Japan Airlines Flight 123 Accident (12 Aug 1985) - Cockpit Voice Recorder [English Subbed]

Japan Airlines Flight 123 was a Japan Airlines domestic flight from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) to Osaka International Airport (Itami). The Boeing 747-SR46 that made this route, registered JA8119, suffered mechanical failures 12 minutes into flight and 32 minutes later crashed into two ridges of Mount Takamagahara in Ueno, Gunma Prefecture, 100 kilometers from Tokyo, on Monday 12 August 1985. The crash site was on Osutaka Ridge (おすたかのおね, Osutaka-no-One), near Mount Osutaka. All 15 crew members and 505 out of 509 passengers died, resulting in a total of 520 deaths and 4 survivors. It remains the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history. The official cause of the crash according to the report published by Japan's then Aircraft Accidents Investigation Commission is as follows:

1. The aircraft was involved in a tailstrike incident at Osaka International Airport on 2 June 1978, which damaged the aircraft's rear pressure bulkhead.
2. The subsequent repair of the bulkhead did not conform to Boeing's approved repair methods. Their procedure calls for one continuous doubler plate with three rows of rivets to reinforce the damaged bulkhead, but the Boeing technicians fixing the aircraft used two separate doubler plates, one with two rows of rivets and one with only one row. This reduced the part's resistance to metal fatigue by 70%. According to the FAA, the one "doubler plate" which was specified for the job (the FAA calls it a "splice plate" - essentially a patch) was cut into two pieces parallel to the stress crack it was intended to reinforce, "to make it fit". This negated the effectiveness of two of the rows of rivets. During the investigation Boeing calculated that this incorrect installation would fail after approximately 10,000 pressurizations; the aircraft accomplished 12,319 take-offs between the installation of the new plate and the final accident.
3. When the bulkhead gave way, the resulting explosive decompression ruptured the lines of all four hydraulic systems. With the aircraft's control surfaces disabled, the aircraft became uncontrollable.

This is the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) recorded while the accident was happening.


1. 1978年6月2日に伊丹空港で同機がしりもち事故を起こした。
2. その後のボーイング社による修理が不適切であったため、
3. 金属疲労が限界を超えたため、飛行中に圧力隔壁の破壊が発生した。
4. 圧力隔壁から漏れ出した空気が後部の空洞を伝って垂直尾翼を破壊し、
5. 油圧の無い状況でフラップを出しすぎたため、急激なダイブに陥り墜落した。

この動画は事故当時にコックピット内で録音されたCVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder)による音声記録です。

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Длительность: 9:56
Комментарии: 725

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Автор apiece ofdirt (1599 лет назад)
Damn..............What a heroic flight crew. They fought till the very end
to save all those people. I had read years ago that there were about 18
isurvivors initially. Some with injuries that weren't considered life
threatening had they received medical treatment within 8 hrs. Some bodies
were still warm when rescuers arrived which led them to the conclusion I
just mentioned. What absolute terror those poor souls went through. R.I.P.

Автор Amy Le ( назад)
They should've land at Nagoya like what the ACC said, then all/many people
would survived

Автор Khanada Azeleia ( назад)
Serious question for the pilots on this thread...are you trained NOT to
turn off the alarms when they go off or can you switch them off? What I
mean is turning off the bell sounds that IMO would make the situation worse
because it sounds so crazy in the cockpit while you're trying desperately
to stay afloat. Or, are you trained never to turn them off because they'll
go off on their own when things are corrected? I've always wanted to know
the answer to this. Obviously to me it sounds like a nightmare, but perhaps
to pilots the sound means something else? Thank you.

Автор RCT3Crashes100 ( назад)
Had the 747 not wandered into the mountains, many investigators believe
that the crew may have managed to land the plane. In addition, it's
believed that more than four people survived the actual crash, but almost
all the survivors of the actual accident perished in the cold.

Автор Johnson Brett (DaSoloHan) ( назад)
Why didn't they try crashing in the water, instead of crashing into the

Автор Khanada Azeleia ( назад)
Terrifying and depressing. I always think about how the passengers felt
since they have no idea what's going on. Terrible way to die. Absolute
miracle that anyone survived. Anniversary not long ago, RIP.

