ppl need to get a piece of reality.

Автор robertgisthebest ( назад)
thought i recognised that sick laugh lol

Автор DianeDi ( назад)
In case you're not aware, the man that chainsawed that pigs head off is
YouTube Partner "Davidsfarm". He is also a convicted pedophile - spent a
year in jail. Google "Stunt star did time for child sex offences" and read

Автор Eye Films Ltd ( назад)
Ah, the irony.

Автор pumpkinman420 ( назад)
That was nuts! Go dave!

Автор MK Film Productions ( назад)
its davidsfarm that made this video

Автор jacuzzibusguy ( назад)
i met the guy who made the pig video. just got back from his house today.
there are still blood stains on the wall. it was actually a very humane
killing, they ate the pig for new years.

Автор JitterBob ( назад)
she's right about one thing. "That's terrible" I flagged that video so fast
man.... fucking sick

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