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Автор The mighty Noob ( назад)
and machabee u said mohammed rape the womens and mohammed kille people
infront of there parents infront of there children i want a proof or else

Автор The mighty Noob ( назад)
you guys r soooo fukcing stupid if a minority of people did something thats
does not mean a relgion with 1.7 billion agree with what these fucked up
people r doing
infact they dont count as muslim any more acording to the quran if u killed
an innocent person its like if u killed the whole mankind

Автор hadi haidar ( назад)

Автор Michael Ross ( назад)
since 7th century

Автор aerolift ( назад)
that trucker left his ID in the vehicle just like in Paris, it's a coup by
secret agents later they kill them, why? you should know why, they want
people to hate muslims so they can continue attacking muslim countries and
back israel's crimes.

Автор aerolift ( назад)
get the fuck out of muslim countries, you killed millions and displaced
them because of you NATO countries assholes. Leave them alone they will
leave your shitty countries.

Автор Slim Pickingz ( назад)
Why do we have them in just send them all back were they come from TRUMP
will do it 

Автор samael 4 ( назад)
FUCK all u fake christians because all of you christianity will fall, u
think you have the obligation to forgive everyone but you are letting all
those faggots and atheist in america curse the name of our lord christ i
hope the creator destroys north america for the evil that they do. you fake
christians think you can fuck each other like monkeys and commit all the
sin that you desire and tell people to sacrifice our lord jesus christ for
you transgression. remember the satan disobey god and the bible tells us
that obedience is better than sacrifice. This goes to all people no matter
what you believe in. and remember the bible tells us to kill homosexuals,
fornicators idolaters and adulterers. and the big majority of americans are
what they think is good... why are you not fallowing what the bible tell us
you hanging loose of shit. FUUUUUCCCCKKKK

Автор KulinBan777 ( назад)
and do you know how many Muslims have been killed that same week by drones,
you don't cause the media doesn't talk about it, you stupid fuck id break
you in half if you said some shit to my face but you never will cause youre
hiding behind a screen like and ignorant little white boy, you are the
reason I respect blacks and Hispanics way more than white americans

Автор KulinBan777 ( назад)
You ignorant motherfucker your so called Bible has almost same violence in
it as Quran, oh look my god is better than yours cause he fucking
evaporated and is gonna come back, no he wont he's dead as fuck just like
any other human dies, your views and ideologies are same as those ISIS
shitheads, no difference

Автор Ghost Killa ( назад)
fuck all muslims and jews.

Автор Scott W ( назад)
The quran is pure evil and illegals must get out.

Автор Zoran Basa ( назад)
Germans are just a bunch of pussies!!!!!!! do something!!!

Автор Eddie R ( назад)
we need to kill these mother fuckers asap this really pisses me off..

Автор Zoran Basa ( назад)
All muslims have a brainwashed idioligy!!!!

Автор HardRokMiner ( назад)
Here's a message for these evil pigs!: We in the Wild West are watching you
and what you're doing in Europe to our brothers, sisters and friends. We
are waiting here for you. We want you to bring your shit to our backyards.
Unlike the people in Europe, We have our own guns here, and weve been using
them to kill things all our livez... We don't need the police to protect us
against you. One day soon the whole world will be fed up with the Muslim
shit and when that happens We in the Wild West, who have been killing deer,
elk, moose and ducks for all our lives, will turn our guns on YOU!... We
will hunt you like the dogs that you are. No Muslim man woman or child will
be safe!... We will kill you and pile your bodies to the sky and burn you
At our shooting range, where there is a small army of guys who I will
gladly go to war with, We used to shoot standard targets and clay pigeons
years ago. For the last year we've been shooting pictures of Muslims, and
the Qu'ran... Nothing pleases me more than nailing the Qu'ran with a 12
gauge shotgun and watching it explode into 10 thousand pieces of confetti.