Автор flyinbryan1619 ( назад)
its just tragic that they didn't have American pilots so that at least 70%
of those poor people, maybe all, could still be alive like united flight
232. exact same thing happened, loss of all flight controls, but they had
American pilots. god bless the families.

Автор Billy ONeill ( назад)
When the entire tail section and it's hydraulic lines were severed, you
matters well take the steering wheel and throw it out the window.

Amazing how these pilots kept it that long airborne and did what ever they
could to save the aircraft, but it was damage so bad that it was impossible
to land this aircraft safely even though if there was a runway in sight,
they would've never made it. Very sad. RIP to all the victims of this
disaster and my condolences to their families.

Автор Mancheeze ( назад)
Scary as hell. Amazing pilots and crew. RIP

Автор whattheheck1000 ( назад)
This happened 30 years ago today. RIP to all 520 victims. The attempts to
keep this flight in the air by the pilots were heroic.

August 12, 2015 9:55 pm

Автор Disco Saturn Is The Man Who Rocks The Movie World While Digging The Shamy ( назад)
This air disaster happened 30 years ago today. Japan Air Lines Flight
123 (日本航空123便 Nihonkōkū 123) was en route from Tokyo Haneda to Osaka Itami.
All 15 crew members and 505 of the 509 passengers on board were killed.
Among of the dead passengers was singer Kyu Sakamoto who was best known
outside of Japan for his hit track "Sukiyaki".

Автор lh2905 ( назад)
R.I.P., JAL123!

Автор Kaipeternicolas ( назад)
30 years ago today - RIP JAL 123.

What heroic fight by the crew until the very end.

Автор Blacksun ( назад)
This happend today, 30 years ago.
R.I.P. to all those involved....

Автор Louis Brasil ( назад)
12th of august 2015. 30 years before the 12th of august 1985 the worst
single aircraft disaster and the second worst right before the Tenerife one
happened: Japan Airlines 123.
Only because of an inadequate maintenance on JA8119 (the 747SR46 involved
in the crash) after a tailstrike accident, 520 innocent died and 4 lucky
women Survived.
The nation was in shock and even Japan Airlines vice president commited
suicide because of that.
I don't want to personnaly blame anybody neither Japan Airlines nor their
technicians but I just want people to face responsabilities and their
consequences in order to never make the same mistakes again.
If you are a family member or friend of one of the victimes or one of the
4 survivors and if you're reading this, I just wanted to say to you: I'm
really sorry for what happened that day :,,(
Today let's pay tribute to all the victims of human mistakes My respectful
salutations from France.



Автор Charless Sabueros ( назад)
My goodness, if they just turned left at the first place, I bet they had
more room.
But they were heading instead to the mountains... giving them less space to

Автор Samuel Jansen ( назад)
The scariest parts for me is that you can hear the plane crashing a few
seconds before the audio cuts out. That and the fact that many survivors
died of injuries that would have not been fatal if they were actually
rescued in time

Автор . NRA ( назад)
Ken Yamaguchi

Автор denox25000 ( назад)
PULL UP ! I hate this song

Автор tall32guy ( назад)
Amazing that through all of that crap, they kept the plane aloft for HALF
an hour!!! That is an incredible feat considering the circumstances. It's a
wowing thing!

Автор Ummah Is In A Coma. WAKE UP Now ( назад)
The captains were thinking about others also thinking about the children
how lovely is that! Made me cry! May you be in heaven Ameen. So kind "yes
sir" no bad words when they know thats it the end for them! God bless you

Автор exxodas ( назад)
Fucking GPWS is the most frightening sound I've ever heard.

Автор protomouseYT ( назад)
What bravery and skill by captain and crew.

Автор kashi tey ( назад)
u can smoke in the plane waaatttt???

