Finally! We.Are.Back! (☆^ー^☆) Time for a another batch with NEW and ENTERTAINING Japanese commercials! o(^▽^)o Hope you guys have some good fun watching it (^_^)--b ENJOOOOOOOOY!!

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Автор Lou Sensei ( назад)
I've been watching these for the past 2 hours.... ON TO THE NEXT! ☝

Автор Chrisjohan Susanto ( назад)
What is the name of the white doge?

Автор Nana Hiro ( назад)
exist spoon in Japan?::0

Автор Love Expert ( назад)

Автор Diamond Channel ( назад)

Автор สุทธินันท์ หินเเรง ( назад)
0:15thew the Music

Автор Lieutenant Yoshi ( назад)
Two bites and all hell breaks loose LMFAO!

Автор Elisabeth Isandhyta (Icha) ( назад)
That evangelion ads is hillarious~ "Shinji-kun?... Kaworu-kun?" 😂

Автор Natsu Dragneel ( назад)
Hi everyone, Please, what's name of the song in the beggining?
Poky pub

Автор purple97ish ( назад)
who is the group in the 1st commercial

Автор Kawaii Cinnamon ( назад)
if these ads came on in my country, I would love adverts xD

they are actually kinda entertaining...

Автор Grace Tang ( назад)
I can't believe they made Hatsune Miku take a CF on hair shampoo when her
hair isn't even realllllllllll

Автор Limecosamo ( назад)
What is the name of de song of minute 0:11?

Автор Lauren gunderson ( назад)
What was the group in the first comer ial

Автор Momoko K. ( назад)
1:04 do you know this song? please let me know if you do. Thanks!

Автор Paula Clarke ( назад)
Thank you, I absolutely love watching Japanese adverts. I am quite happy to
let them wash over me without knowing what they are advertising, the
colours, the creativity, the language....all add to the joy :)

Автор Rizkirafu ( назад)
Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Arale-Chan! X3

Автор Sofia Da Silva ( назад)
WHAAAAT IS THIS !!!#!!#!@--*3&7-2*$

Автор Rainielovealways ( назад)
Does anyone know the song playing in the PS4 advert at 5:10?

Автор Chris Liu ( назад)
What is the first song‘s name?

Автор tes sa ( назад)

Автор HoLunYes TszYinNo ( назад)
1:53 I can see the pepper robot.

Автор littlenooby ( назад)
its tentacle rape time

Автор 0 X ( назад)
The second last one is so prevented lol

Автор 0 X ( назад)
The last one is the best!

Автор 거뮤뮤 ( назад)

Автор Jazz Stephanie Gonzalez Macias ( назад)

Автор Kelly Maneja ( назад)
I literally only watch this because I miss Japan and the sound of Japanese
just makes me feel nostalgic even if I don't understand the language

Автор Margarida Mendes ( назад)
the end.... *dead*

Автор mitsuke Brasil ( назад)

Автор epic dante ( назад)
I liked this video.

Автор kawaii pucheen ( назад)
Ok I am going to get some bleach someone wants to join ???

Автор Ragnorok64 ( назад)
Who's the baseball player at 1:18?

Автор Pauly villalobos ( назад)
07:37 ARALE!!!

Автор Psyche kieyh ( назад)
imagine JSB suddenly shows in your class and start teaching you the pocky
dance!!! huhuhu!! visit my class tooooooo!!!

Автор jjsherrill 92 ( назад)
10:16 Kris Jenner is that you?

Автор Anna Irish ( назад)
What is the commercial at 3:03?

Автор Robert Oliver ( назад)
whats the first song???

Автор saidoterodiseno ( назад)
1:33 ???

Автор 「тнe gιrl wнo ѕтole a ѕтar。」 ( назад)
6:07 was my favorite lol

Автор Snot Nose The Goblin ( назад)
Japan REALLY loves its "Dancing" commercials, doesn't it? lol

Автор axel benavides ( назад)
Me pregunto si habrá algún japones viendo comerciales latinoamericanos Lol

Автор gumisora ( назад)
Softbank! the instant food commercial xD hahaha

Автор tinylizard ( назад)
I've got one commercial I saw just this past July when I visited Japan
stuck in my head and I just can't find it. It's a saran wrap ad where
there's a bear thing on the top of a hill and a jingle that kinda goes like
"saran rapu dayo, saran rap dayooo" and he tries to kick a soccer ball and
misses then tumbles down the hill. Then the super catchy song continues.
Anybody know what I mean...? Thanks.

Автор Boris Diaz ( назад)
9:37 quien es??

