Remix REMADE Marionette - Expression Crew

**EDIT** Wow, nearly 2,000 views on this one and 4,000 on the other one!
This calls for...an mp3! Click here to download :)

**Fixed Again** If there are any more problems, please tell me. =)


Enjoy. Credit goes to Sharon Lin.

Title says all.

Any comments/questions welcomed.

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Автор John Eric ( назад)
remix song 0:58 ..' ?

Автор Elie Green ( назад)
Guys, you have to check the "Fabuleux Desrin d'Amélie Poulain" Soundtrack.
All the musics came from here :)

Автор W.G play ( назад)
eu gostei q so achei firme

Автор ZoidGamer ( назад)
I have to dance on school for the parents

Автор Leo O ( назад)
me gusta

Автор Leo O ( назад)
me gusta

Автор Loz Tierney ( назад)

Автор Dave Antonius ( назад)
link download plz 

Автор Toysvill TV Studios ( назад)
I love this song!!!! I can do the perfect puppet dance with this! watch
me!...(5 min later..) happy, sweating and feeling great!!! :)

Автор Deivid Marlon ( назад)
Link 4 DL!? I can't stop listening to this song!!!! BEST EVER!!!

Автор digo ( назад)
This Is Fuccking Awsome!!

Автор dutchymusic ( назад)
Beste rap

Автор escolpu ( назад)

Автор magdalena petrova ( назад)

Автор KimSOnni ( назад)
And I mean the first half of the video, not the second half

Автор KimSOnni ( назад)
so you totally took this song from my video, just letting you know. There's
little spots where I accidentally messed up in the process of putting it
together and I can hear those exact moments. At least put credit up to
where you got it from

Автор Grigoris Gavrilidis ( назад)
I raped my repeat button

Автор Mada Patrascu ( назад)
2000? the description it's out of date

Автор Aniix Wood ( назад)
Lomejor ♥ 

Автор trà phạm ( назад)
oh i do find this version for a long time. thanks a lot

Автор Yon Idolz ( назад)
` Like từ đoạn 2:02

Автор Kuljo ( назад)
I love this music =)

Автор selena yanez ( назад)
best song

Автор Dimitris Karxas ( назад)
Its Great Music-Or-Song:Di love..itt<3<3:D;P

Автор Jarca ( назад)
I love this song :))

Автор Ch. Mike ( назад)
@tdkeurope omg <3 thannks very ! subbed

Автор tdkeurope ( назад)
@sk8OmikeOgta Amelie Soundtrack La Valse D'Amelie [Orcherstra Version] 

Автор Ch. Mike ( назад)
( 0:58 -> 1:50 ) Original version song name please :O ? Subbed

Автор ReaperPlayzLeague ( назад)
@MaikelFreestyle no 

Автор William Song ( назад)
thank you so much for this

Автор Smoku Pro ( назад)
at 3:17 starts my remix - smoku remix and don't delete this coment again!
Expression crew dance to the original track of Yann Tiersen! You've just
paste my remix to the rest!!! Bravo clown /watch?v=lDhRo8TF_9A and read
description or /watch?v=3tAOkvZjWs4 (01:03) I'm not angry that you put this
at your channel, I mad couse U title it WRONG!! Watch their show!!!! 

Автор GoldyNr1 ( назад)

Автор Jasmine N ( назад)
um what is the jewlry box melody ?

Автор Jasmine N ( назад)
@OhGeezItsCheese its obviouse it a virus concidering that NOONE INCLUDING
MY SELF CANNOT DOWNLOAD IT, and its a real pitty vbecause this song is so
perfect, could you please upload it to lme wire ASAP !

Автор Jasmine N ( назад)
its obviouse that the link is a virus, no one can seem to download it !

Автор Jasmine N ( назад)
the link better not be like a virus, could you upload it to lime wire
because i dont trust that sight. and i only need the audio version of it,
please do it like ASAP cause i need it for a performance wich is due pretty
soon. if not can you tell me all the songs that are mixxed in it like song
and artist so i can mix it together my self, oh and including the wind up
bit, if you could do this it would be so much appreciated, but do it asap.
p.s really like the song, great job, brilliant !

Автор Dimitris Karxas ( назад)
NiCe-s0nG-1ts-Relax1nG-You-Very-MuCh I like 1t!!

Автор Vasilis Nove ( назад)
la valse d'amelie :)

Автор Marxadus ( назад)
Marionette - Expression Crew

Автор Smoku Pro ( назад)
Expression crew is a b.boy crew they don't dancing to remix songs of
tiersen only to original (watch their show). this is my remix (2:17) watch:
watch?v=lDhRo8TF_9A and READ description OhGeezItsCheese Change the tittle
or write in your description correct title...this starts to piss me off.

Автор Sair Chipana ( назад)
nice nice

Автор SuperTutorialKing ( назад)

Автор yvonne tran ( назад)
to they have the mp3 song thingy for this song?! i want it!!!

Автор yvonne tran ( назад)
I Love the remixy part! its suites the dance!

Автор Sky x ( назад)
search jabbawockeez masks .

Автор BBoyUnik OSA ( назад)
love it! thanks a lot!

Автор Adrian Devera Alonzo ( назад)
size description is never accurate.. its just you. works perfectly for me.
try different browsers, clear your cookies, etc.

Автор NODEDON ( назад)
they got the song from the soundtrack "J'y Suis Jamais Alle"

Автор Adrian Devera Alonzo ( назад)
nicely done, very simplistic! Recreated. Releasing remix soon

Автор blarfsgnarg ( назад)
:O damn the melody reminds me of the film amelie =D

Автор Fabian Franco ( назад)
hey fix the link please seems like it's not working :(

Автор Jordan L ( назад)
can you email me the song?

Автор Jordan L ( назад)
cant seem to download =\

Автор Ordi7777 ( назад)
I dont get how to download this... where is the download button from the
link??? plz help or send?? cuz this song is SOOOOO good

Автор Urothesia ( назад)
Post it now =D

Автор Adrian Bitlan ( назад)
ar fi tare dak si la noi ar dansa p melodia asta :D

Автор Claudiu Gabryel ( назад)
e prea tare melod ..la fel si baieti ...super breack dance

Автор RemyLeBeau102 ( назад)
where can it be downloaded?

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