Apollo 20 EBE Mona Lisa TV Unscheduled Transmission

Apollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV unscheduled transmission made from the LM.

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Автор Number Nine ( назад)
Melanated people exist throughout this universe and beyond. Every "alien"
is not cartoonish looking or monster-like. 

Автор Ap0c ( назад)
Funny how we have Ultra HD now and still they can't make a normal video
when it is about things like this. :)

Makes me wonder..

Автор Zachary Abrams ( назад)

Автор Vickie Muhammad ( назад)
the Mona Lisa .. looks like she is made of Clay from East Texas ...

Автор Vickie Muhammad ( назад)
Hmmm ... are they suppose to be in space with no gravity? Why is the Man
in the NASA lab coat tossing an object back and forth in his hands and it's
not floating .. not natural ..

Автор fooman65 ( назад)
So that's where Jacko went.

Автор Killa Cam ( назад)
I love how everyday normal people become expert video analyzers an
astronauts an scientists like im goin to do further analysis on this shut
the fuck up go back to your normal job at the gas station buddy no one on
here is any position to give any credible analysis lets be honest now . Not
saying i believe this is real because im not a scientist an this story will
never be brought public cause the powers that be dont want us to know even
if it was or is real

Автор Merc420 ( назад)
Has anyone carbon dated her to see how old it is? That's one way to find
out whether or not the footage is authentic or not

Автор Joel Szasz ( назад)
First, let me say that this is most certainly a fascinating piece of
footage. However, I don't feel that I'm qualified to judge it's
authenticity, so my conclusion is maybe it is fake, maybe it is not.

First, I have to let my skeptic side step in, before I can let my
imaginative side take over. Now, it has already been pointed out that our
astronauts here do not appear to wearing any protective gear, to protect
them against any possible dormant bacteria, viruses, or any other single
celled extraterrestrial organisms, that might've just been waiting millions
of years just to latch onto some unsuspecting curious passing life forms.
Not very smart!

There is also the very human-like appearance of our dear Mona Lisa here.
Now, if Rutledge had also shared some footage of the blue-skinned alien
that he claimed was also brought back on that same mission, that would've
not only made me even more fascinated, but also maybe helped silence the
critics just a teensy bit more! You'd think that extraterrestrial life
would evolve to look a little bit different from us human beings!

Now, I'm going to let my imagination take over! Now, I recall the Sumerian
story about how the Annunaki came from the heavens, made man in their
image, to basically do slave work. Someone but cogs in that machine when
they gave man intelligence, and so here we are.
There is a good possibility that Mona Lisa could be a member of this so
called Annunaki race, hence the fact that if she were walking down the
street (with the appropriate attire of course!), guys might think "hmm, not
a bad looking lady", and take not much more note of her. Of course, she'd
probably best get ride of that thing in the middle of her forehead for
better results!

Now, regarding the lack of any apparent protective gear, I'll say that
there is a possibility that Mona Lisa here has already gone through some
sort of decontamination procedure before being brought aboard this apparent
Apollo Lunar Module. I also can't ignore that the crew member with the
other camera might be wearing some sort of transparent gloves, that just
aren't visible due to the quality of the camera footage. Now, do I believe
that? No, I think that if Mona Lisa still has any Alien Cooties, the other
camera man is exposed! But I can't ignore other possibilities here.

Автор Steven Nicholes from school ( назад)
Notice the camera flipping like us on earth, there is less gravity there,
plus look at apollo 11 and see how they move there, they also need
protective suits on the moon and air bottles don't they?

Автор Charles Marquardt ( назад)
Why do some images have leather or sinew cords sewing the mouth and eyes
shut but these images do not ? are there more than one of these mummies ?
Is this misinfo meant to decieve?

Автор Hans Dampf in allen Gassen ( назад)
Warum gibt es kein einziges Wort im Funkverkehr? Kindische
Übertragungsfehlerdarstellung (Überblendungen in After Effects o.e.) Seit
wann werden gefundene Aliens ohne Schutzausrüstung berührt? Tödliche
Krankheit, Gift und v.a.. Und ganz wichtig, das Alien wurde schon an Bord
verändert, ohne die wissenschaftlichen Voraussetzungen zu beachten.