Автор OtakuSenseiHig ( назад)
dat Shimura Ken made me really happy

Автор Justin Givens ( назад)
cant wait for the next one

Автор モリモリω お米 ( назад)

Автор Paul Berendt ( назад)
Is that a real band in the Nissin commercial at the end?

Автор Utezzi ( назад)
3:03 when i'm watchibg it i think about the same Japanese that attacked
Pearl Harbor, conquer some Asia, about "japanese spirit" and about those

Автор tinimeanie ( назад)
whose the first group? 😮

Автор kafemania ( назад)
HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS? in USJ???is that the first? or they had done it
before?btw also agree with the others about that shampoo commercial,
though the tuning makes my ears hurt

Автор Jung King ( назад)
generally,they are too childish and out-moded.

Автор kami no Ryu ( назад)
es bien sabido que liam neeson obtiene superpoderes cuando viaja a japon
yo tambien quiero comer ramen con la lanza de longinus

Автор XxJustCherryxX ( назад)
Who else clicked the video, because the girl in the thumbnail reminds of
Marinette from meraculause ladybug?

Автор Grey Virus ( назад)
Welcome to the NHK

Автор shebooky ( назад)
dafuk did i just watch?

Автор Martin Priest ( назад)
Are you going to make a seperate video of Glico, nobel and lotte adverts?

Автор Emad Ze ( назад)
Donald trump at 5:40

Автор KMX ( назад)
8:21 Tommy Lee Jones, hahah

Автор Haley F-H ( назад)
That dog is so cuuuute o^w^o

Автор Haley F-H ( назад)
SAO!!!!!!!!!!! Yazzzzzzzz

Автор Haley F-H ( назад)

Автор Haley F-H ( назад)

Автор lclyd ( назад)

Автор monde made ( назад)
The BOSS coffee commercial did it for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор KuroiHato69 ( назад)
These are absolutely awesome! Thank you again!

Автор Kim ( назад)
who is she? at 1:51
https://youtu.be/XnzJkYmuXC8?t=111 I've seen her somewhere but can't
recall! thanks :D

Автор Hiroko ( назад)
Why there is a black in the SoftBank commercial?

Автор Ikima ( назад)
Wow, Softbank is still doing commercials with that dog? :D

Автор mdubin ( назад)
I like watching for the Kannah Hashimoto commercials <3

and the video game commercials are far more superior than americas

Автор Ramananda Pratama ( назад)
aawww yeeaahhh aimer !!!

Автор Korcho653 ( назад)
jajaja muy buenos :D softbank jajaja

Автор Diego Loyo ( назад)
I love the softbank dog so much.... AAAAAA HE'S TOO CUUUUTE

Автор June Passingthroughthegate ( назад)
What's the anime at 8:51?

Автор June Passingthroughthegate ( назад)
I love your weirdness Japan 😊

Автор culota ( назад)
i wish ads were half as interesting in my country

Автор Jeremy Wang ( назад)
i see that Harujion Ga Sakukoro

Автор Rahadian ( назад)
4:05 name please

Автор v68 ( назад)
The last one is the greatest!

Автор LlanHeinrich ( назад)
Are there any version of those ads separately?

Автор Ruth.E ( назад)
5:21- Love it! Is that even possible, l mean...wow!

Автор masa masa ( назад)

Автор Leonardo Posadinu ( назад)
You guys are from Japan?!?
͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Автор strawberrybankai12 ( назад)
They gave miku an actual voice?

Автор CaptainGenius ( назад)
has anyone ever translated the peach boy AU commercials? i really wanna
know what's going on in those.

Автор TheMiserlou ( назад)
Softbank commercial gave me feels http://i.imgur.com/w8fIA.gif

Автор Konoe Hinomaru ( назад)
9:35 is that Kusumi Koharu?

Автор jonas cruz ( назад)
wait for this!! :D

Автор Ayanami “Ay” Aya ( назад)
Are we back to the Softbank commercials without Giga? This makes me happy!
Sorry guys, I just find him annoying.

Автор Benedict Is Musical and STUFF ( назад)
Loved the heavy metal pot noodles ad at the end XD

Автор Manisha Chan ( назад)
I want to live in Japan

Автор a sldbtll ( назад)
Ikoma-chan! <3

Автор Lorenzo Conti ( назад)
Hell Yeah! The Curry Meshi insanity strikes again!! I love it!!!

Автор Jay DaeKang ( назад)
This was the funniest compilation by far!

Автор Sly Silver ( назад)
Anyone got a link to just the last commercial. That was epic.

Автор Zulhanafi Kalam (NightLagann) ( назад)
Thanks for awesome video ^=^

Автор Wilde Chaplin (Wildechap) ( назад)
I love the SoftBank dog

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