Автор 김정규 ( назад)
결과론적으로 빨리 추락했으면 오히려 얼마나 좋았을까 탑승객들은 이 긴 시간 얼마나 많은 공포와 싸워야 했을까 조종사들은 또 얼마나
인간이 느낄 수 있는 큰 고통을 느꼈을까 그래도 죽음과 싸운 이들이 또 존경스럽다 고인의 명복을 빕니다

Автор Professor Wilhelm Boomberg ( назад)
japanese ppl are brave. I bet they even didnt scream just like in the
reconstruction video

Автор Judd Kramer ( назад)
I always wonder if they could have landed the plane had they immediatley
dumped excess fuel and tried for the nearest runway when the bulkhead gave

Автор 김지은 ( назад)
Cap was so brave. And his controll was amazing. This record is scard but
also feel sadness to me. especially when I heard 'whoop whoop pull up' end
of record. this ment sounds no hope there...I hope all the victims are rest
in peace and never happen accident like this.

Автор thenekom ( назад)
7:22 One alarming buzzer isn't enough, let's have another. Must have been
sheer terror. I'm sure the flight crew did everything they could, but the
situation was simply impossible. Very sad.

Автор Topov Slurry ( назад)
If I was on a plane that was so seriously fucked up, I would want someone
just like Cpt Takahama and his crew to be the ones fighting it for me. They
fought to keep the crippled 747 going right to the end - the accident
investigation showed that both the cockpit and the cabin crew on this
tragic flight performed with exemplary professionalism and bravery.
Its a shame their government officials then failed them with what turned
out to be one pathetic excuse of a "rescue" .

Автор fortran ( назад)
я ебал, в такую ситуацию попасть....

Автор jbloun911 ( назад)
...its the end!!! 09:46 Go out like a boss with full throttle into a

Автор undeutlicheSeele ( назад)
Captain Takahama's body, found (confirmed) at crash site, was lower jaw
bone and five teeth only. However, his family got threatened and slandered
for a long time due to incorrect news reports. His daughter became a flight
attendant after this plain crash.

Автор 0SIPR ( назад)
weiter weiter ins verderben wir müssen leben bis wir sterben!! Rammstein
brought me here xD

Автор Cool The Suck ( назад)
Pilots deserve just one word... HEROES

Автор TheStapleGunKid ( назад)
The pilots were true heroes. After this accident, investigators put 4
different flight crews through the same situation in a flight simulators.
All 4 crews crashed the plane and none of them even managed to keep it in
the air as long as the JAL 123 crew did.

That's pretty amazing when you consider the simulator crews had two huge
advantages: They knew what the problem was and they had peace of mind of
knowing it wasn't going to kill them.

Автор kaiju gozilla ( назад)
Final tally of passenger nationalities
Japan 502
China 1
(West)Germany 2
Hong Kong 4
India 3
Italy 2
South Korea 3
United Kingdom 1
United States 6
Total 524


Автор Regis Msnv (M.S.N.V) ( назад)
GPWS is such a creepy thing !

Автор Toufic Safadi ( назад)
God bless their souls and bless those heroes that fought against it with
all their efforts.

Автор 66berserker ( назад)
Cap. Takahama 's last words are sad…

"Mou-dame-da!!(It's the end!!)"

Автор Alperen Şahin ( назад)
İts the end

Автор Captain Kirk ( назад)
RIP Brave boys.

Автор 曹新宇 ( назад)
died with nearly 30 mins torture。。。
both passengers and pilots were suffered this damn aircraft。。

Автор Greg Biffle ( назад)
There is so much shit going on in this video its unreal.

Автор Joestar Jonathan ( назад)
The SDF should be blamed for their inaction till 17 hours later...
In a manner of speaking,they killed dozens of people in this disaster.

Автор schade187 ( назад)
Im from germany! THIS is a real Crash!! Not like fucking Germanwings. All
FAKE PSYOP HOAX there. No voice and flight recorder open to public and
never will be. No bodies No crash spot, No crying People NO Reporters on
the scene, NO high resolution images or videos!. Nothing! BULLSHIT RADAR

Автор JJuanjo55 ( назад)
They could have taken the left turn, flying over the sea. I'm sure that
there would have been more survivors if they had crashed into the water at
low speed. I guess they wanted to take the shortest way back to Haneda
airport. Anyway, they fought the bravest way they could, but you can not
always win your fights.

Автор grisom7 ( назад)
You can tell by the map if only they coulda kept it in control and kept
heading west then they probably wouldve made it to haneda

Автор hakdeok ( назад)
말도 안되는 엽기적인 상황에서도 필사적으로 최선을 다한 승무원과, 돌아가신 분들의 명복을 빕니다..

