Scout What we are

Scouts what we are is what we do

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Автор josh marshall ( назад)
Greetings from England and to all scouts across the world, I've been in
scouts for nearly 13 years and I'm 22 and I couldn't be happier or prouder
to be a scout leader and teaching the next generation scouting skills. For
all those people out there who aren't in scouts and mock scouts for what we
stand for, do us a favour, grow up and stop mocking an organisation that
you clearly know nothing about.

Автор charlie Kelleher ( назад)
Scouts is shit

Автор Aleem Raja ( назад)
i am a scout and i proud to be a scout

Автор Mricriz adriano ( назад)
I'm a freckin all rounder I only can see in other scouts.

Автор Milena Kowalczyk ( назад)
Hey! Could someone write the text which is in this video?

Автор Dotty Dolton ( назад)
Scouts are shit

Автор belhedj nour ( назад)

Автор themusicalscout1 ( назад)
Iv been in the movement since i was 6 and i joined beavers. Nearly 14 years
on i am now an assistant cub scout leader, helper at an explorer group and
a member of network. :D all my friends are from scouting and it has
provided hundreds of memories that will stay with me for life. It has made
me a better person and i don't know what or who i would be with out it.

Автор Javier Macías ( назад)

Автор Dark Angel ( назад)
They finally made a scout group in my area!! I'm joining ASAP! And I have
my moms help because she used to be a scout leader :D

Автор I have no idea what to call this ( назад)
Same here, its my whole life. Its given me so much confidence in myself and
I've made better friends. I love Scouts!

Автор Valentino Selva ( назад)
same at my school they say it is so gay at my school and they tease me but
i dont give a shit scouts make me happy and is awesome

Автор I have no idea what to call this ( назад)
At my school, Scouts is considered "stupid" and a time waster. They wonder
why we waste our time doing it when we could be at home doing absolutely
nothing. I wish I could show them this, as they have NO IDEA what it
actually is.

Автор Jacco Kamp ( назад)

Автор Scariven ( назад)
Am I late for the scout family reunion. Oh shit my bad, wrong video.....

Автор amituremage23 ( назад)
This is not wahat it means to be a scout anymore. This was in the good old
days when health and saftey wasnt there.

Автор loutessin ( назад)
Fantastic video. Thank you

Автор Lily Hannah ( назад)
Ok. Thank you :)

Автор The Great Zadnunu ( назад)
sorry can i clarafily by girl scouts i belive he means girl Guides who do
(if i'm honest) very little they have their own sepreate organistation just
for girls however scouts are for boys and girls and do a lot more, i'm
going to kenya next year within scouting to help build a school thats what
scouts do even if you consider smaller things the great north run was
yesterday nd scouts camped out at water stations and helped the runners,
guides just are a gosipe group (x-guide said this)

Автор Dylan Obyrne ( назад)
ya and my phone has utube

Автор Lily Hannah ( назад)
This is youtube, not your phone.

Автор Lily Hannah ( назад)
What's the diference?

Автор 1646441 (1405 лет назад)
We Scouts... Creating A Better World... Scout Sandeep Dawla(INDIA)

Автор Alex Bateson (1907 лет назад)
and thats not what we do!

Автор Alex Bateson (1928 лет назад)
we are scouts!!!!!! im a girl!!! :)

Автор Dylan Obyrne ( назад)
It's called text talk bitch how's that for you

Автор Daniel ( назад)
suckey english

Автор Dylan Obyrne (624 года назад)
how de fuck do we pollute de inviroment id like to point out that were not
the 1ns stuck inside and were not using power were outside camping and
exploring like if you agree !!!

Автор klaudia ogrodowicz ( назад)
Go cadets ! :D its fun

Автор Owen4004 ( назад)
@paola95dom i quit cub scouts when i was 11

Автор boon2u ( назад)
Could someone upload a subtitle for it?

Автор howtoletsplayccrs ( назад)
Cookies? GIRLSCOUTS IS NOT SCOUTS! Nobody gets that >.>

Автор TheFacebookAcount ( назад)
cadets are better ALOT better

Автор Ralph Fröhlich ( назад)

Автор adrienna95 ( назад)
Hungarian Scouts ♥

Автор Erin Gan ( назад)
No wonder the Scout said he was a force-of-nature.

Автор joulipatchouli ( назад)
Just a quick translation of the beginning statements (corrections are
welcome): Scouting is everything Scouting is cooperation Scouting is
adventure Scouting is friendship Scouting is nature and scouting has made
me how I am today! :)

Автор Lupetta123jb ( назад)

Автор Tom Pijnappel ( назад)
Ehh i dont understand this video, because, at our scouting we were only
beer beer drinking and fuck everything up. It was fun, we had our own bar
and more. But 2 months ago i stopped with it. It sounds gay but, i actually
stopped because all my other friends and my partylife friends dont like
scouting and shame for me... :( i had a great time over there....