Bring your pig fucking ways to our shores... Please!!! WE'RE WAITING FOR

Автор Tony Silva ( назад)
Islam allows peaceful existence of Christians if they pay taxes, if they
don't pay their taxes Christians are removed by force/ violence/aggression
from their land and home, isn't Islam simply an exact refection of the very
foundational operating mechanism that feeds all world systems? take
ownership of human spirit while you have a chance....

Автор irizarry366 ( назад)
This is what Muslim Obama wants!!!!

Автор Bujor Vasile Lucian ( назад)
"Let's see this dude drive a truck thru a crowd in Texas" I applause, but I
am still against arming civilians .

Автор Robert M ( назад)
Fuck christmas

Автор christine a ( назад)
machabee i agree with you %100.islam is not a religion of peace fuck that
religion ugh!

Автор Karrie Murray ( назад)
Muslims serve Satan.. if I hear "not all Muslims" shut up already. it's
your demonic religion that facilities Terrorist, no other religion does
this.. except Satanist.

Автор AveNullusMajestic ( назад)
Where is Techno Viking when we need him? Also, drop a Tsar Bomb on that
pagan fucking Borg cube in mecca, problem solved...

Автор Shane vanWinkle ( назад)
Like they say...not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are
Muslim. Insecure Diaper Head Cult of Death. No social goodness or societal
goodness that is a benefit to civilized normal people. I worship God at all
times...I don't need to point my rear anywhere 5 times a day. Islam is a
pagan cult...obvious by its death and hatred and violence.
Interesting...Arabs have million of acres of land...yet they DONT WANT ANY

Автор Michael Clarke ( назад)
White people came to America invaded it and took it over from Indians and
now they are mad that muslims are doing the same thing to white countries
the hypocrisy is high in white people 😂😂 we will continue to infiltrate
white countries

Автор Michael Clarke ( назад)
ahhahahahaha hahaja

Автор B Latvataloa ( назад)
Until ALL muslims work to dissolve the radical islam plague, ALL muslims
will continue to live in fear.
Take on your responsibility

Автор Saro M ( назад)

Автор Raena Jennings ( назад)
I'm so glad to be in Texas!! "Ya"ll can go to hell, I'm going to Texas"
David Crockett

Автор alcyone svx ( назад)
fucking pricks its the Zionists who are behind these attacks

Автор - Clorox Bleach - ( назад)
Im from United States of America and I say *FUCK Islam! FUCK those filthy
fucking pathetic mooselim cockroaches! I burn their quran and wipe my ass
with their flag and I would do it Infront of them* We will take them all
out just like we took out osama bin ladin the fucking mooselim cock sucking
faggot. I would fucking snipe that fucking 12 year old mooselim kid.

Автор EddieBee83 ( назад)
Fuck Islam and Christmas, both irrelevant.

Автор iINhale CHEMtrails ( назад)
I hate sand niggers

Автор King Ofpain ( назад)
See that you fkn BLIND LIBERAL SHEEP, we don't want that here, we won't let
it happen, that's why you lost more than 1000 seats, get on the right side,
soon it will be Islamic Terrorists and those who let them in vs Us, true
American Patriotic people.

Автор Bell ( назад)
you talk pure shit nothing to back you up on any of your claims not even
what you say about christianity is true and i assume you think you are a
christ follower

Автор jason Smith ( назад)
fuck these people nuke Mecca wipe them all out

Автор Richard Daugherty ( назад)
Trump has already won!!

Автор Les Paul ( назад)
I'm not excusing this behavior but, Christ's birthday has nothing to do
with the winter solstice or it's pagan roots with Satan (Santa). Also the
roots of multiculturalism is the feminists movement. Women out number men
at the polls, therefore, we may be doomed to this type of culture. Because
most women will vote with their feeling than vote for those candidates
policies. (Merkel)

Jeremiah 10

3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the
forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and
with hammers, that it move not.

