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Автор josh marshall (28 дней)
Greetings from England and to all scouts across the world, I've been in
scouts for nearly 13 years and I'm 22 and I couldn't be happier or prouder
to be a scout leader and teaching the next generation scouting skills. For
all those people out there who aren't in scouts and mock scouts for what we
stand for, do us a favour, grow up and stop mocking an organisation that
you clearly know nothing about.

Автор charlie Kelleher (1 месяц)
Scouts is shit

Автор Aleem Raja (5 месяцев)
i am a scout and i proud to be a scout

Автор Milena Kowalczyk (7 месяцев)
Hey! Could someone write the text which is in this video?

Автор Mricriz adriano (6 месяцев)
I'm a freckin all rounder I only can see in other scouts.

Автор belhedj nour (1 год)

Автор Javier Macías (1 год)

Автор themusicalscout1 (1 год)
Iv been in the movement since i was 6 and i joined beavers. Nearly 14 years
on i am now an assistant cub scout leader, helper at an explorer group and
a member of network. :D all my friends are from scouting and it has
provided hundreds of memories that will stay with me for life. It has made
me a better person and i don't know what or who i would be with out it.

Автор Dotty Dolton (8 месяцев)
Scouts are shit

Автор AshokanStrings (5 лет)
Hello from Boy Scouts of America where boys and girls are encouraged to
"think out side of the box"

Автор Peter Talty (6 лет)
im a scout from australia and proud

Автор monsterraceguy (5 лет)
greetings from holland !!!

Автор Ikillyuasyusleep (5 лет)
greetings from ireland

Автор HDv1de0 (4 года)
@TheAlexrice ? nope get your facts strait.

Автор katherine Baldwin (4 года)
@thehalogamer12 there are even many different religious in troops, I am
pagan and have been I girl scout since I was a 3rd grader

Автор jon wolf (4 года)
my sisters are girlscouts i love the cookies :) im an eagle and sea scout,
ive been in scouting for most of my 18 years and scouting has taught me
alot of things i probably would never have learned otherwise, so for those
people who dont know about scouts or dont like it, stop acting like little
kids and dissing it and go find out more about your local scouting

Автор Tom Pijnappel (3 года)
Ehh i dont understand this video, because, at our scouting we were only
beer beer drinking and fuck everything up. It was fun, we had our own bar
and more. But 2 months ago i stopped with it. It sounds gay but, i actually
stopped because all my other friends and my partylife friends dont like
scouting and shame for me... :( i had a great time over there....

Автор klaudia ogrodowicz (3 года)
Go cadets ! :D its fun

Автор burbuulas (5 лет)
Love you, Brothers and Sisters. Greetings from Lithuania :)

Автор Lana Penner (5 лет)
Greetings from Canada! Go Scouts!

Автор Travaavaglio (3 года)
very intresting video. it suggests ..greetings from Italy Giancarlo & Buja1°

Автор TheHappyHooves (5 лет)
SCOUTS forever!!!! i LOVE scouts!!! im girl scout grom croatia!

Автор The Great Zadnunu (2 года)
sorry can i clarafily by girl scouts i belive he means girl Guides who do
(if i'm honest) very little they have their own sepreate organistation just
for girls however scouts are for boys and girls and do a lot more, i'm
going to kenya next year within scouting to help build a school thats what
scouts do even if you consider smaller things the great north run was
yesterday nd scouts camped out at water stations and helped the runners,
guides just are a gosipe group (x-guide said this)

Автор Lupetta123jb (3 года)

Автор Syafiq Milan (4 года)
scout makes me better person..

Автор jon wolf (4 года)
@TheAlexrice last time i checked, no they havent banned knives, just as
long as theyre pocket knives and comply with state laws

Автор Hjaltithehun (4 года)
@spyros90909 Im an atheist and i amin the scouts as well, but remember
atheism isnt a belief, its a lack of belief :)

Автор Erin Gan (3 года)
No wonder the Scout said he was a force-of-nature.

Автор spyros90909 (5 лет)
@masterChef4ever OH YEAH....^_^.....

Автор tjoef1992 (5 лет)
Greetings from a Belgian scout :) looking forward to go on camp!

Автор NastyMtz (5 лет)
Being a scout is something to be proud of. Join scoutface (dot com) and
let's create together the biggest international on line scout community!

Автор DJDannekid (4 года)
''Be ready'' ''Allways ready'' :-D

Автор Giovanni Maragnoli (5 лет)
greetings from italy!!!! i've been to the 21st world Scout Jamboree, in
England, atn Chelmsford Park...:)

Автор Lily Hannah (2 года)
What's the diference?

Автор Josh Funnell (4 года)
Go Fuck a Cow You Foreigners, Tell Me Scouts Destroy The Environment And
Make Cookies, WHO ARE WE? Guides? . . . No . . . WE'RE SCOUTS

Автор Robin Gräns Engblom (4 года)
One shot one kill

Автор Raxarax (4 года)
@spyros90909 Atheism is not a belief. The Boy Scouts of America state that
if you are an atheist, then you cannot be a scout. They are a private
organization so it is legal for them to do this.

Автор Fredrik Hansson (4 года)
I'm from Sweden and been a scout for 10 years but now I some kind of regret
it. What they teach us was wrong, as a grown up person I understand better
than what we was told in the scouts. The christian thoughts and the
socialistic thinking is scary and destroys the ability to develop creative
thinking and special skills. Not to be compared to communism but it has the
same effect in human beings: stagnation. Everyone is different, think

Автор SallySympathic (6 лет)
I'm a scout from germany and for me scouting is everything ! Since I was 6
years old I'm with my scouting-group and it's the funniest and greatest
thing I know . Best wishes to all the wolrdwide other scouts !

Автор kajtek6509 (4 года)
Greetings from scouts from Poland!

Автор Bob Hansler (5 лет)
As a Scoutmaster it depresses me that within the first 10 seconds one of
the "scouts" ties the wrong knot...

Автор ReconCrusader (4 года)
@spyros90909 me too :P

Автор jarnobot (4 года)
Scouting is for nerds without a life or friends Thats why i've been am a
member off scouting for 6 years :) .

Автор sckonja (5 лет)
Gretting from banja luka Scouts 22. April

Автор BRACWatchChannel (4 года)
Bravo from the USA! Thank you for putting this together!

Автор ThePaguz (4 года)
scouting is my life

Автор UToobInc (4 года)
join army cadets

Автор TheAlexrice (4 года)
friggin america banned knives in scouts.....

Автор unbelievable927 (5 лет)
maybe you're the bully.

Автор ARPlaying (4 года)
greetings from scouts in boekhoute, belgium

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