Автор Joseph Vail ( назад)
This is NO slight against the Japanese...note the willingness of the US
military to help. The American air force were prepared to receive the
crippled jet, and marines were placed on alert to move to the crash site.

Автор myangg2먕 ( назад)
10분 가량의 짧막한 기록이지만 당시의 저 분들에겐 얼마나 무섭고도 고통스러운 시간이었을까.. 그저 음성 듣는 나도 무서운데.. 특히나
모우다메다. 라고 얘기했을 땐 진짜 주책맞게 눈물이 나오려고 했다. 그 말을 하는 파일럿 분들은 어떤 심정이었을까.. 뒤에 간바레
간바레라고 말했지만 결국 비행기는 추락되었고 영상도 끝이 났다... 당시의 긴급한 상황을 조금이나마 느낄 수 있었다. 그래도
포기하지않고 끝까지 애 써주신 저 분들을 멋지다고 생각한다.. woop pull up 이건 나도 듣고 소름이 돋았다 진짜... 삼가
고인의 명복을 빕니다. 하늘나라에서는 행복하고 평안하게 잘 지내시리라 생각합니다

Автор DANNY40379 (1127 лет назад)
Amazing effort and courage displayed by the pilots, this tape should become
a compulsory hear for all new commercial airline pilots before they grab
the controls...some things just cannot be taught in class. RIP to all those

Автор Pondy ( назад)
why build a mountain at this place -__-

Автор ray Gordon ( назад)
The elapsed time from the bulkhead explosion to when the plane hit the
mountain was estimated at 32 minutes – long enough for some passengers to
write farewells to their families. Subsequent simulator re-enactments with
the mechanical failures suffered by the crashed plane failed to produce a
better solution, or outcome; despite best efforts, none of the four flight
crews in the simulations kept the plane aloft for as long as the 32 minutes
achieved by the actual crew

Автор jia_m ( назад)
The pilots chose to fly back to Haneda where surrounded by a mountain in
order to not thrust into the city near Nagoya where many people living.
They were trying not give much victims as much as possible. RIP.

Автор SilverStar Wolf ( назад)
Damn....This was tough to listen to...

Автор S.H. NovemberBlue ( назад)
0:03 i heared captain said "やべ,何か爆発したぞ。"
rest in peace from south korea.

Автор Tyler Musics ( назад)
pull up
rez in pez

Автор Marc Liljeqvist ( назад)
I wonder how different the outcome would have been if the crew had tried
using the engines to steer the aircraft, similar to the DHL plane in
Baghdad or United 232. There would have been dead passengers, but perhaps
they could have made a crash landing in Hanada.

Автор ScarletWinds ( назад)
3:01 hard translation, means "Are you understand this

Автор md65000 ( назад)
One thing I don't understand. Even to the very end the Capt. just keeps
barking commands like "nose up", "nose down", "right turn", "left
turn"--even though the controls didn't work. It's like he never really
understood what was happening.

Автор UnleashedVT888 ( назад)
These pilots deserve a goddamn statue. Total respect and skill, the bird
was just too wounded. What a sad way to die. 

Автор Annalisa ( назад)
I lost two cousins in the accident airplane, were the two dead Italian.

Автор boredpanda1 ( назад)

Автор oda malik ( назад)
I am almost moved to tears because I could feel the effort of the pilot and
co pilot trying to save the plane. The last words are still stucked in my
head till today. I have no idea why I watched it again. My deepest
condolonces from Malaysia to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Автор Quang Tram ( назад)
Great pilot

Автор denise kelly (1961 год назад)
They did their best to save everyone on that plane. Why do we have to call
each other names in our comments?

Автор jupiterbjy ( назад)
..1985 is worst year ever..

Автор ray Gordon ( назад)
It's like driving down the freeway without a steering wheel and no brakes

Автор sisophous ( назад)
A few people actually survived this worst single plane crash in history.
The plane was damaged so badly the pilots could not control it.

Автор Rae K ( назад)
This is horrible to listen to. Why Did I click on this? :( 

Автор Prayag Sanjay ( назад)
Respect from India.

