3D animation created by raptor5120
Software: Blender 2.63
Sound effects: Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Spearhead

Check out my facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/raptor5120

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Автор TheEliteGaming (7 месяцев)
FAKE! If you look REALLY close you'd notice that their gun is made out of

Автор Daniils Eversons (4 месяца)
it should be
Russian and german

Автор General Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. (3 месяца)
For those of you people wondering how he destroyed a "Tiger Tank" with one
shot, is because that doesn't look like a Tiger Tank to me. It looks like a
Panzer VI. Although I'm not sure how much armour a Panzer VI had, I would
assume since he hit it where the fuel is I would assume that it would kill

Автор SugarFreeLemons (8 месяцев)
2:20 is that guy a magnet for artillery shells or something ? And also an
American bazooka can not under any circumstances penetrate a tiger tank's
side armor fuck even 75mm anti-tank shells deflect off of it

Автор Temppeliherra Productions (3 месяца)
They're using white clothes on winter... -_-

Автор Noah Wood (16 дней)
"A toast to Sgt. Barnes." *Sips joe* ... "Hey and you know what? The hoe is
still shit."

Автор heavymetal1ization (5 месяцев)
Im pretty sure that isn't what happened in the battle of the bulge....

Автор MrGamingMatrixx (9 месяцев)
Not realistic! You can't destroy a Tiger-Tank with one Bazooka shot!

Автор Honorablewolf (5 месяцев)
I'm sorry, but bulge, bulge...

Автор Kenjie Arevalo (4 дня)
You Can Destroy the tank actually because its made of Lego haha

Автор Lucas Oliveira (8 дней)
A shit as any other american thing about any wars or ww2

Автор Studio DeadZer (3 месяца)
your videos is perfect and i do it too from your tutorials

Автор Jerimeh Be (16 дней)
You think you could do an animated Lego Star Wars series?

Автор Captain Levi (2 месяца)
i really hate people like DarkGamingHD

Автор Strom Golf (28 дней)

Автор jchv88 (17 дней)
I just love it how they make it seen, in movies, tv shows, and in video
Games, like the casualty ratio was 1 American soldier for every 2 or 3
German soldier. While in reality it was the other way around, and even more
so with the Eastern allies ( Soviet Union ). They make us Americans seem
like we were kicking German ass, just to make us feel more proud of our
country, but in reality the cost of winning that war came at it very high
price, with thousands of our American soldier getting kill on the Western
Front ( European Theater ) and on the Pacific with the Japanese.

Автор TheMinecraftJarhead (4 месяца)
I know it's supposed to be 101st airborne, but I thought I kept seeing 29th
Infantry Patches? Not that it matters, still an awesome animation :D.

Автор Siegfried (11 месяцев)
Can you also make on from the german side, always the american one is

Автор daniel cross (3 месяца)
Is MOHA next or something?

Автор coolkid123456100 (1 месяц)
I remember this mission
it was on spearhead

Автор Simone Guidi (16 дней)

Автор Jegor Cak (11 дней)

Автор Massive Effect (1 месяц)
*Sigh* Good animation but thats all false when is this like the beginning
or the end because thegermans brought the allies far back during that batle
and almost won but they ran out of crck by then. lol

Автор Chandler Lee (27 дней)
Your the best Lego movies 

Автор Daniils Eversons (4 месяца)
okey Germans are dead
nazi zombies are next

Автор Caboum (1 месяц)
Could you feature Bastogne(Belgium) it has much story and today there is a
monument called Mardasson

Автор Алексей Соловьёв (18 дней)
Cool animation

Автор C&MFilms (1 месяц)
The animation is phenomenal!

Автор Kenjie Arevalo (4 дня)
The Nazi's wear White and Thick Clothes for Winter purposes but still they
can't stand the Russian Winter
400,000 Troops are Dead when Napoleon wants to invade the Russia
I really like History even I am just 14 Year old

Автор Damn It Daniel (3 месяца)
If you pay attention to the tank... you can see that its made out of

Автор Thedarklord Morgoth (5 месяцев)
Wow a lego tiger I XD 

Автор Bill beach (11 дней)

Автор LegoGod2508 (2 месяца)
How do you Mae this stuff it's cool as!!

Автор jack cross (1 месяц)

Автор Yolisa Butler (3 месяца)
Zane from ninjago is in this movie

Автор Алексей Васильев (1 месяц)
шикарная онимация.

Автор Gaming Chimpz 7652 (24 дня)
is this a lego remake of WWII?

Автор 김도희 (1 день)

Автор Fayzulla Shamsiev (4 месяца)
it was cool

Автор lisa parker (2 месяца)
This is animation

Автор Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd (11 дней)
I'll do battle to you with my bulge

Автор Avery Lamers (1 месяц)

Автор Hawkfrost (2 месяца)
Good!! I like it!! Oh I had a question for u, how do u animation like
that?? I'm not talking about stop motion I know how to do that. 

Автор Danilo Mastromauro (1 месяц)
its beatiful

Автор Kiculek111 LegoGuns (2 месяца)
Very good film.

Автор MrZsc (9 месяцев)
wut kind of fence is that? he cut it with a knife.

Автор Patrick Monaghan (3 месяца)
How the hey did no shrapnel hit him at all?!

Автор Expert Gaming (2 месяца)
Forgot the name.

Автор Melissa Imburgia (5 месяцев)
do more thre awsome i hope thres more

Автор TheFoxGild MrFox,and,Odie (2 месяца)
No da the guns r plastic there LEGOS

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