Автор acgmongolian ( назад)
@spyros90909 scouting does not compare atheism to satanism...it is still,
however, against the values of the movement. B.P. made it clear that a
fundamental aspect of scouting was a belief in a Creator whoever you may
perceive him to be. That being said..it was also stated that the movement
should allow atheist as scouts but NOT as leaders

Автор hifikids ( назад)
Use HiFiKIDS.com to manage your scout day-to-day activities.

Автор Flaxenpath ( назад)
Well said ! Audra Lithuanian Scouts Association

Автор Travaavaglio ( назад)
very intresting video. it suggests ..greetings from Italy Giancarlo & Buja1°

Автор sheppardfan ( назад)
J'anime au scouts depuis 2 ans maintenant et j'adore ça. Je ne comprend pas
comment les gens peu dire qu'on est homo ou gay. On est comme n'importe
qui, on fait juste quelque chose qu'on aime. En fait, ceux qui disent des
mauvais commentaires ne savent pas le but du mouvement et ne savent pas ce
qu'est ce les scouts. Que t'aime les scouts ou pas laisse nous le droit
d'aimer ça, sans nous traiter de tous les noms.

Автор GiannisGi ( назад)

Автор ReconCrusader ( назад)
greetings from bournemouth 21st! "into the fray and into the frontlines!"
(sounds like were the army XD)

Автор ReconCrusader ( назад)
@spyros90909 me too :P

Автор Raxarax ( назад)
@SophieCobain Uh, i dont really know what that means "EVERYONE can be a
scout"... but ya we're talking about America.

Автор DJDannekid (839 лет назад)
''Be ready'' ''Allways ready'' :-D

Автор Georgina Fox ( назад)
off brand xD

Автор #K43Z JKRN ( назад)
peace brothers and sisters from scouting. Best wishes from polish ZHR

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@88mestari88 thank you i appreciate your apology.

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@CaledonianKnight93 hey, if your going to act like that on here then go
button hole a different video, and stop mocking scouting, im guessing since
you are acting extremely immature that you have never actually had a chance
to be in scouting. all i want to say is if your going to be mean dont do it
with scouting because there are alot of people here that appreciate
scouting. good day to you

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
my sisters are girlscouts i love the cookies :) im an eagle and sea scout,
ive been in scouting for most of my 18 years and scouting has taught me
alot of things i probably would never have learned otherwise, so for those
people who dont know about scouts or dont like it, stop acting like little
kids and dissing it and go find out more about your local scouting

Автор katherine Baldwin ( назад)
@CaledonianKnight93 were I live Bitch is mean and rude, you dont call
people bitch were I am from unless you want to be beaten up. But you also
called people that were in Scouts gay and I was proving a point by saying
that I am not gay.

Автор Fearghas Pellow ( назад)
@KatBChem How the fuck does calling you a bitch imply you are a lesbian. If
I wanted to do that I would just call you a fucking DYKE!!!

Автор katherine Baldwin ( назад)
People how post negative comments about scouts either never got the chance
to be a scout or had a bad exprance as a scout, you need to give scouting a
chance again because scouting gives lots of people the chance to be apart
of something bigger then themselves

Автор katherine Baldwin (184 года назад)
@CaledonianKnight93 Scouts do have a purpose, they volunteer, scouting
gives children that would not have a chance to get to do things that
chance; From personal exprance Scouting changed my life for the good and I
am Straight so you have no right calling me a BITCH because I am right in
what I say.

Автор Fearghas Pellow (1549 лет назад)
@KatBChem Your right BITCH!, they have no purpose at all

Автор katherine Baldwin ( назад)
@thehalogamer12 there are even many different religious in troops, I am
pagan and have been I girl scout since I was a 3rd grader

Автор katherine Baldwin ( назад)
@CaledonianKnight93 You are mean, scouts are nothing that you say

Автор Fearghas Pellow ( назад)
Scouts are not only gay, they are also worthless loosers who think they are
doing the world a service.......well in a way they are as they give
everyone else something to mock

Автор xChalkie ( назад)
What a great video. There's nothing more important in today's world than a
movement that teaches youth actual skills, how to work as a team, to
respect the environment, to sing and be happy with who you are, and to come
together with people around the world.

Автор Syafiq Milan ( назад)
scout makes me better person..

Автор kajtek6509 ( назад)
Greetings from scouts from Poland!

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@theSupernerd1000 well maybe it was in your troop but im sure you could
have found another troop.

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@TheAlexrice last time i checked, no they havent banned knives, just as
long as theyre pocket knives and comply with state laws.

