MiKayla Child Model Session

Tween Modeling Photo Session 2010 Fall Fashions

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Длительность: 5:35
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Автор MsYves40 ( назад)

Автор SeanKelly23 ( назад)
Some parent actually paid for this? Seriously... they have too much money
to waste.

Автор cara de morcilla ( назад)
almost illegal

Автор AnonNay ( назад)

Автор jimmy g ( назад)
bro some advice you are competing with sandra, dasha, inna, masha, ls
models and many more, better pick up the game if you know what Im sayin.

Автор Nelielsamah ( назад)
tambien hace servicios sexuales????

Автор Illinit Kash ( назад)
Now I'm convinced it's her on CP imgur . com/umXCiUx

Автор MrKalaikumar ( назад)
yeah yeah its still only youtube. found a site the other day which is out
of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty hit this
up in your browser: GIRLCM.COM Credit is a young man's capital.

Автор demaciu88 ( назад)
we meet again 240p, I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again,
and yet... here you are,

Автор chigga .   ( назад)
I can fap to this.

Автор JjKKEMBLE ( назад)
this video has some sick editing in it, did this guy do avatar?!?

Автор CosmicUndeadElf ( назад)
She has a nice singing voice

Автор helen connolly ( назад)
omg shes even uglyer than me how is she a model?

Автор bockydo ( назад)
Eh , pedobear does not approve . I got here by searching for lil girls ,
bite me xD

Автор erinthelass ( назад)
Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand how John Dom's
comments, which seem perfectly innocent, make him a pedophile. On what
basis did you report him? Apparently, YouTube must have agreed, because it
did in fact close his account. But what's further intriguing is that YOUR
account also got closed! Are YOU a pedophile?

Автор Donnie Wells ( назад)

Автор Mark Magnolia ( назад)
where are u

Автор CosmicUndeadElf (1986 лет назад)
Wow... what did he say that was so wrong? There are much worse comments
than that on here you idiot. Maybe he was a pedophile, but I don't see
anything in that comment to suggest such a thing. Lighten up.

Автор johnnygamer2011 ( назад)
I reported you, pedophile. Your account will be closed soon.

Автор John Dom ( назад)
What a gorgeous girl!! The pirate outfit, wow...... the pic of her in the
mask with her intense eyes, INCREDIBLY BREATHTAKING!!! <3

Автор Jackie Chan ( назад)
you want to see the back of my minivan little girl we have popsicles

Автор CosmicUndeadElf ( назад)
It really sucks that there are so many mentally deranged freaks who feel
the need to comment on here with all their twisted sexual fantasies,
instead of just being able to appreciate the girl's beauty and speak about
them with respect.

Автор Sir K ( назад)

Автор mindykateashley ( назад)
I think the video may have worked better if the background music was turned
down a bit when the girl was singing her song.

Автор Meghan Nottelling ( назад)
Hey look up thylane she is my lil sis and she is wayyyyyy better then this

Автор Joh Nny ( назад)
Dumb story, bro

Автор pexeq ( назад)
I don't think you got what I said. Or you answered the wrong person.

Автор camilitagaw ( назад)
ok someone is a lil odd... i posted that 7 months ago "Dflu55" get over it!
jesus some ppl are a lil over protective...

Автор yo mama ( назад)
She's beautiful :)

Автор pexeq ( назад)
Girls in bikinis are not CP.

Автор pexeq ( назад)
I don't find it hilarious, those super-stupid, easily manipulable idiots
are the reason the world is turning to shit. Can't find a girl sexy until
she's 18, because it's not RIGHT. Who tells them it's not right? Society,
which is made of the masses, which is dumb as fuck. Controlled mass media

Автор MyPincheLoco ( назад)
I like my girls as I like my eugenic overlords from the NBA, death

Автор ra1pm3t ( назад)
u got it wrong tho.. its two jokes: Whats the best part of having sex with
an eight year old in the shower? Slicking her hair back and making her look
six. and I like my women how I like my whiskey : 12 years old and mixed up
with coke

Автор James Parker ( назад)
Not bad sir... not bad at all. Sadly heard it before though. How about this
one though: "What's the best part about fucking a 12 yr old in the
shower?", "I like my woman the same as my whiskey, aged 13 yrs and mixed up
with coke. "

Автор ra1pm3t ( назад)
ehehehehehe GOTCHA.. this reminds me of a joke My girlfriend calls me a
pedophile, but what does she know shes only 9?

Автор James Parker ( назад)
Actually, any seductive videos are all above age, apart from the dancing
videos which I watch because funnily enough... me and my girlfriend like
dancing. I assume you are referring to the Latin dancer who's obviously
quite young, it's interesting how you went to the extent of checking every
one of my videos looking for children and then assumed it was there for
paedophilia. Get a life.

Автор ra1pm3t ( назад)
hihihi I like it how ur thumbnail pic clearly shows ur over 18 yet ur
favorites are only of 6-12 yo girls

Автор James Parker ( назад)
See, told you pedophiles would love your channel.

Автор ra1pm3t ( назад)
its alright but she could be naked ...

Автор James Parker ( назад)
Paedophiles must LOVE your channel.

Автор camilitagaw ( назад)
haha good :) thats what i like to hear :p

Автор James Parker ( назад)
@camilitagaw You didn't. I'm starting to like you.

Автор camilitagaw ( назад)
@JamesParkersStuff im sorry for ever offending you.

Автор James Parker ( назад)
@camilitagaw If you say so.

Автор camilitagaw ( назад)
@JamesParkersStuff hahaha you make me giggle hahahaha i love the way you

Автор James Parker ( назад)
@camilitagaw I do have a life I assure you. The whole point of a discussion
board is simply that of discussion, and through my boredom I chose to
curiously read through what people had said. BECAUSE OF THAT I've left a
comment. If you feel response demonstrates 'having no life' then more fool
you, for you're surely as bad. My opinion still stands.

Автор camilitagaw (318 лет назад)
@JamesParkersStuff how you say boring as if you actually spend time going
through and reading everyones comments! life is definetly needed at this

Автор James Parker ( назад)
@camilitagaw Every single video someone says that. It's fucking boring now.
It's like people saying: "I'm on that weird side of YouTube again. " or
constantly making references to police and donuts.

Автор Mydaughters1000 ( назад)
@XoMidnightKissesoX i have videos

Автор XoMidnightKissesoX ( назад)
@agentx4100 thats interesting.... o-o'

Автор joe eyes ( назад)
@agentx4100 wtf is wrong with you? are you aware that is a child dumb shit?
you deserve to be locked away for all eternity. Pedo fuck

Автор Randythree19 ( назад)
Wow... she is sooooo hot in those short little skirt pics and vids.
Definitely one for the collection.

Автор Daniela2001ish ( назад)
Vizit my channel for child models!

Автор savee998 ( назад)
i think she looks awsome!!!!

Автор Barbara Harrison ( назад)
and now i know where all the pre-pics for child porn come from. Thank you
all, the parents and photographers, for making it much harder to shut down
child porn sites.

Автор chloe ( назад)

Автор Kdogzz123 ( назад)

Автор TheCheergirl0 ( назад)

Автор camilitagaw ( назад)
how da fuck did i get here??.....

Автор ISeeItClearly ( назад)
What a conceited child! And she is so ordinary looking. Spin child, spin
into the ground. Aren't you just amazing! No you are not.

Автор ISeeItClearly ( назад)
What is this nonsense? What a ridiculous looking child!

Автор ISeeItClearly ( назад)
What is this nonsense?

Автор GirlBecomesWoman ( назад)
Beautiful model, great outfits, interesting shoot!

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