Автор Jugoslav Stojanovik ( назад)
First let Them pay then let them One Way Ticket to Saudi A, Pakistan or

Автор Brandon Yellowhorse ( назад)
Plushteddy, the USA is doing the very same thing. I wanna know why not one
person is pulling and beating the assholes destroying our religion
(Christmas tree) stop putting up with the take over cause its
happening.....for such a peacful religion they sure are violent...FUCK
MUSLIMES. great video keep it up.

Автор Thomas Frotton ( назад)
what a fuckin joke of a video yeah jihad joe or whoever took Santa's sled
and they fuckin killed santa awsome they killed the pagan god satan aka
santa hint hint
this is a psy op smart people need to wake too all the fake bullshit..

Автор Josh Is here ( назад)
there disarming us to let in all the terrorists

Автор tries 7 ( назад)
Sometimes I just don't get it. People...Don't be so stupid. Use your brain
to THINK. Is it not obvious this is just how "the hidden hand" rule the
world. The Jews!! The Ashkenazi Jews to be precise. They just want to
destroy the Christians moral values by instill hatred towards the Muslims.
Sometimes I just wish another Hitler. These Christians are stupid!! Sad....
and the irony thing is that the three religions are Abrahamic religions.
Like brothers and yet they fight and murder each other!! And they greet
SHALOM which means peace. I just don't get it.

Автор Borg Drone ( назад)
fake fake fake stage just for you joo tube vblog..for some more shekels 

Автор Tractor Wrangler ( назад)
A cult. Not a religion.

Автор Roads2Erbil ( назад)
polish license plate owned by an jewish business man? coincidence? you
moron! oh yeah he left his ID as they say..

Автор Roads2Erbil ( назад)
yeah was you there? so you know first handed you was there saw the guy,
talked to him? he's 100% a religious person? logic doesn't prevail here,
all religions are peaceful. Genius

Автор عبدالمجيد عبيد ( назад)
I Muslim I don't study to attack Religions

Автор عبدالمجيد عبيد ( назад)
Photoshop signed Excellent

Автор عبدالمجيد عبيد ( назад)
Islam Attack on religions is forbidden but muslim they wrong what did in
the video ☝

Автор Zeek M ( назад)
Let me make it clear, The police don't give a fuck about how many
christians die.

Автор hszjs ha z hsnjjdjhhdjkdjjhddjdjjConnors ( назад)
it's Another jihadi Christmas !!!?...😈🔥🇺🇸🔥🌎

Автор John Roach ( назад)
the moolins

Автор DamnDirtyApe ( назад)
I have a premonition that hundreds of thousands of muslims will be killed

Автор NomNom shows ( назад)
Yes, and liberal wants to lets as many Muslim in USA as they can. Bitch
please, just move there instead

Автор bboy Freestyler ( назад)
dude wtf is ur problem with islam ?
it's not Islam it's you ignorant loosers haters racism you sound like a
fucking retarded.
Muslim are not the same i live in USA I LOVE THIS COUNTRY MUSLIMS DON'T DO

Автор James H ( назад)
Great video

Автор jopisano67 ( назад)
These Muslims only act tough when they are in crowds. A bunch of cowards.

Автор rindoue dragonus ( назад)
In the hidden scriptures jesus did kill a child when he was a child, so
that reporter can't make the excuse "Oh jesus never killed".

Автор Hardball Hall ( назад)
That illegal false president that was placed just fueled what the idiot
before him did! He created ISIS by bombing Iraq to the stone ages! Why??
OIL!!OIL!!OIL!! Who owns all the drilling and pumping rigs in Iraq and
Kuwait?? Haleburton! Who owns Haleburton?? You know who!! Saudi arabia has
been pushing water in all their holes for over a year or more because that
how you get all of the last little bit thats left! Weve all been fooled on
a scale most wont even try to fathom!! Because the Orchestrator of lies,
the first liar and murderer has had this planned from the beginning! Yall
better wake up out of your soccer mom, common core, feminism liberalistic,
candy ass dream land!! Hell is here!! Make no mistake! Its in place and
happening! Better get your souls in order!