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@TheAlexrice last time i checked, no they havent banned knives, just as
long as theyre pocket knives and comply with state laws

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@thehalogamer12 and jewish troops too

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@TheScarletcrusader actually, about the gay part, its because that if
scouting did let homosexuals into the troops it would create a
uncomfortable environment.i have heard of homosexual troops but they dont
operate around heterosexual troops. personally i dont have any issue with
homosexuals, its just the rules. and as for the religious reasons that you
mentioned for scouting, there are catholic troops, mormon, basically any
flavor of christianity, islamic , even atheist troops.

Автор jon wolf ( назад)
@88mestari88 hey buddy, how do u know? im a eagle scout and a sea scout,
what have you done in your life? dont hate it just because you dont know
what its about. enough said

Автор HDv1de0 ( назад)
@TheAlexrice ? nope get your facts strait.

Автор Salah Alpotee ( назад)

Автор TheAlexrice ( назад)
friggin america banned knives in scouts.....

Автор ThePaguz ( назад)
scouting is my life

Автор kinomichilynx ( назад)
Greetings from Belgium !

Автор melanie miranda ( назад)
once a scout Always scout always forward

Автор scoutmasterkb28 ( назад)
@KeepingMovingForward your english ok, don't worry about it. i'm a scout
from malaysia and proud of it.

Автор Soderstrom91 ( назад)
@clucol Agree, I think they must talk about girl gudies or girl scout
cookies, but not all countries has that. Here in Sweden our scout don't
have the time to sell cookies, if we don't sell it to make money for
something special.

Автор Soderstrom91 ( назад)
Scouting is experince for live. I don't think I would have never learned
this much in school and I'm so glad and proud to say I'm a scout. I use to
handle difficult sitautions that my friends can't handle that easy.

Автор Robin Gräns Engblom ( назад)
One shot one kill

Автор HibHab69 ( назад)
Need a dispenser here!

Автор BonJarno ( назад)
Scouting is for nerds without a life or friends Thats why i've been am a
member off scouting for 6 years :) .

Автор a Realperson ( назад)
wait the cookies arent good? these are scouts! not fucking guides! Guides
are for little woosies who cant enjoy cookies like you asshole get a life

Автор Josh Funnell ( назад)
Go Fuck a Cow You Foreigners, Tell Me Scouts Destroy The Environment And
Make Cookies, WHO ARE WE? Guides? . . . No . . . WE'RE SCOUTS

Автор clucol ( назад)
I do not see how us scouts destroy the environment and we do not make
cookies we have much more important things.

Автор hayhowwho ( назад)
@Raxarax the thing is in Britian the founders of scouting !!! we encourage
people of all beliefs and back ground to join which makes me disapointed
that boy scouts of america dont

Автор UToobInc ( назад)
join army cadets

Автор Hans ( назад)
@fredrik999z Pardon, but what did scouting teach you that was wrong?
Scouting encourages all forms of religions not just Christianity. As for
Socialist thinking, it actually explores the core essence of it, which is a
good thing if you take time to sit down and think. Could you imagine an
ideal utopian society based on each person helping everyone else without
seek for gain? Socialism has been bastardized by Communism due to sin and
human nature of competition and greed. No one is truly equal.

Автор Fredrik Hansson ( назад)
@Mingchopetasigifoten Jag var mestdels med för att några av mina bästa
vänner vid den tiden var det. Vi hade jättekul på läger och hajker men hela
grundidén har jag som äldre reflekterat över mer än man kanske gjorde då
vilket gjorde att jag slutade. Inget fel med att vara nykterist, kristen
och socialist men det blev lite för mycket för mig.

Автор Mingchopetasigifoten ( назад)
@fredrik999z Då skulle jag förelså att du letar fram en scoutorganisation i
Sverige som passar dig bättre. Det finns många! Även utanför SSR (:

Автор RomanoBastardo ( назад)
greeting from north italy!

Автор Fredrik Hansson ( назад)
I'm from Sweden and been a scout for 10 years but now I some kind of regret
it. What they teach us was wrong, as a grown up person I understand better
than what we was told in the scouts. The christian thoughts and the
socialistic thinking is scary and destroys the ability to develop creative
thinking and special skills. Not to be compared to communism but it has the
same effect in human beings: stagnation. Everyone is different, think

Автор Raxarax ( назад)
@spyros90909 Atheism is not a belief. The Boy Scouts of America state that
if you are an atheist, then you cannot be a scout. They are a private
organization so it is legal for them to do this.

Автор krootdude ( назад)
Greeting from Austria!

Автор killalldorks ( назад)
scouting is life

Автор BRACWatchChannel ( назад)
Bravo from the USA! Thank you for putting this together!

Автор ARPlaying ( назад)
greetings from scouts in boekhoute, belgium

Автор Anders Bråthen ( назад)
Greetings from scout from, Bergen, Norway

Автор Hjaltithehun ( назад)
@spyros90909 Im an atheist and i amin the scouts as well, but remember
atheism isnt a belief, its a lack of belief :)

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