Автор Two Chainz ( назад)
Wonder what happend to the alien body :o

Автор sardanonimo ( назад)
I can do a better work with my Pongo

Автор Catherine C ( назад)
notice how the man with the camera is not wearing any kind of protective
head or hand gear? no helmet or gloves. 

Автор Dan Reese ( назад)
so wheres this body at ? Russia ? WTH come on why hasn't this been on the
news .

Автор YDDES ( назад)

Автор Tm. Production. ( назад)

Автор BadWolf GotWeen ( назад)
got close ups of the small tits... lets make a creepy porn with a wax
doll!!! ... retard

Автор tman78au ( назад)
Seriously? It looks like high school level paper mache lol

Автор TheErciyaslar ( назад)
I bet the alien is in area 51. Thats why the area is highly secured

Автор Per Forsgren ( назад)

Автор tom williams ( назад)
C'mon now REALLY ? This is the most FAKEY LOOKING video I've seen ! 

Автор fistsofsteel5 ( назад)
+BannedUfos where did you get your name?? 

Автор thinkofwhy (1596 лет назад)
Why? Why bother?

Автор Kimi K ( назад)
So, Eskimos are from the moon?

Автор Albert Macias ( назад)
she looks like a mummy you find in icold regions like ice

Автор pokellaa ( назад)
Footage is excellent, considering it being filmed from millions of miles in

Автор Juan Broughton ( назад)
Sorry, calling this one BS, from the first 10 seconds, guy trying to flip a
camera like there is no gravity (even though there is some gravity on the

Автор dennis a ( назад)
and the q tips on her face?

Автор dennis a ( назад)
the cockpit doesnt make sence, why is there a horizon meter in it??

Автор KatXYZ ( назад)
I was eating spaghetti while watching this…. I was about to throw up
looking at her skin… x/

Автор john man ( назад)
Fake Fake Fake!!

Автор MineGaming012 ( назад)
um there was no apollo 20

Автор Kevin Wright ( назад)
Captain Kirk confirmed this was fake

Автор Associated Stress ( назад)

Автор John Michael Stock ( назад)
One of the worst fakes I've ever seen.

Автор http://www.youtube.com/irmensul13 ( назад)
Scott Waring,sir,you are losing credibility & damaging ufology with some of
your recent assertions..please tighten quality control?

Автор Misse Ibrahimagic ( назад)
She looks like the girls from Lilo & Stitch.

Автор Lovely Lady ( назад)
Told you Asian people are Aliens haha

Автор Scott Waring ( назад)
I remember the astronaut William Rutledge Back 5 years ago, when he was
active on Youtube. He is for real and lives in Rwanda right now. He use to
go by the Youtube name RetiredAFB, but he said CIA hacked his account and
deleted most his videos. Then...never heard from him since. 

Автор maniekakaabraham ( назад)
A kaj stan nieważkości ? Jo sie pytom? 

Автор idiarte pacheco ( назад)
o módulo lunar tinha espaço suficiente para colocar uma maca (vindo sabe-se
de onde) para acomodar um corpo a mais em seu interior? Um corpo
alienenígena poderia ter entrado neste módulo sem que se soubesse das
causas de sua morte? Porque um dos corpos estava deteriorado a ponto de
"só se aproveitar a cabeça" enquanto Mona Lisa estava intacta? Não creio
nesse vídeo!

Автор ROBERTO RAMIREZ ( назад)
Esto es una completa estafa , de verdad mas falso no pudo haber sido

Автор aviator1960 ( назад)
And the BS just keeps rising...

Автор iPot ( назад)
I wonder what her pussy taste like?

Автор Justin and Michelle Sage ( назад)
Something about this whole thing doesn't feel right. I've studied hundreds
of hours of NASA and Roscosmos footage and this off. I hope my instincts
are wrong about this. 

Автор OusaKhun ( назад)
As much as I want to believe this I'll have to say this video is a fake.
Even film from the 40s looks so much cleaner. My grandma who has arthritis
can properly frame a shot better than these guys.