Автор Pam Johnson ( назад)
Put Angela in jail , she's the globalist who invited haters to her german

Автор John Poe ( назад)
gonna buy me a karon so I can wipe my ass with a page every morning. =-O

Islam is not a religion it is the expansion of kingdom that is why Muslims
want to kill other religious people .One day they will captured the whole
Europe as they have done in Indian continents.

Автор John Roach ( назад)
get them out now right now

Автор Jon Carrier ( назад)
we need to take a stand as soon as possible I hope that they use force to
stop this from continuing to do this shit if the police can't do anything
then they need the army to make a big different's

Автор Sparkymax L ( назад)
Welcome to "Albert Pikes Three World Wars"!
Look it up!
And while your at it, look up "The Extreme Jesuit Oath of Induction"
then connect the dots!

Автор Isa Corfi ( назад)
Yeah, can we kill the Bastards now??

Автор Robert Parkes ( назад)
Fuck all muslims.

Автор Johanes Sudarsiman ( назад)
When I first illuminated by the Holy Spirit, about of Jesus is the Lord but
why Jesus did not know the day of Judgment? As the word below:
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but
my Father only. (NT: Mathew: 24:35-36)
When I illuminated by the Holy Spirit, predawn around 2 am, my mind opened
and I remembered the Word, which I have read that all power had been given
to the Lord Jesus as below:
And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in
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remember Remin then I woke up and wrote what has been illuminated by the
Holy Spirit, I first illuminated by the Holy Spirit about a philosophy of
"There is same with there is no" from here I can answer why Jesus is called
God but do not know the last day; that moment I felt a very magnificent
beauty that I personally have never touched a magnificent beauty, mind,
body, soul and spirit I began to tremble and feel the words that form the
unity of and lead the truth of the Trinity is real, from this is where I
wrote a book titled "Digging for the truth of the Trinity, sow love,
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You need to think about my question about "Jesus is Lord, but why Jesus did
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Spirit will enlighten you all, amen.
http://kebenaran-trinitas.com My dear brothers and sisters in lovest
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Corinthians: 8: 6, Deuteronomy: 6: 4, that "God is One" (one GOD), and the
Lord Jesus himself said: “ . . . . The first of all the commandments is,
Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: (Markus: 12:29), please read
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concept of salvation for mankind, not the concept of God (Godhead), while
the concept of God the Lord is One YAHWEH God is One).
Trinity is not written in the Bible but is implicit in the spoken word of
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baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy
Ghost:” and in Mark: 16:16 " He that believeth and is baptized shall be
saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” Also read: Acts: 2:38
Meaning of Baptism:
1. Be baptized in the name of the Father means God worshiped by Christians
is the God worshiped by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) named YAHWEH
(written in Tetragrammaton: יהוה Latin: YHWH), which the people of
Christians call the Father.
2. While in the name of the Son means that the Old Testament all
redemption, covenant, forgiveness, purification, and others that are
divinity done with the blood of animals, please read: Exodus: 24: 8,
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Автор Fed up American ( назад)
Sorry for all the comments, I'm posting as I watch and I'm just so enraged
by people's stupidity, and the betrayal of the people, including us by our
own governments by inviting these barbaric mother fkrs into the countries.
Europe is all but over. America is In for many attacks to come. I hate the
Muslims. Call me a bigot then, I don't mind anyone else, or anyone who
loves our country, respect our flag, our way of life, but what they are
doing pisses me off and I want them all eradicated from the planet!

Автор Fed up American ( назад)
And Obama is letting in as many Islamists as possible before trump gets in.
We have millions of those fuckers here! America needs to wake the f up too!

Автор Fed up American ( назад)
They all need to be eradicated from the planet like the bedbug parasites
they are!