Автор PhuckHue2 ( назад)
its the end! banzai!

Автор Kusuma P. ( назад)

Автор Sienlove Loi ( назад)
Should record the pilot name on the history 

Автор abo waled ( назад)

Автор logotytype ( назад)
So sad..., tan triste

Автор Red Asylum ( назад)
wow pilots gave it everything and all ACC seemed to do was want them to
change frequencies every time they needed to go on a smoke break.

Автор kitakono1 ( назад)
A singer famous for "SUKIYAKI" and
Kyu Sakamoto
were on this airplane.

Автор Tokiou Narusawa ( назад)
Japan Airlines Flight 123 Accident (12 Aug 1985) - Cockpit Voice Recorder
[English Subbed]

Автор kgdgwn98 ( назад)
so much tragedy ... lament for brave pilots. R.I.P

Автор Yunchao Niu ( назад)
Many respect...

Автор cincin75ytb (423 года назад)
Actually I think the final word of the captain is "もうだめ”. It literally
means "there is no way to go", more like "we can not do anything now" or
"we can not help it anymore". Anyway the captain and his crew are all real
men. They fought till the end. Honorable.

Автор Ichikawa Akito ( назад)
At first, the captain Takahama was falsely accused by public because the
media emphasized his words,“ドーンと行こうや!” or “Just give it a try like BANG!”
At that time, JP police had the only a few part of the CVR voices public,
so people misunderstood him.

But, several years later, one investigator who thought this wasn't fair
revealed all the CVR voices and resigned his job.

So, now no one blames the captain.
We know his struggle to save the lives.

His body didn't be found except the part of the jawbone and five teeth.....

Автор Video James ( назад)
Damn good fight. They never gave into despair, and did everything humanly
possible to land the plane.
I'm usually cool under fire, but if I was flying and my hydraulic systems
gave way, I'm not sure if I could maintain my composure. It's petrifying
just to think about.
RIP Japan Airlines Flight 123.

Автор Barbara Walters ( назад)
please put out your cigarette? yea right...

Автор kurdman12345678 ( назад)
Why did the captain keep shouting at the co pilot

Автор Sheung Yin Ng ( назад)

Автор Paul19807 ( назад)
This is the only plane crash CVR I know of where the audio was released to
the public (I'm talking CVR's, not just the air traffic control
communication). Listening to this really puts a human face on a disaster.
The emotion in the cockpit and the announcements to the passengers really
makes you think about how quickly life can end.

Автор Culerboi :3 ( назад)
well fuck.
can somebody tell me again why parachutes shouldnt be under every seat?

Автор jeffblacky ( назад)
some hard core flying , too bad these guys didnt make it ,

Автор Muselk's Medic ( назад)
I thought of a concept. You have a plane crashing that's huge? I thought
you can have a 2 special planes go out and "grab" the plane.
It has 2 engines, a ram jet and a military grade jet engine. The military
one is used to fly to the crashing plane, then when it locks onto the wings
with "arms" it engages the ram jet engines to keep the aircraft flying then
they land the plane WITH the jets still on untill a crane picks them up and
has them taxi to the hangar.

Автор Thomas Thomas ( назад)
Derniers mots d'un passager : écoutez la très belle chanson de Allain
Leprest "D'Osaka à Tokyo"

Автор billy boy (1067 лет назад)
Muito foda. O tempo todo os pilotos sabiam que não tinha salvação, mas
lutaram ate o fim.

Автор Thaddeus McMichael ( назад)

Автор ZZZushi ( назад)
With a total hydraulic failure, the last thing I'd do it put out my
cigarette. No thanks.

Автор bilibong ( назад)
Goosebumps, This gives me shivers through my spine!!

Автор 和田幸恵 ( назад)

Автор Alberto Cicotto ( назад)
R.I.P. all passengers of this unfortunately flight JAL 123. My very big
respect to the crew, they tried till the end to save the plane and the
passengers, they were very strong and professionals, they don't have to
perish in such a cruel way.

Автор 日下守 ( назад)
tell me
what did he say 0:15? after saying squawk 77
I think orange air, not all engine nor body gear.
maybe oLange eaa

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