Автор har bar ( назад)
Why is it that when anything moderately historical is about to take place,
the people capturing the footage think to themselves, “time to pull out our
fucking shittiest camera”

Автор KR abis ( назад)
I'm actually amazed at the fact that they did research and built a
realistic lunar landing module. Some details on the control scheme are
missing though.

Автор Apollon Smyrnis ( назад)
It is possible that mankind is on the threshold of a golden age, but if so,
it will be necessary to slay the dragon that guards the door, and this
dragon is religion.
Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

Автор Pathogen TV ( назад)
People actually think that this is some kind of fallen angel? Are you
kidding me??

Автор Matt P ( назад)
laughably fake

Автор Robert Greco ( назад)
On space there is no way to decay due to no air.

Автор ComeSweetDeath ( назад)
She looks fuckable to me.

Автор foreohone ( назад)
you can tell its not a biological being by the clumpiness of clay/paper
mache under the tits. Its horrible. The guy spinning the camera? Why
wouldn't it be weightless? why arent there wider shots to show the whole
cockpit? Of all the videos Ive seen from outerspace Ive never seen that
kind of distortion before. Funny they had an altitude meter EXACTLY like
the ones humans used...anyone believes this is absolutely retarded

Автор casterofnotas ( назад)
Cameras back then used film, had f-stops, had to be loaded, light was a
problem, etc.

Автор Ricky Rick ( назад)
Maybe I'm just a sick person and this is probably this is also why I'll
probably never be allowed to work on these types of missions, but I think
it'd be cool to kiss her. Just so I could say that I'd kissed an Extra
terrestrial. Fuck if I know, maybe I'm fucked in the head. That's why I'm
watching this anyways XD

Автор Assiman ( назад)

Автор nufrequency84 ( назад)
And they allowed them to bring an alien body without any quarantine
procedures on a lunar lander ? What a load of horseshit this is :D

Автор The Dawkturr ( назад)
Hey moronic non-believers. Don't you have a fucking brain? If you do, why
don't you use it for this one time. This is from the APOLLO era. Not the
time of high quality pictures. Plus, NASA wouldn't mess with us. They have
better things to do than to stir up rumors.

Автор KillAllTheRednecks ( назад)
I know this is fake, but it's the shittiest looking fake I've ever seen.
Was this made in a 3rd grade AV class?

Автор Amanda S ( назад)
Yeah.... I don't think so.

Автор corrina burgess ( назад)

Автор Yare Yare Daze ( назад)
nice boobs

Автор mie chan ( назад)
super.hyper.URUTORA fake。 made of clay( ´・◡・`)

Автор Slt3g ( назад)
What a load of crap. Awful video.

Автор Angel Jason ( назад)
Here is the original video w/o the added shit. /watch?v=4C9lLLL-8s8 .
another example of a pretty funny DISINFORMATION vid is
/watch?v=mRpQLRZY71E . The beginning footage of the spaceship is real but
the alien autopsy is fake along with including "retiredafb" on the topic in
order to blame and discredit Rutledge.

Автор Angel Jason ( назад)
This video is the DISINFORMATION video. It was made to appear fake on
purpose so that you would think "ah.. another fake.. move along". the
original has no sound, no static, and nothing is floating lol. Really once
you find out this was done on purpose to look fake and cheap is pretty
fucking funny lol. The dude playing with the camera.

Автор Alonzo Ramon ( назад)
The guy who did this video (it's fake) should get a reward for amazing
editing and CGI. This animation is beyond incredible. He should make a
movie some day. Perhaps he's the guy that made the movie of Apollo 18

Автор Alonzo Ramon ( назад)
As a photography-enthusiast I have to conclude that this entire video is a
fake. I'm not sure if this video contains a specific type of footage of the
camera zooming into the ship from a distance. If you pay attention to the
way a camera functions, it had a lens flare, and if you notice when the
lens flare is manifested, the lens flare don't blur as it zooms when it is
supposed to, it stays in the same form. A camera should function like that
meaning in a photographic sense, it's a fake.

Автор Austin Kjasdasi ( назад)
The distortion and audio are false.

