Apollo 20 EBE Mona Lisa TV Unscheduled Transmission

Apollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV unscheduled transmission made from the LM.

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Автор OusaKhun (7 месяцев)
As much as I want to believe this I'll have to say this video is a fake.
Even film from the 40s looks so much cleaner. My grandma who has arthritis
can properly frame a shot better than these guys.

Автор Scott Waring (3 месяца)
I remember the astronaut William Rutledge Back 5 years ago, when he was
active on Youtube. He is for real and lives in Rwanda right now. He use to
go by the Youtube name RetiredAFB, but he said CIA hacked his account and
deleted most his videos. Then...never heard from him since. 

Автор thinkofwhy (3 дня)
Why? Why bother?

Автор Anthony Storm (20 дней)
Worst fake or well made video totally made to look fake and muddy the
waters on a possible true event. 

Автор MineGaming012 (18 дней)
um there was no apollo 20

Автор John Stock (23 дня)
One of the worst fakes I've ever seen.

Автор Misse Ibrahimagic (2 месяца)
She looks like the girls from Lilo & Stitch.

Автор Leah Faulkner (8 месяцев)
If Rutledge said she had blue skin and no nostrils, why does this video
show an olive skinned woman with a human looking nose?

Автор Kimi K (6 дней)
So, Eskimos are from the moon?

Автор dennis a (11 дней)
and the q tips on her face?

Автор pokellaa (7 дней)
Footage is excellent, considering it being filmed from millions of miles in

Автор Kevin Wright (18 дней)
Captain Kirk confirmed this was fake

Автор aviator1960 (6 месяцев)
And the BS just keeps rising...

Автор Apollon Smyrnis (8 месяцев)
It is possible that mankind is on the threshold of a golden age, but if so,
it will be necessary to slay the dragon that guards the door, and this
dragon is religion.
Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

Автор dennis a (11 дней)
the cockpit doesnt make sence, why is there a horizon meter in it??

Автор aigfn gforce (3 месяца)

Автор Graciela Tapia (2 месяца)
Told you Asian people are Aliens haha

Автор har bar (7 месяцев)
Why is it that when anything moderately historical is about to take place,
the people capturing the footage think to themselves, “time to pull out our
fucking shittiest camera”

Автор David Hunter (1 месяц)
Amateurs went way overboard with the effects lol

Автор Juan Broughton (9 дней)
Sorry, calling this one BS, from the first 10 seconds, guy trying to flip a
camera like there is no gravity (even though there is some gravity on the

Автор KatXYZ (13 дней)
I was eating spaghetti while watching this…. I was about to throw up
looking at her skin… x/

Автор john man (15 дней)
Fake Fake Fake!!

Автор Tyler Durden (22 дня)

Автор http://www.youtube.com/irmensul13 (2 месяца)
Scott Waring,sir,you are losing credibility & damaging ufology with some of
your recent assertions..please tighten quality control?

Автор maniekakaabraham (3 месяца)
A kaj stan nieważkości ? Jo sie pytom? 

Автор ToneProjectTV (6 месяцев)
I wonder what her pussy taste like?

Автор Albert Macias (7 дней)
she looks like a mummy you find in icold regions like ice

Автор fywacia . (1 месяц)
According to The Blue Planet Project hand writing samples this woman is
identified as being from the portion of the sky near the star Sirius.

Автор KR abis (7 месяцев)
I'm actually amazed at the fact that they did research and built a
realistic lunar landing module. Some details on the control scheme are
missing though.

Автор PS3Goat94 (9 месяцев)
She is andromedan

Автор RonanFed Music (1 год)
Michael Jackson?

Автор corrina burgess (11 месяцев)

Автор Kppot (1 год)
oral sex?

Автор Duckman1616 (1 год)
All you can see is the panel and a window, that's hardly an interior. And
again, the quality is so god awful, you can't make out the details of
anything, likely on purpose.

Автор Hola zz (1 год)
if it were real, he hasnt touching everything without protection, and why
he is not using his helmet, he dont know if there is oxygen.. after all
those years on the spaceship..or even more important if they (ET) use the
oxygen to breath.

Автор Alonzo Ramon (1 год)
As a photography-enthusiast I have to conclude that this entire video is a
fake. I'm not sure if this video contains a specific type of footage of the
camera zooming into the ship from a distance. If you pay attention to the
way a camera functions, it had a lens flare, and if you notice when the
lens flare is manifested, the lens flare don't blur as it zooms when it is
supposed to, it stays in the same form. A camera should function like that
meaning in a photographic sense, it's a fake.

Автор Dino B (1 год)
theres no gravity in space dickless thats why its jiggling around and the
astronaught too

Автор ajoajoajoaj (1 год)
The moon has gravity.

Автор SyfyNinja (1 год)
Here is the original video w/o the added shit. /watch?v=4C9lLLL-8s8 .
another example of a pretty funny DISINFORMATION vid is
/watch?v=mRpQLRZY71E . The beginning footage of the spaceship is real but
the alien autopsy is fake along with including "retiredafb" on the topic in
order to blame and discredit Rutledge.

Автор Amanda Stahle (11 месяцев)
Yeah.... I don't think so.

Автор ajoajoajoaj (1 год)
Yes, because somebody believes one particular dubious video is fake, that
automatically means they don't believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Автор Isaac V (1 год)
Are you honestly this blind? The astronaut that flips the object in his
hands? The object flips at normal speed, meaning it has normal weight, in a
weightless environment. You would have to be utterly stupid not to realize
this is fake, And I hope you're clever enough to realize that the alien? Is
about as real as a wooden twelve dollar bill.

Автор bertha yellowfinch (9 месяцев)
Finding a body is one thing. Bringing it in the capsule is something else.
No way would that body have been touched or exposed to the environment in
the capsule.

Автор dfshgaha ahahaha (1 год)
Worst hoax ever. Video is so fake. Anyone who believes this is a damned
moron who doesn't deserve to live.

Автор Alex Wiskin (1 год)
i dont think its fake. these no money made out of this

Автор Sentnl (1 год)
There is NO way, they would recover an ancient body, and have it in open
air like that... It would be sealed in a vaccum.. Not to mention that
whenever the other guy comes into shot, he's doing something animated, like
there was a script... I believe the story, but this video looks like

Автор Ron Edrf (1 год)
She looks Asian or African....but definetley not caucasian

Автор Matt Pepperdine (9 месяцев)
laughably fake

Автор komivesors (1 год)
they dont wear any type of biological protect uniform??? hmmm alien life
form, from 2000 light year is not dangerous....

Автор Charientisma (9 месяцев)
Fake - she's much too well formed to be a "space mummy". Things that
mummify due to decaying in a sterile or near-sterile environment are all
shrunken and shriveled, their facial features distort, the eyelids sink and
fall inwards. I don't have to tell you, even. Everyone knows what a mummy
looks like. She'd have to have died within days of being found to still be
so fresh and plump, but her skin is leathery and warped, like a mummy's -
that's impossible.

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