Автор Fed up American ( назад)
I think it's up to over 70 people dead. They even had a barricade, for
possibility of such an attack on Christians by the Muslim scum, but
apparently it wasn't good enough because the truck drove around it!

Автор FolkPhotographer ( назад)

Автор MUSLIMS FOR BACON ( назад)
Good Muslims or bad Muslims, as long as Islam exists, terrorism will always

Автор John Leonard ( назад)
Fear mongering dipshit.

Автор kimberly snyder ( назад)

Автор Prof. Enis ( назад)
I'm german and i'm in rage! Get all muslims out of Germany!

Автор strong foot ( назад)
You should have the courage and ask for the stop of the Christian and
Jewish terrorism in Palestine,Iraq,Libya, Mali,Central Afrique Republic,
Afghanistan,Somalia, Syria by proxy, Yemen and many other countries. YOU
can NOT hide the sun with a simple sieve.

Автор strong foot ( назад)
You should have the courage and ask for the stop of the Christian and
Jewish terrorism in Palestine,Iraq,Libya, Mali,Central Afrique Republic,
Afghanistan,Somalia, Syria by proxy, Yemen and many other countries. YOU
can NOT hide the sun with a simple sieve.

Автор mrsbiblebeliever ( назад)
The Mohamudans also did the same thing to Europeans not just to jews he
would have all the men slaughtered and the women and children mob-raped,
force marched to the middle east and those who survived, were sold to
brothels. where they spent the rest of their short misery leadened lives,
wich only usually lasted 3,4 yrs. max, or until they went crazy, then they
were thrown out onto the streets where they were left to die,
he saw our people as nothing but sex slaves, their white skin and blond
hair made them inferior in his eyes and good for nothing else.
Can't figure why blacks go for that , Moe. saw them as the most inferior
race of all, and good for nothing but forced labour and slavery, even those
who reverted to Islam, they were still seen as inferior and enslaved
Blacks are most likely ignorant of this fact.

Автор Consrignrant ( назад)
Meanwhile in America......Americans go on the attack against their fellow
citizens.11,000 Americans are shot dead each year by their fellow Americans
and none of you dumb fucks gives a shit. I've got news for you fools. You
need protection from each other and not from Muslims.

Автор Victoria Tuguinay ( назад)

Автор Norzana Md Saad ( назад)
kami benci krismas tipu santa fake 0% lembap kami benci krismas hapuskan

Автор Charmer4856 ( назад)
Everything they wanna replace has like 15 more words in it

Автор anna kat ( назад)
these are great videos and analysis

Автор Ali Hadi ( назад)

Автор Ali Hadi ( назад)

Автор Ali Hadi ( назад)
Islam Question and Answer
General Supervisor: Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid

Автор NIRMAL PADWAL ( назад)
and that motherfucker was killed recently in italy

Автор betty kuykendall ( назад)
You need yo give the Muslims Merkel's home address and tell them she has
presents for All of them at her home.....

Автор KatherinVII ( назад)
This isn't a war on Christmas. This is a war on Christianity. Christian
Persecution by Muslims, has come full force to Europe and America.
Christians had best wake up and begin to prepare to defend their religion
as never before. Their lives are at stake, because the Christian
Genocide of the Middle East by Muslims is now in the West. They're not
coming for your Christmas Tree, they're coming for you and your children.

Автор Larry Stran ( назад)
they just need a bom fire of Koran books. to fight back and celebrate.

Автор MuhamMAD the almighty pigs molester ( назад)
I am heading for peace tour in HGV who wants seat?

Автор Rajeev r ( назад)
Good job bro, worldwide sentiments are same. May God gives us strengths to
fight the demon called terrorism.
keep it up.

Автор Slava Rossiya ( назад)
Why are we talking about this? And not taking action? Fuck the talk lets
get these islamic terrorist scum!

Автор 12ttttttttt ( назад)
false flag

Автор Donald J. Trump ( назад)
Good video! I approve this message.

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