Автор Duckman1616 ( назад)
All you can see is the panel and a window, that's hardly an interior. And
again, the quality is so god awful, you can't make out the details of
anything, likely on purpose.

Автор Юрий Гагарин ( назад)
No idea.Dont have all the answers in the world. After all thats why I am
here to talk and discuss controversial subjects like this with people like

Автор Юрий Гагарин ( назад)
Never said its easy going to the moon. You however claim you can build a
spaceship interior replica out of: "electrical panel and glued on some

Автор ajoajoajoaj ( назад)
The moon has gravity.

Автор ajoajoajoaj ( назад)
Yes, because somebody believes one particular dubious video is fake, that
automatically means they don't believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Автор Duckman1616 ( назад)
Why don't you build a spaceship and go to the moon yourself? Just to prove
your theory working of course.

Автор UnoRaza Back Up ( назад)
Why do you suppose these videos are USUALLY blurry?

Автор UnoRaza Back Up ( назад)
"This footage requires so many resources to be created. For what purpose
you spend all that time, efforts and cash? Trolling people on the
internets?" Easy! For the purposes of creating a FAKE "Threat from Space".

Автор Юрий Гагарин ( назад)
Why dont you make a replica and show us how easy it is? Just to prove your
theory working, of course.

Автор Duckman1616 ( назад)
They took an electrical panel and glued on some nobs, the video quality is
horrific so don't even start with the "realistic lighting" and the only
costume is a guy with a camera and a while lab coat. Add in some crappy
sound effects and a bit of make up and there's the video.

Автор Sentnl ( назад)
There is NO way, they would recover an ancient body, and have it in open
air like that... It would be sealed in a vaccum.. Not to mention that
whenever the other guy comes into shot, he's doing something animated, like
there was a script... I believe the story, but this video looks like

Автор Matias Blanco ( назад)
Esto es tan falso como mis millones de dolares...y eso que creo en vida

Автор willwork4donuts ( назад)
As much as I want to believe this is real, I'm going to have to say that
this is most likely fake.

Автор Scarlov87 ( назад)
this looks like clay hahahaha seriously guys seriously

Автор Scarlov87 ( назад)
weeelllll, sssssssssssss this is wierd the images are blurry and it looks
like a dummy, just looks like I'm not telling more

Автор Sabrina Saffron ( назад)
She had tubes protruding from her eyelids to her nose, mouth and forehead,
which they removed prior to this section of the video I believe.

Автор Юрий Гагарин ( назад)
My opinion is different.If someone did some cash out of supposed hoax like
this, they will always, always tell people about it later. Its the human

Автор xXxZombieJesusxXx ( назад)
whats at 1:15?

Автор willwork4donuts ( назад)
Also, who, especially a woman, would be piloting a ship shirtless??

Автор willwork4donuts ( назад)
The thing that really stands out to me is the face. When a person dies,
their eyes naturally stay open. The eyes on the 'alien' are closed.

Автор slob room ( назад)
You would do it because hoaxes get you money. For instance, 2012 hoax -
people made bank off of that.

Автор slob room ( назад)
You got a point there. At first I thought you were one of those believers
who just says, YOU'RE WRONG! I'M RIGHT. But no. My friend, I understand
your point of view, and I agree, there is virtually no possible way there
is no other life in the universe. However, you still need evidence for this
sort of ET-life visiting Earth. Which I've seen none. I do not deny it has
happened, nor would I deny it if I saw hard evidence. That is what makes a
skeptic, someone who only believes with hard evidence.

Автор OldMusicSoul ( назад)
Where do you get your information from? Where are the study's that show
believers don't ask for evidence? I am a believer and I think 98% of all
UFO's are fake or REAL UFO's UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT meaning they don't
know what it was it could have been nature or man made. But I believe there
are aliens from what i saw with my own eyes. I think you are ignorant,
anyone who thinks that out of the billions of galaxies and the billions of
stars in them that we are the only ones is ignorant.

Автор Charles Winchester ( назад)
Are you nuts or what?

Автор Charles Winchester ( назад)
Why does this body not exhibit signs of being "spaced"? If I sent you out
of an airlock you would not be looking all that good...

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